Heather and Bryan’s New Life Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Alone Time

Yes indeed — a brand-new Heather and Bryan story. I hope you enjoy this one and as long as you keep reading them, I can promise I’ll return to these characters. ~~BrettJ

The tires crunched on the gravel as the young couple drove down the road to the cabin they had rented for the weekend. The area was a bit rustic and desolate, although the view was lovely and the lake was supposed to be spectacular. It didn’t matter to Bryan in the slightest; he and his lovely companion had not come here for the view. He doubted that they would see much of it until after a few days had passed. They had come here to be together and have some much-needed alone time.

Bryan looked at the lovely young redhead who was gently dozing on his shoulder. At times like this, she looked so very delicate and frail. It was hard to forget that with the snap of a finger, she could transform herself into a snarling, feral wildcat that would never be tamed. The kind of lover that many men dreamed of, but few would ever attain. That Bryan had done so was a miracle in itself, although it had been Heather who had been the instigator. Heather Adamson was the kind of young woman who had always gone after what she wanted, consequences be damned. She had wanted Bryan and once she let him know that, he was equally damned. Heather got under your skin and stayed there.

Not that Bryan was complaining. The 24-year old Adonis adored Heather; he wouldn’t have made a move without her. She was the brains of the relationship, as well as its heart and soul. She was a total vamp wrapped up in a 5’2″, redheaded package. Bryan had been gone from the very first time she set out to seduce him.

Seduction might even be too mild a word. Once her perfect, green-eyed, sexy body had climbed out of the shower, glistening, inviting, it was all over for Bryan. He succumbed, body and soul, to this miniature Venus. Her fiery red bush held him in thrall and whenever and wherever Heather wanted to be fucked, Bryan was right there to deliver the goods.

It was far from a one-sided affair. Heather had enjoyed the company of other men. In fact, her seduction of Bryan had come after being let down by one paramour, the highly unsuitable Dennis. Once Bryan had fucked her and made her see a whole new vista of delights, Heather was hooked. She set her sights on Bryan and only he could quell the constant burning of her loins.

Heather needed a lot more sex than Bryan could provide, truth be told. He was only one man and Heather was … well, in the old days, they might have called her a nymphomaniac or even a slut. She didn’t mind being a bit of a slut and liked being a nymph. It grated on her to cheat on Bryan, so the sweet redhead found a perfect solution — she tried girls, her friend Vickie being the first. Vickie was so perfect, blonde, hot and pliable in bed that she was far from the last girl to bed Heather. It also fell to Vickie to teach her friend a veritable arsenal of sexual tricks to use on other girls. Some of those tricks had worked quite nicely on Bryan as well.

“Wake up baby, we’re only about 10 minutes away,” Bryan jostled Heather. She awoke with a smile; Heather was never grouchy upon waking. Horny was more common.

“It’s so beautiful here, we’re going to have a lovely week,” Heather sighed as she looked out of the car’s window. “I’m glad we could both make the time.”

“So am I,” Bryan smiled at her. Wearing just a tiny pair of shorts and a snug T-shirt, she was sexy even though casual. “Man, I’m starved. It’s been a long drive; I can’t wait to have some lunch!”

“Oh, you’ll be eating all right, but lunch will have to wait an hour or so,” Heather teased as she got out of the car. “I haven’t been fucked since last night and I’m so fucking horny I almost wanted you to pull over so that I could give you a blow job! I want to get inside and get in bed and have you fuck my brains out.”

“”I’ve keep trying to fuck your brains out, I’ve been trying that for years and you’re still too damned smart for your own good,” Bryan laughed as she scampered towards their rented cabin. “Damn Heather, you’re an insatiable little sexpot! Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Never with you, Bryan,” Heather said as she turned her head and grinned at him. “Never with my darling, handsome lover-brother.”

No matter how many times he heard it, any time Heather spoke of their incestuous relationship aloud, it aroused him. The taboo of a brother and sister fucking fueled both of their fires but there was also an undeniable bond between them. Even as kids, they had been close. He liked knowing Heather was around and she came to all of his games and cheered for him. As she got older and cuter, he envied the guys she dated and knew she would likely marry one someday. It gnawed at him and he was thrilled that things had worked out the way they had.

He grabbed their bags from the car and entered the cabin. His gorgeous kid sister was nowhere to be seen. Bryan deduced urfa escort in 3 seconds exactly where she was. He went down the hall to the bedroom and looked inside. As he had correctly assumed, Heather was stretched out across the king-sized bed. The view took his breath away.

He had no idea how she had accomplished it so fast, but she had changed from her shorts into — this. Now she was fully glammed up, in high heels and a faux leopard skin bra and matching stockings. Her eyes had been done up and her long red hair was fanned out on the sheets. Heather had achieved yet another seduction.

“How did you …?”

“Shhh,” Heather smiled, putting a finger to her lips. “A girl has to have some secrets, big brother. I don’t waste time when I need a good fucking, so get your clothes off and give your baby sister what she will always want — your cock!”

Bryan smiled and started shucking his clothes. Normally he would have showered first, but when Heather got like this, the only consideration was fucking. “You think we’ll ever get tired of this?” He asked her as his shirt hit the floor.

She shook her head and propped it up on one elbow. “Never. You’re still my favorite fuck and it never gets stale. We’re meant to be lovers, our being related was just an obstacle and we found a way around it. One look at your gorgeous, hunky body and I’m all wet. God bro, I love being a slut with you.”

He chuckled. “You’re right, as always. That is one hot outfit, where did you pick that up?”

Heather smiled and her green eyes danced with delight. “Mom. I told her that it was for a favorite lover and she helped me pick it out. She even paid for it, too! Then she told me to let her know how it worked and if you liked it, she’d buy one for the next time we all fucked together.”

Bryan laughed. Both siblings had inherited healthy libidos from their parents and their mom was now a frequent playmate. Brigit Adamson was a large part of their highly-sexual family.

“Racquel didn’t mind you and me taking a week away like this?”

“Nope,” Bryan chuckled. “My sexy brunette wife said — and I quote – `give her a hot fuck for me!’ So I guess this fuck is from your sister-in-law to you!” He laughed as he crawled in beside his sister.

“Oh yum, I’ll have to give her a personal thank you when we get back,” Heather giggled as Bryan nuzzled her neck. His gorgeous, slightly-older bride had been in on their incestuous secret from an early stage. The free-thinking Racquel was one of the few women who could match Heather’s sexual intensity. He’d had them together several times and barely survived the experience. When you added Racquel’s sister, mother and his own mom, Bryan had a small harem of whores that were willing to do whatever it took to keep him in a constant state of arousal.

Heather spread her legs apart so that Bryan could begin his work. Most guys would have expected a blow job to start things off, but most guys were not her sensual brother. He loved eating pussy; her fiery red patch drew him in like a magnet. Bryan drew the tiny thong away from her snatch and began licking her. The sweet flow of nectar came almost immediately. “Ohhhh, fucckkkk,” Heather moaned. “It’s been too long!”

“You little nut, it’s only been about ten hours,” Bryan laughed as he came up for air.

“That’s too long to be without your loving,” Heather sighed. “Pick any girl you know, ask Racquel — they’ll all agree with me! My big brother is a stud!”

Bryan laughed. If anything, his gorgeous kid sister had always been great at inflating his ego. He went back down on her and traced the groove of her labia with his tongue, taking time and licking her clit. Her smooth thighs clamped about his head and he felt the familiar heat as he tasted her honey pot. Heather was absolutely correct; it would never get stale between them. Their chemistry had only increased over the intervening years.

Heather arched her body up for more of her brother’s pussy licking. She was glad that all those years of gymnastics had kept her limber. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming out and squealing with joy. There were girls she had been with who were not Bryan’s competitors in the art of muff diving. He seemed to take great joy in it and took pride in his work. He never relented until Heather achieved her first orgasm and sometimes, her second. Her tiny fists thumped upon the bed as his tongue worked all along her groove. What a wonderful, considerate lover he truly was. He was down there a good fifteen minutes before she pushed his sandy-colored head away. Three orgasms this time!

Heather looked at Bryan and her heart thumped and beat fast with the love she had for him. He was truly the love of her life and she was his. They loved others, but not in this way. Their passion ran true and deep and there was nothing they wouldn’t have done for each other. Only Racquel had ever come close to matching Heather for Bryan’s passion and they escort urfa had reached their own form of détente. Heather and her sister-in-law were very simpatico these days.

“Hey, are you zoning out on me, little lady?” Bryan jostled her back to reality. Some might have considered it a dig about her height, but Heather knew better. She knew that Bryan found her petite form to be very sexy and she knew how to accessorize it.

“Just for a second, I was thinking about all of the great times we’ve had,” Heather smiled. The pint-sized temptress rolled her brother on his back and reached for his cock. “I love being with you and I’m always going to love it. I’m going to give you one of my world-class blowjobs to remind you why we’re so fucking good together.”

Heather’s soft lips encircled his cock and a knowing tongue worked its magic. She adored Bryan’s cock and every time she sucked him, it seemed like she got better at it. He loved everything about having sex with his sister but the preliminaries were often his favorite part. Their play always kept him buoyant and joyful. It was like being a kid with his favorite playmate because that’s what she was — his favorite playmate.

Heather bobbed her pretty head up and down on the thick cock that was filling her mouth. She’d had to train herself over time not to gag, because Bryan was thick and long. It was training the delectable redhead had never once regretted because she knew how much he liked getting head from her. Anything Bryan liked, she liked. It had been that way since they were kids.

“God, but I love you,” Bryan groaned as his adored sister sucked him off. There in a nutshell was the reason that Heather was unafraid to commit such lewd acts, to be her brother’s fuckslut. No matter what she did — no matter what they did — he loved her and he always would. She felt the familiar tension building inside his balls and fondled them while sucking. In a moment, she was rewarded with a mouthful of his creamy spunk.

“You’ve finished me,” Bryan panted as she moved away from him. “I’m done for the afternoon, let’s have lunch and rest.”

“Nonsense,” she said in a firm tone. “I know if I play with you a little longer, you’ll be rock-hard and ready and then, you’ll want to fuck me. When have you ever been able to refuse fucking me?”

Bryan shook his head because he knew she was right. He never had and he never would. She had cast her spell on him those years ago. He felt her toying with his manhood and knew it would slowly creep back to life. She proved herself right in a matter of minutes and straddled his prone form and slid her red-thatched cunt against his cock.

“THIS belongs to me,” Heather teased with a devilish grin. “You could fuck a thousand other women but it will always come back to my pussy.” She reached down and inserted him inside of her. He did belong to her and the moment she started rolling her hips and pumping against him, Bryan knew their connection was as solid as ever. The little spitfire raked his chest with her nails and really started to fuck him. Bryan sighed out his gratitude to whatever gods or demons had blessed his life with this perfect little slut. He could feel himself cumming and he didn’t fight it. Bryan could last longer if he chose to do so, but he wanted to cum and then have something to eat. He had to keep up his strength if he was going to spend an entire week fucking his gorgeous hellion.

Heather’s body shook as her brother’s jizz shot deep inside the recesses of her body. They didn’t bother with condoms because there was a small part of her that thrilled at the chance of becoming pregnant with his child. Bryan enjoyed the same lurid thought at times, although it had yet to happen. A child born of their love would be cherished by them both and Racquel’s family as well. Theirs was a most unusual family.

Their fuck-time done, he swatted his kid sister on the ass. “You’ve worn me out wench, so I think you should make lunch,” he told her. “Grilled cheese and some coffee while I get the rest of our things from the car.”

“You could cook it yourself, I’m not a servant,” she said as she stuck out her tongue. Just as quickly, she scampered away and avoided another swat. She would make them lunch because she knew the delicious rewards that would come later.

They enjoyed lunch and talked and then went for a swim in the lake. The water was a bit cold but their rough-housing soon made it boil. Long before they got back to the cabin, their energies were once again being directed at sex. This time Bryan got his sister down on all fours and fucked her fiery pussy in front of an equally blazing fireplace.

“Let’s go over to the Inn and have a nice meal,” Bryan suggested. As Heather was too exhausted from screwing to cook, she agreed with that idea. She went into the extra room to get changed while her brother did likewise. When she came out, he let out a loud whistle.

She was wearing a sexy black jacket urfa escort bayan and underneath, a black mesh top that was very daring. It showed off the perfect peaches that were her tits. She was wearing a short black skirt that matched the jacket and black stockings with silver high heels. On her head, she wore a cute black derby jauntily cocked to one side. “Man, every man in the place is going to be looking at you,” he complimented her. “Come to think of it, probably a few of the women, too.”

“Let them look, I’m not sharing this week,” Heather giggled. She did so like to make an entrance and on Bryan’s arm, that would be simplicity itself. He matched her nicely in an expensive dark suit and tie. Both siblings had always liked dressing up, unlike many of their contemporaries.

The pair got exactly the reaction that they had expected. Their waitress, a pretty young thing a few years younger than Heather, seemed smitten with Bryan. “Your boyfriend’s sooo gorgeous,” the waitress sighed. “If it wasn’t so obvious how much he’s into you, I’d try and steal him away.”

Heather looked at “Adele” and saw intriguing possibilities. She reached into her purse for a piece of paper and a pen and scrawled down their phone number. “Call me next week,” she said as she handed it to the dumbfounded blonde. “The pair of us are a little more open-minded than you might think.” The girl left the table with a huge smile on her face, passing Bryan as he returned.

“What did you say to our server to put such a big smile on her face?” He questioned his sister. The demure smile she wore as she sipped her coffee indicated to Bryan that he wasn’t going to get an answer any time soon.

Adele returned a few minutes later, offering more coffee and dessert. Both were declined. “We’ll talk soon,” Heather whispered to the smitten blonde. When they got back to the cabin, Heather began stripping as fast as she could. “I have GOT to fuck you again,” she gasped as her skirt fell to the ground. “I’m so fucking horny I don’t know just what to do about it.” Bryan gasped as she tore the mesh top from her body. “It isn’t expensive, don’t worry,” she said to him. “Don’t worry too much about the preliminaries, just take me to bed and fuck me!”

Bryan knew his sister well enough by now that she actually didn’t mean NO preliminaries. If he didn’t eat her for a minute or two and get her prepped, she likely would have killed him. All she meant was for him to hurry. That she was as impatient to get fucked as he was to get fucking her. Her gorgeous sweet pussy was all ready and in he went. She was soaked and as soon as his own cock was prepped and ready, in he went.

No man could ignite her passions like Bryan and Heather howled to let him know just that. She was not going to be a passive fuck; she ground her body back at him and thumped her body against his invading prick. Bryan knew what was going on; his sister’s libido far outweighed his own. He was curious about what had passed between her and their lovely server. Had Adele ignited something in Heather? It would not be the first time and it really didn’t matter. Whatever had caused this surge in Heather’s sex drive, Bryan was grateful for it. He was reaping the benefits.

Heather fucked back at her brother’s cock, her body thrilling to the familiar sensations of her lover deep inside of her. He felt so hot as his cock moved in and out, her walls gripping and holding him tight. She wiggled her petite frame against his hard, lean torso, wanting as much as he was capable of giving. Never a shy little naïf, when Heather had something she wanted, she held on to it. What she wanted most of all, what she always wanted, was Bryan’s cock. When he made her cum the first time, Heather was far from satisfied. She fucked him for a number of hours more until he begged off, needing a break for nourishment.

Bryan didn’t get much of a break that evening or even when it was long past midnight. He had just finished a sandwich and cup of badly-needed coffee when Heather walked into the kitchen. She was wearing a sheer, royal blue lingerie ensemble with matching heels. She put a little extra sway into her walk as she approached him. “I hope you’re ready for more,” the sexy kitten purred in her most seductive tone. “I bought this little ensemble just for you because I knew it would entice you.”

Bryan didn’t need to explain to his gorgeous kid sister that she could entice him even if she had been wearing burlap. He was just happy that she still liked to play the game of seduction after all of this time. Feeling a touch playful himself, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to the bedroom. Now it was his turn and he wanted preliminaries. Heather could tell. She could always read his moods. She pushed her brother on his back and straddled his muscular torso. She gave him a look he knew all-too well by now. Her long red hair trailed down his chest as she toyed with him. Heather’s impish smile said it all. She was going to make the preliminaries as much fun as the fuck. Her hands and lips did some of the work. Bryan’s flesh began to tingle. When she slid her mouth around his cock, there came a very cool, chilly feeling. She had slipped some mints in her mouth before blowing him! The feeling was incredible and it was all that he could do not to cum.

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