Strangers on a train


I honestly thought that, after two years of commuting into the city for work, I’d experienced it all. Until that was, the afternoon of the points failure. Now that was an afternoon that will live long in the memory. Sorry, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, let me back track a little. I’d been traveling on the train to work for quite some time. You get to see the same faces day in, day out, but you never speak, never acknowledge that each other exists. It just isn’t done. The same train in, the same train out. Hoards of people being shuffled around like so much cattle, herded here and there. It’s a little brain numbing to be honest, but the pay in the city is so much better that you just put up with it. So as you can imagine it’s quite an occasion, sad as that may seem, when someone new appears on the platform at the same time for a few days, especially when she’s hot! I’d seen her for a few days in a row, the sign of a new commuter, getting on the train a door down from my usual spot. Being an inquisitive sort I wanted to get zenci gaziantep escort a closer look, so the next day I edged a little further down the platform to the next door, and slipped on behind her. I guessed she was in her late twenties or early thirties. She had a firm, fit body with curves in all the right places. She was smartly yet sexily dressed, shoulder length dark hair with a slight wave to it, large expressive deep brown eyes and a winning smile. Yeah I admit, I was smitten from the off! The only draw back was the ring of gold on her finger, but then I’m not sure my wife would have understood to be fair. It was a warm June day and work had been difficult to say the least, a long afternoon of frustrating meetings, the kind where everyone has an opinion and no-one can agree on anything. When I left the meeting room and someone mentioned that there were problems on my train line I sighed heavily, Fucking typical! I cleared it with my boss, grabbed my bag gaziantep zenci escort bayan and left a little earlier than usual. I hopped on a bus to the station and arrived to find an over-stuffed concourse. I looked up at the departure board and saw that there was a train set to leave in two minutes, and its first stop was my station. I gripped my bag tightly and ran for the platform, bundling past lots of bemused and confused tourists. I could see the train before me, and it looked busy. I tried to get on at the first door, but there was no room. I stepped back and looked along the length of the train, and there she was, walking along right up at the front. She had a white vest top on and a short green tartan skirt. I knew I had to get on that train, and I had to get on at that door. Just then the whistle blew, the one-minute warning! I ran faster than ever, the sweat beading my brow as I sped along the overstuffed train, I was getting close when the little gaziantep zenci escort squeaky door warning sounded, as the doors began to glide closed I forced my way inside, face to face into the object of my desires. The train lurched into movement as we stumbled for balance, but being so well packed in it wasn’t much of a problem. What was a problem, for me at least, was that I had her delightfully fit body pressed hard against mine. She turned her wide brown eyes up at me and smiled sweetly. “Sorry,” I stammered. “That’s ok,” she smiled. “It is a little cosy in here isn’t it?” I smiled back. I was trying to control my breathing after the frantic run along the platform, but with it being so crammed and quite a warm day I was taking a while to catch my breath. Not such a problem you’re thinking? The trouble was every time I breathed deeply my chest would push out and brush against her proudly prominent and very nice looking breasts. We tried not looking at each other in a very British way of behaving, but there really wasn’t much choice. I blushed a little and saw my colouring reflected in her own cheeks. The train rocked gently back and forth as it wound it’s way out of the station. I can only assume it was the motion of her breasts rubbing repeatedly across my heaving chest, but I could feel her nipples as they stiffened. I dared a glance down and there was no mistaking the proud buds as they stood out.

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