A Billionaire Strip Golf Foursome Ch. 01


Now that my wife Amber has gone to bed, I can write to you all about the most amazing sexual experience of my life. It’s not that I don’t want her to find out what I did. She already knows all about it. It’s just that I don’t think that she’d be terribly pleased if she learned that I was telling thousands of strangers on the Internet the lurid details of what we did with her boss and his wife.

Even though I’m a little worried that Amber might find out, I simply have to share. Encounters like this just plain aren’t supposed to happen in real life. I still can’t believe that we gang banged her boss’s wife on the green of a private golf course. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you how this all came about.

Amber is a gorgeous redhead with curves that don’t quit and a pussy that tastes like champagne and strawberries. Though I make very good money, she still works. She does it partly because she wants to feel like she’s contributing financially, but mostly I think she still works because of the perks of her new job. Amber is a personal assistant to a very rich man.

Her boss made his billions by managing a hedge fund for a group of millionaire investors. Tony has an enormous homestead estate that includes a guest house, servants’ quarters, an indoor basketball court, a two lane bowling alley, a private par 3 nine hole golf course and one of the most valuable collections of wine in America.

As for me, I’m a self-made man in my mid-thirties. I worked in business for a couple of years after college, and was then fortunate enough to get into a top law school. I pulled good enough grades to receive job offers from several of the countries most prestigious law firms. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but the probably best description of my job is that I’m a high powered attorney.

I first met Tony a few months ago when my firm represented him in a lawsuit by a disgruntled investor. I was the lead attorney on the matter and Tony was thrilled when we convinced the judge to dismiss the multi-million dollar law suit against him.

Tony met Amber after he invited the two of us to his home for an elaborate celebratory dinner. He offered her a job that night and since then he’s had the two of us over a number of times. There’s always a lot of expensive wine shared and during the past few visits we’ve all gotten to be a little more than friendly.

From the first night he met her, as he gawked at Amber in her tight black low-cut party dress, it was clear to me that Tony wanted to fuck my wife. He didn’t do anything crass, but he had the look of a rich man who always got what he wanted. Most men who see Amber want the same thing, and Tony didn’t try to hide the fact that he did too. The first couple of times we visited he kept his thoughts to himself, but today he finally let it out in the open as he gave us a tour of one of his gardens.

“Hey Jim,” Tony said as we all sauntered past a life-sized marble statute of a curvaceous nude women. “You didn’t tell me that your wife was such an Aphrodite. Does she look as good naked as she does in that skirt?”

“Keep you dirty thoughts to yourself, you drunk bastard,” I replied with a chuckle.

For her part, Amber blushed at the exchange. But, she was clearly flattered. “Thanks for the compliment, but Jim’s right. You’re my boss, that’s not appropriate. I think maybe I’m offended.”

Amber stumbled on the word appropriate. The fourth glass of wine was taking its toll.

“Oh please,” Tony replied. “We’re all adults here. All I’m saying is that you’re a beautiful woman and that Jim’s a very lucky guy.”

Tony is married to Brazilian beauty and former lingerie model named Candice. Though I’ve yet to see him be anything but sweet to her, Tony treats Candice like one of his many possessions. He acts like he can share her if he so chooses. For her part, Candice has a fiery streak and I’ve recently discovered that she very much likes to be shared.

Tony was finishing up his tour and walking side by side with Amber. Candice and I trailed a few feet behind them. As we wound our way down a crushed stone path towards the first tee box of the golf course Candice swayed into me. She was a little tipsy, but she wasn’t drunk.

“Sorry,” she whispered as she grabbed my arm for support. “Ooh, you’re so hard,” she cooed as she squeezed my bicep.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I mumbled in reply.

“No, I know exactly how hard,” she answered. Candice glanced ahead to see if her husband was watching and then massaged my cock from outside of my slacks.

“Your husband’s right there. Aren’t you afraid he’ll catch you?” I whispered. Then I gathered my nerve and decided to take I chance. With my heart racing I reached altyazılı porno behind Candice to grab a handful of her tight, sexy as hell, ass.

Candice pointed ahead. “He looks too busy to care, doesn’t he?”

My dick throbbed as I saw that Tony had run his hand up Amber’s thigh. He slowly raised her skirt as she leaned into him, visibly spreading her legs. Amber gasped as he titled his head down to nibble her ear. She rolled her head back and let out a little moan as his hand reached around her panty-less ass. His long finger dipped between her cheeks and into her pussy.

Before I could peel my eyes away from the show, Candice slipped her hand down the front of my pants and latched onto my cock. She grabbed my free hand and brought it to her full breast.

“You want to screw me, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” I grunted.

“You’re right, Tony,” Candice yelled out. “He does want to fuck me.”

Amber jumped, straightened her skirt and pushed away from Tony.

“I knew it,” Tony hollered back. “But I wanna do his wife so we’re even.”

Amber blushed, but didn’t say anything. She and I have talked dirty about other people a number of times. It usually happens when we’ve been out together at a club or a bar, and we always seem to do it more when we’ve both been drinking. It makes us both super hot. We race home to fuck like bunnies while we talk bout what we would do to some hot girl or how me and some young stud would fill Amber’s ass and cunt at the same time. When Amber gets going she really gets into and can talk dirty in a way that makes my dick bounce.

We’ve never involved anyone else in our sex life, but Amber has always been a bit curious about doing it. I know she would never cheat on me, but I’ve always thought she might be interested in a threesome or a foursome if the opportunity presented itself. I held out hope. She had to be into it. I mean the man just had his finger up her cunt.

“I know how we can settle this,” Tony said boldly.

“By fucking each other’s wives?” I interrupted.

Amber was wide-eyed, but didn’t open her mouth to speak.

“No, that would be nice, but I had something a bit more exhilarating in mind.”

“Such as?” I asked.

“Strip golf,” Tony said. “Me against you. Amber will ride in my cart and Candice in yours. Each hole counts for a piece of clothing that the loser’s wife takes off. The first one of us to get the other’s wife naked gets to have sex with her.”

“What do the wives get?” Candice said with a sly smile.

“You can do whatever you want to distract your cart partner while he’s trying to make a shot,” Tony answered.

The way they played off of each other, it almost seemed like they’d planned the whole thing out.

“Sounds like fun,” Candice answered. “I’m in.”

I watched Amber closely. She wasn’t saying anything. I decided to take this as a clue that she wasn’t saying no but was afraid to say yes.

“Okay by me, if it’s okay by Amber,” I said with a confidence that I didn’t feel. I held my breath and hoped that she wanted to play along.

That’s when Amber did the coolest thing ever. “I’m in too,” she said. “But Tony, you’re a much better golfer than my husband.”

“I’ll give him a couple of stokes,” Tony was quick to reply.

“No, I want to give him some stokes!” Candice chimed in.

Amber looked at me, licked her lips and winked. She gave me the look she always gives me right before she says something dirty. “Nope. That’s not what I want. If Jim wins than we all get to gang bang Candice. You two can each stuff your cocks in one of her holes, and I’ll squat on her face while she eats out my pussy.”

Candice rubbed her mound through her clothes. “Okay, let’s play,” she moaned.

“Just to make sure it’s fair, how many articles of clothing are you wearing?” Amber asked Candice.

“Three. This dress and the stripper shoes.” The dress was tight and short. Now that I knew for sure she was naked underneath it I thought my dick might explode.

Amber gave me a devilish grin and then ran her hands up under her skirt and lifted it to confirm that she wasn’t wearing panties. She kicked off her shoes and said, “Now we’re even. I’ve got a skirt, my blouse and a very sexy bra.”

My dick was so hard it hurt. I grabbed Candice by the arm and pulled her to the Hummer golf cart. We raced to the first tee and made it there before Amber and Tony had even climbed into their cart.

“I’m so horny right now,” Candice whispered in my ear.

“Yeah, I kind of noticed. But I am too. “

Without further comment, Candice undid my pants and lowered them to my ankles. I sat back in my seat to give her easier access to my cock. She groaned as she zenci porno closed her lips around my dick and started to suck. She was amazing. Amber is really good at giving oral sex, but oh my good could Candice give a blow job. I wanted it to last forever. Her head bobbed as she increased her speed and I grabbed a handful of her hair to hold on. She ran her fingernails along my balls and I think I may have actually squealed, because she stopped blowing me to laugh.

“You like that?” she asked with a grin.

“Just a little. Is it my turn to eat you?”

“No. I get to distract YOU. That’s the rule.”

I hurried and tugged up my pants as Tony and Amber pulled up in their cart. Amber looked rather disheveled and was obviously very happy. I raised my eyebrows to see if she would volunteer any information. She just smiled and blew me a kiss.

“I’ve got a set of Pings there in the back of your cart. Will that work for you?” Tony asked me.

“That’ll be fine,” I answered, doing my best to keep my cool.

“This hole is about 160. You’ve had fewer strokes, so you have honors,” Tony chuckled.

I thought about that as I grabbed a club, a ball and stepped up to the tee. I looked back at Amber and she flashed me her shaved twat.

“No fair!” Candice whined. “I’m the one who’s supposed to distract him.”

Candice bounced out of the golf cart and swayed her hips and she pranced in front of me. I wanted to reach out and grab her luscious breasts as she brushed past me. She stopped a few feet away, sat down on the ground and then leaned back on her elbows. Candice gave me a playful smile as she spread her legs, raised her knees and dug the heels of her stripper shoes in to the ground. Candice grabbed the bottom of her dress and wiggled it up over her hips.

The folds of her pussy lips glistened with wetness and her strip of pubic hair begged to be fondled. I needed to dive between her legs as she grabbed the heels of her shoes and further spread her legs. Her pussy folds parted just a bit as she rocked her hips. She licked her finger and then sucked like it was a penis. Candice winked at me as she buried the finger deep in her cunt. She pumped it in and out, eagerly finger- fucking herself.

“So Jim,” Tony interrupted. “Are you going to hit the ball or what?”

I stole a quick deep breath, rubbed my dick and then addressed the ball. I took a steady backswing and miraculously hit a beauty of a shot. Somehow the ball flopped on the green and rolled to within about eight feet of the pin.

“Nice shot,” Candice said. “You just about slammed it in the hole.”

“Alright, now you’re just fucking with me,” I quipped.

“No, that’s later,” she answered.

Tony elbowed his way passed me and as he strutted by he whispered under his breath, “Your wife gives a hell of a hand job.”

I know she does. She’s one of the few women I know who really likes to do it. She seems to know just when to switch strokes and she gets this look on her face like all she can see in the world is the cock in her hand.

Tony teed up his ball and got ready to take his first shot.

“Hey boss,” Amber called out. “Make sure to get a firm grip on the shaft.”

Amber was facing away from us and spreading her ass apart with her hands. She has one hell of an ass and I could see her sweet pussy peek out from beneath her cheeks. Tony drooled all over himself, but took his shot without further comment. He must have been distracted because he shanked his shot way off to the right.

Somehow we kept from having an orgy on the tee box and managed to hop into our carts. As we drove, Candice absentmindedly rubbed her breasts and let out a series of little moans. I reached over and ran my hand up along the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs wide and thrust her hips forward in her seat. I could feel her muscles twitch under her soft skin. I got my first feel of her sweet spot as we arrived at Tony’s ball.

While Tony was busy trying to ignore Amber’s naughty pussycat imitation long enough to hit his second shot, I fingered his wife. Candice’s cunt was warm and tight. She was incredibly wet and I could feel her PC muscles pulse and pull on my finger.

Tony’s second shot was a good one. The ball landed insides of mine and just a couple of feet from the hole. We drove to the green and we all climbed out of our carts. I grabbed my putter and approached my putt. Amber laid down on the green and lined her self up with her pussy behind the hole and her legs straddling either side of it. She wiggled her dress up above her hips and began rubbing her clit.

Tony chuckled. “Think you can bury that putt?”

“No problem. I can nail it.”

“Tell aldatma porno you what. How about we let this putt decide it? If you make the putt, you win and we all gang bang Candice. If you miss, it’s still a tie and we play another hole.”

“Sounds like I can’t loose. It’s a deal,” I said.

My palms were actually sweating as I lined up the put. I’m not sure why I was so nervous. Even if I missed it, there was clearly much more fun to be had. I glanced over at my wife and she blew me a kiss as she gently rubbed her nipple. “Go on honey. You can do it,” she said.

I struck the ball and it slowly inched towards the hole. I held my breath as it glided slightly off center and stopped an inch short. I grimaced, dissatisfied. Candice shifted her thigh and knocked the ball in the hole. “He made it,” she squealed.

Candice lifted her dress up over he head and revealed hear amazing curves. She was absolutely fuckable, and I clearly wasn’t the only one who thought so. Before I could peel my eyes away, Tony had stripped and sat down on the green. He was rubbing his cock with lube. Amber gasped. I couldn’t blame her. The man’s dick was enormous.

“Come on over Candy,” he said. “It’s time to pay up on our bet.”

Tony laid back on the green and held the base of his cock, pointing it straight up in the air. Candice, or Candy, as I noticed Tony was now calling her, stood over the top of him a leg on each side of his body and facing away from him. She squatted down and lowered her self just over his cock. She grabbed it and gave it a few strong tugs.

Candy positioned the head of his penis at the opening of her ass. She wiggled and made a face as the huge member squeezed its way into her tight ass. She took a few deep and ragged breaths as her sphincter relaxed and made room for him. She slide down another inch and moaned.

Amber wandered up just behind me and watched over my shoulder. She breathed in my ear as her hips bucked against my ass. “Oh my god,” she whispered. “That is so hot.”

Candy continued to take the shaft deeper in to her ass. Inch by inch she slide the pole inside her until it was buried all the way into her. She laid back on her husband’s chest an opened her legs wide. Her voice trembled as she moaned the raspy words, “Jim, I’m ready for you. Come and fuck me.”

I stripped off my clothes. My dick sprung out of my boxers and drooled in anticipation. I approached Candy. Tony spread his legs beneath her, forcing her legs even further apart. She let out a delicious moan. I knelt between her legs. Tony’s dick was still buried in her ass and she was spreading her legs wide and pushing her hips down to drive it in deeper.

I teased her clit with my cock and felt her warm juices. Slowly, I slipped the tip into her. I had thought that her cunt had been tight on my finger earlier. With her ass filled by Tony’s cock, my dick was a tight squeeze in her pussy. She was so incredibly tight. I smelled her sweet sex and I couldn’t wait any longer to be all the way inside of her. With one strong thrust, I buried my cock to the hilt. She squirmed and let out a throaty groan. I closed my eyes and felt her warm tight wetness.

Amber who had also stripped naked approached over the top of Candy’s head. She straddled wide over both Candy and Tony and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips. She lowered herself over Candy’s face and touched her pussy to Candy’s nose. She lowered her self further and Candy licked Amber’s lower lips. Amber began to grind on Candy’s face. I pumped into Candy and grabbed hard onto Amber’s breasts. Amber leaned into me and kissed me deeply. She panted and pumped on Candy’s lips and nose.

Tony couldn’t move much with all of the bodies on top of him, but he began to thrust slightly in and out of Candy’s ass. I felt him through the wall of Candy’s pussy. It weirded me out a little, but wow was it erotic. Candy rocked and squirmed as Tony, Amber and I all pumped and grinded each of her holes. She let out muffled groans and squeals as we all raced to climax.

Tony came first, pumping harder into Candy’s ass. I felt my cock about to exploded and quickly pulled out of Candy’s pussy. I stood up and brought my throbbing dick to Amber’s mouth. She latched on and sucked me hard. After a couple of quick hard pumps I shot hot cum down her throat and she eagerly devoured every drop. That sent her over the top because she shouted out a carnal yell as the orgasmed on Candy’s face.

I rolled off of Candy and Amber collapsed beside me. Tony’s dick and slipped out of Candy’s ass and she let out a sigh as she rolled off of him.

“Wow,” she gasped. “That was awesome. Let’s go back to our special room and continue the party.” “Your special room?” I asked.

“Didn’t Tony show you our sex dungeon?”

“No, but I’d love to see it,” I answered.

We did all go back to the dungeon, but I’ll have to tell you about that on another night. I’m all worked up again and need to stop typing and go ravage my wife.

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