A Video for Daddy


Molly sat on a bed in the middle of a crowded room, the soft sheets rubbing nicely against her exposed skin. A dainty finger twirled one of her extremely blond pigtails as she waited for the camera to begin rolling. Truthfully, she was nervous, but she needed the money and knew that the role would be easy enough to play.

Wrapped around her small waist was a tight pair of black shorts, her pert ass sticking out as her stilettos stretched the muscles of her legs. Ready to pop off her upper half was a shirt that barely concealed her hanging breasts.

“Ready to go?” the director asked her passively, his attention directed only at her for that moment.

The barely legal girl nodded her head before waiting for the camera to roll. Butterflies were floating in her stomach as she hoped she could be a good actress. This was her first time doing anything sexual on camera, but she still wanted to make it a good porno.

She watched the director’s muscles twitch as the camera’s red light turned on. “So you’re daddy’s little girl huh? How old are you sweetie?”

“My name is Molly and I’m 18,” she giggled, her large blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “I’ve always been a daddy’s girl! I think about him every time I rub my little pussy.”

Some guys behind the camera were grinning as they watched Molly twirl her hair around her dainty fingers, her white teeth teasingly biting on her pink lower lip. Even the director was smiling at her now. “And have you seen your daddy’s cock?” he asked her with a smirk.

Molly gasped at his use of the word ‘cock’ and felt herself blush furiously. She readjusted herself on the bed so her moistening slit would feel the pressure of the mattress beneath her. “I have seen it,” she said meekly. “I used to see it when he was in the shower when I was a little girl. He’s huge!”

Her flirtatious giggle echoed throughout the room as she became aware of her hardening nipples. It was a matter of seconds before the rest of the room became aware of them as well.

“It looks like you’ve got some hard nipples baby. Why don’t you show us how you play for daddy?” the director suggested.

The teenager bit her lip in thought. “Well,” she considered as her hands slipped up her sides to the curve of her swollen breasts, “I suppose that I could Sex hikayeleri show you how I play.” Other men in the room laughed softly when Molly flashed a flirty wink.

Her manicured nails scraped against the sensitive nub through her clothes, a silent gasp ignited from the touch. “Looks like daddy’s little girl likes to play with her nipples,” commented one of the camera men that were placed around the bed she was performing on.

Molly laughed along with the guys while her fingers pulled and twisted at her hard tips. For a few minutes she filled the room with her throat moans, her fingers still flicking the hard tips of her nipples.

“Mmm,” she giggled, her eyes meeting the cameraman’s gaze through the lens. “I think I need to take my top off,” she suggested with raised eyebrows. The shirt was discarded in the matter of seconds, her top now bare of any barriers.

“Just look at them tits,” another cameraman sighed as he watched her with intent. Her full breasts bounced lightly as she continued to manipulate her dark brown nubs, her areola perfectly topping the center of her smooth chest.

She couldn’t help but laugh that she had made a man who’d seen so many nice tits get mesmerized by her own pair. “Do you wanna see a trick?” she asked, her hands now massaging the large bags of her flesh. Without waiting for an answer, Molly lifted her swollen tit and ran her tongue against the surface of her nipple.

“Oh yeah baby! Lick your nipples Molly, just like that!” encouraged the director excitedly, his own cock beginning to tingle. Molly eagerly sucked her hard nipple into her pink lips, her flicking tongue making her pussy juice dampen her tight shorts.

As she hungrily sucked her own tit, Molly’s other nipple was being teased by her slim fingertips. Her saliva coated her prickled skin, her red nub distended from her creamy globe and rubbed back and forth on the roof of her mouth.

The moan she let reverberate around her nipple made her pussy tighten and soak her panties with a fresh wave of her juices.

“Ooh daddy!” Molly moaned longingly as her mouth went to attach to her other nipple. Her neglected nipple now being bathed with her tongue, Molly let her hand travel down her fit torso to the waist of her shorts. “I wish my daddy was here Sikiş hikayeleri to lick my pussy,” she gasped as her head flew up to look at the camera. This time she had the look of a lust-crazed slut in her eyes.

“Do you wanna see my tight pussy daddy?” she whispered coyly into the camera. Giving the men only enough time to nod, Molly stood up and pulled the hips of her shorts down with a tease. “But daddy,” she whined softly, “you can’t see my naked pussy! If I show you, you have to promise not to tell mommy!”

She rolled the rest of her shorts over her slim legs and turned around to wiggle her pert ass at the camera. With a loud slap, Molly’s hand planted itself on her bare bottom, a pink hand print waking in its place when she removed her hand.

When she leaned over the edge of the bed, Molly presented a beautiful view of her smooth pussy lips and shapely ass. The cameras went within an inch of her pussy to see the folds of her glistening pussy, a small stream of nectar beginning to slide down her inner thigh.

“Oh that’s beautiful baby,” the director commented breathlessly, the strain against his pants beginning to ache. A stronger throb began when Molly stepped out of her shorts to get on her hands on knees on the bed, her legs separated so her wet cunt was spread out in front of the camera perfectly.

Her slim hand slid underneath her and went to massage her aching clit. Loud slapping noises could be heard from every part of the room as her fingers sawed in and out of her slippery hole.

“Oh yes daddy! Oh fuck daddy, pound my pussy hard with your fat fucking cock!” Molly begged as she pounded her pussy with quick, short thrusts. “Oh fuck yeah, get inside my tight little cunt. Mmmm!”

Her moans turned to sharp screams as her soft walls began to spasm around her slamming fingers, her pussy juice tapering down her thighs. Her shaking hips jiggled the rounded flesh of her ass as she buried her face into the duvet of the bed, muffling her screams.

The men watching her now had raging hard-ons, the scent of her arousal making them want to shove their cocks deep into her pussy. Her flying fingers stretched her open pussy wider as she fingered herself through the sexual height of her climax. Her pussy lips were visibly flexing over Erotik hikaye her fingers, the soft pink of her inner folds glistening at every angle.

More girl cum was flowing from her velvety depths when she decided to lay on her back, her fingers still working themselves into her horny pussy.

“Mmm I love thinking about coming over my daddy’s cock,” Molly cooed sexily at the cameras. Her tits gently bounced as her fingers worked in and out of her tight hole, her nipples still hard pebbles.

It was then that the director asked her if she wanted a vibrator for her to bounce on. She heartily agreed and mounted the vibrating cock, her shins bearing the weight of her body. Slowly, her pussy enveloped the vibrator, her lips splitting to take the length of the plastic. Her breasts bounced as she gently began to ride the vibrator, the sensations in her pussy making her pant with horniness. She wanted to come again. This time, she wanted to soak the duvet with her juices.

“Oh yeah daddy let me ride your fat cock! Fuck my pussy feels so damn good… Oh shit, I’m thinking about my daddy pulling me onto his cock by my hips!” Molly laughed with a wicked smile plastered on her face as she continued to bounce in front of the cameras.

By now, many of the camera men had unzipped their pants to stroke their hard cocks in time with her bounces. Her tits went up and down with every roll of her hips and she latched onto one of her nipples with her suckling mouth.

With both of her hard nipples being stimulated and every nook of her pussy filled with a vibrator, Molly howled against her nipple with the loom of a new orgasm building inside her.

She slammed up and down the vibrating cock and stared at the circle jerk that was happening in front of her. The moans that the men were making were making her extremely hot, her pussy still full of plastic cock, and she kept imagining her father watching her masturbate like she was.

One loud cry screamed out of her throat as her pussy erupted with juices. Her eyes shut tightly, “OH FUCK DADDY! COME IN YOUR LITTLE GIRL’S PUSSY! I’M COMING ON YOUR FAT FUCKING COCK DADDY! OH SHIT!”

Her shaking body fell back onto the bed, her spasms still racking her form. More juices left her trembling slit as she writhed on the bed mercilessly. When she came down from her high, Molly pulled the insertion out of her hole and brought it to her lips. Her pink tongue licked her juices off the plastic dick as the cameras shut off one by one.

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