Dog Walks and Bike Rides


This story happened in Washington State in 2005. While it didn’t happen to me, it happened to a very close friend who shared ALL of the details with me and gave me permission to share it on Literotica. After reading it, she said I’d captured the memory very well. Enjoy!


Beth was a Mom who lived in my neighborhood, just around the corner from my husband and me. She was young and active, with a great figure and a fit body that frequently ran past our front picture window on weekday mornings, often before the sun rose and before my kids and our new dog had awoken to start their days, and just around the time I was pouring my morning’s first cup of coffee. That early morning figure would run by the house at a good speed—inadvertently mirroring the same run that I’d take about two hours later.

She and I were about the same weight but Beth at 5’7 was a bit taller than me, with a tight lower body that was a size 2 in jeans with a slender midsection that held her 34A runner’s boobs. She was lean and everything put together created a toned and tight frame.

We we’re both in our mid-30s, in good running condition, me at 5’4 with a set of hour-glass-hips to Beth’s small bubble butt, and my long pony tail of blonde straight hair to Beth’s dark and thicker hair that went well past her shoulders and into a ponytail of its own.

Beth had dark eyes that blinked bright and complemented a natural smile; my eyes are the same color blue as my size 6 jeans and my 34c boobs have light pink, quarter-sized areolas with nipples that are longer than most and stick out more than a half inch when they’re cold, or if by chance they have someone’s mouth on them.

Beth and I were friendly, though with not much more than a genuine ‘hello’ and polite conversation when we’d see each other on dog walks or bike rides in the neighborhood.

I’d sometimes see Beth and another friend of hers at Yoga some mornings and we’d always talk there briefly. In fact, the first time that I noticed Beth notice me was after a Yoga class.

Coincidentally, and only something that I realized after the fact, I’d noticed her in that class, too. I’d been positioned on the mat directly behind her and had a close-up view of watching us both stretch and sweat profusely during the 60-minute class.

She really did have a great butt and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed it during the class because, after all, it was right in front of me and that made it hard not to continually stare and let my imagination wander.

I watched her rise up and down, push her butt and lower body in then out— leaning and extending. Adding to it because of how fit her body was, the image was very erotic, in a way that caught me off guard.

I don’t always shower directly after the class but that morning I did, because I had to be somewhere by 8 and it was easier to get ready in a place where I didn’t have to dress my kids, too.

I don’t think Beth normally showers there, either, but she was also there that morning.

The studio was housed in a former boys Jr. High School and the showers were dorm style, in a wide-open room with four nozzles coming out of the wall on either side, sitting on a tile floor with a long drain on both ends.

I could hear a shower running as I walked up in my towel and was caught off guard to find that Beth was the one underneath the water when I turned the corner.

“Oh hi there,” I heard myself say as I awkwardly looked for a place to hang my towel.

“Hi!” she said back cheerfully as she leaned her head forward and let the water hit her neck as she smoothed shampoo across her scalp. Her body faced me completely naked.

And that body of hers was perfect and I was instantly jealous! I was also immediately—and unexpectedly—slightly turned on seeing her this naked right in front of me—as I felt my face flush and I pulled my towel off, looping it on the hook on the wall next to the shower.

Her slender body dripped water from her neck and across her sharp red nipples, with their pronounced tips pointing straight out as her feet shifted and she tilted her head back underneath the water. Her hips pushed forward and her trimmed bush of dark pubic hair broke the water like a failing dam, as I quickly caught myself staring and then turned to make my own water colder.

“How was it?” Beth said to me, just as I’d dunked my own head under the water, with my back to her.

“Huh?” I said with slight embarrassment in my voice, thinking I’d been caught as I bent over more under the water. “How was what?”

“The class…Yoga?”

“Oh the class…it was great. I love it first thing like that,” I exhaled, relieved as the water started to roll across my skin as I closed my eyes.

“I know, me, too,” she said, as I reached for my own shampoo and then turned my body to soak my hair under the faucet.

I lathered my hair slowly with the tips of my fingers as Beth and I talked about nothing important. I leaned my neck back to rinse and slowly brought my head out of the water, as I continued to tell Beth how frustrated I was with bursa otele gelen escort our puppy, slightly opening my eyes, and fighting the drops of water against my lashes.

With my squinting eyes I saw that Beth was staring at my own light brown and well-trimmed bush. I opened my eyes wider in a bit of a double take but it was impossible to not to notice where her gaze was focused. Her eyes didn’t move, with her mouth slightly open as she spat a thimble full of water out between her lips, keeping her eyes locked on my pussy. I leaned back onto the balls of my feet and innocently pushed my hips and thighs forward, all while watching Beth watch me.

She must have felt me looking as her eyes turned up to mine, meeting them with a caught embarrassment and my gentle smirk as she turned her back to me and mumbled something about ‘zoning out’ and ‘got to get going…’

I think I said something like “OK,” as she wrapped herself in her towel, gathered her things and quickly walked back into the locker room. I got dressed a few minutes later, didn’t see her again, and went on my merry way.

We inadvertently showered together one additional time about five weeks later, and, I again felt like Beth was staring at my body throughout. She was trying to pretend she wasn’t, but I swear it felt like she was looking me up and down. If she was (and even if she wasn’t), I’ll admit that the thought of it turned me on. Beth was pretty and sexy and I was flattered at the thought of her looking at me with such interest.

I should probably tell you here that, though it seems like lifetimes ago, I’ve had sex with another women on more than one occasion. Her name was Michelle and we were counselors together at a family summer camp when I was in my 20s. She was creative and funny with pinkish hair and a contagious laugh. We fooled around for a few weeks—usually fueled by alcohol!—towards the end of the camp and it was fun and sexy and I was definitely a willing participant.

But I hadn’t thought about another girl like that for years since then, at least not until Beth and I started taking showers together!

Our greetings around the neighborhood were friendlier and she stopped to talk for longer periods while on dog walks or bike rides. I told her I worked for a clothing retailer’s Internet sales department on a part-time basis and she shared that she manages PR and marketing for a local parks district, also on a part-time basis.

And as it turned out, my semi-part-time job was sending me to Las Vegas for a two-day retreat at the end of the month and my in-laws were planning to move in for the long weekend—so that my husband wasn’t buried in kids. To be honest, I didn’t much care about the work and was more looking forward to the quiet!

I flew to Las Vegas, took a cab from the airport, checked into my hotel room, and did about an hour’s worth of work before I figured out where I’d go for dinner.

I ended up eating a salad in the one of the hotel’s restaurants, had a second glass of wine from a lobby bar, and was back in my room and in bed just after 11pm. It wasn’t exciting, but a full night’s sleep was unique in my world!

Beginning the next day, the meetings were long but had lots of breaks and time was moving quickly. We broke just before five and I headed back to my room to change my clothes and get 20 minutes in front of the TV—before I had to be at tonight’s reception and dinner that I wanted to go to not at all but was somewhat obligated to.

I rode the elevator down to the first floor and walked out to the hall, down to the right, past the lobby and check-in counter, and across the casino floor. I looked up, looking for the sign to the restaurant, and immediately saw Beth walking towards me.

“Hey!” we both said laughing as we hugged each other and said ‘what are you doing here?’ in unison, laughing again at the fun coincidence.

Beth was staying in the same hotel and was also here for a conference. She was, as it turns out, also on her way to a less-than-exciting dinner with colleagues and peers.

“How long are you here for?” I asked her.

“Tonight and tomorrow night,” she said back to me. “What about you?”

“Same. I wish I were here for fun instead! It’s so nice out!”

“Me, too!” she said back. “I want to be sitting by the pool but there’s no way.”

“I know—me, either. Should we get a drink later?” I suggested.

“Yes!” she said with an excited smile and laugh. “A drink with someone who doesn’t want to talk about work!”

“We want the same things!” I said back to her as I started laughing again. “8:30 at that bar right there?” I said pointing to the same lobby bar that I’d stopped at the night before.”

“We’d better say 9 to be safe,” Beth said. “But I will for sure be there ready to have a drinks, plural drinks, with you,” she said as we hugged again and went in opposite directions.

The dinner was long and boring with speeches and feigned interest. The food was good, though, and the company had brought in nice wine that bursa eve gelen eskort was generously flowing. I had a couple of glasses, picked a bit at the food on my plate, and spent the rest of the time waiting for the event to end.

And when it finally did at 8:15, I quickly made my exit and went to meet Beth for another glass of wine and some non-work conversation.

30 minutes and a glass of cabernet later, Beth walked into the bar wearing a white sundress and sandals, where we greeted each other with a hug. She looked gorgeous.

“Have you been here long?” she asked.

“About a half hour,” I said. “We got out earlier than I expected.”

“Oh I’m so sorry…we got out right at 8 and I went up to take a shower because I thought I had an hour!”

“No big deal…this wine is great and I’m sitting. But I am jealous about the shower…it’s been a long day!”

“I know, it felt so good. Now I feel bad! Do you want to go take one and I’ll wait for you?”

“No, no, I’m fine,” she said. “Get a glass of wine!”

Beth sat down and quickly ordered a glass of wine and we started talking like old friends. We talked about our kids, our husbands, the balance of it all—and everything in between. She was very smart and witty and I liked the conversation.

The first glass of wine went down easily and we gave in and just ordered the bottle.

“I don’t have to be anywhere until 10 tomorrow morning so I’m fine with drinking too much and sleeping in!” Beth said with a laugh.

“I already decided that I’m skipping the morning session and will sneak in for lunch—I never get time like this to myself, let alone in Las Vegas.”

“Then, cheers,” she said as our glasses clinked together.

The conversation was light and funny as we continued to talk about our families, running, and Yoga. I told Beth how much I liked Yoga and that the class we’d taken together was one of the best I’d been in. I also said, somewhat jokingly, those showers were an added benefit and, suddenly, Beth got quiet.

“Did I say something wrong?” I asked.

“Oh no,” she said, “I agree that they’re super convenient but…” she continued, as her voice trailed off and her hands fidgeted.

“But what?” I said, coming a bit forward in my seat.

“It’s too embarrassing,” she said with a laugh.

“Oh please, just say it! You have me completely intrigued!”

“Fine. You totally caught me staring at you in the shower a few weeks back,” she said, as her face turned red.

I smiled at her and took another sip of my wine.

“No I didn’t,” I said quietly.

“You did too and you know it,” Beth said back to me. “I can’t believe I brought this up!”

“OK so maybe I saw you looking but I was checking you out, too…don’t we all do that?” I said again with a laugh.

“Not usually,” she said laughing back. “I don’t know that I’ve ever checked out another girl like I checked you out!”

“Then what made me so interesting?”

“God I’m not sure I can tell you…do you really want to know?”

“Are you kidding? Yes! I want to know!”

“OK I’m probably drunk enough to explain it so here goes. You know the movie Sixteen Candles?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said back. “One of my favorites.”

“OK, so the really hot girl, Caroline, that dates the guy that Molly Ringwald wants…remember the shower scene in the beginning where Molly and her friend are checking her out and saying it’s not fair?”

“I remember,” I said.

“Well, you’re Caroline and I’m Molly Ringwald. You are so amazingly pretty and I was stunned at how perfect your body was when I saw you in the shower. There…I said it.”

“Really?” I said to her, genuinely surprised. “That’s really flattering of you to say…but what’s great about me? I’m average!”

“No you’re not, like, at all. And I’ll spare you the graphic details of what I noticed and was jealous of but you’re really pretty and you’re body is perfect.”

“You are so nice! Thank you,” I said to her, feeling sincerely flattered.

“You’re welcome. And I’m sorry I gawked,” she said with a laugh and took another sip of wine.

I really was flattered. It was such a nice thing to hear from a woman like Beth that she thought I looked good. I work hard to keep in shape and take good care of myself. It was satisfying to know that someone noticed…and it didn’t matter that it was another woman. In fact, that probably made it a bigger complement. I looked at her again and she was looking at me and we both smiled, taking another sip from our glasses.

“Ok, I have to know,” I finally said.

“Have to know what?” she said back with a questioning expression.

“The, as you said it, graphic details of what you noticed and was jealous of about my body,” I said with a mischievous grin.

“Oh don’t make me say it!” she said laughing. “I’m already embarrassed that I told you what I did!”

“But you have to tell me,” I purred flirtatiously. “And you know I want to hear it.”

“Do you?” she said back bayan escort bursa to me.

“I really do,” I said, as we looked at each other across the table.

Beth paused and looked around, squirming a bit in her chair and smiling an uneasy smile at me.

“Geez…how do I say this? It’s your hips…they curve like a little ribbon to your thighs and it’s just so feminine. I’d noticed it when you were in clothes but seeing you naked put an exclamation point on it,” she said quickly.

“That’s really flattering. Thank you,” I said to her. “But that can’t be it…just my hips? “I’m sure this is the wine talking but it didn’t seem like my hips is where you were looking.”

“You’re really going to make me do this?” Beth said with a shy smile.

“Uh-huh,” I said back, raising the glass again to my lips.

“Fine,” she said, looking at her lap. “I was totally drawn to your blonde pubic hair and it was trimmed into a perfect triangle. I’d never seen public hair that light and you looked airbrushed like a Playboy Centerfold.”

While Beth talked I was getting turned on, as this gorgeous woman told me how she was drawn to my pussy. I was buzzed and my thoughts were racing.

“Want more?” she paused.

I shook my head yes.

“Your areolas were the perfect light pink and I’ve never seen nipples that long before. I couldn’t stop looking.”

“I know,” I said back to her with a laugh. “My husband says he could hang a hat on them.”

“Well, they’re hot,” she said. “And now I’m going to move when I get home because I’ll be too embarrassed to see you when I’m sober!”

“Oh please don’t be,” I said back to her as she laughed again. “It’s incredibly flattering…you make me feel sexy all of the sudden!”

“You are,” she said again, sipping her wine and looking at me with her little smirk. “I was dying to see you in the shower that second time—just to make sure that what I saw the first time was real!”

We spent another half hour talking and laughing and what I now realize was flirting, as we finished the bottle of wine. We decided that since it was only 10pm, and because we were in Las Vegas, we should leave the hotel and experience the real Las Vegas.

“OK but you have to let me go and shower first,” I said, hoping not to deflate the energy of our night. “I’ve been up since 5 and I feel gross.”

“I get it…I felt the same way,” she said back to me. “Should I just wait here?”

“No…let’s each get another glass of wine and you can come with me. I’ll be quick and you can watch TV and figure out where we’re going.” I said excitedly.

“OK, let’s do it,” she said back as we gathered our things and left the table for the elevator.

We walked down the hall and both of us started laughing because we were clearly drunk. We locked arms to stabilize and made our way into the elevator, as we leaned against each other and I reached to push the button. Beth’s hand slid across my back and my hand grazed her lower back as we held on to each other’s side as the elevator went up.

The doors opened and we walked out, down the left side of the corridor and to my room. I used the card key and let us in.

“You room is a lot nicer than mine,” Beth said as soon as she walked in.

“It is?” I said. “I though they were all the same.”

“Yours is bigger and newer…I’m filing a complaint!” she laughed.

“Ha!” I said. “OK, turn on the TV…I’ll be quick,” I said as I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I pulled my shirt over my head and caught my reflection in the mirror, reaching to my back as I unclasped my bra and pulled it off of my shoulders. My nipples stuck out like they always did and I ran my hands across my chest, as I bent forward and shook my hair out. I un-did my pants and watched them fall to the floor. Slipping my thong off as I looked down at my blondish pubic hair and smiled at Beth’s comment that I looked like a Playboy model.

The bar conversation was still in my head and I pushed my hand through my bush and moved it down lower to tease myself, stopping before I actually went through the motions of getting really wet and turned to start the shower. The shower itself was huge, with white tile and four glass walls. I jumped in and felt the water pour across me.

The hot water felt good on my neck, as I drenched my body in soap and cleaned myself all over. I shaved my legs, washed my face, and turned the water off, reaching for the towel that I’d draped across the top bar.

I could hear the TV on the other side of the door as I brushed my hair out. I opened the door and went out into the room to get dressed.

Beth was sitting on the bed and watching TV, with drunk eyes that looked just like mine.

“I hope it’s OK I’m on the bed…your desk chair wasn’t cutting it,” she smiled.

“That’s fine,” I said back, pulling open the dresser drawer to grab some panties and then to the closet for a little dress that I’d brought. “I’m almost ready; give me 10 more minutes.”

“Take your time,” said Beth, as I retreated back into the bathroom.

I got back into the bathroom and just as I started to close the door, I found myself turn around and start walking back out into the room. Whether it was the wine or being away from home, confidence filled me as I reappeared and Beth and I met eyes, as I walked around the bed and stood about three feet from her. We both smirked.

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