Lusty Women Ch. 01


“A man who dwells not with women has no understanding of them”.


Part 1


This story encompasses a spectrum of experience, mostly erotic and depicts a graphically intense exploration of sexuality; delving freely into unusual zones of sex and transgressive behavior. It gives voice to the most subversive desires of the body and to a lifestyle that unabashedly defies convention.

The narrator Raoul is a 40 year-old suave, urbane charming and gracious guy with an artfulness that captivates women. A well-known Jazzcersize, Pilates and Yoga instructor as well as a writer; He is graceful like a jaguar, never imposing or overtly aggressive. He speaks gently, smiles sweetly and ingratiates himself with caresses. He lives for women. And women court him, love him and satisfy him completely.

He is a proud possessor of a well-endowed cock which he uses with tender delicacy and not like a battering cannon, that brings out of a woman’s cunt festive joyful melodies and deep orgasms.

Like a visitor from another planet he indulgently, graphically shares his experiences with Lusty Women… Rich, powerful experiences of unusual erotic potency and high-intensity adventures that came from the blending of love and sex. The meeting of body and spirit, that opens up all the possibilities of human sexuality.

Every woman in the story was unique and different. From ripe young luscious maidens, to lusty Amazons in their prime, to mellow mature crones. They were all warm, engaging intensely alive, vital and graceful in being at ease with their bodies their sexuality, their pleasures.

Mid-summer. At a point in time…

With the onset of Autumn, I’ve gone into a period of Meditation and re-Energizing, after a rather eventful, joyous and exhilarating Summer, during which I extended my exploration of the species known as The Lusty Woman. She is forever conscious of her sexuality for therein lies her strength, her passion, her creativity. And usually I gravitate either by accident or design, toward her. Indeed, I can spot even smell a lusty woman from a distance.

Taking some time off my vocation– on a sabbatical of sorts– to relax and have some fun, I spent some time in the Southwest mainly in Santa Fe and Taos.


La Chica

My lodging in Santa Fe was a well-appointed, comfortable guest house set in a beautiful garden. The concierge or caretaker was a lovely, friendly Chicana woman in her early-40’s called Raynelda. We met the second time in the hot springs whirlpool where after a wonderful conversation, she told me that sex after such soaking is very enjoyable.

“I never tried that” I said, astonished.

“Let’s go up to my apartment and you can find out for yourself” she giggled.

It was an early hot summer afternoon, the temperature in the nineties. I was entranced by the quiet beauty of the interior and decor of Ray’s place. She offered me some brandy and cheese and some pretty angry views on local politics. Not to mention the view of her luscious jiggling ass cheeks in the bikinis, and the contours of her body shifting fluidly as she moved about. Birds chatted outside in doublets of song…Boldly, without warning and ignoring her squeals I reached under her panties, my hands persuasive, primeval, stroked her ample bare ass. My fingers dipped into her moist cunt, finding her folds thick and spongy. She was sticky, gooey inside. Ray crawled on top of me on the bed.

“You really are so handsome senor Raoul and you have such a very big cock” she grinned “And I want you so much”. She grasped my rigid cock at the base and lowered herself onto it. She had difficulty engulfing me at first, being so tight and all. But she was bold and daring albeit a bit clumsy. I smiled at her impulsiveness. Her slender body was alive and wanting, oozing with juice, she was wet, very wet. Finally she was locked in place, skewered by my cock. A howl ripped from her throat as the dick reached deep, impaling her, hugging her tight walls. “Oh mama, this chorra is mucho grande”, she grunted.

Raynelda moaned, she squealed, she rocked; whimpering, sighing, screaming. Then she climaxed violently flooding me with her cum. She must have been climbing the walls all this time.

“I’m not done yet” she cried when her spasms died down.

My hard dick was all the way inside her grazing her cervix. She began to rock slowly, gently this time. Then she was shuddering in her second orgasm, clutching me tightly. The vigorous cunt, hugging my dick, her breasts bobbing her ass undulating provocations, making me moan and thrash. She looked into my eyes whispering obscenities, moving up and down the cock slowly, sweetly. I watched it disappear and reappear, moving in counterpoint.

“Relax and enjoy it senor” whispered Raynelda, clearly in full control. I felt the demon lust of her hard brown thighs, the furnace of her cunt, her eyes burning into mine. I was totally calm. concentrated, passive; I could go on forever without coming with full Tantric concentration, yeni gaziantep escort oscillating between losing my senses in uncontrollable release and a joyous exaltation of supreme control. I could hear Ray’s voice distant, taunting my own climax. She squeezed my cock with her cunt, very tightly, rhythmically…Then she began to shudder, moaning from her throat, breathing faster as I stroked her engorged clit with my fingers, staying with her rhythm.

Drowned in a pleasure-ocean, she cried out loudly inundated by the waves of another powerful orgasm that triggered my own release and I pumped into her a torrent of cum. She lay on top of me for a long time, her eyes closed. She finally rolled off me but held on to my cock, smothered with her curdled juices.

“Such a wonderful fuck senor” she whispered into my ear. “Thanks to the whirlpool” I chuckled…She came to my apartment the next day and we fucked all day long. Two days later I called on Raynelda after an enjoyable sightseeing around town.

“I’m glad you stopped by when you did Raoul” she enthused. “I want you to meet someone…Hey Elena, Chica get off the fucking phone and come down here will you” she hollered. “She’d been on that goddamn phone forever, no doubt talking about sex with her friends” Ray complained.

Elena stood there tall and slim, almost androgynous, in her sheer leggings and see-through bra. Her nipples stood out erect, inquisitive, lustfully. The black thatch of her narrow pussy clearly outlined, a perfect triangle. She was smoking a joint. My dick began to move between my legs.

“This is Elena, my niece” said Ray. “She hangs out with me when she has nothing better to do and sometimes helps with housekeeping. She also housesits for me when I’m away. She’s a daughter and a friend rolled into one. Elena, this here is senor Raoul. He’s visiting Santa Fe and is one cool hombre. From what I know, Raoul’s favorite pastime is tracking the exciting world of good, kinky sex” said Ray to Elena. Elena smiled impishly shaking my hand.

“Well, he’s certainly good looking, I like him already” said Elena. She passed on the joint to Ray who offered it to me in turn. I listened attentively while she chattered. Elena seemed quite mature for her 19 years, street-wise, a little wild and downright sexy.

“Yesterday I read a long story about fucking. After that I watched one of Pepe’s porno movies…God, I was so horny” she declared, dragging on the joint. My goodness, she is one wild, untamed gazelle I thought with relish. She was certainly high on the pot. I was enjoying the company already.

Elena said I reminded her of an older man she had a thing for back when. “I’ve always liked older men but somehow could never get closer to them” she sighed. “Careful” I said, “I have a thing for young sexy women like yourself and a cock that goes with it”. Raynelda stood there beaming.

“I’ll bet” said Elena, flashing her impish smile again as she straddled my thighs, gazing into my eyes and grinding her crotch against mine. This is one bold, wild kid I thought.

“Can I nozzle your neck, suck your tongue; Your body is turning me on. I want to inhale you” she whispered. I filled my palms with the curves of her ass and kneaded the flesh

“Raoul, I think Elena wants to be fucked, don’t you Elena?” said Ray, stroking Elena’s hair. Elena groaned then kissed me deeply for long moments. Her body felt so good against me.

“You taste good baby” I whispered, “You’ve got a nice hot tongue. I want more”. We seemed to have reached the point of no return. My dick was splitting threads in my briefs. She held my face with delicate hands, her eyes burning with desire. In a daze we moved to the guest room followed by Ray.

In the bed room Elena quickly undressed and lay down on the bed, legs splayed wide. Ray stood at the window smoking a cigarillo, her robe opened in front, revealing her soft belly and hairy pudenda.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Elena as I stepped out of my briefs and my cock sprang out hugely erect. “How in hell are you going to get that thing inside me?” she asked.

“Do you want to call it off?” I asked her, but she just stared at me in awe but decidedly curious. I was a little hesitant about putting all of my big, hard, heavy cock into the girl. But the hungry, ravenous look on her face spurred me on. As I pushed deeper into her I felt her tight cunt biting sweetly into my dick. Man, she was so fucking deliciously tight!.

Elena began to tremble as I explored her wet cunt, her hardened clit, her youthful, firm quivering tits. She held her cunt open with her fingers as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. She began to writhe, her mouth falling open, her breath coming in short sexy gasps. She cried out wrenchingly as I filled her with as much cock as she could take, rocking inside her gently.

She was so eager for my dick, she curled her legs around me as I drove into her, again and again, feeling her pussy churn violently and she began gaziantep yeni escort to sob, shuddering with her first orgasm. Forging deeper into Elena I felt her walls began to recede, clutching me.

“Is it too much?” I asked her, thrusting rhythmically, steadily, my dick smeared with her creamy juices. In response Elena pushed a pillow under her ass so I could move deeper inside her. She mewled and I felt he tight twat flooding then began to spray out cum. It was a very long, slow deep sweet fuck that drew the full attention of Ray. She moved over to the bed, watching us intently, making wisecracks and lewd comments:

“How does it feel to have that big cock up your little pussy mi Corazon?” she teased. “Oh Ray, it’s so fucking hard, so hard” sobbed Elena.

“This is what a real fuck by a real man is like Chica” said Ray, stroking Elena’s head. “Not the half-assed crap you get from the punks you hang out with. You’re a lucky girl to experience this. Someday you’ll have a story to tell”.

As Elena exploded again in her third orgasm, she screamed, clutching the mattress, and I continued to plunge into her, moving steadily in and out, her cunt making wet noises as I plowed Elena’s juice-drenched pussy grooves, my hands holding her down.

“Oh, oh, Dios mio”! she screamed, going insane with pleasure, clawing and tearing at her hair with slender hands, her head tossing wildly from side to side, farting repeatedly, muttering gibberish in a frenzy of passion. Ray watched the fucking with keen interest, stroking Elena’s flanks, her belly, her breasts.

“Elena mi muchachita, No es tarea facil, si placentera…(Elena my child, it’s not easy to find such pleasure)…Nacimos para esto (We were born for this)” said Ray solemnly. Elena’s body jackknifed violently as the searing power of another orgasm was released from her, wracking her senses with an almost unendurable pleasure. My own climax was triggered then and I gushed a torrent of semen into her young cunt.

Elena lay in a puddle of juices and semen, sobbing as I pulled out of her after fucking her for an hour; she was still trembling and twitching uncontrollably. Ray lay down beside her and gathered Elena in her arms, stroking her soothingly.

“It’s okay baby, you’re fine” she said over and over.

“She’s never been fucked like this before and perhaps never will be again” said Ray.

After a while Elena drifted off to sleep in Ray’s arms. I pulled up Ray’s robe to her waist and entered her from behind. “I’m going to give you a lovely fuck” I whispered in her ear. “O yes! please, go deep” she whispered back. Ray was creamy, warm and very wet inside. I pushed all the way to her womb. Her cunt was a river, streaming juices, gulping, swollen with sap. “O God, it feels so wonderful to have so much cock inside” she murmured as I moved slowly inside her wetness. The sun had begun to set.


La Gringa

Leonora Janus, aka La Gringa as she liked to be called was an eminent anthropologist and a WASP. We met at an art fair on a very warm day. We became acquainted quickly over lunch, laughing and touching easily…Later she offered to drop me off since I’d walked to the fair, but invited me for a drink at her house first. The glint in her eyes gave her away. She wanted to fuck.

I’d begun to notice Leonora’s conspicuous desire, she seemed ecstatically alive, in a world of sensation and passion. Brought on undoubtedly by the highly eroticized and lewd, wet conversation earlier. She looked super good and elegant for a 60 year old and eminently fuckable.

“I am horny as fuck, drink up and let’s go fuck” she said stroking my face.

Walking over to her by the window, I reached under her dress, my hands persuasive, primeval and stroked her ample bare ass. My fingers dipped into her moist twat, stroking her rigid clitoris.

We began to kiss, sinking onto the bed, tumbling thru space. I felt her liquid softness as I took her breasts in my mouth and sucked gently. Her soft, round erotic ass blossomed, to enclose my cock as I rubbed against her. I wanted her like a rage, anticipating her wet welcome.

“Touch my pussy, see how ready she is” she whispered lewdly.

Her eyes were closed, I felt intense emotion coming off her in waves, my hand found the warm, thick wetness and sopping lips of her cunt. Slowly I pulled off her dress.

Leonora spread apart her hairy labia for me to enter. Her not-so-tight, squishy cunt drew my cock deeper and deeper inside. I was swimming in a sea of honey and sinking sweetly. Her clitoris was swollen solid, big and long, adorned with pearl clips…

We fucked slowly, spinning on the bed like two gyroscopes, intense poignant. I watched her intently as I moved in and out of her slowly, rocking inside her gently, drawing it in and out to the rhythm of her breathing for a long time. Her cunt pounding with lust milked my cock, enjoying the exuberance of our fucking. She was far away and gone, but alive with gaziantep yeni escort bayan feeling, shuddering as I stroked her G-spot. Her clitoris was deep red and hard. Her body moved in anticipation of every rhythm change, every shock sound and every orgasm. Leonora exploded in all directions, on and on until she finally erupted mightily with a scream, her nails clawing my back as I convulsed between her legs, grunting and spurting long and hard into her in my climax…

Sprawled on the bed against the cushions, Leonora kept her legs spread out for me, her twat wide open…I continued to stroke her pussy with my cock, fucking her mightily. Her clitoris, tripled in size jutted like a dark red mini-dome from the flushed, fleshy hood.

Leonora was so practiced. She moved with me like a dance, an attunement. Her opalescent cunt cream smeared my cock and her labia grabbed as she moved. She was gluttonous. I was electrified.

“Oh God yes, Oh yes” she muttered, grinding her syrupy twat against me. I enjoyed her enjoyment, the tremors of pleasure that radiated from her. She came again and so did I…As we floated in the intoxicating afterglow, a woman stumbled in naked with a drink and a joint grinning.

“Can I join you guys” she cooed.

“Who the fuck is that”? I asked.

“It’s only my older sister Marsha, she is visiting from Tucson” said Leonora

“The more things change etc.” I said…

Marsha was also attractive, her tanned body lithe and supple for a 62 year-old. Her grey pubic hair matched her tousled silvery hair. Their resemblance was striking. Gulping down her drink she joined us on the bed, grabbed my tumescent dick and sucked it into extreme hardness.

“What a big beautiful cock”! she cried. Then she mounted me and impaled herself on my cock; I watched it disappear into her depths as she let out a deep sigh, her body trembling.

“Now brace yourself young man, because you’re going to get fucked but good” said Marsha as she rode my cock like an equestrian grunting, squealing farting, whispering obscenities…Marsha’s cunt was tighter than Leonora’s but equally ripe. I felt it grab my dick like a vise! She fucked me and fucked me, then with a loud scream she came trembling violently. When her tremors died down, I rolled her onto her back, my dick still anchored inside her.

“Now it’s my turn to fuck you silly” I said and I did for a long time, making Marsha cum repeatedly; sobbing whimpering, thrashing about while Leonora watched the hard core fucking in awe…I exploded loads of hot cum into Marsha grunting hard, loudly. When I pulled out of her I pushed my dick, wet with secretions into Marsha’s mouth and she licked it clean. What a lusty woman I thought…I stayed with the sisters all day and part of the evening as they took turns fucking me until I cried uncle. But I did enjoy their very ripe twats a lot…

Back at the guest house I found Elena naked on my bed. “I’ve been waiting for you all day long; are you going to fuck me again”? she asked.

“Not now Elena I’m beat, maybe tomorrow” I said.

“But you promised to fuck me anytime I want to” she sobbed.

In the end I gave in and passively let her ride my tired cock to orgasm. Lusty kid I thought drifting off to sleep.

Part 2

Taos…To be or not to be

My trip to Taos was twofold, sightseeing and a courtesy call on a woman called Malinka. She is the editor of the “Yoga for Women” magazine and had done a great article on my innovative Pilates techniques the year before. We had not met, only e-mailed each other.

In her early forties, Malinka is a Ladino a mixed Spanish-Indian, of Yucatec Mayan ancestry. Malinka is an enigma; an upper class woman and an intellectual who devoted her time helping the poor. She eschewed snobbery. She is liberated and independent..

I enjoyed her lascivious, lubricious smile as we talked at length in the hotel lounge on a variety of topics. How fortunate for me to have met her, I thought. I became instantly attracted to Malinka…Her body still young firm and lithe. Her warm, liquid brown eyes, her darkly tanned skin, her thick curly ebony hair. I told her she was beautiful, feeling the strong magnetism between us, the sweet possibility of sex.

My first impression of Malinka’s home was how full it seemed to be of women… Pictures of Women’s faces, bodies; the fragrance of women infused the atmosphere. There were sculptures of goddesses. Paintings of women – young, old; sorceresses and maidens. Poster-size collages hung on the walls; including portraits of her hairy cunt on bedroom walls. The colors of the walls, rugs, curtains were women colors – shell-pink, pearl, sand, earth. There were glass jars of herbs, pottery mugs, Indian blankets.

My curious fascination for her seemed to extend to her house as well. The place felt as though it held me in its arms. I felt exhilarated, very much at home. I wanted to imbibe, absorb the very essence of it…

After an extensive foreplay, she stepped out of her dress; I noticed a trail of semi-dry cunt juice down her inner thigh…Her pubic hair, juice-curled along the vulva, was thick, dense and black as ink. Straying down in lavish tentacles from her navel to thicken and spread on her cunt; along the creases of her hips and down like an explosion of weeds all over her inner thighs and down her legs. I marveled at the richness of it, so womanly.

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