Erotic Oil Battle Ch. 02


The party was over. Michelle had been flirting and teasing both James and me all night. Everyone else had left and it was just Michelle, James, and myself left at her apartment. I called James into the kitchen, ” She wants me! You are cock-blocking!” I exclaimed, trying to get him to split.

“Bullshit! She wants a piece of raw thick meat tonight!” James shot back.

“Why not wrestle to decide?” Michelle interupted. She had overheard our argument and knew James and I were both ex-high school wrestlers. “I would love to watch that!” she said.

James and I knew it would come down to a match as both of us were all heated up for some action.

“OK Michelle, it’s you we both want and it’s your match, what kinda match do you want us in?” I asked.

I was totally shocked when Michelle said she wanted to see us in an erotic oil wrestling match, first guy to lose his load loses, winner got to fuck her all night! James and I looked at each other and reluctantly agreed, and it was on!

Let me set this match up, James is olive skinned Italian dude, 26 years old, 5’10”, 185 lb., in great shape, smooth chest and facial area, and smooth cock and balls (as I would find out a little later). He sports a 8.5” dick that is nice and thick, and is a favorite with the women we hang with. I am a white 27 year old, 6’0”, 180lb., also in great shape with a 8” smoothly shaven public area.

Michelle, the girl we’re wrestling for is totally hot with C sized tits and curves in all the right places, and well worth all this trouble. I wanted to see how James could handle this kinda thing anyway. I have wrestled like this before, I don’t think James has and was surprised he agreed to this style of match. Unless he was as curious about me as I was about him, anyway, I think Michelle musta got a sensed that we would be game for this and set us up.

Michelle pulled out a tarp as we moved furniture, and set up a nice mat for the match. She told us to go into separate bedrooms and strip down for bursa escort the match, when she called for us to come out, she would have our wrestling suit to put on when we entered the room.

I stripped to nothing and my cock was already stirring a little in anticipation of the sex-battle ahead of me. Michelle yelled for us to enter and was on her knees dressed in only a tiny bikini in the middle of the tarp holding a white cotton thong in her right hand, and a yellow cotton thong bikini in her left. I got the white, James the yellow. Michelle then oiled each of us down, lots and lots of oil! She paid special attention to our growing hard-ons and ass-cracks as she oiled us. Both of us took turns kissing and necking her as she oiled our heated bodies. By the time she was done James and I both had raging hard-ons and were ready to do battle. Michelle laid down the rules, 1st to cum during the match lost, you can make your opponent cum by any means necessary, winner gets me for the night, loser goes home. “Get it on boys!” Michelle said, as she sat down on the couch to watch the action.

Our thongs barely contained our raging erections as we slid together to start the cockfight. We quickly locked up in a mutual bear hug while on our knees, grinding our cocks together as we squeezed. James was a lot stronger than me and knew it, he was crushing the air from my lungs and his big cock was grinding mine into submission. I reached behind him and grabbed his yellow thong and pulled, wedging it up his muscled ass.

The cotton quickly ripped from his body, leaving him nude and on the defensive as he broke the bear hug and slid away to re-think his grinding strategy. Tash clapped and squealed her approval at the sight of the erect 8.5” black throbbing cock on display in her own living room.

I slid in and knocked James to his back, locking my legs around his right leg, and laying across his six-pack abs to hook his left leg under my left arm, I malatya escort had used this move in other cockfights and James was totally unprepared for it. This was my finishing move! I had my right hand free to work my opponent’s cock over and my cock was shielded from attack by my back.

James only thought he wanted to cockfight! I was making short work of my rival for Michelle, who was watching intently as I stroked James’ cock up and down slowly, but firmly. I was so in control, I decided to talk a little trash, “You didn’t wanna cockfight me really, did you James? I can feel your cock throbbin’ boy! I’m gonna make you cum all over yourself, in front of Michelle, she’ll know what a fag you are, can’t even hold your cum for me, what would you do with her fuckin’ your brains out?”

Michelle was now fingering herself, “Check out Michelle James.” I said. James looked up, all the while struggling to break free from the death grip I had on his dick and to hold back the cum that was easing from his balls. Thats when my mind began to wander if rubbing James cock alone with mine was so exciting for both of us, can’t imagine what it would be if we would both cock rub in the same tight space……maybe Michelle’s hot pussy. At the sight of Michelle with 2 fingers slamming in and out of her own pussy, I let go of James and said softly in his ear, wanna double fuck her pussy with me. He screamt YESSSS.

I looked at Michelle and said “Baby, we are both winners tonight and will double fuck your hot pussy”

I immediately let go off James and the look in Michelle’s eyes were one that of surprise, but before she could say anything both James and I ran to pick her up. He lifted her legs and I her shoulder, and we carried her into the master bedroom.
We put her down on the bed and I told her “Babe before you tease two hunks and get them all excited with each other, be careful of the consequences, TODAY WE WILL DOUBLE FUCK YOUR HOT CUNT TOGETHER, YOU çanakkale escort WANTED US TO COCKFIGHT, YES WE WILL BUT IN YOUR PUSSY”
Michelle was stunned and before she could say anything, James lifted her on top of him and she entered his dick like a rod does to a magnet.
Soon he was completely in her and began to buckle his hips. Then he slowed and pulled Michelle very tightly to his chests, her fuckin big boobs were totally smashed with his chest. This was my window of opportunity, I slowly slid my already oiled finger into the small space in her pussy.
Initially it was like fingerfucking her and James dick, then I got on top of the bed.
I got my legs parallel to James and slowly pushed my dick centimeter by centimeter slowly into Michelle. To prevent her from screaming, James was kissing her passionately, but I could hear both their moans.
My dick kept on pushing with intensity and I could feel every twitch and vein of James cock, and the walls of Michelle’s pussy.
Finally I was all the way in, but surprisingly my legs were on top of James, and we started to move slowly. James put his arms around my ass while fucking her same hole, so that we would be tight and close to each other and keep her sandwiched
firmly. while doing this our legs and thighs were rubbing ferociously. We even did something unusal, since my legs were practically on top of James, our toes would mingle and in the heat of the moment, my toes grappled his increasing our stimulation. It was so freaking hot with me being
on top and James beneath with Michelle firmly sandwiched, we looked into each others eyes, without saying we knew it was so pleasurable, James hands moved from my ass and slowly upwards to my back and then to my shoulders and finally to my fingers and they mingled and became a firm lock, like a manly grip, the harder we
both pushed the more intense and tight our grip got.
While we were both fucking the babe who was enjoying our cocks, we used and hands to increase each others pleasure. While fucking her, we were also doing some luvin of our own on the side
It was fuckin awesome, it was three sweaty bodies entangled in a heap of steamy three for all sex and then we finally emptied our loads together in her.
Ofcourse Michelle had 4 orgasms by then, but the most powerful one was when James and I created a cumfusion

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