Truth or Fantasy 03: Police Stop

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On my way to the ABS, dressed like a slut. What! It was lunchtime on a summer Thursday. I had on my ultra-short silver shiny mini skirt, semi-sheer sleeveless white top over a pink lacy half-cup bra. This outfit was complemented by 2″ heels, pearl necklace and silver loop earrings. Long hair, good make-up and non-smear lipstick completed the look.

It was a drive I had done many times and this was no exception. The main street in the small town south of San Francisco was four lanes wide with parking on both sides. I was travelling south and spotted an open space on the opposite side of the road, in front of the Chinese restaurant next the ABS. The on-coming lanes were clear as the stop light about ¾ block away was red. Rather than continue the corner as I usually do, I decided to make a u-turn, over the yellow line, into the space. Perfect? NOT.

Just as I completed my turn, I heard the unmistakable sound of the police motorcycle blip. I looked in the mirror and saw the red-white flashing lights. My heart rate soared, but I calmly pulled into the space.

A vbet tap of a gloved hand on the driver’s side window…”Ma’am can I see your…” then a distinct pause as the officer saw who or should I say what, he was addressing.

I lowered the window and replied as steadily as I could. “Sorry officer, I usually go to the corner to make a turnaround through the shopping mall on the corner. I thought it would be ok.”

A slight “ahem” from the officer then “No Ma’am. Although the road was clear and the speed limit less than 35mph, you crossed a double yellow line. That’s a violation. May I please see your driver’s license and registration.”

I undid my seat belt that had been pulled between my tits and my top fell away exposing the swell of my small breasts. I leaned over to the passenger side and got out the registration and handed it through the window to him. Then, OMG, I realized my purse was in the trunk of the car. I got really really nervous. Did I tell you how short my skirt was? Yes I did. Did I tell you I had no panties on? No, I didn’t.

“Officer. vbet giriş My purse and wallet are in the hatch. I will have to get out to get them. Is that OK?” I said as meekly as I could. This could get so much worse I thought to myself.

“No problem Ma’am.” he said, leaving little doubt in my mind that I was not going to get off with just a warning.

He backed away from the door and I tried to pull down the front of my skirt as I swung my legs out onto the pavement. I did my best imitation of modesty, as I stood up and strode to the back. The traffic going by got quite an eyeful. I expect the officer did as well, as he followed behind. I lifted the hatch back and leaned in hoping that the cheeks of my ass were not showing too much. I kept my legs together as best as I could so that my cock and balls would not been seen. I retrieved my purse, got my wallet out and handed him my driver’s license. My hands were shaking as he took the license in his black gloved hand.

A small smile came to his face as he connected vbettr the dots…male driver’s license of person dressed as a woman. A tranny slut looking to blow some business men during their lunch hour.

“Thank you Ma’am. Have a seat in your car. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I steadied myself on the side of the car as I walked. My legs felt like rubber. I managed to open the door and get in without too much of a scene. I gripped the steering wheel, took more than a few deep breaths. This could get so much worse I thought. I watched in the side mirror as he did what they do with the radio and the ticket holder.

The minutes felt like hours but he soon returned. “Sorry about this. Gotta give you a ticket. Sign here.”

I took the ticket, signed quickly.

“Have a nice day and be careful. Oh, and by the way. You look good.” he said.

I sat there shaking but at the same time thinking how so polite and courteous he was. Sure he could have maybe let me off, but he could have just as easily given me a really hard time. I looked at the $276 ticket. OMG – I mean that was a hard enough time. So including the soon to be paid ABS reduced lunch time entry fee of $5, it was an expensive mistake but I felt so relieved that is all it cost me.

The coolness of the dark arcade in the ABS was a relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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