Tomeric’s Decent Ch. 02

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Tomeric felt a stabbing pain in her stomach, she wasn’t sure if it was cramps or… her eyes opened but nothing made since. Her mind was still groggy, but it was spinning around to reality quickly, trying to assess the situation. Her legs were up in the air, and she was hanging crooked on her neck. Her arms were free and flopping besides her, why?

The pain continued but she traced it from her stomach to below, or above in this angle. She opened her eyes but it was all blurry and somewhat dark, she tried to focus.

There was a slapping noise.

It coincided with her pain.

Looking up she saw her small genitals bouncing back and forth as her arms flopped and the pain shot through her body. Finally she saw the large black hands that held her up. There was one around both of her ankles and another at her hip. (Slap, slop, slap,slop, plop, plop, slap, slop) the slapping noise continued unabated.

She pooled her strength and pushed up with her arms so that her head was off the floor and looking up at the man who held her.

“Jay!” she moaned as he pulled his dick all the way from her ass and then slammed it strait to the balls. In reaction her own dick bounced up and her balls shifted from one side to the next.

Jay grunted a reply and lifted her in the air.

He was so strong! Tomeric Thought, “Whatever he wants to do- do.”

The hand on her hip, guided her firmly to the bed as the one around her feet lowered her to her back. It was a little more comfortable a position then the last, but there was no pause in his pounding. He pushed her legs down over her head so that her anus upon-ended-up to him and he, still standing on the floor, returned to the business off piston fucking her. (Slap, slop, slap, slop) more than before her balls flopped around as he sped up his rhythm into her ass.

“Ohhhh” she groaned, “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Ugh…” Jay replied, “Shut the fuck up and take it you bitch.” (Slop, slap, slop, slap-slap-slap-slap-slap, slop, slop, slap)

Mercilessly he pounded into his balls slapping against her bottom and her balls flopping from side to side. Jay held her firm in place, now with one hand on her shoulder and the other still holding both legs up over her head, but now pushing them and her down into the bed as he drove his assault to the next level. His sweat dripped on her, mixing with her own.

She was sore, she knew she would be hard pressed to get up the next morning, but at the same time she loved the thrill- then there was the fear, the realization, what was it that he had said about Chloe? She couldn’t remember, and just as the pieces began to form together he rolled her over and slapping her ass prompted her, “On all fours like a dog, bitch!” he was heaving.

Tomeric complied with her legs strait down on her knees and her body stretched out forward, resting her chest on the bed. She looked back at him as he entered her. She tried to see the length of his member, but she wasn’t quick enough and he was already in, she could tell he was thick and long, she felt that alright.

He rocked forward into a fast paced motion, and their balls bounced against each other. She cooed and he moaned, “Aaahhh fuck, fuck!” he slapped her ass again, “Take it bitch- you like it?”

“Ugh-ugh-ugh-yes!” Tomeric gasped, “Yeah-yeah-yeah-” he pulled back on her hair and thrust himself into her to his balls then piston fucked her from that angle. (Slap, slap, slop-slop-slop-slap-slap-slap-slap-slap-slap-slap, slop, slop, slap) “Augh-augh-ughhh!”

“Yes Bitch oh yes!” he grunted.

From this angle, she realized she was in her house, in her room or what used to be Chloe’s room. That brought her some relief. Maybe Jay was only talking shit to scare her- that was possible, right? About Chloe… being buried?”

“Yeah! Ughh!” he pulled out of her and yanked her back off the bed, again her head went to the floor but she controlled the contact with her outstretched hands, then he turned her around so that she was facing him, upside down. Her hands braced the floor like she was doing a hand stand, and he let her legs come down, still holding up her hips, he entered her ass again. The angle was a difficult one for her, but he had no mercy and drove his long thick dick right into her, spitting on her anus and balls just before, “That’s for lubrication bitch.”

some spittle swung past and caught her chin beneath him, but she couldn’t tell if it was his oily sweat, or hers- really. Then Slap, slop, slap, right to the business of fucking her ass again. “Aahh yeah-yeah-yeah- bitch take it all!”

“Ugh-ugh-ugh-” she grunted with each impact.

(Slap, slop, slap, slop, slap, slop, slap, slop, slap, slop, slap-slap-slap-slap-slap-slap)

again Jay’s balls slapped against hers, it was making her insides tingle, her anus had gone from sore to numb, but now there was a tingling sensation in her penis and she wondered if she was going to cum from the contact. But her thoughts were distracted when he spun her around again and pushed her down to the floor.

“Just tell me what you want damn it!” she protested, “I’ll do it.”

“Shut up, whore.” Jay grabbed her ankles again and dragged her up into the air, so that she was upside down, facing away from him. However she did get a glimpse of his massive cock, as she had suspected it was well over average, maybe ten… and thick. Without hesitation he guided her ass to him with a firm hand on her hip while the other hand held her up.

For her part, Tomeric’s arms braced the floor and kept her head from being in the crooked angle that she was in before. Now she looked up at him. She saw her dick bounce as he entered her ass and could see his ripped stomach and chest muscles above her waist where he held her legs up like an inverted cross.

He grunted as he took to the business of fucking her ass again. (Slap, slap, slop, slop)

At first slow, then fast as he pulled her back into him with the one hand, and held her up with the other.

The tingling sensation came over her again, it didn’t take long in this position, seeing his sweaty face and strained muscles, and feeling the sweat fall on her, it didn’t take long at all. She tried to relax and let the tingling spread. Her dick bounced on its’ own, and then a warm spray hit her face and the carpet next to her head. Another spray followed- but it wasn’t semen, she had closed her eyes, to help the tingling but now opened them to realize that she was peeing on herself.

“Ugh-yeah-yes, ugh!” Jay grunted as he watched her, “Fucking whore!” )Slap, slap, slap, slap-slapslap-slap-slap-slap)

When he picked up the assault the spray became erratic and she pissed all over the place, getting her face, her chest, his arm, his chest, his face, the carpet and the edge of the bed.

He laughed, “Too much for you, fucking whore- get used to this!” he thrust deep into her butt and let his dick move around slowly gyrating, “Oh you whore you feel so good!”

“Aahh…yes, yes, oh so do you baby.” she replied, cooing with the new sensation now growing out from her anus and genitalia.

She was here in the moment- obviously Jay knew what she was, a he-she and he was good with that, there had to be other’s that were the same, the sex can be complete… she thought.

“You slut, oh you feel good, you whore, you faggot… take it, take it.” he began slapping her ass with his balls again as he slowly increased to piston fucking her again.

It was a while before she began to feel the tingling return, she wondered if it was going to be pee again and decided not to think about it. But before it surfaced, he picked her up and tossed her back on the bed again. He climbed on top of her panting, ‘You are gonna feel it all bitch.”

“Oh yeah poppy, damma-la-to-do!” she wasn’t sure where it had come from, it was something her mother had said to her father- she thought.

The words must have encouraged him, he tore off his condom and spit on his hand then rubbed his dick with it before driving it into her ass. he gripped her neck with one hand and pushed off the wall with the other. his elbow rested on the bed besides her. as he came into her ass she raised her legs up behind him to an almost conventional fucking. save for her balls and dick that rubbed against his stomach muscles as he humped her. “Ahh yes, oh you feel so fucking right bitch!”

“Yes.” she moaned.

He squeezed his hand around her neck.

Tomerics heart raced, she gulped, “Give it to me poppy, I gotta have it, gimme it all poppy.”

He grunted into the bed then reared up and began to slam his member full on into her with a new found energy, as he squeezed his fingers in on her neck.

She gasped.

Jay covered her mouth with his large mouth and lips and sucked on her face.

His hot tongue entered her mouth not in exploration, but conquest.

Her nails dug into his back and he continued to fuck her, harder, harder, faster, and faster.

“Damn!” he gasped, “Oh fuck!”

His dick began to squirm in her ass and despite the numb ridge, she felt the warm juices explode into her cavity. “Ahhh ooooohhh!” she cooed and was surprised when her own dick began to wriggle and squirt it’s own juice out. It sprayed his stomach and hers.

“Ugg!” he pushed into her again and again as his cum filled her ass and backed out on to the bed as it over filled her anus.

“Shit momma…” he groaned, “Ahhh” and loosened his grip on her neck.

She lay there immobile. Pain had not yet returned to her body, she tingled and she was numb.

She watched Jay get up and pull his pants on.

Tomeric laid on her bed, with one leg up and the other down, she turned to her side and watched him retrieve his shirt as well, “So…” she finally managed to say.

“You will be at the club tonight, be prepared to dance and fuck and do everything we have just done… but that.” he pointed to her dick, “That is our secret- Carl doesn’t know- understood?”

She nodded.

“Carl cannot know… understand?”

“Yes.” suddenly she felt less than when she was being degraded in the sex, why cant Carl know? would he hate me? she thought.

Jay leaned in and gave her a long wet kiss. His large black lips engulfed her mouth. “I will pick you up at nine.”

Without another word he was gone.

Tomeric fell asleep only to wake up to a knocking at the door.

She threw on a long T-shirt and some panties and answered it to find the landlord there, “IT’s five- I thought I would just pop over… and um… see about…”

She stopped him once she remembered what it was about, “Yeah- I forgot!” she said apologetically, then corrected herself, “Not about you! I forgot what time it was.” she said, give me a moment would you? Please come in.” she gestured for him to make himself comfortable in the living room.

Quickly she went to the bathroom, lighting incense and candles along the way.

It took a while for her to get a bowl movement, her insides were so stretched and beaten, and as she waited she gave herself a shave and ran the shower water to let it get hot. Then she flushed, flushed again, showered,, shaved the other spots- and dried off, then put on her panties again, and used the air freshener in there so that if he had to go in there it wouldn’t be so funky.

She then darted to her bedroom quick, seeing that he was making himself comfortable on the couch. and she picked out some matching red underwear. with luck she found a garter belt too, and heels- “What luck is this!” she thought, thinking about how many hours it would take Chloe to find what she wanted to wear.


Finished, she made sure that her flaccid penis was tucked away and then walked out to meet her guest. She thought about how she would seduce him without him knowing it would be something that she would be doing maybe later tonight, so this was going to be her practice run.

She walked out, slowly, deliberately hoping for a sensual, exotic, look or something- and was pleased with his reaction.

“My God you’re beautiful.” he sat there with his mouth open, “I um…” he squirmed in his seat.

“Relax.” she said as she walked up to him and put a foot between his crotch, on the couch. She bent over to him and put a finger on his lips, “You are beautiful too.” she smiled, “But beauty isn’t everything, is it?” she stood up and stretched before him. “Do you like me?”

“Oh yes!” he said untucking his shirt.

“Do you want me?”

He shook his head yes.

She laughed, “Well… what do you want to do?”

“Well Um.” he continued to un-tuck his shirt.

Tomerric scooted next to him on the couch, “Do you wanna watch the TV?” she asked with a smile.


Again, Tomeric laughed, “I though I was easy!” she sat up to her knees next to him and helped pull his shirt off, “Sshh” she said putting a finger on his lips, “Suck it.” she said, and he did. “Now lean back and relax.” she took to the floor benieth him and pulled his pants down. She was familiar with his dick, and the subtle odor, but didn’t;t let it bother her and quickly took to engulfing it with her mouth, then held it there until it grew stiff, massaging it with her tongue, coaching it to being a full erection. The finger he was sucking on, she removed and stuck down her panties as she sucked his dick and she fingered her anus with it. She was still stretched out and didn’t foresee any trouble fitting his member in the opening that Jay had made.

“Oh baby!” he swallowed, “You are so good at that!” he put a hand on her head, holding her hair out of the way and watching her suck him off.

He squirmeed beniether her.

She stopped, “Do you like when I do this forr you?”

“I like everything to do Tomerric, EVERYTHING!” he grunted.

“The same here… I like when you call me a bitch.”

“Oh you’re a bitch.” he said

“Call me a slut too and a whore, say suck my dick you whore.” she smiled at him as she jerked him with her hand and licked the head of his dick.

“Suck my dick you fucking whore.” he laughed, “Oh suck it.”

“Adding flavor.” she took the whole thing in her mouth, burring it to the base and piston-fucked her head up and down it for a while until he began to squirm again then she stopped and got up. taking some spit and slober from the shaft she lubricated her anus and climbed on to his lap, facing him making sure he looked up at her while she did so. “Kiss me.” She said.

He did. His tongue feverishly searched hers out as she slid on to his pole. IT went in easily enough to her disappointment and she began to rock forward and back ward on him. “Oh Love me.”

“I do!” he said, “I do, oh you are so good baby- you are so good!”

She rocked back and forth grinding his dick into her ass and kissing him, sucking on his tongue and biting his lips. “Fuck me.” she whispered into his ears.

He groaned and tried to arch up but as small as she was he didn’t have the strength, no the effort for this fucking would have to come from her, and she did. She used her legs for the leverage to ride him up and down, slightly gyrating as she did so, with her panties pulled to the side to keep her balls from showing and to keep her dick from being noticed. She continued her distractions by kissing him, and sucking on his neck, by making him bite her neck and pulled her hair.

Finally, though it really did not take that long, He came, blowing his load up inside her ass, to mix with what might remain up there from Jay.

She pretended to orgasm as well, “Oh you fuck me so good, oh poppy fuck me yes.” she moaned.

He was breathing heavy and sat back on the couch as she climbed off, and slid to the floor in front of him. there she sucked him clean and pulled his pants back up. Then she sat next to him and listened to his prattling on of sweet nothings, how he was going to do whatever he could for her- he only wanted to make her happy, blah, blah, blah. Once he was gone, she quickly shit, showered, and shaved- there was a long night ahead of her and she had to be ready.

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