Barbarian’s Submission

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Lesbian Sex

My most Beloved,

I’ve been thinking about the BDSM thing… dominating you…

We decide to have a scene one night when we’re staying at a hotel. I am wearing a black corset, fishnet stockings. You are in a pair of black silk boxers.

“Kneel down before me” I say, standing near the bed.

You get down on the floor before me, on your knees. I look down at you.

“Do you want me to be your Goddess?’ I ask

You whisper, “Yes, I do”

“Do you feel you can serve a Goddess?” I ask

“Yes, I do” you respond.

“Slip my stockings off, then worship me, starting by serving my feet” I demand.

You unhook the garters from the stockings. You slide one off, then the other. You take a foot, gently, and begin to kiss and suck my toes. I sit on the bed while you pay careful attention to my foot, as you kiss, and massage from my toes to my heel. Then you do the same to my other foot, reverently, loving as you do so.

“You’re a good servant… if you continue to be good, I might let you make love to a Goddess.” I let you know as you perform your service.

“Yes my Goddess” you reply, gazing at my cleavage spilling out of my corset.

“Looks like you approve of what you see.” I say

“Yes, my Goddess, you are beautiful.” you reply.

“I want you to get on the bed, face down, legs spread apart, hands by your head.” I command.

“Yes my Goddess” you reply.

You climb on the bed, getting on your stomach, placing your hands by your head. I smack your ass.

“I said legs apart!”

You hurriedly spread your legs apart.

“Good… that’s my loyal servant.”

I take a foot, place a hand towel around your ankle, and tie your foot down. Then, I do the same to your other foot. I climb on the bed, and lay next to you.

I lean close to your ear, and whisper, “Are you ready for me to have my way with you?”

I rake my nails down your back. You shiver and reply, “Yes my Goddess.”

I grab a black scarf, wrap it around your eyes to blindfold you. I then reach to tie your wrists down to the bed. I take a moment to let my eyes drink in the vision of you splayed out on the bed, tied bursa escort down and blindfolded. My Lady heart beats faster, but I have to restrain the She-Wolf. She can’t play just yet.

I run my hands down your body, fingers to toes, light teasing touches meant to arouse you. I plant kisses all over you as I make my way to your toes. You groan in pleasure. I release a little of the She-Wolf to be harder, more dominant, more demanding in my touches. My She-Wolf howls in pleasure inside of me, knowing the great fun to come.

I smack and grab your ass hard. I dig my nails in and you moan, pleasure rising. I grab the flogger and begin to flog you, softly at first, increasing in strength as you squirm and moan. A growl escapes from me as I work, excited seeing your pleasure. Your ass turns a beautiful shade of red, followed by your back.

To help soothe your back, and give you a break from the intense sensations, I take a rabbit hide and run it over your back and ass. You squirm so deliciously under the soft fur, I feel myself getting wetter, knowing how good it feels. I lay next to you and whisper in your ear.

“So, my loyal servant, are you ready to surrender to me? I will fulfill your deepest desires, but if you don’t obey me, I will hurt you in places nobody will see.” I asked.

“Yes my Goddess, I will do whatever you tell me to do.” you reply.

“Right now, I want you to lie there while I use the riding crop on you.”

“Yes my Goddess.”

You feel my passion in every blow. The intensity you suffer is the intensity of my love. You moan in pleasure knowing how much I enjoy this.

“I am going to untie you, and you are going to flip over to your back, and I will tie you up again.” I say.

“Yes my Lady.” you reply.

I undo your wrists and ankles. You flip over onto your back, your cock hard and standing up. I tie you down again. I lay next to you, playing with the hair on your chest. I pinch and roll your nipples. You moan in pleasure.

“You want my pussy don’t you?” I ask

“Yes my Goddess, very bad” you reply.

I position myself so that my pussy malatya escort is over your face. You drink in the sweet perfume of my wet pussy. I see your cock twitch.

“Go ahead” I breathe, “Nuzzle me. Feel how wet I am. Think about what it would be like to eat me.”

You comply eagerly, rubbing your face along the length of my crotch. You feel the smoothness of my pussy lips, and the coarse hair on my mound. You probe my slit with the tip of your nose, longing to taste me, intoxicated by the scent.

“No no” I reply getting up, “I didn’t say you could stick your nose inside.”

I smack your hip. I grab your cock and roughly stroke it, then cup your balls. You moan in pleasure.

“Do you want to see my pussy?” I ask.

“Yes my Goddess” you reply.

I take your blindfold off. I give your eyes a few seconds to adjust again to the light. I stand next to the bed, near your head. I see the lust and desire fill your eyes as you focus in on my pussy. You view my inner thighs, the mound of my pussy, and travel up to my heaving breasts.

I slowly kneel, facing your feet, lowering my pussy down onto you.

“You may eat my pussy this time my servant” I say.

Your tongue disappears into my slit, your nose teasing the entrance to my ass. You begin to lap at my wet pussy, drinking my juices in, loving my taste. I ride your face for a little while, enjoying the privilege of owning you, wriggling my hips around until I can no longer stand the sight of your throbbing cock. I lean forward, taking your cock with a hand. You feel my breath on it as I lick down the shaft.

You keep licking me, since you know that if you stop, I will stop pleasuring you. Your tongue flicks across my clit, and I moan. You long to have your hands free to play with my ass as well, but enjoy the sweet torture of not being able to move. I take your cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. Your hips, having a mind of their own, struggle to thrust up to my mouth.

I lick your shaft again, turning into soft, wet kisses running up and down your shaft. You moan as you continue to lap at my pussy. çanakkale escort My licking and sucking feels so good., driving you crazy with desire.

You decide to concentrate on my clit, hoping it will make me untie you and let you slide your cock into my pussy. You lick it in a short steady rhythm. I thrust onto your face, silently approving of your efforts. To reward you, I let a moan escape from my mouth and slide a finger into your hole. I fuck your hole with my finger and suck your cock. You suck on my clit, and you feel me quivering knowing that I am about to cum. With a long, guttural moan, I cum hard, riding your face through my orgasm. The licking becomes too much for my clit after orgasm and I roll off of you. Your cock, still rock hard and bobbing, ignored for a moment.

“Does my lover want something?” I ask.

“Yes my Lady.” you reply.

“You my tell me” I say.

“I want my cock in your pussy” you say.

“How badly”

“Very very bad my Goddess”

I laugh and get up off the bed. You panic for a moment, thinking your choice of words was a bad one. You eagerly smile as I climb back on the bed. I straddle you, my pussy hovering over your throbbing cock.

“Tell me you want it” I demand.

“I want you.” you say.

“Beg me to give you my pussy”

“Please my Goddess, I beg you to lower your glorious coochie onto my cock.”

I slowly lower myself onto your cock, gazing deep into your eyes. I pull back up, almost sliding you out. I lower slowly again, as you strain at your binds, loving every moment of torturing you. I rock my hips, riding you slowly. You strain to thrust back.

I pick up the pace, grinding hard against you. My juices flow down around your balls. I moan, after you moan. I circle my hips, bringing another cry out from you.

I ride you faster, raking my nails down your chest. I lean over putting my boobs in your face.

“Suck them” I say

You eagerly suck on my rock hard nipples. Both of us moaning in pleasure. I feel my orgasm building up, and I cry out loudly. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over me. My pleasure sends you over the edge. You erupt, shooting hot juice inside of me.

I collapse on top of you, panting. I reach to undo your wrists, kissing you deeply as I do so. You immediately wrap your arms around me to hold me tight. I pull out of your arms to untie your legs.

We snuggle up together. You caress my cheek, gazing deep into my sparkling eyes. I kiss you tenderly.

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