The Sweetest Revenge

Thank you to everyone who’s sent me feedback on my stories so far. As I’ve said, I really appreciate it as I’ve never been brave enough to let anyone read my writing until now. I very much enjoy creating these stories but they are just fantasies and not to be taken too seriously!

* * * * *

Joanna stumbled up to the front door, barely able to see through a watery veil of tears that refused to stop flowing. Her eyes were swollen and red from crying. But she didn’t want to stop weeping; she didn’t want to stop hating. It was the only strength she had left, to get her through this nightmare.

The elegant door-knocker made a sharp, tapping sound as Joanna raised it and let it fall against the varnished, wooden panel. She repeated the action; once, twice, a third time, rapidly losing what was left of her patience and rationality.

“Come on!” she sobbed. “Open the door, you bitch! Why won’t you open the BLOODY DOOR?”

A few neighbouring curtains twitched. Joanna didn’t stop to consider the consequences of her actions – gossiping tongues, the police arriving to haul her away for disturbing the peace. She didn’t really care anyway; it would all be worth it if only she could get her hands on her cheating, so-called best friend, Ellen.

Joanna hammered a few more times, then put her mouth to the letter box and yelled through it.

“I know you’re in there! Open this fucking door right now!”

The door remained closed, its wooden face blank. Joanna felt it was taunting her. A fresh helping of rage surged through her and she lifted her foot to kick at the aggravating barrier.

Just then, there came the sound of a key turning in a lock. Joanna stepped back, panting and readying herself for a full-scale attack on the woman she hated.

The door opened cautiously; a crack of light from within cast itself across the driveway. Then a face peered out. It wasn’t Ellen; it was her eighteen-year-old son, Callum.

“What the fuck’s going on?” he said in a low voice. “Are you mad or something?”

Joanna stared at the boy. She hadn’t really been expecting this. It was Ellen she’d come to shout at, not her son. None of this was his fault, and, somehow, his being there diluted Joannna’s anger a little.

“Where’s your mother?” She tried to keep her voice quiet and steady now. “I need to see her, where is she?”

“Out.” Callum made as if to shut the door.

Joanna flared up again. “You’re lying! Let me in!”

Heaving the door open with her shoulder, Joanna forced her way past the surprised teenager, and found herself in the hall.

“Ellen!” She yelled up the stairs and then took a step towards the lounge. “Ellen!”

Callum stood with his arms folded, watching her.

“I told you, she’s not here. Mum and dad have gone out for dinner – it’s their anniversary or something.”

“Oh!” Joanna sagged against the banister at the bottom of the stairs. Once again, she felt deflated; there was nowhere to direct her anger if Ellen wasn’t here.

“So it’s their wedding anniversary, is it? How nice for them.” Joanna wondered if it would still be as nice if Ellen’s husband knew that Ellen had been fucking another man just twenty-four hours before. Her lover being no less than Joanna’s own spouse.

The memory of discovering the cheating pair ‘in flagrante delicto’ brought a grimace to Joanna’s face. It was ironic really; Peter and Ellen had actually looked good together. Maybe they should have married each other in the first place.

Callum was staring hard at Joanna now. She realised she must look a sorry sight; after hiding out all day at her sister’s, her anger had got the better of her and she’d stormed over here without bothering to change clothes, apply make-up or even brush her hair. All she could think of was getting revenge. She hadn’t stopped to think about how that would be achieved. If Ellen had been here, would Joanna have punched her? If George, Ellen’s husband, had been here alone, would Joanna have fucked him, to get her own back? Well, maybe. But, as neither were around, what was she to do now?

“I don’t believe this,” Joanna mumbled. “This really takes the bloody biscuit!”

Callum inclined his head towards the still-open front door. “Well, as I said, mum’s out…”

“I know, I know!” Joanna snapped. “I think I’ll wait here for her, if you don’t mind. It’s important that I see her.”

“Please yourself.” Callum shrugged, closed the door and wandered down the hallway towards the lounge, shaking his head. “Silly cow!” he mumbled, under his breath.

But Joanna’s sharp ears half-caught the words.

“What did you say?” she spat, her anger flashing over again.

The only answer from Callum was the banging-closed of the lounge door. Once again, Joanna found herself staring at a blank, wooden face. It was too much.

Callum’s apparent lack of interest in Joanna’s plight enraged her even more. Men! They were all the same, whatever age they were! Didn’t they give a fuck about feelings?

Letting out a huge, roaring Maltepe Escort sob, Joanna got to her feet and charged towards the lounge door like a bull to a red cape. The door crashed open and Joanna burst through it, screaming. Her foot caught the edge of a luxurious rug and she went flying against a bookcase, which wobbled ominously.

The shock of her fall jolted Joanna out of her hysteria for long enough to take in the scene. The lounge was lit dimly, by a standard lamp and the glow of the TV screen; the sound of the TV was turned down. An empty pizza box, beer bottles and a car magazine lay strewn over the hearth rug.

It seemed that Joanna had disturbed a teenager’s cosy night in, sans parents, and Callum was presumably none too pleased about it. Tough shit, thought Joanna. She wasn’t exactly radiant with happiness herself this evening.

Callum slumped down on the couch and took a swig of beer. “See? I told you no-one was here,” he said, wiping his hand across his mouth. For a second, he took his eyes away from the TV and rested his intense gaze on Joanna’s red, tearstained face. “Got any cigarettes on you?”

Joanna let out a long, shaky breath. “No, I haven’t, you insolent little shit. What do you think your mum would say if she knew you smoked in her house?”

“I don’t care. I’m a big boy now – I can do what I like.” Callum’s attention returned to the TV, where, on-screen, a voluptuous woman was stripping on some low-budget dirty video.

Joanna clenched her fists, biting back rage. If she didn’t let it loose on someone or something soon, she was going to explode. Sweat soaked her tight, v-necked top at the armpits. God, why hadn’t she showered? She could even feel sweat forming between her thighs and wondered if it would show through the thin fabric of her trousers.

Slowly she moved round to the rear of the couch, staring at the back of Callum’s head and neck. She hadn’t seen him for a long time, had always thought of him as rather an obnoxious little brat. But now he was a well-grown young man; in fact, he was ridiculously good-looking and Joanna couldn’t help but wonder what his body looked like under the t-shirt and baggy army pants he was wearing. Of course, she could see that he was tall and lean; not gangly and awkward like some youths were. He carried himself confidently and with an arrogance that impressed Joanna as well as enraged her. His short, black hair was messily spiked, his light-blue eyes were piercing. He looked very much like his father, George.

Joanna took a step forward, trying to control her breathing.

George. She’d always had a thing about him, right from the moment Ellen had first introduced her husband. Joanna harboured the odd fantasy involving him, but she had never dreamt of acting on these fantasies. Messing with your best friend’s husband was just not something a decent person should do…

Callum sniffed loudly and drank more beer. Joanna was so close now that she could inhale his youthful, musky aroma and see clearly the dark stubble on his strong jaw. Closing her eyes for a moment, she wondered what revenge would taste and feel like.

“Callum,” she said, in as controlled a manner as she could manage. “Callum, listen to me.”

There was no response. On the TV screen, the woman was now being ravished by a bulky, bald man. Despite the muted sound, it was obvious she was screaming with pleasure, her big breasts bouncing wildly.

Callum shifted a little on the couch and quickly put the beer bottle to his lips once more. His long legs were sprawled wide apart and Joanna found her eyes drawn to his crotch. There was the slightest hint of an aroused bulge beneath the fabric of his pants. Joanna licked her lips and felt her heart begin to pound even faster.

Suddenly she could restrain herself no longer. Rushing at Callum from behind, she grabbed him around the throat and forced his head back, giving the boy no choice but to look at her.

“Don’t ignore me!” Joanna spat, viciously. “Don’t you – EVER- ignore me! Understand?”

She had given Callum a shock, there was no doubt about it. Panic was visible in his eyes as he gazed up at her, and his teeth were clenched. Joanna’s hand stayed around his neck, applying pressure.

“Understand?” she hissed again.

Callum nodded quickly. Joanna was satisfied with this and let go. But immediately, she swept round the couch and sat herself down beside the perturbed young man.

Callum rubbed his throat, wincing. “You’re mad!” he croaked. “What the hell do you want?”

Joanna looked at his face and smiled for the first time that day.

“I want you to get your cock out so I can screw you senseless,” she told him calmly.

There was a pause. Callum’s mouth fell open. Then, slowly, he sat up and reached for the remote control. The TV went off.

“Hadn’t we better talk about this?” he asked.

* * *

She went at him with an urgency and passion she’d not felt for a long time, not since the early days with Peter. İstanbul Escort Callum was a virgin, which surprised, but also pleased, her. Joanna was determined to make his first time as memorable as possible.

His clothes didn’t last long. Callum put up no resistance as she tore at his t-shirt, pulling it over his head and ignoring his yelps as it caught on his ears. She raked her nails through his soft, spiky hair and buried her mouth in it, drawing the scent of him into her nostrils. His chest was smooth, the muscles defined, and Joanna kissed his small, hard nipples, making him groan.

“Lift your arse, there’s a good boy,” she panted, as she unbuttoned his pants, pulling them and his crisp, white boxers down over his hips. Callum wriggled on the couch, helping her. His legs were long, hairy and muscular; his cock was impressively erect and a generous size. Joanna felt her pussy lurch with lust at the sight of it.

Straddling his firm thighs, she hauled off her top, and her breasts bounced free. Callum’s eyes widened when he saw them, and Joanna felt pleased at how her tits looked – large, swollen and enticing. She wished she’d shaved under her arms, and realised there were a couple of stray hairs around her nipples. Never mind. Callum was soon too busy sucking on the engorged, red teats, and struggling to grip her mountainous boobs in his trembling hands, to worry about a minor case of hirsuteness.

Joanna pushed Callum back against the couch cushions, and struggled out of her trousers and panties, telling him:

“I’m going to give you the BEST time – OK?”

Callum nodded and closed his eyes as the older woman wriggled astride him. Joanna’s pussy was all plumped-up and sodden with juices, her unruly pubic hair thoroughly soaked. She struggled into position, gasping with delight as the boy’s thick cock slid inside her wet depths.

“Oh!” she breathed. “Oh, that’s SO good!”

She ground herself against Callum’s narrow pelvis, moaning; her big thighs wobbled, her voluminous breasts heaved. Callum thrust into her a few delicious times, then suddenly grunted with surprise.

Joanna felt a warm, wet sensation engulf her pussy, and knew she’d pushed Callum over the edge. Leaning close to him, she brushed his open lips with one of her puckered nipples. Callum lost no time in drawing the teat into his mouth again.

Joanna smiled. “Good boy. Did you enjoy that? Is it nice, being inside a woman? You know what – I’M feeling a whole lot better now!”

Callum’s mouth was too full to answer her, but he nodded keenly. He was gaining confidence by the second and seemed not at all embarrassed by having come so quickly. In fact, when Joanna lifted herself off his cock, she was impressed to see that he was still hard.

“Mmm, better and better!” she crooned. Sitting up, she gave Callum the fullest view possible of her pulsating pussy. Joanna touched her fingertips to her engorged clitoris, and Callum watched, wide-eyed, as it seemed to swell even more, extruding itself from its little hood.

“Let me do that,” he said, pushing Joanna’s hand away. Overly-confident now, he pressed on Joanna’s sensitive nub too hard and she flinched.

“Be more gentle, sweetheart,” she told him.

Callum complied with her wishes; his next touch was feather-light and sent waves of pleasure sweeping through Joanna’s body.

“That’s better,” she breathed, jerking her hips towards his hand. “Keep going.”

Callum stroked her clit rhythmically, even going so far as to slide his fingers inside Joanna’s slippery entrance every so often. Her pussy contracted around his digits and he grinned.

“You’re so wet!” he said, in wonder.

“Mmm. And it’s all because of you.” Joanna leant forward to kiss him. “Why don’t you use your mouth down there now?”

Callum didn’t hesitate. They swapped places; Joanna reclined back on the couch and Callum knelt over her, his heavy cock dangling stiffly between his legs. As he bent his head to her clit, Joanna let out a cry and writhed her arse against the couch cushions. The boy’s tongue flicked over her throbbing bud with unbearable precision, before sliding up and down the length of her hairy slit and plunging like a squirming serpent inside the thickened lips of her pussy. Her musky aroma must have been intoxicating; Callum lapped greedily at her juices, which she produced faster than he could ingest them.

Joanna fingerered her breasts, moaning, enjoying the view as Callum’s dark head bobbed between her legs. Reaching forward, she fondled his swinging cock, explored his balls and the smooth area between scrotum and anus; pressed it firmly, made him groan. Pre-cum dripped from the slit of his cockhead. Joanna wanted to taste it, but first she allowed her orgasm to burst over her like a firework, shaking her from head to toe with violent spasms. Lights flashed behind her eyelids and she let forth a screech.

Callum must have wondered what he’d done, for, apart from his curious experimentations with pornography, Anadolu Yakası Escort he’d never seen a woman come before. He lifted his head and watched intently as Joanna’s contracting pussy spewed more fluid, then he eagerly put his tongue to her damp thighs and lapped it up.

Joanna took a moment to recover before deciding she wanted this young man’s cock inside her again. But it wasn’t her pussy that needed filling this time. She crawled off the couch and ended up on the hearth rug, on hands and knees, pointing her ample bottom directly at Callum.

“Fuck me in the arse!” she panted urgently. “Quick!”

Callum hestitated. He seemed transfixed by the sight of Joanna’s tight, twitching anal opening.

“I won’t fit in there,” he said, doubtfully, as if gauging the immense size of his cockhead against the small, tight hole.

“Why don’t you do as you’re told?” Joanna scooped up some of her pussy juices and lubricated herself.

Callum thought better of disobeying the woman, and crawled over to her. His hands roamed her large behind and Joanna suddenly felt the thickened dome of his cockhead pressing her arsehole.

“Go on, that’s it!” she urged. “All the way in – oh!” Joanna grunted as the thick shaft pushed and pushed, before suddenly popping through her juice-slicked hole and sliding right up inside her. The sensation of fullness in her back passage was incredible, and she strained against him, moaning.

A little unsure, Callum began to thrust. Then, realising how enjoyably tight and dirty it felt to be fucking that way, he really got into it, pummelling his hips against Joanna’s buttocks in a frantic rhythm.

Touching her clit, Joanna soon felt another orgasm build. Callum speeded up and the sensations overwhelmed her. Crying out, she bucked against his thrusts, and the excited teenager emptied his load into her rectum, with a grunt of pleasure.

Joanna slumped on the hearth rug; her anus and pussy were on fire, and there was so much juice around, someone was in danger of drowning. But she wasn’t finished yet.

She knew she had to make the most of Callum while he still had some spunk left in him. And, judging by the stiffened state of his cock, he was still up for it too.

Kneeling on the rug, Joanna bade him to stand in front of her. This gave her a luscious view of his lean frame, tight buttocks and swollen prick. Joanna eyed him greedily for a moment, then she put her mouth to the boy’s erection. Closing her lips over his huge knob, she swallowed him into her throat.

Callum was transported to a completely new plane of ecstacy now. Joanna’s lips clamped over his cock, her hand stroking his neat arse; he bucked his hips and thrust into the warm, moist cavity of her mouth, sighing with pleasure.

Joanna loved the taste of cock more than anything, and she put everything into mouth-fucking Callum. So much so, that it wasn’t long before she felt him swell even more, building himself up to another climax. It looked set to be a belter this time.

“Mmm,” she moaned, her mouth deliciously full. “Mmm!”

This set Callum off and once he started, there was no stopping him. He pulled out of Joanna’s mouth, and his cock spewed load after load of hot cum over her breasts and face.

Unfortunately, at that very same moment, the lounge door flew open.

“Darling, we’re home! Your father’s just locking – the – garage…” Ellen stopped in her tracks at the sight that met her eyes – her best friend of twenty years being soaked with cum produced by her teenage son after, presumably, having had his cock in her mouth just a second before.

Ellen was, for once, speechless. She stood as if transfixed to the spot, just watching.

Joanna was aware that her friend had entered the room, but that just added to the thrill. She wallowed in the sticky jets of cum that Callum had shot out over her body, wiping them off with her fingers, then sliding the coated digits into her mouth.

“Yummy!” she said, gazing directly and unashamedly at Ellen.

Callum, seeing his mother, shot to his feet, a look of horror on his face. His erection had half-subsided now, but he couldn’t hide the fact that he still had a semi-stiff dick that was dripping semen and saliva onto the expensive floor rug.

Ellen stared at it. “I think you should go,” she told her son eventually. “Go to your room. I’ll be sending your father up to have a word with you.”

Callum nodded. He grabbed his clothes and dashed for the door. Joanna watched him go, licking her lips.

“God, he’s good!” she said, unable to help herself.

Ellen looked red-faced. “How could you?” she muttered, her lips pursing. “How could you?”

“How could I what? Fuck your son, you mean?”

Joanna’s friend began to shake. “Get out of here. I don’t know what to say to you.”

“Good,” Joanna said. “I’m glad you’re angry at me. Now you know how it feels to be humiliated. Is George there? Maybe he’d like a turn?”

Ellen made a noise like a strangled cat. Joanna grinned and reached for her clothes before heading for the door. She could get dressed behind the hedge; maybe the night air would cool her off a bit.

But she couldn’t resist one last dig. Passing Ellen at the doorway, she turned to the furious woman and smiled sympathetically at her.

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