She Seduced Me – Sort Of

I was in my first year at college. I was lucky in one respect to be living at home with my parents. It saved having to rent somewhere and as I needed to study it meant I didn’t have to work in bars or as a waitress in the evenings. My boyfriend Pete was sharing a house with three other guys and as he had his own room we found plenty of time for sex. He was only the second guy I’d had although I had played with maybe six cocks in total. I stayed over the odd night at Pete’s place but usually went home. With four lads living together you can well imagine that house work was not high on their list. Men always seem to miss the toilet when urinating! We did the usual round of parties and clubs and our social life was typical of most students. I was studying nursing and Pete was doing an engineering degree. He was in his final year and we were geared towards getting married while still pursuing our careers. We were in love. I had no doubt about that. Everything about us was just as it should be. We were extremely comfortable around each other. We had a lot of shared interests and a wide circle of friends. Pete is a strapping 6′ 2″, dark haired, broad shoulders and blue eyes. His smile makes all the women drool, I have watched amused as girls have thrown themselves at him and loved the way he would gently refuse them in a most pleasant manner without making them feel bad. Indeed, some of our friends have tried it on with him too.

My name is Jennifer. I am 5’8″. I’m a natural platinum blonde with brown eyes. I love my body and I do not mean to sound full of myself when I say that. I have 36c firm breasts; keep fit in the gym and run every day. My long legs look good in a short skirt. Pete says I’m perfect and I love the way he worships my body. He spends ages touching and licking me and I don’t complain! Men chat me up all the time and some of our friends have tried it on with me too but they have always been politely refused. At nineteen I am an only child and my parents dote on me without spoiling me. My previous relationship lasted three months, we were young 17 year olds and lost our virginities to each other, it was more of a series of fumbles really. With Pete it was more falling in love and wanting to make love. We gradually tried different positions and oral which I loved giving and receiving. We wanted no other and the thought of playing the field a bit more never entered my head.

I made money from giving tuition to neighbours kids and from babysitting. Babysitting was great. The kids were normally in bed by the time the parents went out and it meant I could study while earning some extra cash. There was one family in particular who I loved sitting for. Steve and Amalia live in the road behind my parents’ house and they have a beautiful two year old girl called Valeria. They go out maybe once or twice a month and only have me sit for them. Amalia always tell me I’m the only one she trusts with her princess. Amalia is Italian. She met Steve when he was on vacation in Italy, they fell in love and she moved here when they married. She has those dark Latin looks. Jet black hair and olive skinned. Steve is of Irish descent but actually looks Italian with his dark curly hair and brown eyes. They usually go out for a meal and maybe a few drinks and are always home by midnight. On rare occasions they would ask me to stay later or even overnight, if they were taking in a club. They pay extremely well. At first they would call me a few times a night to see if all was ok but as they got used to me they stopped calling altogether. I called them once when Valeria had a high temperature and they came home immediately. I think it showed them how responsible I am. Steve always insisted on walking me home even though I lived just around the corner. The odd time he had too much to drink Amalia would walk me instead. When I would stay over Amalia would make us a breakfast of cheeses and freshly made bread rolls. The smell of the bread would wake me up. We would chat for ages. She was interested in my studies and would tell me I’d be a fantastic nurse. She thought I wanted to be a children’s nurse but I wanted to do general nursing. I never brought Pete with me when I babysat, I know most girls do but I really wanted to be sure the children were ok. Amalia and Steve had met Pete a few times when he picked me up or dropped me off at their house. Amalia said, ‘he’s cute but don’t tell Steve I said that!’

Her escort bayan accent was lovely and she would often confuse words like ‘chicken’ when she actually meant ‘Kitchen’. I would laugh and she would feign embarrassment. They were both good fun and laughed a lot. I often thought they’d be fun to go out with, me, Pete and them. I said so on one occasion and Amalia said, ‘That would be nice, we must try and arrange it sometime. Don’t know who’d babysit though, unless my Mom was visiting.’

Pete and I were to go to a friend’s house for a party one Saturday night. We were looking forward to it but on the morning of the party Amalia called.

‘Jennifer, I know it’s a lot to ask but Steve has been promoted and there is a function tonight to celebrate. Is there any way you could sit for us?’

I was looking forward to the party but I could tell by her voiced that she was counting on me to sit for them. It was obviously important and after a few moments I agreed. I called Pete and he was really pissed with me. It didn’t help that he had the house to himself that night and I was spending the night with him. To make matters worse, Steve and Amalia would not be home until 2am. Pete eventually calmed down but not until he said I put them before him. I said I would go to his place on Sunday morning and this seemed to placate him some more.

Amalia was delighted and apologised for the short notice again. On Saturday I arrived at about 7pm. Steve was ready and waiting. He thanked me for sitting and told me of his promotion. He was excited and kept checking his watch as I played with Valeria.

‘Amalia’ he called for the fifth or sixth time.

‘Almost there’, came the reply.

When she finally did come down we both said ‘wow’. She was dressed in a beautiful black dress. It had a lace top which showed just the right amount of cleavage. The dress stopped just above the knee. Black stockings, black heels and she looked a million dollars. Her hair was immaculate, hanging loose. She could always manage to apply make-up perfectly. They made a beautiful couple. A cab was waiting outside and she gave me the usual instructions.

‘If there are any problems, call me at anytime.’

They thanked me again, kissed Valeria and they were off.

At two thirty the noise of the key in the door startled me from my sleep. I had been watching a late movie and fell asleep on the sofa. Steve was in high spirits and Amalia was a little tipsy. Steve went up to check on Valeria and didn’t return.

‘He’s more tired than anything; he’s out for the count.’ Amalia said after checking to see where he had got to.

‘Will you join me in a glass of wine? I really fancy one’.

I got a couple of glasses while she fetched the bottle and we sat on the sofa. She took a couple of sips and sat back.

‘Did you have a nice time?’ I asked as I took a sip.

They had a great night and on the way home stopped off at a bar to loosen up. She told me about all the people who were there. She had a great way of telling stories and before long we were onto a second bottle of wine.

‘Now, tell the truth,’ she said, ‘you had plans for tonight didn’t you?’

I told her about the party and tried to tell her that I really wasn’t that pushed about going. She saw through the lie and gave me a hug.

‘I’m so sorry Jennifer.’ She said as she hugged me tighter. ‘You are so good to give up your night for me.’

I tried to say that it was no big deal but she wasn’t buying it. We chatted a while longer.

‘It’s getting late and you need to get some sleep.’

‘You have to be up early with Valeria.’ I replied.

‘No, Steve is on early duty, it’s my turn for a sleep out.’

‘You mean ‘sleep in” I giggled.

I got ready for bed and slipped between the covers. As I was about to turn off the bedside light Amalia knocked gently on the door.

‘Are you still awake?’ she said, putting her head around the door.

She came into the room. She was wearing a black see-through mini nightdress. I could just see the ‘V’ of her black panties as she came over to the bed. I sat up wondering what was up, looking at her in confusion.

‘Jennifer, I’m so sorry your night was ruined’, she said as she slid in under the covers. I didn’t even manage to speak before her lips met mine. I was completely taken by surprise but what was more altıparmak escort bayan shocking was that I responded immediately. My lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth. I kissed her back. Kissing her sent shivers down my spine. I was on my back now and savouring the taste of her mouth. It was so different kissing a girl. I had never given it any thought before. We kissed for ages and as we did I felt my pussy getting wet. I was incredibly turned on by her. She was caressing my leg as we kissed, her touch gentle yet passionate. I felt her hand moving upwards, touching me tenderly until she reached my breast. I moaned softly as she played with my nipple. I was only wearing panties and she caressed every exposed part of me.

‘I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time,’ she said as she removed her nightdress. She had beautiful pert breasts with dark nipples. They were a small handful and perfectly shaped. She lay on top of me and we kissed again. We grinded our bodies against each other, simulating sex. She kissed me, her soft lips and tongue turning me on like never before. Moving slightly to one side she kissed my neck. I never experienced anything like this before and I loved it. She kissed each breast in turn taking her time as I stroked her hair. She slid her fingers into my panties and slowly made her way to my now soaking pussy. I had trimmed my pubic hair until they were very short. It was when I felt her forefinger sliding along my pussy lips that I gently pushed her head. She needed no further encouragement and as she kissed and licked down my tummy she removed my soaked panties.

There was to be no further teasing. She wanted to taste me as much as I wanted her to. Her tongue licked along my lips and she gently caressed me. Finally her tongue came to rest on my clit. I moaned loudly. She was barely touching it and I tried to lift my pelvis to put more pressure on her tongue. She resisted and then I felt her gently insert a finger in me. She slowly pushed her finger inside me as I groaned in pleasure. Once it was fully in me she withdrew and began flicking her tongue around my clit. I never came so quickly and so intensely before. I grabbed her hair and pulled her hard into my pussy as I came. She lapped harder and faster as I thrust up to her face. I continued to cum for ages. I never experienced an orgasm like this before and my head thrashed from side to side and she continued her onslaught on my pussy. It was too much and I had to push her away. She quickly came up the bed and we kissed deeply. I could taste my juices on her, our tongues duelling. She fucked me with her finger and as I came again we kept on kissing. As I came down from another orgasm she stroked my hair with her free hand as she gently stroked my pussy with the other.

‘That was your first time, wasn’t it?’ she said, her fingers gently caressing me.

‘It was…….. it was just so beautiful.’ I replied. We kissed some more. We switched positions until she was on her back. I removed her panties and as I did so I could smell her pussy. It was a slightly musky smell and very sexy. She was completely shaven, not a single strand of hair was visible. As she spread her legs for me I looked at her, noting the wetness of her and her clit protruding from her lips. I had never seen a pussy up close and I tentatively slid my finger along her slit. She was so wet; it was like she had oiled herself. I looked on in wonder as her lips parted to my touch. The thought of not licking and touching her never entered my head and I lowered myself until I was between her legs. I flicked my tongue along her pussy and was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted.

If I had any doubts, which was highly unlikely, they were gone. I knew for sure that I wanted to taste her pussy, to give her the pleasure she had given me. I inserted my tongue in her as far as I could. She lifted her ass as I licked the length of her wet slit. She was moaning softly while I increased the pressure. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it, my hands reaching up to fondle her breasts. She had her hands on my head pulling me into her as she reached her orgasm. Juices flooded from her into my mouth and I eagerly swallowed all. As she was coming down I licked her more gently and brought a hand into play. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and fucked her slowly. I could feel nilüfer eskort her bucking against my hand and I inserted my forefinger also. I was fucking her faster now and her breathing became quicker. She was moaning loudly and I again sucked on her clit. She came again and as she did so she pulled my head hard against her pussy, trying to fuck my face. I moved up the bed and we kissed as we slid our fingers in and out of each other. We came within seconds of each other then held each other tight as we caught out breath.

‘Wow, are you sure you were never with a woman before?’ she said.

‘Never,’ I replied, ‘that was so amazing Amalia.’

We made love for over an hour and I fell asleep in her arms. When I awoke, she was gone. I could hear Steve downstairs with the baby. I was absentmindedly stroking my pussy as I thought about how Amalia and I had made love. Did we make love? No, we had sex. I was so horny just thinking about it. I tried to think about what it meant. I knew I wasn’t lesbian but I would certainly do it again. I felt guilty about Pete and Steve. She had awoken something in me. I made up my mind that Pete and I were finished. Not because of what happened really, but because I wanted to try other things. I wanted to experience other men and maybe other women. I wanted to know what another cock felt like. I was young, too young to settle down. I heard the front door close and the car drive off. I had a shower and as I was drying myself off Amalia came tapped on the door and came in with coffee for us and some croissants.

‘You ok?’ she asked.

She was wearing a robe.

‘I’m more than ok.’ I replied smiling.

She came to me opening her robe. She was naked underneath, her nipples erect. I dropped my towel and we were in each others arms, kissing passionately. She took me to bed.

‘What about Steve?’ I asked.

‘Steve has gone to the park with Valeria; he won’t be back for ages.’

‘I mean, what about Steve as in what we are doing?’

‘Don’t worry, he knows I need a woman every once in a while, he’s cool with it. I obviously didn’t tell him about last night. What about how you feel?’

‘I was thinking about that in bed this morning.’

I told her what I had decided about Pete and before she could say anything I said, ‘Don’t feel guilty; it’s for the best really. I want to be free to free to experiment, try different things. You really turn me on Amalia. I still love the feel of a cock in me but with you it was so beautiful.’

‘I know what you mean. Steve and I have an ‘understanding’. Wait there for a minute.’

She went to her room and kept her hands behind her back as she returned.

‘Close your eyes Jennifer.’

I did as she asked and soon she was licking my pussy. I was oozing pussy juice. I felt something between my legs and spread them wide. I knew it was a dildo or vibrator. It felt good. She took her time as she gently pushed it into me. Then she began to fuck me with it. She moved up the bed and sucked on my breasts.

‘You have beautiful tits Jennifer, you’ve a beautiful body. Do you like the cock in you?’

‘Mmmm, yeah.’

She was fucking me with it. It felt like a big cock, bigger than Pete’s.

‘It’s a very special one I made. It’s a copy of Steve’s cock, the same length, girth. We bought a kit, made a cast and then filled it with this liquid gel and let it harden. Do you like it?’

It was so lewd, so horny. I came with a shudder as I imagined Steve’s cock inside me, fucking me.

‘Oh fuck!’ Was all I could say as I continued to cum. I was lifting my body to get as much of it inside me as possible. When I got my breath back I opened my eyes to see her lowering her pussy to my face. I eagerly extended my tongue, wanting to eat her.

‘Steve fucked me, taste his cum.’

I did, I loved the thought of it. He’d fucked me by proxy and I wanted his cum in me. She came in no time and we kissed. I fucked her with the dildo, my mouth, fingers. She made me cum so many times. It was by far the most erotic experience of my life.

We showered together then got dressed. We were just having a coffee when Steve came home. I said I had to get going, it was 2pm and I needed to talk to Pete. I also was sure Steve would somehow know that something had happened between his wife and I. Amalia left me to the door.

‘We will do it again?’ she asked.

‘Yes please!’ I said. We kissed quickly.

As I was going out the door she whispered in my ear.

‘Maybe next time you can try his cock in the flesh’.

She closed the door before I could answer and I walked the short distance home my mind playing out scenarios and my pussy soaking wet.

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