Wet day dreams

The cold air blew against her skin, goose bumps ran down her exposed thigh. She had thought about this moment countlessly. His warm hands ran down her thigh, sending waves of nerve impulses to her engorged clit. She gasped…

He was her boss, Bayo. She’d wanted him since the first day she saw him, her sex starved cunt always got wet when she was around him; from his deep brown eyes and brown skin, to the tone of his voice. She was smitten. She almost always fantasized about being with him, his strong arms around her, his heavenly voice whispering sweet nothings in her ears.

She always had a reason to masturbate, this was getting out of hand, she wanted him badly, she was going to shoot her shot.


The phone rang in Alex’s apartment, she picked. “Hello,” said a familiar voice.

She didn’t have to guess who it was, but she asked anyway, “Hello, who is this?”

“Its Bayo, how are you?”

“I’m okay, and you?” she said, happy to hear his voice but wondering why he called on a Saturday.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry for calling today, I know its your day off but I really need a favor, please say yes.” he sounded desperate.

“Of course yes,” she said in her mind. “What is this favor?” she asked.

“Remember that project I was working on? I got stuck and I know its your area of expertise. I was thinking if you could come over and help me finish. I’m almost done, you wouldn’t have to do much. Will you help me?”

“I don’t know, I’m a little overwhelmed here,” she lied.

“Please Alex, I really need you.” He pleaded.

There was a long pause, then she said, “Okay, I’ll come by later this evening. Send me your address.”

“Thanks, See you later.” He said before ending the call.

Alex bit her lip and played with her hair, her mind was going wild; did he just want her help? Or did he want more? Either way, she would help him make up his mind if it wasn’t already.

She dropped her phone and hurried to her wardrobe. She rummaged through the clothes and finally onwingiris.biz found what she wanted, she smiled lewdly as she took the outfit from the wardrobe.

“He won’t know what hit him,” she said out loud.


Some hours later, after Alex and Bayo were done with the project, Bayo opened up the bottle of wine which Alex had brought with her.

They sat on the couch as they drank, Bayo complimented her taste in wine, and they continued to drink in silence for a while.

“You really came through for me Alex, I owe you big time,” Bayo said as he laid down his glass.

“Yes you do,” Alex said and then took a sip from her glass. The alcohol has started to kick in, she probably wouldn’t have said that sober, she thought.

“Do you… Have a boyfriend?” Bayo asked tentatively.

Her heart skipped a beat, she nearly choked on the wine still in her mouth, her eyes widened.

She swallowed and crooked her eyebrow as she lifted her head to look at Bayo. “No, I don’t,” she said conspicuously eyeing his body from his crotch to his face, then she licked her lips.

Words were unnecessary at this point, Bayo drew closer to her, placed his hands on her cheek. They felt so warm, his face inched closer.

Alex unintentionally held her breath, as she closed her eyes waiting for what seemed to be an eternity. She slowly moved closer to close the gap, her mind went blank.

Then, his lips met hers. both lips melted against each other, the warm touch of his saliva coated lips caused a buildup of nervous energy. She finally filled her lungs with air. Her insides heated up like a furnace and her clit tingled.

She moaned deeply as she hungrily devoured his lips, Bayo was a little surprised.

Bayo tried to get her to lay on the chair, but she refused. She broke this kiss and pushed him.

Bayo’s back fell to the chair, she lay on him trying to grind her crotch on his, as they continued to kiss. His dick stiffened and pressed against her clit.

Their lips still locked in a hot passionate dance. He grabbed her ass, his fingers sunk into soft folds as he pressed hard on her tush.

She bit his lip as she moaned, “Hmmm.”

Shivers ran down her spine, and turned to waves of pleasure as they reached her crotch.

The feeling of his hard chest against her hard nipples sent her into a frenzy. She broke from the kiss again, this time she went for his belt, she undid it and pulled his trousers.

As she went for his boxers, she noticed the size of the bulge, she smiled as she freed the prisoner from its cage. It sprang forth, thick and sexy, this engorged cock was going to be in her pretty soon, she smiled at the thought.

She took off his shirt, her lips arched into a smile as she saw his chiseled abs. She ran her hands up his chest and caressed his nipples with her fingers, then she kissed them, kissing her way up his neck to his lips. He took the opportunity to pull her gown up, she didn’t wear anything underneath except a light bra, his hands ran circles round her succulent ass. His dick twitched with excitement, as she held him and removed her clothes completely.

Bayo was in awe, she look so sexy, much better than he had imagined. Her perky tits stood firm with her erect nipples .5cm away from her areola. He ran his hands from her ass to them. She moaned.

His bare cock was now pressing against her naked vulva, it felt so warm being enveloped in between those wet lips.

“Put your back up on the chair,” she said sitting up, she arched her back as she stared down at him. He understood her and raised himself up, then sat at a 90° angle, resting his back on the chair, with her still straddling him.

She grabbed his engorged cock and slid it into her wet pussy.

She put it in slowly, “Yesss,” she gasped as the intruding rod went deeper inside her. She bit her lip until the warm rod in her pussy could go no further. Her lips pressed against the end of his shaft. She paused for a second to look at him.

“Fuck me baby,” Bayo said, almost whispering. She smiled.

She started moving up and down the shaft of his dick. It felt tight, she hadn’t had sex in nearly a year and his dick was just big enough to fill her creamy insides.

“Oh yes,” she said as she rode him. He put his hands on her waist as she massaged his cock with her pussy’s vice grips.

“Yes. That’s it baby.” Bayo was in heaven.

“You like that? You like my pussy?” She said picking up the pace.

He spanked her hard. “Fuck yeah!”

She placed her hands round his neck as she rode his cock, her juices spewing onto his balls with every movement.

She put her hands round his neck and on the chair, moved in a circular motion around his dick.

“Oh fuck,” he grabbed her ass as she stopped and started helping her. Pushing his waist up as she came down.

“Yes Bayo, fuck my pussy. More. Yes”

His balls began slapping her ass, the smell of sex filled the air. Her juices continued to drip fron her horny pussy down to his aching ball sac.

His cock began to hit her g-spot. He was so deep. She closed her eyes, “Right there. Right there! Yes right there.” He spanked her hard.

“Ahhhh,” she yelped on his cock. Her pussy flooded his cock with creamy liquid. “Yess, fuck me. God yes,” she said in reckless abandon, bouncing on his thick cock.

He moved his hips faster and rammed his dick harder and deeper into her.

“Yes, right there, don’t stop. Yes!” She screamed as she picked up the pace. He held her nipples as she bounced atop his cock.

“Come for me Alex,” he said, she loved the sound of her name on his lips, it pushed her past the tipping point. She arched her back ready to squirt loads on his juicy cock, she closed her eyes.

“Alex, Alex! Wake up!” a familiar voice beckon.

She opened her eyes, it was Bayo, already dressed. They had left his house. She looked around, they were in the office.

A frustrated smile draped across her face. “Another day dream,” she thought to herself. She could feel her soaked panties.

“Its lunch time, wanna grab a bite?” Bayo asked.

“Sure, anything you want,” she smiled.

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