Shiny and Shayla in Love

The High Chancellor of the United Council of the Realms was extraordinarily beautiful, brilliant, and as her family history defined, she really did have a long, elegant, regal name. While descended from a royal family with a noble lineage, her ascent to High Chancellor was not by heritage but rather through sheer force of will, power and intelligence. Tall at not quite 6 feet, her face was a study in classical beauty and proportion, her eyes a stark emerald green. But physically, her most well noted and remarkable feature was her lustrous, thick wavy shoulder-length auburn hair that had such body and softness that it quite literally shined. So while she did have a noble name of great elegance, nonetheless that remarkable hair is why, people think anyway, the one person in all the realms called her, simply…

“Shiny!” Shayla squealed happily when she saw The High Chancellor in the castle corridor outside the throne room. Shayla unceremoniously grabbed her around the waist and kissed her very deeply, with a vast amount of tongue. Shiny responded in kind, ignoring the occasional gawk or sideways glance from the various highborns, aristocrats and bureaucrats who were passing them by in the hallway. Shayla was an unconventionally beautiful Elf, average height for her race which made her about 5 inches shorter than Shiny. Her hair was cut into a kind of page-boy look, with bangs and sandy brown-blonde hair that was a little up off her shoulders. Her face was round with a cute little button of a nose in the middle and an almost always a mischievous smile below it.

“Look what I had made for you, Shiny!” Shayla exclaimed conspiratorially, pulling her off into a little alcove, and turning her back to the corridor to shield them both from view. She withdrew something from under her tunic.

Shiny smiled warmly and examined what Shayla offered her. It was a wooden dildo about 1 1/2 inches thick and 6 1/2 inches long with a slightly more bulbous round head about 1 3/4ths inches thick. Its base had several holes for straps.

“It’s for your butt,” Shayla said brightly, only slightly cautious to keep her voice down. “You know, bigger and thicker than the one I’ve been using on you. To bugger you with.”

Shiny laughed. “I guessed that. It’s very … sweet. Thanks, I guess.”

Shayla pouted. “What, you don’t like it? It cost a bunch to have it all whittled and polished like that. And you know, it’s bigger and thicker. For your butt.”

Smiling, Shiny glanced around, and when the hall was empty, she took the dildo and sucked the head into her mouth a little, then took it out and kissed Shayla. “I like it because you like it. If you want it bigger and thicker, then make it bigger and thicker.”

Clapping her hands together in delight, Shayla said, “Yay! Does that mean I can start the carpenter on making the next size up?”

Turning the dildo over in her hand and looking at it, she nodded and smiled at Shayla again. “I love you. You can make it as big and as thick as you want.”

“Nahhhhh,” Shayla said, “you don’t mean that. Really. If I eventually made it as big and as thick as I wanted, it’d be like…” and she made a giant “O” with both of her hands. Then she stretched her hands out in front of her about as wide apart as her shoulders.

Shiny just kept smiling.

Shayla then looked right and left at her hands, her brow furrowed, then she stretched them out a little wider apart, still staring back and forth at each. As if precisely measuring something. She kept moving them apart until they were each several inches wider apart than her shoulders. Then she smiled, and nodded. “Horse cock sized,” she said simply, smiling happily.

Shrugging, Shiny said, “If that’s what you want, then that’s what I want. I mean, if you think it will ever fit.”

Shayla squealed with delight and jumped into Shiny’s arms, locking her legs around Shiny’s waist and giving her a deep soul-tongue kiss. Shiny chuckled at the sight of the shocked passerby. When Shayla pulled her face away, she said, “Oh, it’ll fit. Buttholes are very stretchy. Plus, butts go up forever. Not like your pussy. Butts can take anything, no matter how long they are. See? I have the best girlfriend in the entire world. You’ll let me do anything with you, won’t you?”

Shiny nodded. “Anything you want, whenever you want.”

“Then marry me,” Shayla said matter-of-factly. “You said anything. That’s what I want. For a start. The other nasty, dirty stuff I want, we’ll do that too. But for now, marry me.”

Eyes tearing up, Shiny nodded. “I would love to marry you, Shayla.”

Hopping off her, Shayla said, “Good. That’s settled then. I’ll be the wife of the king of the world or whatever you are. That means I’ll be a queen. Sortof. Or whatever.”

“Not exactly king or queen,” Shiny said, “I’m just the High Chancellor. It’s not a royal position.”

Shayla nodded eagerly, “Yeah, whatever. You know I don’t like royals anyway. But you are a royal by birth, gorukle escort you know it and I know it, but you’re ok. Because you love me. Because you’re eventually going to let me bugger your ass with a horse-cock sized dildo.”

“If I’d known that’s all it would take, I would have had the carpenter make me one for you in the first place.”

She squealed again with delight, kissed Shiny again, said, “That’s not as fun. I like to design them myself. Plus, you are so silly; you can’t take a horse-sized dick right away. You’ve got to go up in steps until you can take it all. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. Trust me.”

Shiny said, “I do trust you. Whatever you want is what I want.”

Giggling, Shayla exclaimed, “I know! Isn’t that the greatest?”

* * *

Shiny (the High Chancellor) was married to Shayla just two days later in what was a bizarre cross between a Sacred High Ceremony and the Most Common Ceremony of all time. At Shayla’s insistence, while they both wore High Sacred Gowns for the Ceremony itself, right afterward, right on the isle, they took them off and had them carted away. Beneath the High Gowns they wore basic leather and fabric greaves and tunics. The left half of the Great Cathedral hall, the Royals, remained silent, some even turning away. The right half, the Commoner half who were invited by Shayla (and forced to be accepted to the gathering by Shiny’s decree) cheered.

The Wedding Ball was more of a blend of the two worlds. There were Sacred High Dances interspersed with Common Dances. The Common crowd was raucous and unruly and hilarious. The High Crowd showed some initial disdain, but after enough alcohol, eventually, the two groups blended into a truly spectacular party. The High Crowd had been given permission by the highest authority in the land to act like they were ‘just anyone’, and they took advantage. They all could, would and did later claim any of their “uncouth” actions were simply in accordance with the decree of the High Chancellor, who had specified that all actions at the Ball we’re to not be ‘in accordance with any diplomatic or aristocratic protocols’. And they were right.

The Holy Wedding was universally regarded as the best wedding anyone, Royal or Commoner, had ever attended. Actually, it was regarded as The Best Party Ever.

In their wedding chamber, Shayla brought out the new dildo again. “Remember this,” she asked mischievously, parading it in front of Shiny in a kind of sexy dance.

“Oh, I do,” Shiny said. “I expect to know it more intimately very shortly.”

Shayla pounced on her, covering her with kisses. She pulled back. Her face became very serious for a moment. “You know that I really love you, right? Like … I’ve never loved anyone in my life like I love you. I never even thought I could. I didn’t just want to marry you because you’ll let me fuck you with a horse-dick sized dildo. And worse things than that. I married you because I love you more than I fucking love life. And I love fucking life a lot.”

Shiny laughed, kissed her back, and replied, “That is the best vow you could have ever said. You should have said that on the altar.”

Bursting out laughing, Shayla laughed until she cried and her stomach hurt. “I love that!” she shouted. “I should have!!! I would have loved to see the faces on your crowd if I said that!! I love it!” Then her face got serious again, and she kissed Shiny deeply. She pulled back and said simply, “I love you.”

And she proved it that night, as she did every day. Shayla made love to Shiny in every form, licking her, tasting her, sucking every part of her. Shiny returned every lick and suck. Shayla started in on Shiny’s mouth of course, with a long session of deep tongue kissing. Then she slowly drifted down, kissing and biting Shiny’s neck, licking the hollow of her throat. Down still more, until she circled her gentle angel-kisses around her breasts, kissing each one in turn. She pulled her head up to look down, first into Shiny’s incredible emerald green eyes, now so soft they were like green pools, then down onto her breasts.

“You have truly perfect tits,” Shayla breathed. “Truly perfect. Not too big, not too small. But mostly, the world’s most perfect nipples.” Aureole the size of the kingdom’s High Coin, about 1 inch wide, colored a much darker tan in contrast to the light tan of her skin. And nipples that protruded hungrily, just asking to be sucked. And Shayla obliged. She feasted gently but slowly on one, then on the other. Then she was a little more ravenous on each. Then she swallowed them hungrily herself, nipping gently at them, biting slightly. Shiny moaned and arched her back hard.

Shayla kept moving downward, kissing all around Shiny’s tummy, then licking her navel thoroughly. Still moving down, she passed through the very short, soft, V-shaped tightly trimmed auburn girl-fur that was Shiny’s ‘pussy mane’, inhaling the scent and sighing from the heaven-ness of it. She only gently altıparmak eskort bayan kissed all around the perfect, small-lipped pussy, and then kept going down, kissing Shiny’s thighs gently on first one inner thigh, then the other. Again Shiny moaned and arched her back, urging her pussy forward toward Shayla’s mouth. But Shayla had more to explore.

Her mouth kept going, down her legs, tongue-stroking along her calves, until she got to her ankles, where she gently kissed, licked and nibbled all around. Shiny was going crazy with this, moaning loudly, sometimes even making a kind of yelping sound. Then Shayla’s tongue went flat, and she just glided it down, over the heel, and all along the instep of Shiny’s left foot. Shiny shuddered, her foot almost pulling away as she gasped. Then Shayla’s mouth found Shiny’s perfect little toes, and one by one, she sucked them into her mouth, giving each one head as if they were little clits. And to Shiny, they seemed to be, because she was in a kind of controlled thrashing, enough to keep her foot in Shayla’s mouth, but otherwise, a tight-ball of lust and ecstasy barely contained.

“Your feet smell amazing,” Shayla breathed, her own pussy sopping wet from heat and hunger, “they smell like you so much. If I could fit your whole fucking foot into my mouth, I would.”

And, to her credit, she tried. She first got two toes in, then three, then four, and finally all five, her mouth splayed wide, shoving as much of Shiny’s foot in as she could while running her tongue in circles of eight around all of them … up between the big and next toe, then down the next, up the next, down, up, then repeating backwards, her tongue threading between Shiny’s toes like a snake on a quest. She switched feet, moving to Shiny’s right foot, using one hand to hold the foot to her mouth while she used her other hand to massage Shiny’s pussy. She sucked and slid her tongue all over, but her hand didn’t go straight for Shiny’s clit. She used broad strokes, and multiple finger inserts, and she kept sucking the toes until Shiny came like she was a firework that had been stored too long. Shiny erupted, bucking crazily all over the bed, shouting, bouncing her head into the wall, her hips juddering and her legs closing like vise clamps while they shook and shuddered. Shayla let the perfect, soft toes out of her mouth, let her fingers pull away from Shiny’s pussy. And she waited until her perfect girl was settled down, still in a high state of sex, but down from her peak.

Then she slowly re-kissed the trail up her legs to her pussy. “I am, I think, literally in heaven,” Shayla said. And she started in on Shiny’s pussy. Circling at first, cat-like licks, kisses. Suckling a single sliver of her sweet tiny lips in. Kissing more. Then bolder. Tongue penetrating Shiny’s vagina, Shiny moaning like crazy. Sucking the lips more, more boldly. Then finally settling on Shiny’s clit. Shayla sucked it like it was her soul, which, by her own definition, it essentially was. Softly at first, then more, then she added just a single finger to Shiny’s pussy, and she kept at her clit. Then she added a second finger into her pussy, then lastly, her pinkie finger into Shiny’s ass.

Shiny came like a volcano, erupting again, thrashing, screaming, holding Shayla’s head hard to her pussy while she came and came. And when it was done, when she was spent, she pushed Shayla’s head away while she gasped and shuddered and her breath rattled. Shayla waited, patiently, staring up from in between Shiny’s legs. She just waited. Until the breathing returned to normal, all the shuddering stopped. And Shiny was quiet again. Peaceful. Shayla smiled. She liked Shiny at peace. But she liked her more when she was made … crazy. Like Shayla was.

Shayla started to move toward the table at the side of the bed, but Shiny suddenly became animated. She grabbed Shayla around the waist and flipped her over on her back.

“Uh uh,” Shiny said. “This is a two-way street, and I want my turn.”

“Ohhhhh,” Shayla said, clapping. “Please, go ahead, take a turn!”

And Shiny did. She said, “I think I’ll go from the bottom up.”

“Ohhhhh!” Shayla exclaimed, and then asked, “Literally?”

Shiny smiled. “Not the way you’re thinking. Actual literally.”

Shimmying down the bed, Shiny brought Shayla’s feet, both of them, up to her lips. She stared at them at first, smiling. “My feet my smell good, but yours are the most adorable beautiful feet in the world. You have perfect toes, sweet, in a perfect arc.” And with that, Shiny first kissed each of her 10 toes, then, without further ceremony, she leaned Shayla’s right pinkie toe into her left cheek, then pulled, widening her mouth, and she got her mouth wide enough to slide the big toe into her right cheek, then she pulled a little on the heel until all 5 toes and a little more into her mouth, stuffing it.

Shayla was just staring at this display, and she uttered, “Oh…my…god.”

Shiny nilüfer eskort bayan started sucking Shayla’s foot, running her tongue between the toes, over them, under them, along the pad. She kept sucking and tonguing for about 5 minutes, then switched to the other foot, repeating the process of fully stuffing her mouth with as much of Shayla’s left foot as she could manage She sucked the whole of her 5 toes and more like it was a giant cock, moving her head up and down on it. She tongued it, sucked it, like it was water and she was in the desert. Shayla was squealing with delight the whole time, writhing, fingering her pussy. She had two orgasms while Shiny mouth-banged her feet.

There was no way Shiny was finished. She let slip the various toes from her mouth, Shayla’s feet sopping wet with saliva, and Shiny let her tongue ride up first the left leg all the way to within an inch of Shayla’s crotch, then the right leg. She kissed Shayla’s pussy gently, and then went passed it, up her belly, to settle hungrily on Shayla’s small, tight pink nipples. Mewling like a cat, Shayla rocked side to side while Shiny sucked and bit and nibbled at her nipples, her hands massaging them both while her mouth worked alternatively at one, then another. She kept this up for a long time, maybe twenty minutes. Shayla kept rocking side to side and mewling.

Finally, Shiny kissed her way down Shayla’s belly, until was face to pussy. “No art more beautiful than the God’s art,” she whispered … and then she sank her face beneath that perfect art, and kissed Shayla’s anus. Then she licked it. Then she gently stuck her tongue inside, until gently stopped being gently, until Shiny was aggressively tongue-fucking Shayla’s ass, Shayla shouting and yelping, Shiny just going and going and going. In and out, swirling around, pressing as deep as possible, swirling more. “I love it,” Shiny said, so urgent, “I love the way your asshole tastes. I could fucking eat your asshole every day for the rest of my life.”

Shayla screamed with delight, bucked her butt against Shiny’s face repeatedly, getting as much of Shiny’s tongue in her ass as she could. Shiny responded in kind, her goal being to explore Shayla’s asshole in every way. The two of them bucked and flexed and bounced, the whole time Shiny with her tongue up inside Shayla’s asshole.

They quieted down from the ass-eating, and then Shiny said, “I love your ass. But I love your pussy more than anything else in the universe.” And Shiny then dived into the thing that she loved more than anything, licking, sucking almost trying to absorb Shayla’s pussy. She shoved her tongue into Shayla’s vagina, tongue fucked it forever, then sucked the labia, then fed on Shayla’s clit like it was her lifeline. She sucked it, tongued it, swirled it. Shayla’s clit was, for Shiny, basically life. And she ate it that way. Shayla came once, then twice, then, after twenty more minutes, a third time. She bucked and spasmed, and came until she grabbed Shiny’s hair and pulled her up for a kiss that was beyond ultimate. Their mouths met, their tongues blended, and their was nothing other than a simple, single union of the two of them for the next twenty minutes as their tongues worked in each others mouths.

“I love you,” Shayla said at last.

“I love you,” Shiny responded.

With a sly look, Shayla sneaked out from underneath Shiny and she crawled over to the side of the bed and pulled the new dildo and harness out of the drawer. She flipped Shiny over onto her back. With Shiny lying on her back, Shayla strapped the device to her hips and locking the strap between her legs and up to the rear.

“Time for us to use your new toy,” she cooed.

“Yay,” Shiny replied with feigned enthusiasm.

“Ohh, tch, tch,” Shayla said, “a bit of sarcasm, yes? Come on, you’ll love it, you know it!”

Shiny laughed, “I know, I know I will. It’s just that it will take me a little getting used to it. It’s just a little new for me. Before you did me with that first, smaller one, I’d never had that done to me before.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Shayla nodded knowingly, “and remember, this is just the start. I’m going to introduce you to a lot of things you’ve never done before. You’re in for that aren’t you?”

This time Shiny nodded with genuine enthusiasm. “Completely. I love your imagination and I can’t wait to see the crazy stuff you want us to do. I really, really do.”

Shayla nodded with equal enthusiasm, “Yes, yes, yes! We’re gonna start right now too. Assume the position!”

“What position is that, exactly?”

“Ah ha! Good question. When I want you to show me how much you want it, I’m gonna tell you to ‘Present’. That means turn around, knees spread, ass up in the air, and face down, arms out to your sides or above your head. By showing me your asshole like that, you are telling me it’s mine to fuck.”

“Uhh, ok,” Shiny said. “Do I do it now?”

Shayla nodded and said, “Present!”

Shiny rolled over, left her head down at the top of the bed and shimmied her knees up under her so that her ass was up in the air facing Shayla.

“Now, I want you to actually beg for it,” Shayla said. “Tell me what you want.”

Shiny’s head turned sideways, she said plainly, “Please fuck my ass.”

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