Boogie Van Pt. 19

It was mid-afternoon, and I had just crossed the state line from Arizona into New Mexico. As I drove along, I thought about the last couple of days.

I had said goodbye to Brooke and Maggie yesterday morning after we had gotten to Fresno, they had kept my cock well milked on our trip down the west coast. Having two hot sexy ladies was really double the fun.

Yesterday, after getting into Lake Havasu City, double the fun struck again. At the RV site next to mine, twin sisters Abby and Brittany, both 18, blonde-haired, long-legged beauties, stopped by and introduced themselves. It didn’t take long before they introduced themselves into my bed, and for the rest of the night I was like a sex toy for them, they took me as often as I could get it up. Fuck, I loved it.

Like all the ladies I had bedded, they thought it was really sexy that I wanted a set of panties from each of them as a souvenir, and two Calvin Klein thongs, one red, the other beige, were now added to my collection.

When dinner time approached, I realized how hungry I was, and on the outskirts of Albuquerque, I stopped by “Al’s Place” a roadside diner. It was exactly like one of those old-time diners from the 50s, with a jukebox in every booth, stools at the counter, with lots of 50s memorabilia. Movie posters, old 50’s license plates, they even had an old Sinclair gas pump and a full-sized 1959 Edsel Ranger in one of the inside corners. I liked the retro vibe, and with the sign saying Seat Yourself, I was happy to do so, taking a table that looked out on the desert scenery.

When my waitress appeared, she was dressed in a clingy, pink uniform as you’d see in a 50’s diner. She smiled at me and cooed, “See something you like?”

I replied, “Oh yeah, I sure do,” as I let my eyes take in the full view. She was a waifish little dirty blonde maybe all of 5 feet tall and 99 pounds.

“I can see what your eyes like, but for now, what looks good on the menu? The Salisbury steak dinner is really good, the beef was shipped in fresh today, comes with fresh corn, real mashed potatoes and Al makes the best gravy in all of New Mexico.”

“Yeah that sounds good, I’d like a large Coke also,” I looked at her name tag, and added, “Noni, that’s quite a different name, I like it.”

As she jotted down the order, she remarked, “My full name is Wynona, but I really dislike that name, so I just go by my nickname.”

When she went back towards the counter, I could see her wiggle those slim hips, the nice tight little ass outlined by her clingy uniform. She came back with the Coke, and we got to talking. A couple of other tables were occupied, and she would periodically leave to service their tables, but most of the time she was around my table, and she was getting flirty.

“So what brings you to New Mexico?”

“Well, I have my Boogie Van on a road trip, and I’ve never gorukle escort been to the desert southwest, so I figured Why not?”

She looked out the window, then back at me, “Is that your van, that one right there?”

“That’s the one, she’s a beauty.”

She looked me in the eye, and purred, “I’d love to go for a ride in a van like that.”

When she came back with my dinner, she said, “Yep, I’d love that kind of ride,” her eyes twinkling.

She was really flirty, and I wondered just how far it would go.

Dinner was really tasty, and when she stopped by for the empty plate, she said, “My shift is over in 10 minutes. How about if you follow my car, and I’ll lead you to the neatest KOA? Then maybe I can take that ride I want.”

I said, “That sounds real good Noni.”

I made sure to tip her generously, and she cooed, “Now, go outside and wait for me. Al’s not a fan of seeing me leave with a customer, so I’ll get my car, it’s parked around the back. It’s a blue Toyota Corolla, so you’ll know it’s my car. See you soon.”

She walked away with that hip wiggle I found so enticing, and she gave me a lusty smile.

I went outside and climbed behind the wheel of my van. Fifteen minutes later, there it was, a 1970’s era Corolla, a real retro set of wheels. I saw her behind the wheel, she smiled and gave me a follow-me beckoning. I quickly did so, and I followed her down the darkening landscape.

I saw the lighted KOA sign appear, and she motioned me to go on through the check-in lane, while she went through the other lane, as if she was already checked in. I saw her park just beyond, waiting for me. I requested a quiet part of the park. When I drove on through, I led the way, and her Toyota swung in behind me. Let’s see, lot 117, ahh there it is, and I swung in. I watched her Toyota slot in behind me, and when our engines were turned off, the silence of the desert nighttime was amazing. It was perfect, we had the section all to ourselves.

I was about to go outside and connect the electrical, water, and sewer hookups when I heard a tapping on the door. I got up, and Noni stepped inside, she was wearing a Tie-dyed T-shirt and a pair of cutoffs. She grabbed me and pulled me towards the bedroom.

“Do you have a candle, I love to fuck by candlelight! Cock, so horny, I need your cock NOW!”

I lit a candle, she yanked her clothes off, and I filled my eyes with the sight of her tight cute behind. She had an all-over tan, no tan lines of any kind were in sight. She turned to face me, her eyes gleaming, and her little tits looked like a 32A, and were topped with very stiff cherry-sized nipples. She had a very full bush, the same dirty blonde as the hair on her head. Wow, I hadn’t seen that furry a muff since I’d gone through some 1970’s Playboy mags that my Uncle had given me.

“Oh yeah lover, come over altıparmak eskort bayan here, lay down, I wanna take that ride, now!”

I lay back and watched her cute body straddle me, nudging against my cock head.

“Oh yeah, this is gonna be the kind of ride I love.”

She thrust down, hard, she was furnace hot, slick with her juices as she rammed down, and in one go, my cock was swallowed up by her pussy, letting out a full-throated growl of pleasure.

She paused, perched naked and horny on my cock, and purred, “Ever since you entered the diner, I was determined to get your cock into my tight little snatch. I was creaming like a sexy hungry teenager. Ummm, so big, I love getting my tight little pussy stretched out.”

She lifted up and then drove down again, she was nice and snug, gripping my cock with an almost virgin-like cling as she pumped up and down. I grunted on each plunge. The wavering candlelight cast a mellow golden glow as I enjoyed the sight of her body, head thrown back, mouth open in pleasure. She started to ride me faster, really fucking herself furiously. I felt like a sex toy as Noni really rode me hard, her squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom, slamming her pink hole with my prick, and she was just a mass of writhing lust.

“Oh fuck, gonna do it, gonna cum so hard, fuck, yes, YEESSS!”

I felt her cunt tighten up even more, then pulsing around my prick as she tumbled into orgasm, she reached down behind her gasping, “cum with me, flood my snatch!” as she grabbed my balls, squeezing them as she shook in orgasm, that took me over immediately, I growled, “Oh fuck, cumming, yeah fuck FUCK!”

My prick went off, blasting a hot creamy payload, inundating her cervix as I rode my orgasm, our sounds of climax mingling.

Our orgasms ebbed, and she lay forward upon her, her head tucked under my chin.

We lay in silence for a while, she cooed, “Do you like to sit by a fire?”

I said, “Yeah, I love it.”

“How about if you get a fire going, and we can sit outside?”

“Sounds perfect. I’ll get all the hookups, so we can have light, water, and sewer service.”

I jumped up, put on shorts and a T-shirt, and my sneakers, and went outside. The desert twilight had turned to night, and the darkness of the landscape seemed to stretch on forever.

A pile of ready-to-burn wood was piled up next to the fire pit, some kind person had been nice enough to get it ready for the next occupants. I made a mental note to do that before I checked out. It took only a minute before we had a good blaze going, and I quickly hooked up the electrical, water, and sewer connections, and put out the lawn chairs by the fire.

The door opened, and Noni stepped out, totally nude. She wasn’t in the least bit worried about being outside nude, by the all-over nilüfer eskort bayan tan she had, I had a feeling that she lived a nudist lifestyle.

“Do you have some wine, Colin? I’m going to get something out of my car.”

I went inside, found a bottle of Cranswick Estate merlot, and poured out two glasses, admiring the dark ruby color.

I went outside, and there was Noni, sitting by the fire with a guitar, and a small backpack. She opened the backpack, pulled out a cigarette case, and placed one to her lips, she lit up and took a deep drag. The unmistakable odor of burning weed filled the air, aha, a little wacky tobaccy.

She took the glass, grinned at me, and said, “Colin, I don’t want to be nude all alone.”

I quickly shed my clothes and tossed them in the van. She smiled, and cooed “Come sit next to me, let’s get high.”

After the first joint, she started to play her guitar, she was actually very good, and she filled the silence with songs that were popular back in the ’60s starting out with that famous song about the summer of love in “San Francisco.” Oh yeah, she was a hippie chick, she played several songs that she had written herself, and some of the old favorites that were popular during the summer of love, right up to Woodstock.

She loved her pot, 3 joints were shared between us. She looked over at me, we were both so high, and she growled, “I love getting high, it makes me so fucking horny!”

She came over and she was kneeling before me, giving me a hot suck job. Her expert oral talents brought me back up to full extension.

She looked up at me, her eyes hungry, and purred, “Let’s get back inside the van, I wanna get fucked and I want your load building up in your big balls, deep inside my tight little snatch!”

Back inside, she jumped on the bed, and growled, “Ram me, fuck me hard!”

More than eager to oblige, I grabbed her behind her knees, pushing her legs up, tilting her pussy up to the perfect angle. I mounted Noni and in one bold thrust, buried myself balls deep in her well-lubricated tunnel. She growled and squealed as I bottomed out, and I let out a growl as the fiery, eager tightness wrapped around my prick. So nice and tight, fired up, I started to ride her, driving into her gripping heat over and over.

Noni purred, “Umm, so big, so hard, go deep, fuck me lover, make me cum again!”

I started to fuck her faster, my balls smacked against her ass on every plunge. Her legs wrapped around my thighs, and she started to toss her head from side to side, letting our cries and moans of pleasure. She urged me on and I started to power-fuck her, testing the liquid depths of Noni’s gripping pink fuck-hole, driving into her with everything I had, I could feel the orgasm building, I was on the verge.

Noni cried out wildly as she climaxed, her body shuddering beneath me, I felt her fingernails raking my back, her mouth attached to my shoulder, giving me a love bite. That brought on the explosion, and my cock burst, spilling my seed into her with a loud growl of satisfaction, splattering my sperm along her tight pink walls, her fiery fuck-hole eagerly milking my cock for every drop.

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