Misato – The Evening Service

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Misato is wheeled in thru the door in her ‘Evening Service’ trolley.

She is bent over with her ass in the air, and her arms and thighs disappearing into the white box on wheels – her wrists and ankles are firmly manacled inside the box and she can barely move. Two thin white pillars rise up on either side of her, and Misato’s waist is held by a white square wooden stock between the pillars.

As the door shuts behind her, she lets out a groan – a groan muffled by the firm red ball-gag filling her mouth. Her frowning face is the only part of her flesh visible as she is clothed in a skin-tight, shiny white and purple all in one. Her lilac hair is spread over her arching back.

Her nipples are showing hard through the straining material where her ample breasts hang between her arms, and her almost spherical buttocks quiver either side of her ass and pussy.

On the surface of the trolley, to the right of Misato’s face, are a thick double-ended dildo and some lube. In a rack mounted at the rear of the trolley – where Misato cannot see – are two large, steel, diagonal blades.

“Just what I ordered – and presented beautifully as always. You never fail to impress, Misato.”

A hand lands a sharp smack on Misato’s left buttock – the ‘crack’ echoes round the room and Misato groans again. Her buttock’s quivering is almost a reverberation.

“Now the question, whenever one is served with a new dish, is how to enjoy it properly – and how to handle the cutlery and accessories it is served with.”

Misato osmaniye escort feels a hand rub down over her anus, and onto her pussy.

“The usual etiquette is to work from the outside in, and I think that would be appropriate on this occasion.”

The dildo is lifted up and held in front of Misato’s face.

“Do you agree, Misato?”


“Good. This means that tonight we will be working from the outside of your outfit to the inside of your body via your asshole. A treat for us both, Misato.”

“Mmmf!” Misato groaned again, her purple locks flying everywhere as she nodded as enthusiastically as she could.

“Now then: condiments.”

The lube is picked up, the cap clicks off and the bottle squirts as lube is squeezed out.

“MMMMMMMMMM!” she says as cold lube finds its way thru the opening in her suit onto her sensitive anus. Misato quivers again, the light reflecting round the room from the tight shininess of the outfit stretched across her ass.

One of the blades is lifted from the rack, the metal grating against it as it does so.

“You’ve seen this, Misato”, the dildo is shown to her again. “Tonight you will be penetrated twice.”

The blade is brought up above Misato’s waist, and the edge is lined up with grooves running down the inside surfaces of the two pillars holding the stock.

“You may be wondering what the second penetration will be – bearing in mind the gag in your mouth.”

The blade is pushed smoothly down thru Misato’s narrow waist, the only sound a small thud as one side of the slanted blade comes to rest against the bottom of its runner.

“One penetration will be that dildo sliding between these firm cheeks,” Misato’s right buttock is slapped hard, “and thru your tight, slippery asshole, Misato, as we discussed.”

The second blade is removed from the rack.

“The second penetration will also slide into you,” the second blade is pushed into Misato, “and it will slide right thru you.” The second blade sits next to the first, both filling the metal frame and being visible all round Misato’s waist.

“What do you think I could be talking about, Misato?”

“What do you think the other penetration might be?”

“Mmmm-mmm-mmmmm!” Misato tries to say. “That dildo will be the second thing to penetrate you, Misato – your ass will be the second thing to have something slide thru it.”

“MMMMMMMMM!” Two fingers rub around her asshole, and Misato waits for one to slip thru.

A clip is undone on the right hand edge of the trolley, and a second on the opposite side.

“Something other than that purple dildo,” the front and rear halves of the white trolley separate, “will penetrate something other than your willing asshole…”

Misato’s head, breasts, held arms and upper torso are now two feet from her glistening backside, held legs and lower torso. A blade held in the square stock on each half of the trolley terminates each half of Misato’s glorious body.

“…and this penetration will already have happened by the time this thick dildo is halfway up your ass.”

Misato can feel hands on either side of her head, the straps on the gag loosen, and the ball is pulled out of her opened mouth. She looks up, confused.

“I’ve misled you, Misato – one end of this dildo is in fact going to go in your mouth…”

The firm but floppy cock is pushed gently in to Misato’s open mouth, and she adjusts her head to get the end of it deep into her throat.

The rear half of the trolley with Misato’s prepared ass is wheeled round so that it is facing Misato’s dildo-gagged face.

“…and the other end is still going to slide into your asshole as planned…”

Misato’s eyes widen as her own hindquarters are brought towards her face.

“M!” Misato feels the end of the dildo come to rest against her asshole – at the same time as she can she see it do so.

“…it’s just that you will be pushing it in yourself.”

“MMMMMMMMMMFF!” The long, high groan lasts as long as the slide of the dildo into her ass.

“Have I shocked you, Misato? Have we finally done something to you that you don’t approve of?” Her face is three inches from her own buttocks, and attached to it by a thick rubber cock that simultaneously fills her mouth and her asshole.

“Would you ever have guessed that I’d cut you in half, Misato?”

Misato watches her ass cheeks twitch as a thrill passes thru her whole body, her whole separated body. Her head jerks back slightly, and then back again, thrusting the purple cock back between her own buttocks.

“Mmmmmm!” Misato closes her eyes and this time the groan is pure satisfaction.

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