“God, this is really boring,” Emily said as she opened the well-stocked mini-bar.

“I know,” Chelsea agreed and changed the channel on the small TV. “But we don’t have any other options, do we?”

“I know this really sucks,” Lindsey added. “I guess we can forget the conference.”

“Yeah, well until they reopen the roads, we’re stuck here,” Emily said for the fourth time. She sat down on the queen-sized motel bed — stranded due to the snow storm that closed all roads in both directions. They were on the way to a conference and probably wouldn’t make it now, but they were lucky to get the last room at this roadside motel.

“Well, do you have any ideas?” Chelsea asked. “I’m up for something other than just watching TV.”

“I don’t know — does anyone have a deck of cards or anything?” Lindsey asked.

“There’s one in the mini-bar, I just saw it. Why, does anyone know any card games?” Erica asked, getting back up, she walked to the mini-bar. She opened it and took the deck out. “It will cost us $5, but I guess it’s worth it. We’re already in $30 for the beers.”

“Sure, we could play some poker,” Chelsea said as she sat down at the table next to Lindsey.

“I don’t know how to play poker,” Lindsey said.

“How bout Blackjack? That’s an easy one,” Emily said. “You can learn it fast if you don’t know it.” Emily was a little frustrated with Lindsey, who wasn’t the brightest member of their group, but she couldn’t get too angry with her since she was pretty nice.

“That’s fine with me,” Lindsey said. At least she’d played it before and it was a little easier than poker.

“Well let’s do it,” Emily said, sitting at the third chair at the smallish table. She had the cards and three beers from the mini-bar. “Let’s get started – I’ll deal,” she said as she popped open the can of Budweiser.

Emily was a petite girl in her late-twenties and the oldest of her three coworkers. She had mid-length dark hair which was pretty curly – especially after being out in the snow. She had soft, tan, skin and a perfect complexion that accented her Italian facial features and deep brown eyes. While she was short, she had a very shapely body, and wore just the right clothes to accent her curves.

It was her idea to drive to the conference — an idea she now kind of regretted, she thought as she dealt the first hand. But it might be fun to have a ‘girl’s night’ with Chelsea and Lindsey, she thought as she looked over at Chelsea, who was the youngest of the three and had just started working with them at the beginning of the year.

Chelsea had longer brown hair with blonde highlights, and was in the best shape of them all, Emily figured. She was about 5’6” and was very thin, except for her chest which Emily estimated was about a C-cup, but looked even bigger in comparison to her thin little waist and hips.

Chelsea knew that Emily was looking her over so she glanced down at her cards, and then looked up at Lindsey. Lindsey had been in the office for about a year longer than Chelsea but about two years less than Emily. She wasn’t all that smart, but probably got away with a lot because of her blonde hair and huge boobs, even though she seemed to be carrying a few extra pounds. She must be packing a nice set of Double D’s in her bra, Chelsea thought, and noticed that she always wore a low cut shirt to get some attention. Tonight was no different, which Chelsea assumed she did to try and intimidate her female colleagues in a subconscious way. Girls with huge tits always did that, Chelsea thought. She looked down at her own chest, which she always stuck out a little further when Lindsey was around. Chelsea looked back at Erica, who was beautiful, and also had a nice set of tits, even if it looked like they were starting to sag a little. I guess we all have it coming, Chelsea thought, as she turned her attention back to her cards.

“You want a hit or not Chels,” Emily asked. “You have a nine showing.” Emily was already into the ‘dealer mode.’

“Hit me,” Chelsea said, and Emily handed her over another card, this time a three to add to her nine and five. She had a 17 and decided to stop. “I’ll stand.”

“OK Lindsey, what do you want,” Emily asked. Lindsey looked at her cards, a ten and a king. “I’ll stay!” she said, too enthusiastically, Emily thought. She turned her attention to her own cards.

“I’ll need another,” she said. She picked up a card, a ten, and added it to her eight and six. “Damn, I’m out.”

“Busted!” Chelsea said. “17 here.”

“I’ve got a 20,” Lindsey beamed. “Cool, I win!”

Sure, you dizzy bitch, you get everything — Chelsea caught herself thinking. “Good game, Lindsey! You’re a shark! We’re in trouble!”

“Nah, beginner’s luck, I’m sure,” Lindsey said, and handed her cards over to Emily.

“OK, let’s go again,” Emily said taking another swig of beer. Chelsea and Lindsey did the same. Another round was dealt, and Emily won this time. Chelsea won the next two, and Lindsey the next. The beers were quickly drained, and Chelsea got up to raid the mini-bar.

“What do escort bayan you want, Emily? Only one beer, then some harder stuff,” Chelsea said as she peeked up from the bar.

“Definitely the beer,” Emily said. “You want something harder Lindsey?”

“Yeah, I’m the lush, whatever is fine,” Lindsey said, blushing a bit. She was getting kind of drunk, but what the hell, they all were, and she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Then I’ll have the little bottle of vodka, and you can have the gin, Lindsey,” Chelsea walked back to the table. The cards were already dealt.

“This isn’t very exciting without anything at stake, is it?” Lindsey said, screwing the top off of her gin. “Maybe we should play for money or something?”

“I don’t have any cash,” Chelsea said.

“Me either,” Emily said. She watched Lindsey take a sip of gin as she popped open another beer.

“We could play for something else,” Lindsey said sheepishly.

“You mean clothes?” Chelsea said with a laugh.

Emily looked at Lindsey and then at Chelsea and felt her heart jump just a little at the thought. She had never even remotely wondered what her coworkers looked like under their clothes, but suddenly felt very curious. “Hell, why not?” she said.

Chelsea looked at Emily’s chest and could see her nipples poking out from beneath her bra and white shirt. Chelsea felt herself get excited. She had wondered before what Erica must have looked like naked, but usually let the thought leave her mind immediately. Now she really wanted to see her, and couldn’t really explain why. Maybe it was the booze talking, she thought, as she took a sip from her glass. “I’m game,” she said.

“We should probably add another element to it, though,” Emily thought, her creative juices starting to flow.

“Uh oh,” Lindsey said, “I’ve seen that look on your face before, Emily,” she added with a laugh. “What’s your big idea?”

“Well, we could play strip blackjack, and whoever has clothes on at the end gets to be the boss for the rest of the time we’re in this motel,” she couldn’t believe what she said once the words came out of her mouth. She quickly took a swig of beer.

“What does THAT mean?” Lindsey asked, opening up a second bottle of booze and pouring it into her glass.

“Well,” Emily replied. “The winner tells the losers what to do. Whatever she wants, I guess.”

Chelsea adjusted her legs in her seat. “Let’s do it!” she said enthusiastically. “Only one condition though – what happens in this room stays in this room, OK?”

“No problem here,” Emily quickly said.

“OK,” Lindsey said a bit nervous.

“Settled then,” said Emily. “You have a ten showing, Lindsey.”

She lifted her other card, a seven. “Uh, I stand.”

“Chels?” Emily looked over at Chelsea’s jack of diamonds.

“I stand too,” Chelsea said.

“So, we’re a bit conservative now that there’s something at stake . . . I’ll take a hit,” Erica had the jack of hearts showing plus a two. She added a nine to the mix. “Twenty one!” She said as she uncovered her cards.

“Damn!” Chelsea and Lindsey said in unison.

“OK, pay up,” Emily said, holding out her hand. Chelsea leaned over and took off a sock. Lindsey did the same. Both handed them over to Emily. She promptly dropped them on the floor and dealt another round.

“I’m gonna knock your socks off,” Emily said with a smile.

“Hit me,” Chelsea said looking at her five and nine. Emily handed over a six. “OK, I’m good.”

“I’ll stand,” Lindsey said, looking at an 18 total.

“I’ll take another,” Emily said, adding an ace to her fifteen. “And another,” she put a five down on the table. “Twenty-one again!”

“No way!” Chelsea said, throwing her cards back and removing the other sock. Lindsey did the same.

“Nice toes,” Emily said as she playfully looked under the table at the two sets of naked feet. She looked up at Lindsey who was still leaning over rubbing her ankle. Emily looked down her shirt at her massive cleavage formed by her boobs being restrained by her lacy purple bra. She dealt a new round.

This time, Emily and Lindsey busted out quickly so Emily quickly gave a sock over to Chelsea as Lindsey stood up and took a drink to finish her glass of gin.

“Hmm,” she hummed as she looked down at her shirt and pants. “Any preference, Chelsea?”

“Hand over the shirt, Lindsey,” Chelsea said after thinking it over for a second. Lindsey grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her stomach. She paused for a second and then lifted the shirt over her boobs and head. She pulled it off of her arms and handed it to Chelsea. Both Emily and Chelsea stared at her massive tits spilling out of the huge purple bra’s cups.

“Holy Jesus, look at those monsters!” Emily crossed her arms over her own breasts, seemingly embarrassed at their relatively small size. Chelsea just stared at them, holding Lindsey’s shirt on her lap.

“Well, there you go!” Lindsey sat down, her face a little red. She adjusted the cups on her bra to take in a little of the excess görükle escort flesh that was popping out of the sides. As she did, her breasts jiggled, and her nipples got stiff and protruded out from beneath the overworked spandex cups.

Emily shuffled and dealt another round, slowly this time. She was down one sock, Chelsea lost two socks, and Lindsey had her bra, jeans, and panties left to go. She looked at Chelsea’s chest, and hoped to see her perfect looking tits next to Lindsey’s soon.

“Oh my God, Blackjack!” Lindsey said, turning over the ace of spades next to the jack of clubs. “I win!”

“Damn,” Emily said, pulling her other sock off for Lindsey.

This time Chelsea stood up and started unbuttoning her light violet blouse which was already straining a couple of her buttons since it was rather tight. She got to the bottom and opened it up, flashing Lindsey and Emily who both stared at her tight white bra holding in her perfectly round tits which seemed to be sticking out six inches over her flat stomach. She pulled the shirt off of her shoulders and handed it to Lindsey, who held it over her head triumphantly. Her tits shook violently as she waved the shirt over her head.

“OK, let’s keep going,” Emily said as she dealt a new hand. This time, both Lindsey and Chelsea stood with their cards. Emily gave herself one card, a seven to add to her showing three and hidden king.

“OK, twenty!” Emily said. Both Lindsey and Chelsea frowned and showed an eighteen and sixteen respectively. Both stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped their jeans, and slowly pulled them down over their hips. Emily looked like she was at a tennis match, shifting her intent gaze between the two young women as they bent over, their bras both straining to hold in their swaying breasts. Lindsey was wearing a pair of purple bikini panties to match her bra, and Chelsea wore a black thong which sat beautifully on her slim hips. Lindsey stumbled as she wrestled with her jeans and finally surrendered them to Emily. Chelsea handed them over as well, and both girls looked each other up and down before taking their seats. Emily looked them both over again, shuffled her cards, and handed them out. “What do you need, Lindsey?”


She put a jack down next to her ten. “Unless you have an ace tucked away under there, you’re done, chick!”



“Ummmmm,” Chelsea paused. “I’ll stand, Em.”

“OK, I’ve got eighteen,” Emily announced.

“Shit. Sixteen,” Chelsea reached around her back and unsnapped her bra. Lindsey and Emily stared at Chelsea’s chest, both looking forward to the reveal. Chelsea pulled one strap down, revealing her left breast, and then the other. She wriggled out of her bra, revealed her breasts, and handed the bra over to Emily, who immediately looked at the tag on the back strap.

“What do you think it is, Lindsey?” Emily said, holding the tag.

Lindsey looked at Chelsea’s tits, then her bra, then her tits again, studying them intently. “Um, 34 . . . C?” Lindsey guessed.

“Almost – 32 C. Wow, Chelsea. Nice,” Erica’s voice trailed off as she took them in. They stuck straight out, not sagging a bit. They were firm, and looked like they were defying gravity. Her light pink nipples stuck out slightly over her darker pink areolas. Chelsea looked down at them herself, and pushed them together with her arms to show some cleavage to her little captive audience.

“OK, Lindsey, your turn. Let’s see what you have in there,” Chelsea said, releasing her puppies which continued to stick straight out and a little to the sides – one aimed at Emily and the other pointing at Lindsey.

Lindsey reached back behind her, the move forcing her breasts to strain the bra even more than usual. She unsnapped it and immediately her two pale white mounds came crashing like an avalanche out of her cups revealing her two huge areolas, and long, hard nipples sticking out from underneath the purple bra’s under wire. She let the bra drop and both straps got caught and were hanging on her erect nipples as if they were coat hooks. Chelsea and Emily both erupted in laughter at the sight, and Lindsey blushed, pulling the bra off and handing it to Emily. Emily looked down at Lindsey’s strap, and before she could even ask . . .

“44 Double D,” Chelsea exclaimed, staring at the huge mams. “Has to be.”

“Exactly, Emily said, holding the bra in one hand, and slowly moving her free hand between her legs. She felt the wetness of her pussy soaking through her pants, and adjusted in her seat. “I’ve got quite the collection going here girls,” she said, placing both bras next to her on top of the pile of clothes.

“Just deal,” Lindsey smiled, waiting for her cards. She leaned over, resting her tits on the table as if to relieve the strain.

Emily handed over the cards. “What will it be Chelsea?”

“Um, hit, I guess.”

Emily handed her a ten. “Want another?”

“No, I’m good,” she smiled.

“Hit,” Lindsey said.

“Ten showing plus . . .” Emily slowly bursa elit escort lifted the card and placed it down, “ . . . a queen!”

“Damn!” Lindsey said, standing up slowly. Without even turning over the other card, she pulled her panties down over her hips and let them drop to the floor, her huge breasts jiggling wildly with every move.

“Wow, a real blonde!” Emily exclaimed at the sight of her neatly trimmed blond bush. “Just set them in the middle. We don’t even know who won yet!”

Lindsey sat back down, looking down at her tits and pubic hair, face still slightly red.

“I’m gonna stay, Chelsea, what do you have?”

Chelsea turned over her eight to go with her new ten and two. “Twenty.”

“Well, you win that one,” Emily said, standing up. Lindsey perked up and joined Chelsea in staring at their co-workers chest. Her nipples were more erect then either of them ever remembered seeing before, poking through her tight shirt. Emily pulled her shirt out of her waist band and lifted it slowly up over her stomach, chest, and head.

“Nice!” Chelsea said, looking at her white bra over her tan Italian skin. “They kind of look bigger then I thought, Emily!” she said.

“Um, OK,” Emily wasn’t sure what to think of that.

She sat back down and noticed both Chelsea and Lindsey staring at her chest. Feeling their eyes on thinly covered boobs made her hornier than she’d ever been before. She looked at Lindsey’s huge tits resting on the table and Chelsea’s perfect set sticking out from her chest. She could feel her pussy getting warmer and wetter.

“OK, let’s go,” she said, shaking out of her trance and back to the game. She dealt a hand to herself and Chelsea.

“Hit,” Chelsea said immediately after checking her cards.

“Five showing plus a ten.”


“Another ten.”


Chelsea stood up and pulled her thong down over her hips and pulled them down to her thighs and ankles. She lifted them up and gave them over to Emily. “OK, you’re the boss for the evening,” Chelsea sighed.

Lindsey straightened up and looked at Emily. Emily put the thong down and stood up.

“OK, Lindsey, stand up honey,” Emily said, a million things going through her mind.

Lindsey did as she was told and stood next to Chelsea. Both were completely naked.

“Face each other, girls.” Emily said, her voice cracking as she stood up to stand near them. They turned toward each other and stared at each other’s breasts. Chelsea reached over and stroked Lindsey’s huge sagging cans and Lindsey shivered at the touch.

Emily came a bit closer and put one hand on Lindsey’s back and the other on Chelsea’s back and slowly pushed them together so their tits were touching and eventually they were hugging each other. “Now, I want you two to make out for a minute.”

They immediately did as told, locking lips and French kissing each other while rubbing their hands over their backs and ass cheeks. Lindsey gave Chelsea’s firm ass a massage as Chelsea reached around to feel Lindsey’s massive breasts. Emily, standing in her bra and still wearing her pants, grabbed Lindsey’s other tit, then one of Chelsea’s, and gave them a few light squeezes, rubbing their nipples together.

“OK, minute’s up,” Emily said. The two backed up a little.

“What’s next?” Chelsea asked.

“Well, I could use a little attention over here,” Emily said, reaching behind her own back and unsnapping her bra. She pulled the straps down and removed the bra to reveal her two perfectly tan and very slightly sagging breasts. Lindsey and Chelsea both gasped a little when they finally saw those gorgeous brown nipples they had been noticing all night. Emily reached up and grabbed both of her inch long nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rolled them around until they were sticking out, rock hard against her slightly puffy areolas. “What do you think?” Emily asked, proudly displaying her chest to the two naked girls in front of her. “Go ahead and touch them, they don’t bite!”

Lindsey was the first to grab one of Emily’s hooters and gently rub the hard nipple with her hand. “Oh my God, Emily. I’ve never seen nipples this long!”

Chelsea just watched Lindsey work. She grabbed her own breasts and started rubbing them together.

“OK, girls, get down on your knees in front of me,” Emily commanded, getting used to her new role. Both did as told.

She lifted both breasts to Chelsea and Lindsey’s lips, and pushed her nipples into their willing mouths. Chelsea latched on to Emily’s right nipple with her lips and started sucking, while Lindsey worked Emily’s left nip with her tongue, finally taking most of her soft, squishy breast into her mouth. Emily leaned her head back and moaned at the unbelievable feeling. When she looked back down, she noticed both of the girls rubbing their pussies with their free hand. She felt her own pussy throb and continued to look down at her friends working her nipples like she’d never experienced before.

After a few minutes, Emily tapped them both on the head. “Lindsey, why don’t you get on the bed, in the middle, on your hands and knees,” Emily suggested. Lindsey complied immediately. Emily then unbuttoned her own khaki pants and slid them down her legs, kicking them off. She noticed Chelsea staring at her white cotton bikini cut panties.

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