My Re-Awakening Ch. 02


The sun started to come down and my thoughts of having her again made my pussy tingle. Her hand was soft and it fit perfectly in mine. As we neared the van I knew I didn’t want to stay here to finish what we had started, I wanted to be somewhere where we would have no issues of anyone watching. I had the perfect spot. I had a quiet place near my home that had a walking path and it was usually like a barren desert. I suggested that we go for a ride and spend our time there.

The drive was filled with sexual tension. We both knew what we wanted to happen. As we neared the gravel parking lot, there were a couple of vehicles there. I was disappointed. Normally it was one of those places that not too many people know about but this evening, a few people had learned of it. I decided I didn’t care.

“Looks like we have company.” She said as she parked the van. It was a beautiful view on top of a hill. I could see the sun in the distance getting ready to set and I thought to myself that this was perfect.

“I know.” I agreed irritated that we couldn’t do what we really wanted to here.

“Did you want to go somewhere else?” she asked. “I kind of like the view here. It’s quiet. I can see why you like coming up here.”

“I do. It’s a nice spot to just ‘be'” I replied, submitting to the fact that this was all we were going to do was talk. I looked around and thought this might just be nice, to just get to know one another. As I looked out the window, I felt her hand take mine.

“Come here” she said as she smiled. “I love kissing you.”

Willingly I turned and leaned across the front seat and took her cheek in my hand. I pressed my lips softly on hers. I loved kissing her as well, her lips were so soft, and damn did she know how to kiss. Brushing our lips over each other’s, I could feel my body respond. My nipples became hard little buds of flesh. I wanted this restrictive clothing off of myself so she could have all of me. I wanted her lips and her tongue to explore and I wanted her to feel what she did to me. Our kiss deepened and our hands began to explore each other. Our hands were everywhere, and I felt that this wasn’t enough.

“Back seat. Lots of room.” I breathed against her lips. “I want you. I don’t care who’ll stop to watch. I just want you!”

We moved hurriedly to the back, and before I knew it, I had her shirt and bra off and was on top of her. Her legs were spread wide for me, and her skirt was already hiked up to her waist. I kissed her hard and slid my tongue between her lips so I could play with her tongue. Her tongue swirled around mine and in the quietness of the evening; the sound of the kiss filled the van. Our breath mingled and was hot; we just couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.

“Mm Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort mm fuck I love kissing you.” I rasped against her lips. “I could do this all night baby”

“My baby can kiss something else” she panted and grabbed my hand and placed it on the hot wetness of her panties.

“Oh god!” I moaned and let my finger slide underneath the soaked softness of the material.

I dipped my fingertip inside her pussy. Jesus she was so wet. I wiggled my fingertip back and forth inside her. Her hips started lifting up and down. I continued teasing the opening of her pussy and it made her wetter with each flick of my finger. I couldn’t hold back any longer and thrust my finger inside her. She let out a gasp and grabbed my shoulders, her fingers digging deep into my flesh. I hadn’t removed any of my clothing at this point. I just wanted to have her, taste her again.

“Fuck Carrie!”

I loved watching her face as I thrust my finger in again all the while watching her expression. I slid my finger in and out slowly and deeply. My index finger was just soaked. It almost felt like she came already.

“Baby, did you cum?” I asked panting.

“No baby but fuck you’re driving me crazy!” she groaned and thrust her hips up. “Oh my god I want your tongue inside my pussy again. Fuck, you lick such good pussy Carrie”.

I smiled down at her and moved my finger back and forth inside her tight twitching pussy. I loved the sound of the sloshing that I was creating. I slid my finger back out slowly, and brought my hand up to my mouth. Putting my index finger in my mouth I sucked off her juices and let her watch what I was doing. She watched, her whole body just oozing lust. She grabbed my hand and put my finger between her lips. Her tongue circled the tip of it and she was smiling as she did this. I was so turned on; I felt my pussy gush and I squeezed it to heighten the sensation of the tingling and heat that was there.

“Holy fuck Cheri I love that!” I said as I watched her lick my finger slowly.

“Mm mm so good baby” she moaned. I pulled my hand out of hers and banged my mouth on her lips in a hard kiss. I brought my hand down and moved her panties aside again and thrust my index finger and my middle finger inside her. Her pussy tightened around my fingers as I rammed them in and out. Breaking our kiss, I growled and moved down her body. Keeping my fingers inside her, thrusting hard each time, I bent my head down and took her left nipple in my mouth. It was a hard peak and I took it between my teeth and tugged it up.

“Fuck! Yes! Fuck Carrie yeah bite it baby!” she cried out as her body lifted up.

I tugged her nipple up harder and her loud cries urged me further. I kept pounding my fingers in and out of her pussy while I bit and tugged, taking turns on each nipple. Her pussy was tightening more and more and I knew by her thrashing her hips up and down, that she was going to cum. I didn’t want that. I wanted her to cum on my mouth, so I could feel every twitch and contraction of her soaked hole.

“Not this way Cheri. You’re not going to cum this way.” I groaned and moved quickly down on my knees.

I slid her panties off of her hips, and tossed them on the van floor. Looking up I could see her head wasn’t quite on the seat. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down further so she wasn’t uncomfortable because I was going to be down there awhile.

Her one leg was propped up on the back of the seat and the other was resting down off the side. I dove right in and wrapped my arms around her thighs pulling her body closer to me. Taking a deep breath in I narrowed my tongue and used the tip to circle her clit very slowly. Her moaning was driving me crazy but I held back from ramming my tongue inside her. I had to lick between her hips bucking up and down. I looked up and her breasts were bobbing up and down with each rise of her body. Watching her movements, I sucked her clit deep into my mouth.

“Fuck I’m cumming!!” she yelled out and banged her hips up against my face. She was clutching the seat and thrusting up and down. I held tight to her and pressed my chin on her soaked hole and sucked harder on her clit

“Fuck! Oh fuck yeah baby! Fucking suck that clit baby!” she cried out and looked down to watch me, her eyes showing the loss of control of her orgasm.

I sucked and sucked and let her release what we were both waiting for. As her orgasm waned, I released her tender sensitive clit. I circled it lightly with my tongue and felt her tremble and twitch as I rounded the very center of it. Her soft moans had me in such a state of euphoria and I was ready to go for her round 2.

Unwrapping my arms from her legs, I brought my hand to her pussy and used my fingertips to part her drenched lips. I blew softly on her pussy cooling the heat emulating from it. I could hear her breathing deepen and her soft groans telling me that she enjoyed this. I pointed my tongue and dipped into the opening of her pussy. I took small thrusts, slowly in and around her. Her hips moved with the rhythm of what I was doing.

“Oh my god yeah Carrie. Fuck I love that. Mm mm don’t stop baby, feels so good” she cooed as she lifted her head to watch.

“You like that baby? Mm you taste so good.” I said as I continued teasing just the opening of her tight swollen hole.

“I fucking love it Carrie” she replied with a low guttural groan.

I brought my left hand up and flicked her hard clit softly with the tip of my finger. I slid my tongue inside her a little deeper now and took her clit between my index finger and my thumb gently squeezing it. She let out a load moan.

“Oh fuck baby! I can’t, not again. I don’t think I can cum again” she said as she tried to move up.

“Oh yes Cheri. Again” I smiled.

I released her clit and wrapped my arms around her thighs again and pulled her down, giving her no choice but to come closer.

I thrust my tongue inside her and gripped her tight.

“Oh fuck! Jesus Carrie! Oh my god!” she said her voice not objecting.

I moaned as I tongue fucked her faster, feeling her pussy surround my tongue. Holding tight and ready for her thrashing about, I delved my tongue in and out, loving the slurping and sloshing sound her pussy was making. She gripped the seat again and thrust her hips up and down, meeting each thrust of my tongue. Her clit banged on my nose harder and harder. She was going to soak my mouth and I was ready for it. My chin was thumping on her pussy and I could feel my tongue ready to cramp. I quickly slid my tongue out and released my right arm from her thigh. I then slammed my index finger inside her. I watched as my finger was sucked in by her pussy. Turning and rotating it in and out of her was driving me crazy and I could feel my pussy burn and tingle. I squeezed my pussy over and over again. I was going to cum with her. I needed it but I wanted to watch her cum again for me.

“Fuck baby, cum for me baby! Make that pussy drip for me!” I growled and rammed my finger in harder and harder. She thrust her hips up to meet the pounding. I bent my head down and sucked her clit into my mouth as I finger fucked her. We met the same rhythm and suddenly she cried out.

“OH OOH FUCK!! Fuck! Fuck Fuck! Making me cum Baby FUCK!”

Her hips pushed up against my face and she came, soaking my chin and my mouth. Her pussy contracted around my finger tighter and tighter. I was groaning against her mound and kept my face glued to her pussy. My head bobbed up and down and her breasts were flopping to the same rhythm.

Her orgasm came on strong and finally when she was coming down, I slid my finger out of her, revealing a very swollen and red pussy. I blew on it again, and softly ran my fingertip up and down covering the length of it.

“Mm mm Cheri. My god that was… I don’t know what that was but God Damn that was fucking amazing for me to watch” I said smiling as I moved up to meet face to face with her.

She opened her eyes and returned a smile. “Be on the receiving end of it baby” she said almost purring. “Your turn next. I can’t wait to taste your pussy. “

I groaned and said to her as I gave her a small kiss on her lips. “You’re damn right my turn next”

And then I lifted myself up and took her hands in mine pulling her up.

“Now it’s my turn” I said as I leaned back…

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