Another Walk In the Woods


This is a sequel to my previous story, “A Walk In the Woods”, which I have happily written because of the positive response that previous story received. It is not absolutely necessary for you to have read the previous story in order to hopefully enjoy this one, but it is a short tale as well and can be found easily by clicking onto my name above.


Chapter One: Feeling my age.

After taking that eventful walk in the woods and meeting up with Amy, it took me about a week to recover. I’ve discovered that as a senior citizen, it takes a little longer to recuperate from strenuous activity, and I’ve determined that it takes about a week to get back to normal from the combination of taking a mile walk and screwing a girl standing up for about 20 minutes.

My back and legs ached quite a bit for much of that time, but while my body might have been out of commission, my mind was working overtime to make up for it. After the aches and pains had left me, I was ready for action, trying to figure out how to double my fornicating total of the last decade.

Amy. Sweet Amy. Sex with her was so good, but she was so vulgar that it made me uncomfortable when she talked like she did. I guess it must be a generational thing, but I’m not used to having girls pee in front of me and use words like fuck in every sentence. I’m no prude and I’ve used the words myself, but still and all – I try to be a gentlemen.

I am a bit of a hypocrite though. I was no gentlemen when I tried to split that little slut in half back there in the woods, and I have been no gentlemen as I spent every waking hour thinking about that afternoon and fantasizing about doing it again.

Fall had taken a turn for the worse, however. The daytime temperatures were now in the 40’s, and that was not good weather to be tramping around in the woods with your clothes off, no matter what your age. The trees were almost barren of leaves, and there would be no foliage to hide behind back there now.

Some of my fellow residents take walks back there from time to time as well, and I tried to imagine what they would think about seeing me back there with my pants around my ankles, giving some girl about a quarter my age the high hard one.

Still and all, I watched the woods, and found myself waiting when the bus would drop people off, hoping to see Amy, or her friend.


Chapter Two: Heather.

Her name was Heather, and one afternoon I saw her and another girl I didn’t recognize hop off of the bus. The two split up, and as the one girl walked down the street, Heather headed along the path that led to the woods. I was right behind her, hot on her trail while pretending to be taking a leisurely and innocent stroll.

Walking briskly, I gained ground on her quickly, and by the time we were about 100 yards into the woods I was less than 10 yards behind her. Tramping through the crunchy leaves made sneaking up on her an impossibility, but that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to talk to her, and I was just about to call out to her when she looked back over her shoulder.

Seeing me walking behind her, she turned around completely, with a shocked look on her face. As she turned, she must have tripped over a tree root or a rock, and proceeded to fall right on her butt.

I hurried up to her to lend my assistance, checking her out all the way. She was wearing a mauve colored jacket, but underneath she seemed to have the same uniform on that she had that day. White blouse, red plaid shirt and white knee-hi socks. I could see way up her skirt as I reached her, noting that she had white panties on today, unlike the last time.

“Are you okay?” I asked, helping the red-faced girl to her feet and brushing her off. “Heather, isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah,” she said, cheeks as red as her skirt.

“You remember me, don’t you? From the stump?” I asked.

“Um… yeah. Mr. Rogers.”

“Right!” I said. “Nice to see you again. I’m flattered that you remembered me. You really made an impression on me last time as well.”

“I did?” she said.

“You sure did!” I exclaimed incredulously. “You saw me and your friend Amy back there at the stump, and you lifted up your skirt to show me how beautiful you are, and then you made me an offer that I found very exciting. That’s not an everyday occurrence for me.”

“Oh,” Heather said nervously.

“The offer you made,” I said while putting my hand on her shoulder. “Does that still stand?”

“You mean?” Heather asked, apparently stunned. “With me?”

“Well, it was your idea,” I reminded her.

“I mean – what about Amy?” Heather asked.

“What about her?” I answered. “She’s a very pretty girl, but to be honest, I find you much more my type. You’re way sexier than her, and I loved what you showed me that day.”

“Oh. I was just – kidding around,” Heather said, jumping along with me at the sound of a squirrel running through the brush behind us.

“Do you remember what you did?” I said. “You lifted your skirt and showed me your Ataşehir Escort pussy. Remember?”

Heather nodded and swallowed hard.

“Do you remember what you said to me?” I asked, and when she shrugged her shoulders, I reminded her.

“You asked me if I wanted to – have sex with you,” I said. “Your exact words were – “Do you want to fuck me? I know I’m not as cute as Amy but I’m a good fuck.”

Heather blushed at my retelling, and made a face that led me to believe that the redness of her face was now coming from being embarrassed.

“Guess I was just talking and acting like that because Amy was there,” Heather admitted. “I’m not like that usually.”

“Oh,” I said, realizing that she wasn’t really interested in me at all, and that nothing was going to happen. “I’m sorry for all of this then, dear. I misunderstood.”

I turned and started to walk away, but hadn’t gotten more than a few feet before I heard Heather’s shaky voice.

“Uh – Mr. Rogers?” she said tentatively, and I stopped and turned around quickly.

“Do you want to – you know – go back there?” she asked, waving in the general area where the stump was.

Chapter Three: A better idea.

Pulling my jacket around my neck as a breeze whistled around us, I looked in the direction I remembered the little clearing to be, and shook my head.

“Rather cold out here for that today, I’m afraid,” I opined. “I’ve got a better idea. I live around where you got off the bus. We could go to my place where it’s nice and warm and we could get really comfortable.”

“Besides,” I added, bringing my hand up to her rosy cheek and brushing her coal black hair away from her face. “A girl as pretty and sexy as you deserves something better than back here.”

“How come you keep saying that I’m sexy?” she asked. “I know I’m not.”

“You are to me, Heather.”

She was. Although I may have been laying it on a little thick, I thought Heather was adorable, and I think I understood why. She reminded me of a Campbell Kid, one of the characters that used to be used in the soup advertisements.

Chubby and cute, she had a healthy look about her that the anorexic girls of today just don’t have. If it was a beauty contest, I know that Amy would have been an easy winner, but I much preferred Heather.

“Uh – I have to tell my Mom,” Heather said, and before I could stop her she had her phone out – the same phone she had taken my picture with – and seconds later was talking to her mother.

As she turned away from me, I slapped my hand to my forehead. Don’t tell her some old geezer came up to you in the woods and wants to take you home, even though that was exactly what I was trying to do.

Heather was smarter than that, however, and when I overheard her saying she was going to stay at Amy’s house for the night, I not only breathed a sigh of relief, I felt like jumping in the air. I thought better of that, deciding to save my energy for what was to come.

“Okay?” Heather asked.

“Wonderful,” I said, putting my arm around her shoulder and leading her to my place.


Chapter Four: Into my lair.

The walk to my place was a quiet one, with a couple of my questions answered with short and terse replies. Being alongside her, I noticed for the first time how short Heather was. Being on the crest of a little hill back there on the path, it wasn’t that noticeable, but on flat land, I towered over her my more than a foot.

That may have contributed to her nervousness, but I tried to keep things light by making a few jokes and comments I considered witty. Since it was very cool out, I didn’t have to contend with the gaggle of old folks out front as I led Heather into the lobby of my building.

We took the elevator up to my apartment on the third floor, and when the doors opened and no one was waiting for the elevator I thought we were home free. My luck ran out when we got halfway down the hall and the door of my next door neighbor opened up, and Mrs. Bushey came out with her laundry basket.

“Hello Mr. Rogers,” she said, giving me a smile as she glanced over at my guest.

“Hi, Mrs. Bushey,” I answered, rifling through my mental Rolodex for a plausible story to explain what was going on. “This is – uh – my niece Heather.”

“Oh, you get some company,” she said. “How lucky for you. Nice to meet you, my dear.”

Actually, Mrs. Bushey wasn’t all that bad compared to most of the biddies in the place. She had a resemblance to Cloris Leachman and could get around really well. I had considered making a run at her at one time, but chickened out.

I breathed a sigh of relief as she headed down the hall, and I hurried Heather into my place before we had another chance meeting with someone more nosy.

“Sorry about that,” I told Heather once we got safely inside and I was able to lock the door behind us. “Would have been tough to explain.”

Heather nodded and took off her coat with much reluctance. Her blouse was baggy on her, Kadıköy Escort but there was no hiding the fact that she had a big pair on her, and I could not wait to get at them.

Reaching down, I cupped her face as I bent over to kiss her. The kiss was very tight-lipped, and when I pulled back, Heather seemed shaken.

“Can I have a drink of water?” she asked, looking around the apartment nervously.

“Water? Sure. Follow me,” I said, leading her to the kitchen.

After offering her a soda and getting a shake of the head in response, I took a glass from the cupboard and poured her a drink from the faucet. She drank it slowly, taking little sips while looking out the window above the sink, where the park was visible and obviously where she felt more at ease.

Standing behind Heather, I leaned against her backside gently while my hands landed on her wrists. Slowly, I let my hands slide up her forearms, which had a coating of fine black down on them.

“Nice,” I whispered into her ear. “I like furry girls.”

Heather’s body got a little spastic at that point, and when my hands could only reach up her sleeves to her biceps, I let them slide back down.

“Just relax, my baby,” I said, moving my hands from her wrists to her hips.

I could hear her breathing getting louder and more rapid with every passing second, and I swear I could hear her heart beating too, although that may very well have been mine.

My hands made a very short journey up from Heather’s hips, and when my hands reached her breasts, I let out a groan of my own. Cupping her breasts through the blouse and her bra, I hefted them and ground my erection into her backside.

“Oh my goodness,” I exclaimed. “I can’t believe how well developed you are, Heather.”

My hands kneaded the huge globes roughly through the layers of clothing, stunned at how really large her breasts were. For her part, Heather seemed to be a nervous wreck, twitching and shaking as she gripped the edge of the sink.

“No need to be nervous, honey,” I said in as soothing a voice as my excited self could manage. “Let me make you a little more comfortable.

Reaching down, I pulled her blouse out from beneath her skirt, and looking over her shoulder I unbuttoned her blouse. With each freed button, I saw more and more of what proved to be a cleavage that was as deep as I had ever seen.

That cavernous cleavage was not produced by any artificial means or special clothing either, as her brassiere was a utilitarian and frumpy model that was designed for service instead of allure.

“So beautiful,” I said softly, nibbling her neck while looking down between the enormous bra cups that cradled her huge breasts.

Heather was shaking even more than I was now, and that didn’t change when I undid the button of her skirt and then pulled the zipper down.

“Feel how excited I am?” I asked her, and then took her hand and pulled it back to my crotch, and onto the bulge in my pants.

“Oh,” Heather whimpered when I pushed her hand onto my erection and ground into her palm.

“You thought it was big back there in the woods last week?” I gasped. “You should see it now. In fact, why don’t we get more comfy so we can enjoy each other better?”


Chapter Five: To bed.

I didn’t recognize the Heather that I brought into my bedroom. She bore no relation to the girl that I had met after having sex with her friend. While that Heather was certainly quiet and reserved in comparison to Amy, she wasn’t as petrified and skittish as she was now. I could only chalk it up to being in a strange place.

“Let’s throw a little light on the subject,” I said as I turned on the light to the dimmest setting. “I want to be able to see how beautiful you are.”

Heather stood next to the bed with her hands crossed over her chest, still trembling as her eyes darted around the room. She was thick at the waist, and her thighs were plump as well, but she was solidly built. I took special delight in seeing the black curls that poured out of the sides and top of her white panties, and the faint trail of hair that traveled up to below her belly button was a delight as well.

“Now, why don’t you help me off with my clothes,” I suggested, walking over to her.

I had to actually take her hands and put them near the top button of my flannel shirt, and it took her a long time for her to undo the buttons because her fingers were trembling so badly. It looked as if Heather trimmed her fingernails by biting them, and the faint residue of purple nail polish must have been applied a day or two ago.

“That’s it,” I told her as she got the last button undone at last, and as I shrugged it off I encouraged her to keep going.

I ran my fingers through the gray mat of hair on my chest while Heather struggled with the belt, the anticipation building to a fever pitch inside of me. The belt came free, and my pants hit the floor seconds later.

My boxer shorts did nothing to hide my excitement, and Bostancı Escort when I nodded at Heather to take them off of me, she had a pained expression on her face as she grabbed the elastic at the top and pulled them down. It was almost as if she was going to run out the door any second, or even jump out the window.

It didn’t help Heather’s nerves any when my cock swayed up at her when the shorts went down past it, and she shied away from my erection as it swung around lazily while I stepped out of my boxers.

“It’s okay,” I said, giving her a little hug, which was an excuse to unhook her bra after giving her comfort. “You’ve been with other guys before, right? You said you were.”

Heather nodded, and I brought her hand down to grab it while I kissed the top of her head.

“Is it the size of my cock that’s scaring you?” I asked her. “Is that why you’re so nervous? Am I bigger than the other guys you’ve had, or is my not being circumcised that frightens you?”

“I guess everything,” she said in a quivering voice as she watched me slide my foreskin back and forth.

“Your friend Amy was able to take it, and you’re twice the woman she is,” I assured her, undoing the hooks of her bra and sliding it off her shoulders.

“Wow!” I gasped as the cups fell away from Heather’s breasts, and as they eased down to her waist I brought my hands up to cup the massive globes. “I’ve never been with a woman with breasts as large as your are. They’re incredible.”

My hands kneaded the heavy, pendulous breasts, feeling the thick pegs of her crimson nipples against my palms as I lifted the doughy globes. Heather kept looking at me with a dazed look, although she obviously enjoyed the attention I was giving her breasts, and she kept her fist wrapped around my cock.

“I’ve never – haven’t,” she finally said, and when I asked her what she meant, she made it clear.

“I’ve never done this before.”


Chapter Six: Huh?

I sat Heather down on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her, causing my knees and back creak, but I didn’t care at that point.

“What do you mean, honey? I thought you said that you were – you had been with guys.”

“I just say that so that Amy wouldn’t laugh at me,” Heather said, biting her lip while a tear trickled down her cheek. “I tell her I’ve done stuff so that she won’t think I’m a total loser.”

“You mean you haven’t had sex with any guys then?” I asked.

“I’ve done stuff,” Heather explained. “I’ve given guys head and done them by hand, but I’ve never had real sex with any of them.”

“I see.”

“There were a couple guys that I wanted to do, but they didn’t want to do me,” Heather said. “I’m too fat and hairy.”

“Now that’s silly,” I told her.

“They let me suck their dicks if they get desperate, and they like to play with my tits, but they don’t want to take me to dances and junk, or be seen with me. Sometimes they finger me – you know.”

“Then they are fools,” I told her. “You have a beautiful body. I told you that. Back when I was your age a woman built like you would have guys falling over each other to be with you. I guess these days you’re considered a little chubby, but not to me.”

“As for being hairy,” I added. “A woman is supposed to have hair between their legs.”

“Not as much as me.”

“Well, I guess I’m way out of style,” I said in resignation.

“I like the things you say to me,” Heather said, reaching down and taking my hand. “You make me feel good about myself.”


Chapter Seven: Feeling good.

“I want to see you – all of you,” I told Heather, and when she stood up I took her full-cut white cotton panties down.

The pungent aroma of her pussy washed over me as she lifted her leg to let me get them off of her. I leaned forward and buried my face in the dense bush, sensing the moistness of her opening even though it was obscured by the thick black forest, which was so dark that it defied description.

I eased Heather down onto the bed and onto her back, and as she went back I lifted her legs over my shoulders. Her knee-high socks were still on, but they would have to wait, because I wanted to taste her pussy.

The hair was so dense that it had a springy feel to it as my face leaned in and my tongue began probing. I licked her pussy from stem to stern before concentrating on her clit, and when I found the little pearl, Heather became alive. Once she started reacting to my tongue, her thrashing and moaning made me hard again, and once that happened, I couldn’t help myself.

I climbed on top of Heather as quickly as I could, rubbing the head of my cock up and down the furry and moist opening. When she realized what was about to happen, she put her hands on my shoulders and shook her head, but I was already on my way inside of her.

“OWWWW!” she cried out as I crammed the head of my dick inside of her. “It hurts, Mr. Rogers – please!”

“Relax – just relax for me, honey,” I instructed her, and as I slid deep inside of her – way farther than any finger had gone before, I felt as if I was tearing her up.

Gradually, as I worked my member deeper still, I felt her loosen up a bit, and by then the tears had stopped and instead of pushing me away, she was pulling me closer.

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