What You Said


**Note: This was my first story, please be gentle. Enjoy!**


Where were you? Usually I had received my evening text from you by now…

Leaning over my sleeping husband, I check the clock. 11:45 pm. I had tried twice already to go to sleep but just couldn’t keep the words out of my head.

After so long we’d finally started talking again, months of silence and then…

I was glad to pick up where we left off. Platonic: a little flirting during a bad movie, getting just a little too tipsy, sharing a cigarette. But now, you were surprising me left and right. Turning the conversation at every opportunity. I remember how it started, “What do you usually wear to bed?” Completely off topic for the conversation we were having, it didn’t even occur to me to wonder where you were going with it. Even more shocking was the fact that I answered.

“Nothing *blush* nothing… um, what about you?”

And so it went. The conversations would start easily enough, what was on tv, what were the plans for the evening… And inevitably, the question would come. I had begun to rely on it, feed from the thrill of going outside my comfort zone.

I began to imagine you there, thinking of how best to gaziantep zenci escort get me to open up to you. I began to fantasize about you getting hard thinking about me. Grazing a hand over your hard cock as you pried into my private goings on; looking at the picture of my fingers spreading the lips of my smoothly shaven sex. I remember that night well, I had had a few too many to drink and was easy prey for your slow seduction. You’d asked me if I shave, and I told you I’d show you.

But now, whether or not my fantasies about you were actuallized, here I was: one hand idly playing with my nipples in turn as I read over the messages. My breathing becoming heavier as I looked at last night’s conversation and my attempt to be as bold as you. I had asked you if you were hard… So unlike me to be that forward, but still I couldn’t resist. Your response only fuelled me on, increased my courage as you answered, “Yes, I am. Why?” Damnit! I was trapped, how could I answer this so as not to reveal my real reason? That I was burning up just thinking about you that way…

“Just curious”

It would have been simple if I’d stopped with that, but I just couldn’t gaziantep escort let it end that way, so I venture out again. “…What *inspired* you?” I say trying to put a cute spin on it, so as not to come off too eager. You were so upfront, so blindly honest, “Thinking about you touching yourself. That’s what got me hard.” No fuss, just as matter-of-fact as if I’d asked you what you ate for dinner.

Reading it again… that was it. Before I thought through my actions I was pulling at my panties as though they were on fire. With my left hand still at my breast, kneeding frantically now, my right hand slides down my body. I am already so wet. I can’t seem to catch my breath, I have to slow down; keep from waking anyone up. I flick across my swollen clit with my index finger and instantly my bottom lip is between my teeth, warning me not to cry out. My eyes close and I let the tactile sensations take over.

I can feel the goosebumps raise along my skin as I begin to rub my clit in small, consistent circles. I give my left nipple a pinch, pulling on it lightly and my mouth falls slack with pleasure. But I need more! I move the hand on my pussy lower, teasing the entry with my middle finger and slowly work it in. Shallow strokes at first until it is completely inside me, my index finger is quick to follow. I slide my fingers in and out; soft, wet sounds coming from under the blanket as I push as deeply as I can.

Soon, both hands have moved lower as I continue to finger myself. And as if of it’s own accord, my left hand busies itself with my clit: rubbing and flicking, pinching and teasing. It is not long before I feel a familiar heat begin to grow low in my body and I know soon that I’m going to cum. I roll onto my side, face pressed to a pillow, stifling my whimpers and moans. Without thinking I stop rubbing my clit and instead take advantage of my position. I slide my left hand over my hip and behind me massaging and lightly prodding at my anus, knowing how my orgasms intensify this way.

Hands working in tandem, I am quickly brought to the edge and know what I must do. I shove a third finger into my soaking pussy at the very same moment as a finger slips into the tighter space behind. “Oooh FUCK!” I moan, as quietly as I can manage, deep into my pillow as my body shudders and my orgasm hits me. Wave after wave of pleasure washes through me, and I struggle to contain my reaction, knowing my husband is sleeping only inches away. As the overwhelming sensation begins to subside I try to catch my breath. But as quickly as it slows it catches in my throat as I hear a familiar *BUZZ* *BUZZ*

I know what it is, and I’m ready for you tonight…

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