She Loves It

After we made the deal to inject some spunk into our love life, I had audaciously entered her home at night and raped her (with mutual consent) and had then realized how much she liked rough handling. Thereafter, she had entered my home at night and almost dominated sex with me.

It was now my turn to carry out something that could tickle our imagination.

I went on thinking what I could do? Every now and then the thought of getting her all excited and begging for more would make by dick squirm inside my underwear.

One day while I was working in office, I got a call from my boss who asked me to leave for Germany the same night. I agreed, though a little reluctantly. I had promised Tara that I would drop in, in the evening and we would have some fun. Whatever that meant.

I called her and told her that I was off and would not be able to make it. She was disappointed she said. But being sporty, she said “Get me something nice from Germany.”

I agreed and left in a hurry. While in the flight I went on thinking what I get her from Germany. Perfumes, Jewelry, clothes, lingerie . . . what??? She had everything that she needed. Watch, Hair Dryer et al.

Soon I reached Frankfurt. I had a connecting flight to Osnbruck.

The flight was late. So I had time to kill.

I walked to the basement of Frankfurt airport and was walking around trying to waste my time while the flight got listed.

While walking around I came upon a sex shop. I walked in, with a brain wave. Why not get Tara a blue film and then fuck like hell after seeing the film. While walking around I found lots of dildos. I then thought, that seeing the blue film and fucking wont last. I wanted lasting value for Tara. So why not the dildo. We could play with the dildo while we fucked. Plus she could have her orgasms without me as well.

Then thought, she knows of blue films and about dildos. Where was the element of surprise?

Then I saw an interesting item. It was a ‘In Panty Battery Operated Vibrator with Remote Control’. I was intrigued. I went on conjuring up what I would do with it.

I bought it and kept it in safe custody.

On the way back from work, I read the instruction manual and was amazed at what it could do. My imagination went into over drive thinking of what I would do with Tara when I returned.

In order to enhance the fun, I rang Tara up from the aircraft and told her that I wanted to see her immediately after landing and that we would go out for dinner to a posh restaurant.

Tara asked “What? This is what you called for?” I said “yes. But we will have fun. Just wait.”

On landing, I took a taxi and drove straight to Tara’s home. She was waiting at home, half ready for an evening out.

I dragged my suitcase up. On gaziantep escort reaching the landing, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her affectionately and walked in. She asked “You want to go out for dinner?” I said “Yes. But I want some coffee now.”

She made some nice coffee. I said “Go ahead get ready. But, I want you to wear the blue skirt we had bought a month back.”

She readily agreed.

Soon she was ready.

She came before me and asked “Is that okay?.”

I said “The dress? Yes. But, I want you to also wear something I got for you.”

She asked like a little girl “You got something nice for me?”

I answered “Yes darling, Something that you will like and I will love.”

She asked “What is it?”

I opened my brief case and fished out the device. She looked at it and said “What is it?”

I said “Just come into the bed room. I will help you wear it.”

I grabbed her by her hand and pulled her into the bedroom.

I said “Just lie down. And take off your panty.”

She said “What????”

I said “Just do that.”

She looked at me quizzically and lay down quietly.

I took some of the vaginal cream from her dresser and applied it on the attachment of the vibrator and went close to her.

She said “What are you doing?.”

I held her knees and split her legs wide open. With two fingers, I widened the pussy and applied some more pussy cream in her pussy opening and on her clit. Then I quickly inserted the small dildo into her pussy. Then I adjusted the vibrator spinner right over her clit. Once the mechanism was in place, I flicked the switch on and took the thin nylon straps around her waist and hooked it into place.

She said “That is uncomfortable.”

I did not answer.

I picked up the panty and put her legs into the panty openings.

I said “Just wear your panty now and lets go.”

She said “What? This is uncomfortable.” I said “Darling you will love it and wont mind the discomfort.”

She got up and pulled her panty up and adjusted her dress.

That is exactly what I liked about her. She was sporting and never belabored her discomfort.

We quickly left and reached the European restaurant at the ‘Grand Hotel’. The place was half full. So we got a seat immediately.

The Maitre de took the order and left.

The Red Wine reached us and we started sipping it and enjoying the evening.

Tara asked “What have you fitted?”

I answered, “You will see.”

After about ten minutes, I put my hand into my side pocket (of my jacket) and felt the remote control of the vibrator. It flicked the switch to ‘Tease’ position.

I pressed the button, once, in a short jab.

Tara jumped from her seat and almost yelped out.

The vibrator had vibrated in a burst and had vibrated externally.

She flushed and said “Oh God. You have fitted a vibrator on to me.”

I smiled and said “Darling, I will give you pleasure you never knew existed.”

She kept quiet and looked up at me, as if t signal her pleasant acceptance of this offer. And why not. God had given her a pussy to enjoy, not to keep in the closet.

I once again pressed the button down and the vibrator started off. She sat back suddenly and I could see she was startled. Then I gave her quick and irregular bursts of vibration. She said “Oh God. That is nice.”

She did not know that I had two stages to go.

In less than ten minutes, she started to bite her lips and rolled her eyes and moaned lightly. She crossed her legs and un-crossed them repeatedly and shuddered. Then she said “Darling I am coming.” She had her first public orgasm.

In the meanwhile the main course had arrived. We were eating the meal and talking off all things on earth.

Then I switched the vibrator to ‘Spin’ phase.

I pressed the remote switch. The vibrator vibrated and the spinner spun slowly on her clit.

Tara gasped. She never thought that the vibrator had this facility also. She slowly covered her lap with the table cloth and the napkin.

Every few seconds I would give her a burst.

She said “Sssssssssss. This is nice.”

Suddenly she crossed her legs hard and I gave her along burst of spinning on the clit.

She moaned lightly and said “Oh Darling . . . this is too much. I need a fuck.”

She had her second orgasm, Sweat came out of her face and she was breathing shallowly.

She said “I need to go to the ladies.”

I said “No. You are going no where.”

She sat back and said “Darling save my pussy for later.”

I let her be for a bout five minutes.

Then I flicked the switch to penetration mode. In this mode the small dildo would fuck her, while the spinner was off.

I pressed the button. She jumped from her chair and said “Stop it.”

I gave her a few more shots of that treatment. She slid back in the chair and open her legs wide under the table,

I pressed the button long and hard. Her eyes started to roll and dribble fell out. She grabbed my wrist and said “I am coming. I am coming.” And come she did.

I let her finish her main course. I ordered the Dessert.

When it arrived, I said “Here comes the dessert.” While saying so, I switched top ‘Full Mode.” In this mode, the vibrator vibrated, the dildo did its job and the spinner spun on the clit.

As she raised the dessert to her mouth, I pressed the button.

She gasped and put the spoon down and went into a trance. The machine was fucking her completely.

She started to raise her bottom from the chair and give thrusts back and was clearly enjoying.

The Maitre De came buy and asked “Is the chair uncomfortable Ma’am..” She said “No. Its okay.”

I gave her many bursts of this treatment and she had a shuddering climax.

She suddenly said “Let us go home. I want to fuck you now.”

I paid up and went to the car.

We sat in and belted up and started to drive.

I put the vibrator on intermittent mode, in which case each function or any combination would break out at random and fuck her.

She suddenly lowered her hand onto my crotch and pulled the zip open. She inserted her hand into the fly and groped to pull out my dick. But it is difficult to pull it out in that position.

She ordered “Stop the car and take out your cock.”

I stopped and took out my dick.

Her vibrator was doing its job. She lay down in the car and started to suck my dick and said “Drive home. When we reach I want to be fucked with the real cock.”

Soon we reached home. She said “Don’t put the cock in. I want you to come up with that monster out and ready.”

She came out of the car and walked to the other side and helped me come out.

We ran upstairs. On the landing, I ripped her blouse off. She was wearing a black bra and her skirt.

At the door, while she fumbled with the door keys, I fumbled with her bra hook. My mouth had attacked her mouth. She said “Tear it off.”

I tore off the bra. Her proud breasts leaped out.

I caught both of them and started to knead them.

The door opened. She dragged me in and started to fight with my belt and then my pants.

I lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. Her legs were wrapped around me.

I could feel that the vibrator was doing its work.

I threw her on the bed and took off my clothes.

She was in the throes of another orgasm.

I pulled her skirt down. Her panty was wet. Really wet. The remote controlled vibrator was still at work.

I tore off the panty and only the dildo was covering her shaved pussy.

I let her complete her next orgasm.

I tenderly turned her over and unhooked the vibrator.

I took pains to ensure that when I pulled it off from her pussy she did not hurt.

The pussy was red and hot. Pulsating.

She pulled me down and said “FUCK ME.”

I took my position between her legs. I held her legs and raised them to be parallel to my chest. Then I lifted her up and entered my dick into her pussy. She gasped and said “Ooooh I love it.”

I lowered myself onto her and took her knees into my elbow and fucked her and fucked and fucked her.

She went on saying “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

And fuck I did.

I came pretty soon.

I dropped down in a heap over her.

Her hands caressed me and she cooed into my ears “That was a nice gift.”

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