Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 73

Later, as the party began to wind down, Miss White and Jodie spent some time talking with Cat, Charlotte, and the two brides — the tall, fair one was Astrid and the short, dark one was Lena. It did not escape Miss White’s attention that all eyes were on Jodie, even though she now had her jacket back on. All the dancing had given her an ecstatic glow that was powerfully sexy.

Finally, Lena yawned, stretched, and took Astrid by the hand. “Well, I think we’d better turn in. Big day tomorrow.”

“Is the wedding tomorrow?” asked Miss White.

Lena laughed. “No, we wouldn’t plan our bachelorette for the night before the wedding!”

“That’s some amateur hour shit,” said Astrid.

“But we have a big brunch with all the guests tomorrow,” added Lena. “Hey, in fact, we have some no-shows and it’s too late to get any money back for the catering. You guys want to come?”

“To brunch?” asked Miss White.

“The brunch, the wedding, the whole shebang. Why not?”

“Sure,” said Miss White. “We’d be honored.”

“Cool. See you tomorrow then.”

After they’d left Miss White invited Cat and Charlotte back to the suite for a nightcap. They didn’t have to be asked twice.

As they walked back to the Bellagio it began to rain — not very hard, but enough to make them pick up the pace, half-running and laughing as they went. By the time they stepped into the lobby they were all pretty wet; not soaked, but wet enough to make their clothes cling to them. As soon as they got up to the suite Miss White sent Jodie to the bathroom for towels while she went to the kitchenette for the bottle of brandy.

When Miss White returned to the living room with the bottle and a couple of glasses, Charlotte was drying her hair while Cat — who was the most clothed and thus the least wet — stood behind Jodie toweling her off. There was something deeply erotic about the way she did it, and Miss White kept her eyes locked on the two of them as she sat the glasses down and filled each with two fingers of brown liquid.

After a couple minutes Cat draped the towel over her shoulder and reached for the tiestring of Jodie’s bikini top, looking into Miss White’s eyes to bursa escort gauge her reaction. Miss White kept her expression neutral, but her eyes made it obvious that she approved. When the top was untied it dropped to the floor, and Cat used the towel to gently dry Jodie’s breasts. Then she let the towel fall and reached around to cup Jodie’s tits in both hands.

Jodie sighed and leaned back against Cat. All the dancing had gotten her very het up, and it felt wonderful to be touched. Cat squeezed her rock-hard nipples, and now Charlotte was coming forward, leaning down to take one in her mouth. Cat’s hands traveled down Jodie’s flanks and slid under the waistband of her bikini bottom, which soon began to make its way down her legs.

Cat again gazed into Miss White’s eyes as her right hand traced through Jodie’s pubic hair and down between the younger girl’s legs. Jodie adjusted her stance and bit her lip as Cat easily slid one finger between her slippery pussy lips. Miss White sipped her brandy contentedly, very much enjoying the scene that was being played out before her.

Charlotte dropped to her knees and nuzzled her nose into Jodie’s downy-soft bush. Miss White’s view was now blocked by Charlotte’s wavy black mane, so she looked up at Jodie’s face. Jodie’s eyes had rolled back in her head and she was leaning all her weight back against Cat, letting her legs splay open to give Charlotte access.

Miss White went to the bedroom to get her strap-on, and by the time she returned, Jodie was on her back on the floor with Cat straddling her head and Charlotte tongue-fucking her. After harnessing up, Miss White knelt down and pulled Charlotte up onto her knees. Charlotte looked back up at Miss White, big brown eyes aglitter and face smeared with Jodie’s juices, as Miss White lifted her skirt and pulled the crotch of her panties aside.

Miss White penetrated Charlotte with two fingers. She was juicy and tight, and squirmed most deliciously as Miss White’s fingers explored her insides. Then Miss White pulled the fingers out and brought them to her mouth, slowly and deliberately licking the creamy nectar from them.

Up to this point Cat had still escort bursa been dressed from the waist up, but now she stripped off her shirt and bra, allowing her boobs to bounce freely as she rode Jodie’s face. Meanwhile Miss White had taken hold of the shaft of her dildo and guided it into Charlotte’s pussy. Charlotte arched her back and let out a low, throaty moan as Miss White pushed her head back down between Jodie’s legs.

Cat was the first to come, then Jodie, and finally Charlotte, who had reached down to rub her own clit as Miss White pounded into her. There was a period of silence as everyone caught their breath.

Miss White stood and let the strap-on dangle right in front of Cat’s face. In her own relationship Cat was usually the one to wield the weaponry, but in this case she was only too happy to oblige. She licked her girlfriend’s juices off the shaft before taking it into her mouth.

Meanwhile Charlotte, looking dazed but happy, crawled over to the nearest chair and hauled herself up into it. Settling back heavily into the chair, she reached for the second glass of brandy that Miss White had left sitting on the table. She took a long drink and sighed. She hadn’t come that hard in… well, it was hard to say how long. Cat was very good with a strap-on, but this woman was an artist.

Miss White extended one hand to grip the top of Cat’s head. The short, spiky strands of hair felt strange on her palm, but not unpleasant. Miss White began to fuck Cat’s mouth more aggressively, gradually pushing her down until the back of her head was against the floor.

Now Miss White pulled out of Cat’s mouth with a pop and moved down between her legs. After using her thumbs to pull Cat’s pussy lips apart, Miss White took aim and plunged in.

Charlotte was drinking and watching — from this angle all she could see Miss White’s ass going up and down as Cat’s hands gripped her back — when she felt something moving beneath her. She looked down to see Jodie kneeling between her legs, looking up at her with an expectant smile. Jodie had been waiting for a long time now — since the moment they’d met, really — to see what Charlotte tasted like, and now bursa escort bayan she just couldn’t stand it any longer.

Feeling sufficiently recovered now, Charlotte hooked her legs over the arms of the chair, presenting her wide-open pussy for Jodie’s enjoyment. Jodie went after her like a kitten after milk, lapping away eagerly, sloppily, and with abandon.

The intensity level in the room built and built. Cat wrapped her legs around Miss White’s, digging her fingernails into Miss White’s back as she angled her hips upward, searching for the stimulation on her clit she was craving. Miss White flexed every muscle in her body, willing herself to be a rock that Cat could rub herself on.

Finally Cat came explosively, and Charlotte followed soon after, their moans melting and fading into each other. After that it became a contest between Miss White and Jodie to see who could make her girl come more and harder. Cat turned out to be highly multi-orgasmic, climaxing again and again without too much effort from Miss White. But Jodie was on her A-game that night, using probing fingers and darting tongue to continually hold Charlotte on the edge of orgasm, then occasionally send her shivering over the edge.

Some time later — none of the women present could have said exactly how much — Miss White stood up and walked somewhat tentatively over to the open chair. She had expended a lot of effort and her head was ringing from Cat screaming in her ear. But she felt a great sense of satisfaction as she looked over at the spent, limp figure sprawled across the bed.

Jodie was sitting back on her haunches, having finally sated herself on Charlotte’s pussy. Charlotte was slumped back in her chair with eyes half-open, looking like she’d been hit with a good right cross. But after a couple of minutes she lifted herself from the chair and threw herself onto the bed, where she and Kat cuddled up into a warm, happy little ball.

Jodie took Charlotte’s place on the chair and she and Miss White exchanged admiring looks, then each picked up a glass of brandy and they silently toasted each other. There was a quiet interlude before Cat raised herself slowly from the bed and wandered off, gloriously naked, in search of something cold to drink. She returned a few minutes later holding a cold bottle of beer against her forehead and stood in front of Miss White, smiling wryly.

“So,” she said, “what can we do for you?”

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