A Day without Internet


This is my first published story! It should be a series of standalone chapters, each having a specific plot, with characters progressing as we go. I wrote this for my own amusement, so please don’t expect professional work, it’s like a B-movie. English is not my first language and the material was edited by Todger65, thank you kind Sir! Evian – thanks for the tips you gave me!

Disclaimer: This story is incest fiction, all characters are fiction, all ages over 18.


The Amoral Family, Chapter 1


“Oh, you’re up!” Anita noticed gently stroking her husband’s semi-erect cock.

“Well, now I fucking am…” he replied in a sleepy, just-been-awoken voice. Martin turned to his beautiful wife, only to notice she had a phone in her other hand, fixated to whatever she browsed at a moment. Seeing white letters on the dark background made no doubt what site she was on. “Are you reading incest stories again?” he asked as if he didn’t know the answer.

“Yeeeah…” she replied as if she was caught doing something just a little bit dirty. Which was sort of half truth. The thing is, her husband Martin knew all about her incest kink, how she loved to read stories online or roleplay in chatrooms… even watch those fake step-incest videos on porntubes. He didn’t mind it, although found her fascination with that kind of family ties extremely silly. Anita tried to evoke in him the love for the subject numerous times, but stumbled a cold ground with each try. Her husband’s stand was incest is not healthy and is definitely not something he’d approve. “Sooo… I’m reading this story where a mother found her…”

“Anita, please…” Martin interrupted her. “You know I don’t like that shit.” he said laughing to lift the weight from the given statement. What he said was true, but he approved of his wife indulging her kink as long as it stayed only a fantasy.

“Okey Dokey, hon…” she smiled and turned off her smartphone screen, then rolled towards Martin and kissed him on the mouth, gently probing his lips with her tongue. While doing it she snuggled up against his body, rubbing her pussy over his leg, breasts against his chest. They loved any physical contact with each other, the flame that had their marriage burning in passion.

In those incest stories Anita Amore loved to read, 42 year old women were sometimes described as “still looking young for her age” as if that’s something unusual. Sure, women gain some weight or neglect their diet, and don’t exercise, but if you put some effort into keeping your body young and healthy – it will stay young and healthy. Natural blonde, slim and fit, with firm B cups, Anita was proud about her looks, not because it pulled the attention of both men and women, her reasons were an inner kind of vain. She simply adored the aesthetics of looking good, as simple as it might be. A few years ago she permanently removed her pubes, which gave her pussy a nice and fresh look. Nobody would think this vagina gave birth to her three children.

Her husband Martin, was older than her by seven years and absolutely adored his sexy wife. Just like her, he kept himself in shape with regular workouts at a gym, although a tiny beer belly was showing on his slightly hairy body, which can be considered a part of his charm. The only thing he regularly shaved was his pubes, a request from Anita he gladly obliged.

“Mmm…”…because he gets this every day. Still kissing, his wife was stroking his fully erect 8 inch cock, caressing it up and down, moving her hand over his smooth balls.

“Time to get up, babe…” she said smiling, pulling her body from his. If they start fucking now they’ll miss half of the day. Not that it would be bad, but there are things to do around the house, especially on Sunday. Not something complicated, but simple chores they shared, like house work that was neglected during the work week.

Martin owned a local carpentry shop that produced custom made furniture for mostly upper class clients, with five employees under his pay. Four of them were actual craftsmen who worked in the shop, the fifth one being Anita, who served as a sales and customer liaison. Most days she worked from home, or visited customers to talk about their wishes, orders, or final delivery. All in all – a small family firm that provided them with a nice life, with no financial worries or such.

“What, you’re gonna leave me like this?” he asked, pointing to his dick, with a stream of precum just squirted from the top.

“Later…” the wife smiled and licked it all in one take, giving herself some sweet taste of her husband’s juice. Precum was nice, cum is even nicer, but as she told him, they’ll have time for that later. She got up from the bed and picked up her phone to close the story she was reading, but… “Strange, no data…” she noticed once she unlocked it. “Whatever.” she concluded unencumbered, throwing the phone on the bed and picking up a night robe from the chair. As soon as she wore it, Anita walked out olgun gaziantep escort from their master bedroom.

Right across the hall was her younger daughter, 18 year old Livia’s room. As they rarely closed the doors around the house, she simply walked naked into it, finding her still sleeping on the bed. The girl was a younger version of her, blonde and skinny. The only difference was Liv was almost flat, her tits wouldn’t pass for A cups. But the girl didn’t mind that, she loved her body the way it is, which may be an understatement considering how much she loved to play with herself.

Since nudity and nudism were encouraged inside the Amore family, just like both parents, their children usually slept naked. With hot summer nights they mostly slept uncovered, like Livia at the moment, with sheets crumpled up at the bottom of the bed. Her legs were slightly spread, with her hand between them, and an index finger inside her bald pussy. Something like a masturbation pacifier to keep her calm overnight. When her mother bent over her to give her a wake up kiss, the lips on lips touch woke her up and brought a smile to her face.

“Morning sweetie…” Anita gave her daughter a smile back, which was followed by another sweet kiss right on daughter’s lips. Without hesitation, as soon as their mouths touched, the girl stuck her tongue out, searching for her mom’s to play with. Her mother gave her some tongue but soon broke the kiss. Livia pulled the sheet to hide her pussy and her hand, still on the crotch and started moving it, discreetly rubbing and fingering. Her mother smiled, thinking how Liv wants to hide the obvious. “How did you sleep, honey?”

“Fine…” the girl replied softly. “What’s that taste in your mouth, Mom?” she asked.

Well it’s your Daddy’s cum, dear – would have been the honest answer. Precum, technically speaking. Her daughter’s daring question required an answer Anita didn’t want to give, as it would imply giving her a teaser taste of her father’s cum. “It’s none of your business, sweetie.” she answered smiling, avoiding any further discussion.

“What’s wrong with the wifi?” Livia asked as she picked up her phone, casually spreading her legs even wider, with fingers rubbing her clit and randomly probing inside her tight teen pussy.

“Think it’s down.” Anita replied, walking out of her daughter’s room. “Get up, you’ll play later…”

The upper floor of their house had four rooms and a bathroom. At the other end of the hallway there were the other two rooms, occupied by her son and older daughter. As Anita passed by, her attention caught the sight inside her son, 22 years old Alan’s room.

The oldest of Amore children had something that can be called a “special condition”. It wasn’t something that endangered his life, but for sure made it hard to handle in certain situations – and tended to be quite uncomfortable. The thing is – he had a 12inch cock and a very, VERY high sex drive. Most men get relief once they achieve an orgasm, whether by sex or masturbation, but it wasn’t the case with Alan. Orgasm is nothing to him, he cums as if nothing happened, unloads the excessive amount of cum and is still as horny as he was before. Between a series of girlfriends that try to keep pace with his sex drive, he spends most of the time at his laptop, watching porn and masturbating. The only problem tends to be while he’s at work, doing a part time job in a local bar. Being busy there doesn’t give him time to enjoy his sexual frolics, but at least he’s occupied with something else besides his gigantic cock.

“What the fuck?” Alan said in a confused, angry voice, looking at his laptop screen. Anita saw him from the hall sitting in his gaming chair, in a t-shirt and gym shorts, with the usual tent rising from the front. A huge tent. It was no longer a big deal for anyone in the family, as the physician explained about his condition – this would be a new normal both for him and people around him, so adapt.

“Oh yeah, the internet’s down…” his mother gave him the intel on something he already figured out. The appearance of his mother surprised him a little, so he tried to fix his shorts, as if that helped to hide the hardon. “How come you’re already up?” she asked and laughed because of the obvious pun she just made, the same one she made with her husband earlier.

“I just couldn’t sleep…” he said, switching the attention to his beautiful mother, rotating the chair to face her. He wanted to stand up but she interrupted that by leaning towards him and giving him the similar good morning kiss as she just gave to his sister Livia. Mouth on mouth, moist and tender. It lasted a few seconds, for sure not enough for both of them. “Ammm… morning Mom..:” he whispered when their mouths parted, then continued what he wanted to say. “… I couldn’t sleep so I intended to watch some… you know… stuff online… but nope… fucking internet!” he said, frustrated.

“Haha, calm down sweetie…” gaziantep olgun escort Anita told him in a caring voice. “It will come back sooner or later.”

“But what the fuck am I supposed to do the whole day?” his frustration was still there. He watched his mom picking up his clothes from the floor that needed to be washed. Her night robe, loosely tied, revealed her body and being a very short design, her ass and crotch peeked from under the soft cloth.

“There is always work to do…” she told him calmly, presenting the obvious, collected t-shirts and boxer shorts in her hands. “You can’t just watch porn and jerk the whole day.” she said, making a point. “When did you come from work last night?”

“Hmmm… around three. We closed at two.” he replied blushing from what she said prior. “And I don’t like… just watch…”

“…you slept for like four, five hours. That’s not enough honey, you need to sleep more.” Anita interrupted him, worrying like all mothers do.

“I’m fine mom.” Alan said standing up, finally smiling, appreciating how caring and loving his mother was towards both him and his sisters. “I’m bursting with energy, don’t worry.”

“Oh I can see that.” she giggled looking at the tent in front of her. He smiled back and stepped to give her a hug, pressing this monster to her belly, with the tip of it reaching the space between her tits. Being 6ft 6, compared to his significantly shorter mother, it was kind of funny whenever they hugged like this, ignoring the erection between them. The way his shorts withstood the stretching, gave the Hulk pants some credibility. “And I will use that energy to give you chores today. The lawn needs to be mowed and I think one garden chair needs to be fixed, ask your dad to give you tools for that.”

“Roger!” he said, saluting as if was just given a command from an army general. Anita smiled and saluted back. “I’ll do all that…” he said. “…then, later… hope the net is back.” he spoke, thinking how his original plan was to stroke all day long.

“Good boy!” his mother agreed and walked out with the laundry crumbled in her hands.

The rooms on the upper floor were paired, the master bedroom and Livia’s room on the far end of the hallway, with Alan and Maya’s rooms next to a staircase. So walking out of her son’s room she headed straight into her older daughter’s one, but Maya wasn’t there. Anita would see or hear her if the girl was in the shower or on a toilet, as the bathroom was located next to her bedroom, implying the daughter was already downstairs.

Whistling some toon, high in an easy going Sunday mood, Anita headed down to the laundry room where she threw Alan’s clothes into a basket. Most of it had dried cum stains all over, nothing unusual. She checked to see if Maya was in the living room, but did not find her there either, meaning she had to be in the kitchen/diner area.

While all the members of Amore family were somehow intelligent, 19 years old Maya was forgotten when the brain cells were divided amongst them. She didn’t have any diagnosis per se, there was no medical problem. The girl was simply, plain stupid. Once she read how most men want to marry a virgin, she swore to save her virginity for the “right one”. Until she found him, she decided to give men oral and anal sex only. With an exclusive, passionate, all-heart love for the tight butt hole, Maya became an anal slut. If not stuffed with cock or some sex toy, she kept the butt plug in her ass 24/7.

Her daughter’s small firm ass peeking beneath short summer dress was the first thing Anita noticed as she entered the dining room. Maya was bent over the kitchen island with her ass perked up. Her buttocks were widespread with the bluish, stylish plug shining between them. If the skirt was an inch shorter it would be revealed, luckily it was impossible to design something shorter than this. She nervously tapped on her phone, trying to get it to work.

“Found you!” her mother exclaimed, passing next to her daughter. “Morning honey.”

“Am… yes, hm… morning Mom.” the girl replied, detached from Mother’s words as her sole focus was on the smartphone.

“There’s no wifi or internet or data, since we have one provider for it all.” Anita gave her a brief update on something affecting all members of their family. Having internet access wasn’t a luxury, it was considered as something that is necessary, like having water or electricity. “There’s obviously a fuckup from their side, they’ll fix it asap… I’m sure.” Anita said as she stood next to her daughter, caressing her head, down her back, all the way to the girl’s cute ass. Anita was so proud of how her daughter looked, well… proud of all three of them.

“Yeah, I like restarted it and stuff…” she said, not even noticing her mother’s hand on her back and how she focused more and more on her ass, playing with the very edge of the skirt.

“There’s nothing wrong with your phone, baby.” Her mother gaziantep olgun escort bayan told her, taking it out of her hands and laying it on the counter. Maya straightened up confused.

“It’s not?” she asked for confirmation. “Ugh, was afraid I fucked it up somehow. As long as I don’t have to buy a new one….”

“You don’t, sweetie.” her mother interrupted her with a kiss. Equal care for all her kids, they all get the same kiss when together at home. They pressed their breasts against each other, Maya’s bigger ones pushed against her mother’s firm, but small ones, as they shared a short, but passionate kiss. Maya was the breasts of the family. The C cups on a teenage bleached blonde was something that made her look like a pin-up bombshell.

“Mmmm…. Love you mom.” the girl whispered, smiling with her mom’s lips still pressed to hers. Their tongues gently touched through barely separated lips.

“I know. Love you back, baby…” Anita told her daughter with pure happiness in her voice.

They were still in a hug when the rest of the Amore family came down to join them for breakfast. They all exchanged the “good mornings” although not in the way Anita liked to give them.

In a couple of minutes, they were all sitting at the table, eating their meals in silence. On a normal day, they’d each have a phone in front of them, Martin reading the news or business related mails, Anita checking the same work orders or if there are any new incest stories from her favorite authors. Alan would probably watch any kind of porn on mute and eat in silence thinking how he’d masturbate in a few minutes, once back in his room. Livia would play with her pussy under the table, texting with friends at the same time about music and movies or tv shows. Maya would probably be on her Instagram page, where she posts the site acceptable decent pictures of herself, always taken from behind to show her cute, tight ass. The comments from followers were always flattering, PM’s had all sorts of proposals and indecent offers, with local boys sending her persistent date requests.

Today, it was different. Martin’s mind was still on the upcoming work for the next week, Anita was sad she couldn’t finish the sixth part of How I Gave My Mother A Sun Cream Massage, both of them eating butter and jam toasts. Alan had cereal which he ate as slowly as possible, stroking his foot long dick under the table, hand inside the shorts. Instead of porn, he used the sight of his hot mother and sisters as fap material. Maya was on a strong fiber diet to keep her ass as clean as possible, so she ate muesli as usual. Livia had some chocolate Nutella-type spread over the toast. All of them with no clue what to say to each other in a situation as new as this. During the week they rarely ate together, weekends were mostly an exception, and the communication was base minimum.


Hours passed slowly, the habit of having a smartphone in hand as the simplest pastime is, as it always is with things people take for granted and lose – now deeply missed. Each member of the Amore family did their best to keep occupied with something.

Martin was in the home office, a room in the ground level of the house they rearranged for Anita to have someplace to work from. There was no need for her to spend a day in the noisy shop, additionally she wanted to be with her children and take care of her home as a loving housewife. Martin used the same office over the weekends to do some unfinished paperwork, reply to emails and similar.

A knock on the door brought him back to his senses, turning from the laptop screen he asked: “Yeah?”

“Hey Dad, It’s me…” Alan said entering the room. “Mom told me to fix the garden chair, I need the tool for that. Just did the lawn.”

“Ah yes, the chair.” Martin remembered. “She’s been busting me for like weeks to fix that. You know what they say – a man will do what he promises, wife needs not to remind him every six months, haha…” he started to laugh uncontrollably, while Alan just observed his goofy father. “Yes, you’ll need some cutters to trim the broken wickers and some duct tape to keep it from breaking more. It’s in the basement where other tools are. Hm… second shelf I think” he said and switched his attention back to the laptop screen.

“Thanks Dad!” Alan said, walking out and heading down to the basement.

In the garden, Maya was happy the noise Alan was creating had finally stopped. She’d have some time to chill and relax. “So this is what it was like in the eighties when mom and dad were young…” Maya spoke to herself with a low voice. “No internet, no TV…. hm, did they even have electricity? Like…. dark ages el-ou-el…” The yard behind the house, a small and simple leisure garden was hidden from prying eyes with a tall wooden fence and in general lots of green. It had a dug-in jacuzzi on the ground level, a wooden table and several wicker chairs on one side, and two plastic sun loungers on the other. All around this paved area were trimmed bushes and young trees, garden plants and flowers. Their little piece of heaven. Maya was sitting on one of those deck chairs, wearing a micro bikini that did nothing to hide her gorgeous breasts. She was taking snaps with her phone, doing sexy poses, selfies she wanted to post on instagram, but… “Oh, yeah, fuck.” she remembered there was no service when the phone refused to upload.

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