Missed You

I haven’t seen him in almost a year, we haven’t even spoken in months. So it stands to reason I would be a little nervous when I looked up and saw him standing along the trail.

In the seconds it took him to turn around a storm of questions ran through my head. Would we pick up where we left off? Would he just want to be friends? Would he even want to speak to me?

Then he turned and saw me. His eyes lit up like they always used to and his smile answered half my questions. When he closed the distance between us in two strides and wrapped his arms around me it felt like old times. I couldn’t help the little moan that escaped my lips at the memories. What I wasn’t expecting was the answering growl from him, or the possessive hand on my ass pulling me closer.

The next thing I knew his other hand was gripping my hair, pulling my head back. He nuzzled my neck then pulled back and just looks into my eyes. I bite my lip in anticipation of the kiss I’m expecting gorukle escort to come next, he just chuckles and gently pushes me back. And then he’s nuzzling my neck again, kissing, biting. He grinds his hips into mine and I can tell he is already hard. I let out a little whimper which causes him to growl again.

He slowly slides down until he’s on his knees reaching beneath my skirt lifting it as he caresses my thighs and I realize that his plans for our first kiss in years was quite different than what I had imagined it would be like. I lean back against the tree for support as he lifts one of my legs onto his shoulder.

I hear him growl again but this time it sounds annoyed, almost angry, then I feel a tug and hear material ripping and remember the panties I’d put on that morning. I don’t mourn the garment for long because at that moment his tongue flicks across my clit and my world explodes. I grab handfuls of his hair as he slips two fingers inside altıparmak eskort bayan me and starts to thrust, sucking my clit rhythmically. When I’m close to cumming he removes his fingers, and I whimper at the lose. “Not yet” he whispers and gently kisses my inner thigh. When my breathing returns to something closer to normal he starts again, using his fingers inside me and his lips and tongue on my clit until I’m right at the edge. Again he stops just as I’m about to go over that edge. Again he waits until I’ve calmed down.

He repeats this torture several more times until I don’t think I can take anymore. When he removes his fingers again I cry out. “Please, please” I hear him moan and feel his tongue slide between my lips. That’s all it takes to drive me over the edge. I tremble with orgasm, over & over again, soaking his face is my juices. I can barely breath as the pleasure rips through my body. It takes several nilüfer eskort bayan minutes before my body comes down from the euphoric feelings…but he isn’t done with me, not by a long shot.

He stands in front of me. supporting me because my legs are trembling. I look up at him with the intent of saying thank you, but before the words can come out of my mouth his lips are on mine. I can taste myself on his tongue and it makes me moan.

He turns me around with my back to him and I lean over and grab the tree. He grabs me by the hips and thrusts his cock inside me. He takes one of my hands and puts it between my legs. I start to finger my clit hard and fast as he jackhammers my pussy. It doesn’t take long for me to cum again, my cunt throbbing around his cock.

Despite already having had an intense climax, the next one hits me like a freight train, and as a result my tight wet pussy starts to milk his cock bringing him close to his own climax. His cock starts to twitch and i can feel his hot cum spurting inside my quivering cunt. It only intensifies my own orgasm as I feel it start to run down my thighs, mixing with my own juices.

Collapsing to the ground he wraps his arms around me holding me close as our climaxes subside, he whispers “Missed you.”

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