Geek’s BIG Break Ch. 03


This is a work of fiction, written for fantasy purposes. It includes unrealistic sexual practices and fantasy situations. If you like your erotica more reality based, then pass on this series.

All participants involved in sexual scenes are 18 years old or older.

Chapter 1 Gio McLoed’s older sister Fiona sees her brother’s big fat cock, measures it and then sucks and fucks it taking his virginity. Unknown to the two his mother sees them and videotapes them to blackmail Geo into fucking her.

Chapter 2: Gio shows the Anderson Twins his Big Fat Cock and realizes his sister is right. He takes both twins as cum sluts. Tiffany willingly and Tara reluctantly. Then he humiliates them by having them make their Jock boyfriends watch them both fuck and suck him. Fiona gets informed she is also one of his sluts and after a token resistance even agree’s to let him breed her. Then Gio gets two surprises, the first when Mister Anderson turns his daughters over to him the second when his mother wants to know why he isn’t fucking her.

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His mother stood with her arms crossed over her chest. “I’m waiting, Gio. Explain to me why you would fuck your sister with that Big Fat Cock and not your horny mother?”

His eyes got wide. “What??

Cecilia had never felt so bold in her life. “You heard me young man; why haven’t you stuffed that Big Fat Cock in my hot, wet, mommy pussy already?”

Gio swallowed hard. “You want me to fuck you?”

Just to make sure there was no doubt in his mind, Cecilia reached behind her and dropped the dress she’d put on when she’d thought she was going to fuck Greg Anderson. That was before she saw her daughter filled with her son’s big fat cock. She walked up and put her hand on the growing cock in her son’s shorts. “That’s exactly what I want, Gio. Come Fuck your Mommy-slut.”

He caught her hand and pulled it away from his dick. “Mom, if I do this everything changes?”

She looked at him as her eyebrows drew down in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, if I stick my cock in you, then you belong to me. You answer to me, and you only fuck me, unless I say otherwise. You don’t get upset when I fuck the other sluts that will be around, and you don’t try to be the boss anymore. If you want me to fuck you, then you submit to me just like my other three sluts.”

Cecilia was shocked. Who was this dominate Alpha male and what happened to her shy little boy? She wasn’t sure if she could agree to what he was telling her. It seemed like he was saying for her to ride his cock, he would become the head of the house. That she would become a full time slut and slave. “You want me to give you full control of our lives?”

Gio nodded. “That’s exactly what you’ll have to do before I fuck your horny cunt, mouth, or ass. And make no mistakes Mommy; if you say yes that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’ll fuck you anytime, anywhere and in any hole I want.”

Cecilia’s tit’s got hard, and her pussy gushed at the thought of being a sexual toy for her big dicked baby boy. But what if she’d been wrong? What if he wasn’t as big as she’d thought he was?”

“Can I see your big fat cock again before I decided?”

“Get on your knees, mom. Hands clasped behind your back. Only then will I show you my cock. If you don’t agree to my terms, I’ll just go upstairs and fuck the three sluts up there waiting for me. Because they all agreed to my conditions.”

Cecilia shuddered at the forceful tone of Gio’s voice. This was a man, not her little boy, a man who knew what he wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Almost without thought she found herself on her knees; her hands clasped behind her back pushing her size 36D breasts out toward her son. He looked down at her and smiled and stroked her face. “Good girl Mommy-Slut. Now beg! Beg to see you baby boys Big, Fat, Mommy Pleasing cock.”

She moaned “Please Gio. Please Baby boy! Please let me see your Bick Fat Mommy Pleasing Cock. Please let me see it again.”

Gio reached for his shorts, his cock straining to get out. He’d already cum six times today, and it looked like he was going to come a few more. “Good girl Mommy-Slut. Here it is, your Master’s Big Fat Cock.”

He dropped his shorts and the almost fourteen-inch monster sprung up and smacked his mother in the face before he stepped back. Her eyes got big “Oh My Fucking God. It’s bigger than I remembered.”

Gio smiled. “It’s almost fourteen inches long and three and a half around. Do you think you can handle such a big Dick mommy? Or is your baby too much for you?”

“Fuck Gio, I didn’t know they could get that big. Your father wasn’t even half that.”

“I know. I saw it when he was fucking his office slut. She kept screaming about his big dick, and I almost laughed in his face.”

Gio knelt and started to pull up his shorts. Cecilia looked at him. “What are you doing? Why are you putting your pants back on?”

Gio görükle escort shrugged. You’ve seen it. That’s what you asked for. I told you what you had to do to get more than a look, and you haven’t done that. So I’m going upstairs and fuck one of my real sluts.”


Gio walked up to her and wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her mouth to the head of his Dick. “Good girl mommy-slut, now show me you mean it. Suck my cock and don’t stop until you’ve swallowed my cum.”

She reached out to grab him, and he jerked her head back away from his cock. “I didn’t say you could use your hands Mommy-Slut. A good Mommy-slut takes the whole thing without her hands. Put them back behind your back and don’t you move them again until I’ve cum in your mouth.”

“Yes Gio.”

It’s Master; that’s the word you’re looking for Mommy-Slut. You’re the Mommy-slut, and I’m the Master.”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry Master.”

He jerked he head until her lips rested against the plumb size head of his dick. Shut up and suck Mommy-Slut.”

She opened her mouth and started to bob on his monster cock. She didn’t know how but she was determined to be the best slut he had, and she would swallow all fourteen inches and show him why she was the cocksucking champion of her college sorority, even if she was out of practice. She was sure she could still out suck two high school girls and her daughter. Just the thought of what she agreed to made her hornier than she’d ever been in her life. Her neglected pussy throbbed with her need, and her nipples were so hard they hurt. She loved the feel of having her mouth so full. Fuller than it ever was. Until Gio, the largest cock she’d ever seen was only ten inches long and about an inch and a half around. Gio’s father, Cian, was only about six inches and not even an inch thick. Where the hell had her son gotten this monster cock from? And how did he know how to use it so good already. She’d seen the cum drunk satisfied look on the Anderson Twin’s faces when they’d come to tell their father good-bye, and the smell of hot satisfied pussy was so strong Greg knew what his daughters had been doing. When he left, after talking to Gio, without them, she realized her boss was okay with her son fucking his daughters into submission. She was pretty sure he’d done the same thing to her daughter, as she’d seemed much more relaxed and looked at her little brother like he was her personal sexual God. He must be; she thought as she bobbed down, swallowing so his cock could slide down her throat. He’s already fucked three women in the last few hours, and now he’s fucking my face. His hand kept up steady pressure on the back of her head letting her do all the work but, making sure she knew he was completely in control. She could feel her pussy juices running down her legs. She was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life. She wanted nothing more than to reach down and play with her pussy until she came, but she knew that Gio wouldn’t allow it. He would stop, and she wouldn’t get to have his big fat cock. She knew that while she’d agreed he was in control; he really was in control of her everything even her orgasms. If he didn’t tell her she could cum, then she wouldn’t touch her pussy, she wouldn’t press her knees together or do anything to relieve the ache that was building deep inside her hungry cunt. She was just a sex-slave for her big dicked, powerful son. She moaned, and the vibration caused the monster in her throat to flinch. She smiled around his monster fuck stick. She bet those young girls didn’t give him a hummer. She started moaning and humming a simple tune as she fucked her own face with his big donkey dick.

She knew she was pleasing him when he cursed and wrapped his other hand around her head and started fucking her face with all he had. She just kept humming right along as he picked up the speed and thrust into her face, smashing her nose into his pubic bone. His knees started shaking, and he roared as his cum blasted out of his dick and straight down her throat. She pulled back until she could taste his cum surprised that it wasn’t salty like her husband’s had been; but sweet like whipped cream. He kept shooting rope after rope into her mouth, and she was swallowing as fast as she could and still some escaped her mouth and ran down her neck toward her tits. “FUCK MOMMY-SLUT, THAT’S IT, SWALLOW YOUR SONS CUM. DRINK IT DOWN, YOU NASTY GIRL. WHAT A DIRTY MOMMY YOU ARE, SWALLOWING YOUR SONS CUM. FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD.”

The last little drop of his cum lay on her tongue, and she swallowed it down as he pulled out of her mouth. She pulled one hand from behind her back and scooped up the cum that had escaped and raked it back into her mouth moaning the whole time. “So tasty Master, did your mommy-slut please you Master?”

She looked up and realized he was still rock hard. What the fuck? “ON YOUR BACK MOMMY-SLUT. YOU WANTED ME TO FUCK YOU, AND NOW YOU’RE GONNA bursa escort bayan GET IT. I’M GONNA FILL YOUR NASTY MOMMY CUNT WITH MY BIG FAT DICK.”

Cecilia didn’t waste a second ,she dropped on her back and pulled her legs up and apart showing of her freshly waxed pussy. “YES MASTER, YES BABY, FUCK YOUR MOMMY-SLUT; FILL MY NEEDY PUSSY WITH THE BIG FAT COCK.”

Gio didn’t even slow down, he put his dick to his mom’s widespread pussy and thrust inside until he slammed up against the back of her pussy. She took more than the other three, but he still had about an inch of cock that he couldn’t get inside her pussy. But he didn’t care he wasn’t gentle, and he wasn’t slow; he pounded his mom hard against the hardwood floor in the entrance way. She screamed and begged him for more. To go harder and faster. He just kept pounding away. He felt her getting tighter and tighter and knew she was close to coming. “Let go Mommy-slut, cum you dirty cunt! Cum on your son’s big dick.”


Gio didn’t even slow he just kept pounding away in his mom’s cunt. Her legs came behind him and pulled his ass even harder against her. Her fingernails scratching furrows up his back as she came over and over in an almost continual rolling cum. He felt his balls tightening and knew he was going to cum. “Are you ready slut? Are you ready to have you nasty mommy cunt filled with your son’s hot cum? Do you want me to shoot my cum in your pussy mommmy-slut?”


That was it and his cum rocketed out of his cock. Cecilia felt it filling her, shooting straight into her womb, and she realized that he just might actually knock her up. She was in her fertile period, two weeks past her last period. That thought turned her orgasm up even more and her eyes rolled back in her head, and she passed out from the strength of the pleasure the thought of having Gio’s incestuous child gave her.

Gio felt his mom go slack as she came her pussy locked tight holding him trapped for a second. He looked at her and laughed. He’d fucked her until she fainted. The thought of having his baby too much for her. He didn’t know if it was possible, but he didn’t care. He’d just fucked his mom and made her his slut too. Holy fuck, four women in one day. His whole life changed. He pulled his dick out and wiped it on her belly then picked her up and carried her upstairs and laid her in her bed.

He turned around to see Fiona and the twins all standing there looking at him. Fiona shook her head. “You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You had to go and fuck mom stupid too?”

Gio looked at her and growled. “Hey this is your fault. You had to have me fuck you earlier and mom got it on video. She demanded I fuck her. What was I supposed to do?”

“I get It; she’s hot. But did you have to make her agree to be your fucking mommy slut and call you master?”

“Yes, I’m done being the whipping boy, the submissive geek. I have the means to be what I want to be. A big fat cock and martial-arts skills. I’m done being walked on and ignored. From now on, I’m in charge. If they don’t like it, they can fuck off. If you three don’t like it, you can fuck off, and if mom doesn’t like it, she can too. You all three gave yourselves to me, and you’ll keep obeying me or I won’t let you near my big fat cock. Got it?”

All three of them nodded and said, “Yes Master.”

“Good all four of you are gonna give me your asses, and I’m gonna fuck em. However, I’ll give you time to get them prepared. Order butt plugs for all of you and start stretching them. You’ve got a month. Each of you will talk about my big fat cock to girls you know. You’ll tell them how happy it makes you, how I make you cum like no one else ever has. I expect each of you to find me more willing fuck toys. All three of you will talk to Abi Long too. I need to know what she sees in Dean. I want Dean fucking out of her life but I need information to make it happen. But until then Tiffany, Tara, you will pack your shit and move into my room. You’ll sleep in my bed, unless I tell you otherwise. The only other people who can fulfill your sexual needs are in this bedroom. bursa escort That goes for all of you. If I even think, you willingly touched someone else or let them touch my property, I’ll whip those asses and toss you out. Got it?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, Fiona you look after mom tonight. Clean her up and make sure she is rehydrated. Tara you didn’t come to me willingly, so you will go downstairs and lick up the mess mom, and I made in the entrance way. Then you will sleep at the foot of my bed like the bitch you are. Tiffany because you gave yourself to me without a fuss, you can sleep beside me. I might even let you cum again before you go to sleep.” He started out of the room and stopped. “Tara before you go downstairs come with me. I need to piss, and you’re going to hold my big fat cock for me.”

He headed for the jack and Jill bathroom that he and Fiona shared, and realized tomorrow he was moving. He was the Master of the house, so the king-sized bed and the master suite and private bathroom were now his. He’d invite the girl or girls, he wanted to share his bed when he wanted them, but the room was his.

He watched as Tara came in the bathroom and stood behind him and reached around to hold his cock. “Not like that. Come around front and sit on the toilet then aim my cock between your legs. My piss should hit your pussy before running into the toilet.” HE expected the bitch to complain, but she didn’t; she did exactly what he told her to do, aiming her stream at her pussy and watching it spray over her before flowing into the bowl. When he was done pissing, he smiled at her. “Good girl, now suck me clean then go clean up the entrance way.”

“Yes Master.” She lovingly took his cock and licked all his and his mom’s fluids off it and his balls, then she tongued his slit and made sure all the cum and piss was gone. “Your cock is clean, Master.”

He patted her head. “Good girl. Make sure you brush your teeth before you come to bed and use the mouthwash. I might want a blowjob in the morning.”

“Anything you want, Master.”

A moment of guilt hit him, and before he knew what he was doing I asked her. “Are you happy Tara? That I made you my slut slave?”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “You gave me the most amazing orgasms of my life Gio. I’m so happy you forced me to be your slut and your slave.”

She placed a kiss on the head of his cock and then stood and went downstairs. Maybe I was a vindictive bastard; he thought; but maybe, just maybe that’s what she needed.

Gio woke the next morning with his normal morning glory nestled between the warm ass cheeks of Tiffany Anderson, his school’s Queen Bitch, and one of his new cum sluts. His feet were warmly snuggled one under and one between her twin sister, Tara’s, big tit’s. He was slightly disoriented by the warmth at his back and the hand rubbing up and down his chest. That was until a warm breath whispered across his ear. “Wake up little brother. It’s time to head for the gym, if you’re going to continue building on those muscles you started growing this summer.”

Just Fiona’s breathe in his ear was enough to make his Big Fat Cock even harder. “Umm we’re going to be delayed a bit,” he said as he turned to kiss his big sister. She pulled away and looked down at his monster hard on. “Really? Is this a normal thing?”

He nodded. “Every morning, it’s not usually this hard, but yes, Fiona. I’m a normal, for the most part, guy. I wake up with morning wood.”

“Well shit, I didn’t think about that. We may have to postpone your workout until after school.” “Unless you think a quick blowjob will take care of it?”

He shook his head. “I have to cum three times in the morning for it to go down to normal.”

She sighed and licked her lips. “The things I do for you Gio.” Then she crawled on top of him and lined his cock up with her already soaked pussy. “Why are you so wet already Big Sister? I thought we were going to the gym.”

“We were but that dosen’t mean I didn’t dream about this big fat cock filling my needy pussy all night. Can I help it if you got my pussy addicted to your super fuckstick?”

Gio pushed her off him and flipped her over. Hands and knees, sister-slut. First time you rode me, then we did missionary. Today I take you like the bitch in heat you are.”

He pulled her up and rubbed his cockhead up and down her dripping wet slit a few times bumping against her clit with every forward motion until she was whimpering and moaning. Then he lined up to her fuck hole and sank in as far as he could, until he came in contact with the back wall of her cunt. Slowly at first, so as not to damage her pussy, he started to pull out and plunge in, over and over. When he felt her tight, wet hole relax a bit, he picked up his pace and lifted his hips making sure his cockhead rubbed across the spongey G-spot he’d already come to recognize. When she started begging him to pound her pussy and pushing back against him, he really started plowing into her hot and heavy. Slamming in until he bounced off her back wall time and time again. Soon both his other sluts were awake, as they watched her screaming for him to fuck her good. Tiffany turned and slid her head under Fiona’s belly and began to lick at her clit and Gio’s shaft as it moved in and out, adding another level of pleasure to both of them.

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