Friday Night in the Sauna


The steaming water hit my skin, rinsing away the sweat and the stress from the work-week. I’d started my Friday night workouts a year ago after breaking up with my girlfriend, and they’ve become a tradition. The gym’s quiet in the evenings, letting me take my time as I work myself to exhaustion, leaving me feeling light-headed and refreshed – and more than a little horny, too. Working my muscles always leaves me feeling like that, and I enjoy stretching it out before I head home to jerk off.

I lathered the soap across my body. The bench press had left my skin taught across my pecs, and my heart beat was hard and steady. I worked my way down, feeling of how fit I’d become over the past few months, soaping up my stomach, and down to my groin. The hot blood coursing through my system had left my cock swollen, and it hung down, sliding against my thigh as I lathered. I kept my arousal bottled up inside, enjoying the sensations of soap and water while holding off an erection.

The clang of a locker broke me from my reverie, and I jerked my hands back. Embarrassment swept through me, even though I hadn’t been doing anything. I turned towards the water, and started washing my arms — hoping that the hot water would hide the burning in my cheeks. Christ, what was wrong with me? I didn’t usually get this turned on after a work out, not to the point of fantasizing in a public shower. Hell, if I hadn’t heard the locker slam, whoever it was might have come in here and seen me jerking off-

My heart skipped a beat and my cock twitched. A mental image flashed – me, down on my knees in a state of rut, getting caught jerking off wildly with the hot water coursing over my body – goddamnit, get a hold of yourself, Dan! I’d been working too hard lately. The last time I’d even had time to jerk off was… Tuesday. Shit, no wonder I was so horny. I hadn’t even been laid since… what was her name? Carol? When I slipped my hand down her pants at the club and found that clit ring –

My thoughts slammed to a halt with an icy bolt in my chest as I noticed movement by the shower entrance. I steeled my features so that they wouldn’t give away my thoughts, but the guy who came in spared only a brief glance in my direction before going over to one of the showerheads on the opposite wall.

Wake up, Dan! You saw this guy earlier, the only other patron there, running on the treadmill; you shouldn’t have been surprised to hear him enter the shower. He was Asian, a bit shorter than me, with an athletic build; his muscles were slim, but defined. My thoughts drifted while I shampooed my hair. He’d been on that treadmill a long time, at least forty-five minutes. I remembered what I’d noticed at the time — it had struck me that he seemed to have no leg hair whatsoever. Maybe that was just because Asians don’t usually have much body hair, I’d thought. Wondering about this, I glanced back. But it wasn’t his ethnicity; his entire body was waxed smooth.

He was stood in silhouette, arms up lathering his hair, his body gleaming in the water — even from his belly button to the base of his cock, there was nothing but bare skin.

He glanced in my direction, and I turned away, maybe a bit too quickly. My movement sluiced a torrent of hot water down my chest, and over my genitals – my abdomen clenched and I had to suppress a groan of pleasure. I had to turn away – the water flowing down over my balls felt too good for me to concentrate on anything else. As I turned back I noticed him look away.

Was he gay? There was nothing in his gaze, but I felt as if a rising sexual tension in the room. Neither of us said anything, and I tried to focus on washing, but I caught him glancing over at me a couple more times – and I caught myself glancing over at him.

Oh what the hell, I decided. I couldn’t concentrate on anything but how thick my cock felt, and the ache in my balls. If he is gay, let him enjoy the show – at least then I won’ be the only one who’s sexually frustrated. I turned around so that I was facing him dead on, and leaned my head back into the stream, closing my eyes and rinsing the soap from my hair, exposing myself for his eyes. A warmth was rising in my chest, and rivulets of water ran down my stomach, down my cock, dripping from the end. As I shifted position my cock rubbed against my balls, my balls against my legs, and my ass cheeks against each other. My groin felt felt hot and relaxed, and I knew my cock was hanging as long and thick as it could get without being hard. After taking longer than necessary, I turned back around again. I was breathing heavily, and desperately wanted somebody to suck me off.

You’re being an idiot, I told myself; but my heart was still beating hard. If the guy’s straight, he’ll think you’re some sort of weirdo; and if he’s gay then you’re getting yourself into a situation you don’t want to be in. But my arrousal wouldn’t go away.

I glanced back again, and what I saw made me freeze — he was bent over, washing his calves, with everything on display.

The Escort Kız tan-coloured globes of his ass were firm, but too small to offer any modesty. They were stretched open, and his asshole was completely exposed; the skin around it was darker, and the rime was soft and relaxed, as if it were ready to open. From there to his balls the skin was lighter, smooth and shiny, rising up to the dark skin of his nutsack — as hairless as the rest of him — and down below them his cock, not as dark as his balls but darker than his legs, swinging with the movement of his arms. Shaking back and forth, pressing into his leg – it looked half stiff already — what would it look like when he was completely hard? He shifted from cleaning one leg to the other, and for a half second his asshole tensed — then relaxed. If my cock was buried in there, getting squeezed by him…

Oh shit! I turned around, and started rinsing the last of the soap off of me. The image had uncorked the bottle of my lust, and my cock was stiffening. Even now, I could feel it thickening and rising, it was already horizontal. The tip screamed in pleasure with every drop of water that hit it, and wouldn’t be ignored. I rinsed the last of the soap off, and rushed out to dry myself off, doing the best I could to hide my cock.

I need to get out of here.

I decided to head to the sauna, to try and relax. I wasn’t usually attracted to guys, and I don’t know why I was reacting so strongly. Wait a minute — ‘usually’? Okay, so I’m never attracted to guys, but something about the… the sheer lewdness of his display had got to me. The way he’d been completely exposed and open – like a woman lying on her back, knees up, ass cheeks pulled apart-

Stop it.

I got a hold of myself, and finally started to calm down. I pushed open the door of the sauna, still in my towel, and stepped into the dim interior. The humidity condensed on my skin and filled my lungs as I closed the door. When my eyes finally adjusted my jaw dropped; what I saw was just too much to handle.

Sitting across from the door was a woman, leaning back with her arms up on the seat back, and her head resting against the wall. Like me she was wearing nothing but a towel – and like me, it was wrapped around her waist.

Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back, still wet from her shower, framing a heart shaped face. Her chest rose and fell slowly, covered with perspiration, and flushed from the heat. Her towel had fallen open on her left hip, and the curve of her waist showed that she was wearing nothing underneath. But my eyes were locked on her nipples – dark pink, they still stood erect from her earlier exertions. Her aureoles were distinct, halos of tiny bumps. Underneath my towel my cock was stiffening, getting harder with each heart beat, rubbing against the rough pile of the towel. My lust came back threefold; it had turned into a nervous energy bouncing around my chest.

A bead of sweat dislodged from her chin. It landed on her chest, flowing down between her breasts, over her stomach, and down under her towel. My throat clenched with a sharp intake of breath.

She groaned and started to open her eyes, a half-smile on her face. Then she noticed me and her eyes shot all the way open. “Oh!”

She crossed her arms over her breasts, and I tore my gaze away, “Sorr-“

“-orry!” We stuttered out apologies.

A moment passed, then I looked back up at her — at her face this time. The sky blue eyes were shocked, but they sparkled with intelligence. “Uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to be staring like that. I just didn’t expect to see anyone, uh… else in here at this hour.”

“No, that’s okay,” she said, gesturing with one arm while the other stayed covering her breasts, “I didn’t think anyone else was in here, or else I wouldn’t have undone my towel – you’re not offended, are you?”

I shrugged, and stepped over to the bench on my right, trying to sit down casually though I was feeling anything but. “I don’t see how it’d be my place to be offended. I mean, legally you’re in the right – you can wear a shirt, or not – but I shouldn’t have been staring.” Her breasts were pressed together under her arm. I wondered if her sweat was pooling between them.

She smirked, and wrinkled her nose. “Maybe if I was outside, yeah, but I’m more worried about what the Gym’ll think. Glad you aren’t funny.” She looked nervous for a second, but her eyes were alive with light. “I guess I should pull my towel back up…”

“You don’t have to – I mean,” I smiled sheepishly. “I’m not some meat-head. If you’re comfortable that way, go ahead.”

She studied me for a moment, then bit her lip, and glanced to her left. “Was there anyone else in the change room?”

“Oh, jeez – I didn’t think of that,” I tried not to let the disappointment show in my face. Under the towel my cock was softening. “Yeah, there was an Asian guy in the shower with me.”

“But there wasn’t anyone else?” Her arm was just lightly caressing her breast, hardly covering it.

“Uh, no.”

“Oh, that’s fine then,” she glanced towards the door briefly, then grinned wickedly. “You’ll be a gentleman?”

Her blase attitude about the other guy had made me lose interest. Whatever their relationship was, it would probably stall anything happening between her and I. I held my hands up in mock defence, “I’m just here for the steam,” At least I’ll get to enjoy the view, I thought, as I leaned back on my bench.

Hesitantly at first, but with a devilish look in her eyes, she moved her arm and eased back into her earlier repose. I stared into the steam, intensely aware that her nipples were pointing straight up.

“So is he your boyfriend?”

“Who? Sam?” She held her head up, and grinned at me. “Hah! No, I met him through the University’s Swim Team; we’re work out partners.”

Did that mean he was..?

Just then the door opened and in stepped the Asian guy – Sam. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Hey,” said the blonde, curling her toes.

“Well,” he considered us for a moment, “You two look comfortable.”

“Oh, sit down! This is – wait a minute, what’s your name?”

“I’m Dan,” I leaned forward to shake her hand. She had to lean to her left, dislodging her towel a bit more. I don’t think she noticed my glance.

“I’m Lana. And this is Sam.”

“We met.” A smile played across his face as he delicately shook my hand. A tingle went through me. As I sat down the back of my towel bunched up, leaving my ass and balls sitting naked on the bench. A jet of steam shot up between the planks, and my cock started to harden again. I leaned forward resting my elbows on my knees to hide it.

Sam went to the bench next to the door and slumped down with a sigh, stretching his legs out straight.

“Good run?”

“It’s not my fault! If you’d told me you wanted go swimming earlier I wouldn’t ‘ve had such a big dinner!” They were smiling at each other as if it were some sort of inside joke. The humour was contagious, even if I didn’t know what it was about. I stole a glance at Lana’s nipples – they looked to have softened with Sam’s arrival. Compared to her pink, his were dark brown, on golden skin.

“Hey, Dan -” Sam looked at me, the smile still on his face. “You saw me in the shower, right?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Well!” he looked at Lana, “I’m going to get comfortable then.” With that he pulled whipped his towel off, and lay it on the bench beside him.

“Sam!” shouted Lana, leaning forward, unaware that she was squeezing her breasts together as she did so. Sam just settled back, and spread his legs apart and stretching them. His cock was dangled naked on the bench, just like mine.

“What, you don’t have to wear a towel, but I do?”

“I just took the top off!”

“Honey, he already saw me in the shower. Besides, you don’t mind, Dan, do you?”

I looked at Lana, “You guys usually get naked together.”

She shrugged, and glanced down. “It’s the best way to relax. Besides I don’t have to worry about Sam,” she grinned at him, “He’s all about the cock ‘n balls!”


I felt the heat rising in me. “I hope I’m not holding you guys back…”

Sam shrugged, “As long as you don’t hold me back…”

“Don’t be catty, Sam. No, you’re alright, Dan.”

Sam tilted his head and looked at me, “Yeah, he’s is. I thought I’d scared him away at first.”

Lana’s eyes shot towards me. “What did he do?”

“He, uh -” Sam still had the half smile on his face. “He kind of bent over while we were in the shower together.”

“Bent over? How?”

“Well, he – why don’t you show her?”

“What? No! I’m trying to relax!”

“C’mon, Sam! Don’t be chicken!”

Sam bit his lip, and glanced at me. I smiled, “Go ahead.”

“…okay,” he stood up, and looked sheepish for a moment. His smooth, naked form was shiny with sweat, and his balls were tight to his body. “I was washing my legs,” he said to Lana, then turned around so he was facing the door. “Like this,” he bent over and and touched his left toes, with his legs apart, spreading his ass cheeks open. I stared openly this time, I was too horny to feel inhibited. Every curve on him was glistening in the humidity, and I saw the muscles under his balls tense, pulling them tight as his hands reached the floor. Lana stared silently, mouth agape. After a moment Sam bounced up, then touched his toes to his right foot, clenching his asshole as he did so.

“Oh my god!” said Lana, turning her gaze on me. “Did you like it?”

My cock was rock hard now, hot and heavy where it pressed against my leg. “Yeah,” I glanced at her before looking back at Sam. My breaths were coming fast now. I was so horny I could feel it in my chest. “How could I not? Look at him – his ass is spread open, and his balls are completely showing. Nothing’s showing. It’s just so…”

“So horny,” there was a hoarse element to her voice when she spoke.

“Can I get up now?”

Lana glanced at me. I stared at him for another couple seconds before replying. His curves and recesses were shadowed and tempting. “Go ahead.”

Sam stood up and started turning. “Look what you guys did to me…” As he came around to face us, his stiff cock came into view. He rubbed one hand over his abdomen, and his muscles spasmed.

“Ohh…” groaned Lana, glancing from his cock to where mine was under the towel.

“So are you guys going to take the towels off?” Sam sat down awkwardly, and tried to smile, but it was ruined by the lust was written across his face. His eyes ran up and down my body, and he didn’t tried to hide his erection.

Lana looked very shy all of a sudden. I waited for her to answer to. She glanced at me then looked down. “I will if you will,” she said quietly.

The knot of lust in my stomach was too much to ignore. I gripped the towel’s knot on my waist. The movement dislodged my cock from where it was caught against my thigh, and it slid up hitting the towel. A jolt of pleasure shot all the way down to my asshole. Gripping the towel, I pulled it out from behind me, then lifted it off. They both stared – my cock stood fully at attention, bobbing in time to my heart beat.

Without saying a word, Lana tore off her towel. She went to lift her left leg up onto the bench, then doubled over in a nervous giggle. “This is so fucking hot.”

“Yeah,” agreed Sam. Precum was collecting at the tip of his cock. I felt mine pulse in response.

I tore my eyes away from him. “Let me see your pussy, Lana.” Her eyes were on fire, but her face looked nervous. Moving like a young virgin, she leaned into the corner next to her, and threw her left leg up on the bench. Her pussy was completely bare, swollen, and glistening. Her dark inner lips peeked out at me. I could just make out her asshole in the shadows beneath. She cupped her left breast then, staring into my eyes, reached down and pulled her lips open for me.

“Oh-” the sight sent a shudder through my cock, and I saw Sam lick his lips.

“Lana,” he said, “Why don’t you tell him about that fantasy of yours?”

Her ring and index fingers held her pussy open, while she used her middle to stroke up and down on her clit. She was breathing in gasps now. “I’ve wanted – I’ve always wanted – to see – Oh! – to see two guys together.”

Sam’s hand was squeezing his balls, and a rivulet of precum ran down his cock. I knew how he felt – I wanted to jerk my throbbing cock, but was afraid I’d blow instantly if I did. My body was trembling with excitement. I looked at Sam and he read my glance. He got up – shyly – and moved over to sit next to me.

“You’ve never been with a guy before?”

“No,” I said, then grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him. His lips were soft, like a girl’s.

This kiss broke off and I looked back towards Lana. Her hand was rubbing furiously back and forth across her clitoris now, as she squeezed her breast. She breathed in little moaning pants, and her eyes were half-lidded in lust. “Keep going,” she said.

My hands were buried in Sam’s short, soft hair. He touched my cock and I jerked, “Do that again,” he ran his finger from the base of my nuts, up to the tip of my cock, making me shiver. He wiped my precum off the tip, then stuck his finger in his mouth. I heard Lana moan. I kissed him savagely, tasting myself on his tongue, then pulled back and guided his head down to my lap.

The warmth of his mouth embraced my cock, making my head jerk back in pleasure. “Oh!” exclaimed Lana, jumping up and sliding over for a better look. Sam’s head was bobbing up and down smoothly on my cock, over the swollen head. Lana’s eyes were wide, and her hand was clenched over her pussy like it was going to explode. I rubbed my hand down Sam’s back, feeling how smooth and slick he was. I rounded the curve of his ass, squeezed his cheeks, and stroked gently against his asshole. I heard him moan, with my cock still buried in his mouth, so I kept stroking him there, feeling the soft skin loosen.

“Oh my god. You’re touching him, aren’t you? Oh, play with his asshole! Are you fingering him?”

Sam shifted , lifting one foot onto the bench. I felt his asshole widen, and push out against my finger. “I am now,” I slid my middle finger in, and was rewarded with a high-pitched whine from my crotch. Working slowly I pushed in and out, lubricating him with the sweat and humidity until I was in to the second knuckle. His ass was hot and tight, and I felt him squeeze me. I started finger fucking him, going faster as he loosened, and his bobbing sped up in return.

“Oh, suck his cock Sam! Yeah, he’s finger-fucking you and I’m watching. Mmm, does he taste good Sam? Does he?” Suddenly she leaned back, scooted her butt forward, and lifted both feet up onto the bench. She looked at me lustfully with her pink little asshole completely revealed. “I’m going to play with my ass while you play with his.” I could do nothing but stare as she pulled her cheeks even further apart with her left hand, then reached down and started tapping on her asshole with her right. “Oh!” she exclaimed, her back arching every few seconds.

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