A Brief Encounter

The hotel bar was quiet tonight with the exception of one woman. She was sat a couple of stools away from him and she had glanced over a few times and smiled at him while reading her Kindle. He’d sat looking at her for at least 10 minutes before she had acknowledge him. She was wearing a red dress, above the knee and quite low cut especially as she had ample breasts. She wore red heels and tan coloured nylons and his stares were alternating between her legs and breasts.

At one point she looked up and caught his share. He smiled sheepishly and looked away. She knew exactly what he was looking at and thought it would be fun to carry on being flirtatious with him and have a bit of fun. Casually as she was reading and knew he was looking she crossed her long legs allowing her dress to ride up her thighs. She looked down and noticed the darker band of her stocking was on show not enough for him to see her tops but enough for him to guess they were stockings.

She then began to dangle her red heel from her toes flicking it on and off. He watched her intently wondering if she know the effect it was having on him. It all seemed innocent to him but she knew what she was doing. Then by accident her shoe fell from her toes and onto the floor slightly too far away for her the simply slip her foot back into. She uncrossed her legs and had to stretch to find her shoe. The motion of stretching hoisted her dress over her thigh revealing her stocking top, suspender strap and flesh from the top of her thigh.

She teased him for a couple of seconds flashing her tops before putting her shoe back on and adjusting her dress. All the time he had watched and the sight had a profound effect on him. She watched him as he wriggled in his seat trying to hide from her the result of her flashing. She realised he must be aroused and this made her flush up and made her feel hot knowing what she had done. She decided to give him one more flash and stealthily undid one of the buttons of her dress around her large breasts.

From where he was sat he could see a large mound of tender breast flesh inside a red bra. This tipped him over the edge and he stood up and headed directly for the toilets. She noticed a bulge in his trousers as he turned. She also noticed he’d left his card key on the table as he left quickly and this gave her a wicked idea. She fasten her button, knocked down the last of her drink and stood up making her way to where he had been sitting and picked up his key. She escort bayan then hurried through the bar and reception and into the lift and made her way to his room. On returning to his table he noticed two things immediately.

Firstly, the woman had gone, a sense of disappointment filled him until he noticed the second thing, his key was missing. Had the barman simply picked it up or was his luck in. He asked the barman who said he’d not seen it and told him he could get a spare at reception. He was about to do as instructed but decided to follow his instincts and made his way back to his room. As he approached the door to his room he noticed it slightly ajar and knew he had done the right thing. He walked in and shut the door then saw a sight that made his cock instantly hard.

The woman from the bar was sat in a chair in the corner of the room, her legs spread wide dangling over the arms of the chair. Her dress was hoisted high revealing her stockings and a tiny pair of red panties. All the buttons of her dress were undone and her large breasts were on display in her red bra. She had a finger slipped inside her red panties rubbing them from the top to where they met her pussy and she had a dirty smile on her face. He walked over to her and dropped to his knees and pulling her damp panties to one side pushed his tongue deep into her wet tangy pussy.

She gasped as his tongue slide deep inside her and he licked and sucked her pussy and clit hard. It didn’t take her long to cum. As he raised his head from between her thighs her massive breasts were heaving from her orgasm. She had released both from her bra and she was twisting and pulling on two dark, erect nipples. He stood up and removed his jacket. She moved forward and grabbed his belt, undoing it and the button and zip. They fell to the floor and she pulled his shorts down.

A large, thick erect cock sprang forward towards her and she grabbed it pulling him into her mouth. She began to suck him deep and hard tasting his salty precum that his previous erection had created. She sucked greedily on his cock, teasing him with flicks from her tongue on its tip. From his moans of pleasure she knew her oral skills were good and he would enjoying her lengthy blow job as she had enjoying his tongue but unlike herself she didn’t want him to cum so soon, she wanted more.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop and saw it was covered in saliva from tips to his balls. He stood back altıparmak escort bayan and smiled at her, his proud cock ready for more action. He removed the reminder of his clothes revealing a strong hairy chest and he offered his arm to pull her from the seat. When stood she lost the dress, dropped her panties and removed her bra. Her breasts were magnificent. Large, rounded and firm with big brown nipples that stood as proud as his cock.

She kept her tan stockings on, along with her red suspender belt and heels and moved over to the large bed in the middle of the room and climbed on it. She crawled a little way on to the bed and stopped with her heels just off it and on all fours pushed her arse into the air offering it to him. He didn’t need a second invite and walked behind her and stood between her heels. He grabbed his wet cock and pulled black the skin exposing his large purple head and pushed it towards her pussy lips.

As he reached them he rubbed his cock up and down the length of her juicy, plump lips and without warning thrust his more than ample cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. She gasped as this length and girth stretched her as his cock went deeper inside her. He placed his hands on her arse and began to fuck her deeper and faster, her moans getting louder and more frequent and her head tossing from side to side.

She couldn’t believe a complete stranger was fucking her so forcefully yet gracefully only an hour after they had first laid eyes on each other and the fact that not one word had passed either of their lips. With each thrust of his hips and each deep penetration of his cock she got wetter and wetter allowing him to slide easily inside her. He moved his hands over her arse and thighs as he fucked her, enjoying the feel of soft warm skin and smooth nylon.

He watched as her ass wobbled with each forward motion and moved his right hand over her bottom until his thumb reached her tight hole. She sensed what he was about to do and total excitement filled her body. She relaxed for a moment and he pressed his thumb into her ass and with her moans now almost screams he fucked her harder than ever and suddenly her second orgasm hit her whole body.

She shook and screamed as the double penetration overwhelmed her and pushing her head down into the bed she came. He felt a warm flood around his cock as her juices flowed from her pussy and as he pulled almost all his cock out of her he nilüfer eskort could see it covered in her cum. He continued to pound away as her orgasm settled knowing he couldn’t last much longer however he knew he couldn’t fill her pussy with his seed and withdrew his cock and thumb entirely.

She turned to face him and smiled a very wicked smile and he knew what she wanted. He placed the tip of his big, soaked cock to her ass hole. It was reluctant to take it at first it was her first time but as she relaxed again she slowly opened up and his cock took away her virginity. He was gentle at first, inching his deeper into her tight ass, as she grabbed the bedding between her hands and teeth, growling under her breath. He knew she wouldn’t be able to take his full cock without screaming the hotel down, so he began to fuck her with half his length in.

He moved forward and grabbed a huge breast and nipple in each hands and started to squeeze them and teased her nipples as he fucked her arse. After a few more thrusts he knew he couldn’t stop himself from cumming and he thrust his cock in as deep as he could just in time for him to empty his thick, hot load into her ass. She felt squirt after squirt of cum filling her ass and the feeling, one which she had never felt before triggered her third and most powerful orgasm.

She started to buck like some wild animal and he let go of her breasts and grabbed her arse again holding it tight and allowing him to empty every last drop of his seed into her ass. Face down on the bed she was thrashing her hands and arms, cursing him as he filled her. She felt her own juices gushing from her and down her stockinged thighs.

Finally she felt him stop and to some relief but obvious pleasure he pulled his cock from her arse and flopped on to the bed, exhausted and spent. She crawled a little further up the bed before collapsing too. After a couple of minutes he felt the bed move and looked up. She was standing before him, smiling at him pulling her panties back on and locking her breasts back in her bra. He was first to speak.

‘You not even showering, you’re full of cum.’ His cock now flaccid leaked the remainder of his orgasm as he slipped back in to his pants, reeking of sex.

‘Noooooo! It feels too nice and besides I want you to buy me a drink in the bar while I sit there with my dirty secret. Then I want to see if we can find a naughty lady to join us in my room to clean me while you watch.’ On hearing this he jumped up and off the bed his cock already semi erect again.

‘Mmmmm, looks like you’re ready for more? Maybe I’ll let you do more than watch! That may have been fairly brief but it was a very enjoyable encounter!’ She purred as she lifted her dress up showing him her dark stained panties.

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