Emma, the Office Pet Ch. 05

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The group of men around the boardroom table looked up and greeted Senan as he came in, leash in one hand, camera in the other. A senior manager, Fiachra, beckoned him in and to close the door behind him. ‘We’ve got a full agenda today so we’re gonna keep working, but don’t worry, we can multitask’, and he winked at Senan. ‘Stand up, pet’, and Emma rose from the floor. Her shirt was untied, and she was asked to open it wide, and turn around on the spot. She lifted the shirt and made sure they got a good look at her ass, and cupped her breasts in her hands to ensure they would know she wasn’t coy. ‘Good girl. Now, we all have our own preferences here, so just do what you’re told, and put on a good show for Senan’s collection. I’ve heard good things about you, let’s see if it’s not all talk’.

The first man on her right beckoned Senan for the leash, and he yanked it hard towards himself. As Emma approached, she saw he had unzipped his pants and was already rock hard. He pushed her hard between the shoulderblades onto the table, and fucked her without mercy, continuing to press her back and use his whole weight to keep her down. With his other hand wrapped tight around the leash, she struggled to breathe, but Emma understood he was displaying to the other men, and she stayed very quiet, allowing herself the smallest of whimpers to betray her pain. Senan was at her face, the camera capturing her subservient slave-like position, face pressed against the table as if against her will. The man grunted and pulled yalova escort out, to eject himself across her ass. With his thumb, he rubbed his cum into her asshole and let it slip in, where she clenched around it, and he slapped her hard on the ass, to signal that she was released and he had no further use for her. She was sore after his rough way, but knelt by his side and thanked him for fucking her.

The next man smiled at her and leant back in his chair, spreading his legs, his pants too unzipped and ready for her. This was the first time today she was invited to take the lead, and she knelt with her knees either side of him, ready to put on a show. She put her hands on his shoulders, and pressed her tits into his face, pushing them from either side so he could smell and inhale the scent of her, enveloping his face with her breasts. Raising herself, she lowered her wet pussy onto the head of his cock, just the head, just enough to tease him ,and then rose to release them both. He said nothing, but pinched her ass to admonish her. Grinning, she did it again, lowering herself so her lips clenched his cock, teasing him with the promise of her hot, smooth cunt, and then rising to leave him (and her) bereft. Now he groaned, and she ran her pussy over the head of his cock, caressing him with her softest parts, toying with her own clit with his cock, using him as her own personal toy.

She played with him until she began to forget him, teasing her self and lifting edirne escort the hood of her clit with his cock, her hot cream sending him into a frenzy of want. As she was about to climax, she released herself onto the length of him, filling herself with his thick cock, burying his cock into herself, orgasming onto him while grinding her clit against his shaft, moving her hips to pull him into her entirely. As she came, she felt a pressure at her ass. The man she was on top of held her legs tight, and pulled her ass cheeks apart to help his colleague. She leaned forward to make it easier for him, and was both scared and excited as for the first time she felt two cocks in her, so close as if they might touch inside of her, threatening to tear her open. She couldn’t move. they were too big, but that would not stop the men, who delighted in fucking her. The man beneath her nipped her breasts with his teeth. while the man who was buried in her ass pulled her hair. She was as spread open as she had ever been, and with her hair pulled her mouth was forced open and her neck exposed, so she thought she might split apart, and when the first man came, and then the second, she had not the strength to move her knees and so they lifted her up and back down to the ground.

She now could not be sated, and went and begged to be taken by another man. She crawled like a dog, like a whore, a slut, a nymphomaniac – she wanted to be humiliated to her core. The next man looked erzurum escort at her only long enough to see that he liked her tits. Slapping one and then the other, he grabbed them roughly. Understanding, she moved herself so he could fuck her tits, the tip of his cock hitting her chin with every pull of his cock. Eager to be his slave, she moved his hands and held her breasts herself, sliding up and down his cock, while his attention drifted from her and he continued to present to the board on the forecasts for the next quarter. She rubbed her tits either side of his cock until he came on them, his cum spilling into the soft warmth of her chest, falling over her hands and fingers, failing to acknowledge her even as she fed herself his cum with her hands, relishing it and rubbing it into her breasts and lips and mouth.

The man next to him would not permit her to touch him. He jerked himself off while indicating only that she was to lay at his feet, and then came on her body only when he stood up. spraying her in an act of complete dominance. Senan looked with delight as he snapped this picture – the little whore on the ground, panting to be used, and it seemed the more she got the more she wanted – she was unstoppable.

Emma understood more about herself with each passing minute. She knew she needed this subjugation. She knew she needed to be wanted, and admired, and be the holder of this kind of power, and inspire this kind of desire in them. The only men left in the room who had not used her were the four senior partners. Emma did not kowtow with the kind of awe that some of her colleagues did to these men – she respected them, yes, but had no time for the kind of obsequious fawning of her weaker workmates. Now, she was in a leash and at their absolute servitude – and she was looking forward to every minute of it.

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