The Love of Panties Ch. 03 Pt. 2

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The Love of Panties Ch.03

Part 2

This went on for a few months. Mostly just trying her panties on and jacking off with pairs. I sometimes would make judgment mistake of when I would climax and would unload in her panties. I would either have to wash them off and dry them as much as possible or take them home with me and wash and return. That first time I wore her outfit I actually leaked so much as I rubbed my cock against her panties and skirt which had one of those satin linings inside it that it made a wet spot on her panties through to her skirt. I dried it as much as possible and hoped she never seen it.

It was one day when I found a really cute pair of nylon panties. They were a light baby blue color with a design of small flowers all over them and a matching bra. They had been worn and was in her laundry basket and as I tried them on and looked around her room at her other things I seen a long jean skirt. I had never tried on something longer than to me knees and when I felt it you could tell it was a stretchable type of jean material.

As I zipped it up I thought I was going to hear a seam start to break. It fit me so tight that it molded to my butt and shaped it almost like hers. I started dreaming of what she looked like in it. I then seen this satin, dark blue button up top and wonder if something that didn’t have a stretchy type material would fit me. I started buttoning it up and one at a time they buttoned. It was tailored so it too fit exactly to my body and with the tight skirt all ready squeezing my waist, the tailored top added to the look.

It felt so good and was so sexy that it had me hard instantly as I felt the silky material and the tight fit. The thought of what she looked like in it, how she felt and what it would be like undressing her in each piece of clothing was making me extremely horny.

As I walked I could feel the restriction of the skirt seeing as it went down between my knees and ankles. I’m sure it went another few inches on her and when I went to rub my cock through the skirt I had to press harder than usual to push the tight material in far enough to touch it. The feel of the restriction of breathing was also more than usual since the top was less giving than others I had wore and with her bra also on it did restrict me more but the feel of the satin was so hot.

It took a little to sit on her bed and get ready to start stroking since the skirt was so tight. I worried at how much I might stretch it. I sat for awhile feeling the tightness then laid down and as I rubbed my nipples through the silky top and nylon cup of the bra and figured to finish my climax I would either have to pull the skirt up or take it off to be able to rub my cock since everything I had on were clean clothes and had to be put back.

That’s when I heard it. The back door open and before I could hear it close I was up and headed out her bedroom door and to the bathroom that was right next to it. I figured if anyone ever came in I would have plenty of time to get in there and be able to at least change clothes. I would have to figure out what to do with her things later on, the main thing was to get out of her clothes before anyone had the chance to see me.

As I exited her door I seen her outline in the corner of my eye. I never stopped and quickly entered the bathroom hoping she was looking any direction but my way. Quickly but without a loud noise I let the door close. My heart was racing and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Even though seconds ago my cock would have probably adana escort broke in to if you would have hit it, it was so hard, it now was so soft I wondered if you could even find it.

That’s when I heard her walking down the hall. We were only about 8 years apart in age and called each other by name. I heard her at the door, “Chuck, Is that you?”

“Ah, yea, I had to come over to get some of my Dad’s tools and was just using the bathroom. Be out in just a minute or two.” I felt like my voice was shaking as much as my body was. I hoped she still had seen nothing but then the question that almost stopped my heart,

“Were you wearing my things? Will you come out please!”

“Ah….NO, just a second, I’m almost finished.” I started trying to quietly start getting her things off unbuttoning the top first. The zipper to the skirt sounded like a jack hammer as I tried to start pulling it down.

She started knocking on the door. “Chuck, you need to come on out. It’s OK. If you don’t come out now I will have to say something to your mom!”

Now I really had no problem with her saying something to my mom, I mean I didn’t live there any more but I didn’t want the rest of the family knowing this. I had no idea how others would react, besides, I had no idea if she was just saying what she said to see if what she saw was what she thought it was. “Just a second Darleen,” I said. “I’ll be out in just a second.”

“I can hear you in there and it sounds like you are undressing,” she said. “Just come out, I promise I won’t say a thing. It’s really OK. Here, I am taking my top off right now, if you come out. I’ll take my top and jeans off to show you I am telling you the truth.”

I thought, no way. I can’t see her but if she was actually undressing for me maybe. I mean, I have heard of girls that find things like this OK. Maybe, just maybe she was one of them. I took a little chance.”OK,” I said. ” Are you sure,” I asked.

“Yes, I promise. It’s OK.”she said.

I opened the door and as soon as I seen her face and then her top I knew she had tricked me. There she stood with her hands on her hips and her foot patting away on the floor. It was too late. I was sure she could see her top on me now anyway. “I thought you said……..”

“Get on out here now,” she said.

“I can’t believe it. I thought someone was moving my things around but I never could dream of who it would be so I just thought it was me,” she said.

“I’ll get it off now and buy you some new clothes to replace them and do anything if you just keep between me and you. Please Darleen….I beg you.”

She looked at me, “Don’t you do a thing yet. Why, what were you doing, are you gay or something. I know I’ve heard guys doing things like this and usually they are gay?”

“No, actually I’m not gay at all. Not even bi,” I said. “I ah….just kind of….I mean I like.”

“What, why my things” she asked? “If you aren’t gay or bi then why are you wearing my clothes?”

“Well, I know this may sound gross or something but I find you attractive,” I slowly let it fall out. It felt like my face was red as a beet.

“You what, you find me attractive, really, but why are you wearing my clothes. I thought guys that wore females clothes they were at least bi, that they wanted to see what it is like being a female. Damn, they fit you too! I can’t believe my things fit a guy!”

“Turn around, let me see.” I turned for her, still shaking but I could feel my cock starting to grow again. eskişehir escort In fact, pretty fast. I wanted it to stopped but I couldn’t. Another female, especially her seeing me wearing her clothes and not kicking and hitting me was getting me horny again. Besides, the tight jeans she had on was one of my favorite pair I had seen her in before and with the short top she had on I could see her tight waist. As I turned back around, she was looking down at my ass in her skirt and that’s when she seen it. My cock was so hard now it was showing through the tight skirt.

She looked up smiling and then she notice the part of her bra showing out of the two buttons I had started to unbutton. “You have my new bra on, do you have the matching panties on too?” She knelled down in front of me and started lifting her skirt I had on.” I hope you aren’t stretching this to much, it’s really tight,” and she lifted it high enough to see the panties I had on and how tight they fit. It really wasn’t the tightness of the panties but more the thin soft material molded to my cock just like they mold to a girls pussy and ass.

“WOW, It sure does make you horny huh”, she asked? She started reaching her hand to touch me. It slightly moved as her soft, slender fingers touched my cock. A wet spot was forming again. Right at the tip of my cock. “Why then, I mean, what do you do with my things. Is it just sexual?”

“Well, yes, but it’s a lot more than that” and I tried to explain it to her. “It’s a combination of the way some females clothes fit. The intimacy of them. Who they belong to. The way they feel”

“Wait, who they belong too, do you have a thing for me?”

“Well….Yes….I do find you attractive and you look so hot, I mean, look at you now.” “This is just my old jeans,” she said. “They may be your old jeans but you are hot girl,” I said.

“Well, show me, what do you do with my things?” she asked.

“I can’t just do it in front of you, not now,”I replied. Starting to get a little scared plus excited.

“Come on,”she said. “You were about to without me even here. Why not while I’m right in front of you? Come on, sit here and finish or I will tell everyone,” she said. She grabbed my hand and I felt her soft smooth fingers touch mine and I sat on the bed. I pulled her skirt up and started rubbing my cock through her panties. I pulled my cock out the side of her panties I had on and started jacking off.

“OH WOW,”she said. “It looks so….so perfect. The shape is so perfect.”

Now I’m not one of those 8 inch guys. I guess I can get a 5 1/2″, maybe 6 sometimes but I do have what I always thought was a great circumcised cock. I guess she thought so too since she stared at it as I stroked it in my hands.

“I just can’t believe how good you looked in my things. I can’t believe they would fit a guy, at least not one older than me.”

“Well they are a little tight and somethings I can’t wear but a lot of your things fit pretty good,”I said.

“A lot,”she remarked. “How many things have you tried on…..never mind, maybe I don’t want to know, just keep going,” she said as I watched in amazement as she pulled her top up and over her head and a really nice black bra was holding her beautiful tits. I reached up and started rubbing my nipples through her top and bra I had on and that’s when she stood up and started unzipping her jeans. Then slowly, trying to keep her panties on she wiggled out of her jeans. “You like the way they look on me better,” she sakarya escort asked. She turned and slipping her fingers inside the elastic leg bands after she pulled the waist band back up and slowly slid her fingers around the leg band and straightened the back of her panties across her ass.

“AAAHHhhhh……I ah,” was about as much as I could get out as I watched those silky black panties tighten up and move perfectly in place, stretched nice and tight across what I always thought was one of the most beautiful, round, curvy butts of any I had seen.

My stroking started going faster and faster as she turned around and I could see her silky panties slightly showing the lips of her pussy and her bra was tightly filled with two mounds of flesh that I had dreamed of touching , kissing, licking, just seeing more than one time. I remembered standing at her window which looked over our swimming pool out back once when she was laying out by the pool in her bikini and she would turn over and those mounds would hang as she got ready to lay on her stomach and I had my cock out with a pair of her panties wrapped around it watching her. That small triangular flap of material barely covering and holding her tits in it.

“You’re close aren’t you Chuck, she asked? She was starring straight at my cock as I stroked it as fast as I could. “What do you usually do it on, you know, ah….where do you let your sperm out at,” she asked as she realized I had no place to let it go? It all of a sudden dawned on her.

“Get me a towel or a pair of your worn panties,” I replied. She looked over and grabbed a pair of her panties at the end of the bed and placed them on my cock. The touch of her fingers was all I could take. I felt her slender fingers touch my cock as she placed her panties on my cock and I grabbed her hand and squeezed it around my cock and she made little resistance.

“Oh wow,”she said. “It so warm,” as she felt my warm sperm fill her panties and slowly came through. I could feel her fingers grab my cock and not let go. She squeezed it and milked it like she had done this before. I reached over and cupped one of her tits in my hand and she smiled as she felt my cock swell and pulse with it’s ejaculation.

I leaned her back on the bed and slowly slipped a cup off one of her tits and started sucking her nipple. Licking it across the hard nipple and nibbling on it then I kissed down and pulled her panties over her pussy and started licking it up and down her outer lips. She had a beautiful trimmed blonde haired patch above her young, what I dreamed of later on as a tight, inviting pussy. Slowly settling on her swollen clit and sucking it until she, within a couple minutes, cummed. He whole body shook. I felt her fingers slip into my hair and hold my mouth against her pussy as I licked up her juices.

“Oh damn Chuck. I’ve never had that… What are we going to do, I mean, we are cousins,”she asked?

“Well, It’s not like we had sex or you could get pregnant,” I replied. “If you don’t want me to do it again I won’t. If you want me to leave your things alone, I will.”

She looked at me,”Well, I’m not sure about doing anything sexual but if you don’t tear my clothes, or stretch them you can play with them. We’ll keep that to ourselves,”she said

She was the first girl that ever knew. We did do it a couple more times, once I even got her to let me undress her and then she put her things on me that I took off her and then she jacked me off herself before she moved out of my mom’s house. We see each other every once in awhile and she smiles and once whispered in my ear and asked if I had tried any new panties on. Once she even giggled and told me what kind of panties she had on. I still dream of what I should have done with her and what it would have been like to have actually had sex with her. She was a beautiful female, cousin or not.

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