My Teacher, My Love Ch. 09


I entered the classroom, our eyes met briefly before we both turned away and I headed to the back of the class to take my seat. I took out my books and equipment needed for the lesson, and then looked, as discreetly as possible, at Miss Taylor. She was reading something, probably notes for the class. I could not help but think about her naked, but also I saw my teacher. It was a weird feeling to look at someone you love and have been intermit with, but try and ignore that and just simply see them as nothing more than a teacher, a person you are not meant to have any personal attachment with. She sometimes looked up to scan the room, check who was at there seat, but it also seemed she wanted the chance to look at me. Our eyes met a few times, unable to convey much to each other, but enough to help us through the next hour, our silent support. She started the class once the bell rang, and things went really well. I was distracted by the work assigned to us by Miss Taylor, while she was distracted by answering student’s questions and checking over peoples work as she went around the room. Near the end of the lesson, she approached my desk.

“How are things going Sophie?” I passed her my book and she gave it a brief read. She seemed satisfied and closed the book and passed it back.

“Very good, some of your grammar needs a little revision but it looks like very good work as normal.” She gave my shoulder a brief touch and headed back to the front of the class. I opened up my book to revise what I had written so far and to see where changes could be made. I noticed a piece of folded paper inside the pages, I looked up and made sure nobody could see what I was doing and opened up the note. It is from Amy, she must have slipped it in when she read my work.


Today went well, you and I both seemed to cope well with the distance we have to create in order to hide our feelings for each other. I love you and miss your touch and closeness so much. I can’t wait until tonight to be wrapped in your arms, in our new bed. I hope everything went well this morning; it is nice to see you trying to finally make friends with someone. I hope she is someone you have things in common with and that she is someone you can build a very good friendship with. You can tell me all about it tonight, if you want to?



Do I detect a hint of jealousy, maybe we should have another talk about this, but now all I can see is a very sneaky woman. I hid the note in my backpack as I packed away my stuff. The bell rings and again I am the last one out. I catch eyes with Amy and wink before leaving her, the smile that I had produced from her, made me smile just as much and sent me to my next class very happy. My next class went well also, I had a test that I studied briefly for last night. It went well I think. Then I had a quick break before going to Maths which is where I would see Melissa again since this morning. I saw her as I entered, gave her smile and a quick wave, which she nicely returned, before taking my seat at the back as normal. We did not sit close enough to talk or anything, but we would try and catch each others eye occasionally through class and give each other a friendly smile. Once class ended, Melissa waited for me outside. She followed me to the canteen so I could grab a sandwich, then we headed to her personal grassy knoll. We chatted about school and homework, nothing too personal, but it was still nice to just talk to someone about stuff. Her house was on the same route as the one I walked. So we agreed to meet after school at the front gates and walk home together. The rest of the afternoon went well; my work distracted me from thinking about Amy. I did see her occasionally in the hallways between classes, but did well to ignore each other. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be, and after missing her so much yesterday, it seemed this was a very successful test and that things should be easier once Amy moved in, and I got to be with her every night. As a couple we were just like any other couple, in that we both went to work during the day, and even though we worked in the same place, while at work we kept things as a simple business relationship, each keeping to our respective task. I am sure there are a lot of people who do the same, so it was quite a nice feeling to be part of something special. And now it seems I had a friendship with Melissa, there wasn’t any confirmation that we were friends, just a feeling that we were, maybe that is how people become friends, they meet, find common interests, talk and meet each other, a transition happens where you go from people you know, to an actual friendship.

The final bell rang and I made my way towards the school gates. Melissa was not there just yet so I waited. I waited about 10 minutes before she arrived.

“I am so sorry Sophie for the delay, my teacher wanted to talk to me. I am very happy that you waited, and sorry if it was an inconvenience.” She was very worried.

“Melissa, I don’t mind waiting really. I was sure you had Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort a reason if you didn’t show; I was going to give you another 10 minutes then head home. Have you got a mobile?”


“Well if we exchange numbers, we could text each other, if anything ever comes up, or just to talk or whatever, friends do that I think if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind at all.” She replied happily and we exchanged numbers and then headed to our respective homes. We talked about school again but she was beginning to relax and we began to exchange more personal information, likes and dislikes. It was only a 20 minute walk, but we learned some things about each other, we had a lot of things in common and I enjoyed talking to Melissa immensely. We eventually reached her house and said goodbye to each other, including a hug. We agreed to meet in the library in the morning, but I suggested I just meet her here at her house and we could walk to school together. She agreed, asking to be here at 7.45, but asked that I just stand outside the gate and not to come to the door, i agreed, respecting her wishes. Then I waved her goodbye and left. It was nearly 4.30pm when I got home. Mom and dad were not home yet. So I decided to get changed ready for Amy’s arrival and try and get as much homework finished as possible. The time flew by with brief shouts of hello from mom and dad, they usually left me alone when I was in my room, knowing I was in my room working, but I would eventually make an appearance to say hello properly to them.

I was so lost in getting my work finished I did not notice the door open. It was a few minutes later I heard the slight cough alerting me to there presence. I turned to see Amy leaning against the doorframe.


“Never for you.” And I jumped out of my chair, ran to her, and then joined our lips in a passionate kiss. Wow, if you are in love as much as I was, you could imagine the type of kiss we had, when you have been anticipating it for the last 24 hours. We were breathing very heavily when we parted.

“God I missed you so much.” I panted.

“Me too. I need to sit down now.” So I guided her to the new bed. We sat down together, but ended up laid side by side. My head on her shoulder, while her arms were around mine and my hand was resting on her stomach.

“Like the bed?”

“Very nice, looks very well made, the designs on the headboard are beautiful. I am so relaxed and comfortable.”

“I know what you mean; it is too big for one person, so I can’t wait to share it with you.”

“Neither can I. So how are you doing with your homework?”

“Not bad, nearly finished.”

“Well don’t let me stop you; mom says to come down soon for dinner. While you finish, I will start to unpack, you can give me hand once you’re finished.”

“But I don’t want to move.” She laughed.

“Oh, poor baby, well it would be best to do it now, then when we have finished and had dinner, we can get an early night.” I went straight to my desk and went about finishing my homework, she just laid there stunned, but then laughed at my eagerness.

“Well get a move on Amy, get your things unpacked, times a wasting.” She laughed again, it was nice to laugh and joke with her; she rolled off the bed and made her way downstairs. I would help but my homework needed to be finished and I was sure either mom or dad would help her.

I was just finishing when dad called us both down for dinner, so I finished off and made my way downstairs. Mom and Amy were laughing and talking, it was nice to see them get on so well, dad was busy serving dinner. I went to dad and kissed him on the cheek, did the same to mom then sat down next to Amy who leaned forward to give me a peck on the lips.

“Did you finish your homework sweetheart?” She asked.

“Just now, thank you for asking.” I replied.

“Any problems?”

“Not really, except I have this really hard working English teacher who really piles on the homework.”

“Sounds like a battleaxe honey; maybe I should have a word with her for you?” Said mom.

“That sounds like a good idea mom; do you think you can help?”

“I’ll see what I can do, maybe I could ground her.”

“Mom, Sophie, would you two stop picking on me, I am only doing my job.” Then she pouted, big time and we all laughed.

“So how did school really go today?” Mom asked us both seriously.

“Not to bad plenty to distract us from each other I think. Actually it just seemed like a normal school day.” Amy answered.

“I agree mom, but one thing I do not understand, I thought passing notes in class was wrong?”

“Who was passing notes?” Amy coughed. Mom turned to look at her, dad gave me smile while he placed my dinner in front of me.

“Amy, were you passing notes in school?” Dad and I were red in the face while we tried not to laugh. Amy was looking down at the plate, while mom, who was the king of straight faced, was giving Amy the mother look.

“Yes mom, but I was sneaky and I am sure it was nice to receive.”

“What if you caught a student passing notes, I am sure you would have reprimanded them. Are what about other students, if they had caught you?” Amy was looking like she wanted to cry, I wanted to stop it then, and mom seemed to think she had gone too far, but all I could do was laugh. I have never laughed so much. Amy looked at me, a little hurt, but when mom and dad started laughing so did she.

“I am sorry Amy, I was only teasing.” Said mom.

“Its ok mom, I am just not used to it. My other parents, when at the table, would normally tell me off, just because they could, about anything. It just brought back some bad memories.”

“I am sorry for laughing Amy, I could not help it, and I could tell you were distressed, but remember, you learn from your mistakes, it doesn’t make it easier if people start having a go at you about it. But that does not happen here, we just like to tease about it. I suppose it is something we need to be careful about doing with you.”

“No Sophie, please don’t stop teasing, I want to be part of this family and if teasing is something you do, then I want to be a part of that, I have to learn to stop letting past experiences effect me so much. My other parents treated me very poorly and I will not let them control my actions any more. Thank you mom for trying to make me feel part of the family.”

“Amy, before Sally’s death I used to be so worried about whatever Sally or Sophie did. Always trying to overprotect them, but Sally’s words changed me and it made me realise that parents can guide there children or lend an ear to them. But we must never make them feel bad when they make a mistake, like falling down after climbing a tree they should not be in. When they fall, you just have to allow them to pick themselves up, but if they came to me crying I would help them, but I would not chastise them for what they did, I just hope they can learn from there mistake. So over the last few years, Sophie has learnt to be independent and whenever she wanted to talk I was here, but generally we just enjoyed life. So now you are part of the family, remember, you are an adult as is Sophie, so you will be treated as one, so don’t be afraid to have fun and tease us if you want, this family is about enjoying life.”

“Thank you mom, it means a lot to me that I am here and a part of all your lives.” Amy said as tears streaked down her face. Mom got out of her chair to get Amy a Kleenex and then hugged her.

“You are more than welcome, forever. Amy you deserve happiness and so does Sophie, you make her happy and that makes us happy. But as we have got to know you, we feel really close to you as a person, and it will good to have you here.” Now I was crying, again could we not talk without all the crying, not that I am complaining it made me happy that we were happier than we had ever been and now that we had finally allowed ourselves to finally let go of Sally and move on with our lives, life would be good from now on.

“Thank you, mom and dad and especially a big thank you to Sophie, for loving me and allowing me into her heart and into her family. I cherish all of you for the gift you have given me, lots and lots of love.”

“Well glad that’s sorted, eat up and then we’ll have pudding.” Said Dad, who as a man seemed to be able to hold his tears, but you could see he was very happy and moved by the events of late.

“Sophie, who was that girl you were talking to in the library this morning?” Mom and dad both perked up at this.

“Melissa, I forgot to tell you all, I have made my first friend. I was in school early and decided to go to the library, and I spotted this girl that I see around the library a lot and figured that maybe we had things in common, especially if we both spent our time in the library. So we talked all day when we could, we even walked home; we have a lot of common interests. But when I initially started talking to her in the library, she had a very negative reaction towards me, I think she has some issues with maybe her family and maybe some people have mistreated her, like Amy.” Amy nodded that she understood.

“So is she nice, do you think she will be a good friend?” Amy asked.

“I generally believe that we can become best friends. She is really a nice person; I think she needs a friend as much as I do. I know I was asked to find a friend as a distraction to Amy, but I really want to be Melissa’s friend, I feel happy around her and am generally interested to get to know her. But I also feel she needs help and support to get over whatever fears or negative feelings she has.”

“So do you think we will meet her?” asked mom.

“I don’t think that will be a good idea with Amy living here.” I replied.

“Sophie, I don’t want you to have to worry about me, you need to have a friendship, it is important, you can bring her here and I can go out or hide in my room.” This made be quite upset.

“Amy, please don’t say that.” I could not hold back the tears, so I left the table and went to my room. I fell onto the bed and it was a few minutes later before I felt the presence of Amy.

“I am sorry Sophie, I did not mean to upset you.”

“Why are you apologising?”

“Because I have upset you.”

“What did you do to upset me?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what I said that has made you upset?”

“Why should I, if you don’t know then what’s the point.” I was a little angry now but had not looked at her since she had entered the room. She sat on the bed, and then lay next to me. She tried to hold me, but a shrugged her off.

“Please Sophie.” Amy pleaded, it hurt me deeply to hear that in her voice, and so I relaxed and allowed her to embrace me. I eventually calmed down and turned so I rested my head on her shoulder, my arm went around her waist. “I am so scared right now, I don’t want to lose you over some little argument, we are both stronger than that. But running away was the wrong thing to do I think. I have no experience in any of this, being in a relationship with someone is new to me, except the only thing that matters to me is you, nothing else. So when I upset you like that, I know that we need to talk. If we say or do something to upset the other, we have to be able to explain why, and talk to make sure we understand better. So when I suggested that you spend more time with your friend, it was only in response in the happiness you displayed when you spoke of your new friend, because I want you to be happy, and if she does that, then she should visit.”

“But I am happier being with you.” I mumbled into her shoulder.

“And I am extremely happy with you.” Maybe I was being a little immature about this, and that Amy was thinking more about me than herself, but she does not realise how important she is to me, over all other people.

“Amy, how do you truly feel the last 4 days have gone, I want you to be honest, even if you think it is not important or that it might upset me?” She was quiet for a while, it was obviously important for her to think about what I had asked. I was quite comfortable and felt safe in her arms; l slipped my hand under her dress and rested it on her stomach, gently stroking it to offer my support.

“It feels like this is all a dream. I have never known such happiness, as I do being with you, I love you so much. But I am also scared. Scared that you don’t love me as much, scared that you will find someone better than me and breaking up with me. What if you like your friend more than me, then what if she is gay too or you find someone else your own age and think about leaving me. What if either of us think about finding someone else and discovering there better at sex. What if we have rushed this, it has all moved so fast and maybe I should not have moved in, maybe you will feel that I am too clingy, that you feel pressured into being with me sexually. What if you get bored of me or we run out of things to talk about. Everything just seems so unreal and that reality will hit soon and things will just end.” By the time she was finished we were both crying, I cannot believe how much she doubted about me and us, that was what upset me earlier, that she doubted me and my love for her. How could we have come so far, but still fear that it was going to end any day now? Did we rush, will I still love her in a few months, will I like Melissa more over time, were these my own doubts or was her fears spreading to me.

“Amy, your life has been very difficult for you and you have had to deal with most of it on your own. I know you love and trust me, and some of your fears are valid. I don’t know if I can make you believe me or not, whether anything I will say or do will prove that I love you and will never leave you. But then again, we don’t know what tomorrow brings and who knows what will happen between us. So I will answer your fears as simple as I can.” I lifted my head of her shoulder and slid across so I was on top of her. I looked into her sky blue eyes. Then leaned down and kissed her with as much love as I could. “I love you Amy, only you, nobody has or ever will have that effect on me. If sex was any better I would die of a heart attack. Melissa may have some common attributes, but she does not have my heart, it belongs to you. When I looked at Melissa, there was a thought, a moment where I checked her out, but I could only compare her to you. You are the most beautiful woman I ever seen, if it was just that that I loved about you then we would have a problem, but I love you because of you. You are caring, not just to me but everyone you come into contact with especially your students. Obviously you are very smart as you are a teacher, plus you allowed me to have my way with you and allow me to love you, that was a smart choice. You have a strong heart, you have fought many great battles, with only you to fight them with, you survived with no one but yourself for support, but now you have me, whether we are together or we separate, I will always be your friend first.” she smiled “You are correct, I overreacted by leaving the room rather than talking or explaining why you upset me.”

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