The Teacher is In

All characters depicted in this story are 18 or over.


It was the last class of the day and Kevin was getting really nervous. It was complicated… He had only been going out with Leanne for about three weeks. He had been in love with her for a long time and it had taken him forever to work up the nerve to finally ask her out. But she had accepted and they had gone to a couple of parties and to a movie and now they were pretty much going out together.

The problem was Mia Gallagher. Mia was a cheerleader. A sultry, raven haired beauty who all the boys were constantly ogling. Today she was wearing a little black sweater that bared her flat tummy and a tan colored, flared skirt. She was one of those girls who always looked like she had just finished a steamy make-out session in the back seat of someone’s car. She had never had the time of day for Kevin, never that is until he started going out with Leanne. Now all of a sudden she seemed to find him ‘interesting’.

Like today. They were in chemistry lab, the last class of the day. Mia had been his lab partner all term but she had hardly even spoken to him. She was always nattering with her girl friends who were seated nearby. Today Mia had given him a sultry smile when she arrived. When they went to work she slowly insinuated herself between him and the work table. The test they were doing required them both to use the microscope. Kevin didn’t have much choice but to lean over Mia from behind to get to it. The problem was that Mia continually kept leaning over and then straightening up in front of him as she used the microscope. When she did this, her curvaceous little ass slid up and down against his groin in the most arousing fashion. He could clearly feel her taut cheeks through the thin skirt she was wearing. His cock was responding eagerly to the press of her rounded butt. He was afraid that Mia would be pissed when she realized it was his big hard-on poking her in the ass. That was what was making him nervous.

“So you’re going out with Leanne now?…” Mia asked quietly over her shoulder, leaning forward once again. As she did, she pressed back into Kevin’s crotch and he could distinctly feel the crease of her ass against his cock through her little skirt.

“That must be exciting!…” she said.

There was no way that Mia couldn’t feel his now substantial erection thrusting against her and yet she hadn’t made any sarcastic remarks or made any effort to move away from him. She seemed to be teasing him deliberately. As a matter of fact, as she looked back at him, Kevin could feel her flexing her ass, making her muscular cheeks ripple and squeeze around his throbbing tool.

“Is it exciting Kevin?…” Mia asked with a knowing smile.

“Ahhhh!…Sure!…She’s really sweet and we…we…Ohhhh!…” Kevin stammered as Mia shifted her weight from foot to foot, grinding against him provocatively.

“Because I always thought, you know…” Mia said, letting her little hand drift behind her and onto Kevin’s bulging pant’s front…”I always thought that you had a little thing for me…” she said, giving his prick a lascivious squeeze.

“Oh my Goddd!…” Kevin squeaked. He looked around anxiously as his cock stiffened to maximum hardness at Mia’s shameless touch. “You do, don’t you!…I can feel it!…And it’s not so little, is it?…” Mia teased as she stroked Kevin brazenly. Her smile broadened as the nervous youth behind her hunched against her pressing hand.

“What’s the matter baby?…Cat got your tongue?…” Mia whispered with a smile as she straightened up and fingered Kevin’s fly. She coughed as she ran his zipper down, making sure no one would hear.

“Oh my Godd, Mia!…What are you doing?…” Kevin whispered frantically as Mia’s hand wormed through his fly and closed on his pulsing shaft.

“I’m not doing anything!…” the lanky girl teased, smiling at his obvious distress. But she didn’t stop her shameless fondling. In a second she had deftly wrestled his erection out of his pants and was rubbing it against her skirt covered ass.

Kevin frantically hunched over behind her and pressed close so that no one could see that she had his cock out.

“Mia!…Please!…Someone’s going to see!…” Kevin stammered.

“No they won’t baby!…”

“Ahhhhh!…Godddd!…” he whimpered as Mia’s thumb began to slide back and forth across his super sensitive cock crown.

“I know Leanne is cute and all but I’ll bet she doesn’t do this for you, does she?…” Mia asked, pulling the side of her skirt up with her free hand and guiding Kevin’s cock up underneath it. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Mia dragged his knob through the crack of her ass and pressed it between her tantalizing bare pussy lips.

“What?… Mia!…We can’t!…Not here!…In Class!…Oh my Goddd!…Leanne’s right over there!…” Kevin gasped in astonishment. Mia pressed back so that her spread skirt concealed Kevin’s exposed shaft. Then she bent forward at the waist while holding Kevin’s cock in Bayan Eskort place so that her molten pussy lips fluttered around his knob.

“She’s not going to know!…You know you want to Kevin!… Go on!… Just put it in a little!…” Mia whispered over her shoulder, knowing that once she got his cock inside her she could make him do anything she wanted. She shifted her weight from foot to foot so that her clinging labia fluttered irresistibly around Kevin’s cock crown. Kevin’s hands helplessly drifted down to grip her hips. He perched his ass on the stool behind him and tentatively gave a little pull. Mia willingly leaned back into him.

“Ohhhhh Godddd!…” he gasped as the sultry teen-ager’s cunt enveloped his knob. His balls drew up excitedly at the feel of her taut labia snapping snugly behind his pulsing cock crown.

“Yesss baby!…Right there!…Umm Hmmm!…” Mia purred triumphantly as Kevin entered her from behind.

“Naahhhhh!…Ohhhh!…Nooo!…” Kevin gasped. Excitement raged through his groin as Mia’s cunt sheathed his cock like a moist satin glove.

The raven haired beauty snickered as Kevin’s big cock throbbed feverishly inside her. She leaned forward and pulled her juicy cunt almost off Kevin’s dick.

“Naaaa!…Nooo!…We can’t Mia!…We’re going to get caught!…Stoppp!…” Kevin pleaded, staring anxiously into Mia’s sparkling eyes.

“You want me to stop baby?…You really don’t want any more of this?…” Mia asked over her shoulder as she stood up straighter and let her smoldering snatch slip down around the top of Kevin’s aching shaft. She knew that now that she had him inside her there was no way he could stop himself from fucking her.

“Ohhhhhh!…Nooo!…Don’tt!…Unnn!…” Kevin gasped as Mia confidently waited for him to move behind her. Just as she knew he would, Kevin began to shyly shift his hips back and forth, helplessly thrusting up into the press of her juicy loins.

“Leanne would never let you fuck her like this, would she Kevin?…But I will!…” Mia purred.

“Ohhhh!…Ahhh!…Ahhhh!…” he whimpered, quivering with excitement. Kevin couldn’t believe what was happening as his sexy lab partner smiled into his eyes, scissoring her thighs back and forth and making her cunt swivel unbearably on his reflexively thrusting boner.

“Ohhhhh!….Naaaa!…Nooo!…” Kevin cried quietly as Mia’s tight cunt rippled around his turgid erection. She was fiery hot inside and the heat from her pussy and her lewd fucking was making his come rise quickly.

“Mr. Davis!…Are you having a problem with your project?…” Mrs. Lindsey asked suddenly from the front of the class.

Kevin’s eyes were closed with excitement as Mia’s pussy seared his throbbing shaft and at first he didn’t realize that his teacher was talking to him. Then he heard a few giggles and snickers and he opened his eyes to see Mia watching him with a wicked smile. He looked around and saw Mrs. Lindsey staring curiously at him.

“Yes Miss!…I mean no Miss!…I mean, I think I’m getting it!…Ahhh!…I mean…I mean… There’s no problem!…” Kevin croaked, scared silly that Mrs. Lindsey would come back to check on his work and discover what was going on.

“Well good!…Then perhaps you and Miss Gallagher can continue on with your experiment without distracting the rest of the class.”

Kevin was aware that a lot of amused faces remained turned in his direction after Mrs. Lindsey’s reprimand, including Leanne’s. It took all his willpower to remain standing perfectly still with Mia’s molten cunt clenched around his tool. He could tell she was stifling her laughter as she subtly shifted her weight from foot to foot, twisting his cock around inside her in the most arousing way.

Then Mia turned to the girl who was working at the microscope across the aisle from them.

“Sarah!…” she whispered with a hiss.

The busty blonde beside them turned to look at Mia.

Mia hitched up the side of her skirt and leaned forward a little, exposing Kevin’s glistening shaft stuffing her cunt.

“Mia!…Don’t!…” Kevin whimpered frantically, clutching at the sides of Mia’s skirt and trying to pull it back to cover his glistening tool.

Sarah’s eyes went wide with excitement as she saw her girlfriend fucking the boy at the table next to her.

“You slut!…” Sarah hissed with a lewd wink.

“How long before the class is over?…” Mia asked with a giggle, nodding towards the clock on the wall at the front of the class.

“Two minutes!…” Sarah said.

“I’ll bet I can make him come!…” Mia whispered.

“No way!…”

“Watch me!…” Mia replied.

“No!…Don’t!…Mia pleaseee!…” Kevin groaned anxiously.

“You don’t think I can?…Just watch!…” Mia said to Sarah with a confident smirk. She braced her arms on her desk and then rammed her ass backwards. There was an audible smack as her ass met the front of Kevin’s pants. It was a good thing that there was a stool behind him to Anadolu Yakası Escort support him as Mia thrust herself all the way onto his rampant tool.

“Unnn!…Naahh!…Godddd!…” Kevin gasped as Mia hunched backwards into him, impaling herself completely on his scarlet tool. His balls knotted with furious arousal at the feel of her hard edged uterus rubbing the sensitive knot of nerves under his cock crown.

“Ummm Hmmm!!…” Mia snickered, clenching and unclenching her muscular pussy on Kevin’s cock, stealthfully fucking him right in front of the whole class. She could feel his erection growing ever bigger inside her fiery cunt as she worked him over. Mia’s hand drifted back, reached into his fly and pulled his testicles out behind her.

“Ohhhh!…Godddd!…Don’tt!…Everyone’s gonna’ seee!…” Kevin moaned .

“Nice balls lover!…So full of juice!…I shouldn’t really let you come inside me!… I’m not on the pill and if you come inside me I could get pregnant!…Is that what you want?… Ummmm?…You want to give Mia a baby Kevin?…You want to knock Mia up and make her a mommy?…Ohhhh!…That’s so nasty!…” Mia taunted, winking lewdly at Sarah who rolled her eyes at Mia’s obscene teasing.

But Mia knew that her lewd talk and skilfull fucking had taken Kevin to the brink of his orgasm. She knew she could make him come whenever she wanted. She loved to have that kind of power over a boy. She gave his taut nuts a warm and wanton squeeze that had him straining frantically into her molten interior.

“Unnnnnnn!…Godd!…Nooo!…” Kevin whimpered hunching over behind Mia in excitement and in an effort to try and keep his bared genitals hidden.

“Come on Kevin!…Make me a baby!…Shoot all your hot boy sperm inside me!… Umm Hmmm!… Come for me!…Come on!…” the little slut taunted. Then, without letting go of his balls, she changed her fucking motion. Totally careless of who might see, Mia began to fuck herself slowly and deliberately in and out on the whole length of Kevin’s cock. She knew how to get a boy off. Once they were as excited as Kevin was, just a steamy, rhythmic fucking on their quivering tools was all it took to get them coming. She watched his face expectantly as she glided back and forth on his throbbing erection.

Helplessly Kevin’s hands once again moved on to Mia’s hips and his eyes drifted closed with arousal as he began to thrust into her in counterpoint to her irresistible fucking.

Sarah was watching the copulating couple beside her with fascination. She was amazed when she saw Mia mouthing at her…”Show him your tits!…”

“You’re so wicked!..” Sarah said in reply. She looked quickly around the class and noted that everyone seemed hard at work trying to finish their project before the class ended.

She turned back to the distracted couple beside her and whispered…” Kevin!…”

Kevin opened his eyes and turned to the blonde next to him. When she saw him turn her way, Sarah whipped her sweater up and pulled one pink, creamy breast out of her bra with her cupped hand.

It happened so quickly that Kevin wasn’t sure he was really seeing this.

Sarah licked her lips as she squeezed her bared breast at the wide-eyed boy. Her head darted down and she took a long, slow lick at one of her crimson nipples, leaving it hard and gleaming in front of Kevin’s disbelieving stare

“Ohhhhh!…” she whispered with hooded eyes as she pinched her nipple and stretched it two inches away from her flushed breast.

“I want you to do me next!…” she purred, jiggling her elongated nipple and making her conical tit sway enticingly on her chest.

“Ohh Goddd!…” Kevin cried at Sarah’s lewd teasing.

Mia felt Kevin stiffen up behind her and felt his balls knot up in her hand in response to Sarah’s lascivious display. She slammed backwards and settled on his steamy cock with all her weight. At the same time she palmed his balls and urgently rubbed them around and around against her greasy labia. That was it for Kevin.

“Nnaaaa!…Ahhhh!!…Unnnnn!…Unnn!…I’m going to comeeee!…” he gasped as his balls lurched and he ejaculated into Mia’s coaxing pussy in gut wrenching bursts.

“Oohhhh!…My!… Goddd!…Unnn Hnnn!… I can feel you coming!…Umm Hmmm!… That’s it!… Knock me up!…Ummm Hmmm!… Come baby!…Give it to me!…” Mia hissed as Kevin’s cock throbbed and bucked inside her pussy like a fire hose, coating her molten interior with his fiery sperm.

“Ahhhhhh!…Nnaaaa!…Miaaa!….Ahhhhh!…” Kevin moaned, frantically lurching against Mia’s ass as his cock erupted.

“Is he coming?…” Sara asked in disbelief.

“Ohhhh!…Yesss!…Unn Hnnn!…He’s coming in buckets!…Goddd!…It’s dripping down my leg!…Can’t you see it?… Ohhh!…Unnn Hnnn!…” Mia answered with hooded eyes as Kevin’s come jetted into her womb in frantic spurts.

The bell rang and there was a general commotion as everyone got ready to head out the door to Pendik Escort the next class.

Sarah swiftly pulled her sweater down to cover her tempting breast.

Mia remained bent over in front of Kevin, revelling in the feel of his big cock pulsing inside her. She could feel his come leaking out of her sodden pussy and dripping down the inside of her thigh, even as Kevin’s orgasm continued to wrack him.

She turned her head and saw that Leanne was looking at her and Kevin with a uncomprehending expression on her face. Mia licked her lips then winked at her.

At the same time Kevin looked up and saw Leanne looking at them.

“Was that good baby?…” Mia asked, looking behind her again at Kevin with a wicked smile.

Then, without any warning, she leaned forward so that Kevin’s cock slipped out of her tight cunt with a juicy, slurping noise. There was an audible splat of come hitting the floor as it streamed out of Mia’s pussy. Mia continued to stare at Kevin as she stepped to the side. His cock slipped out from under her skirt and popped up in front of him, creamy sperm still bubbling out of his gaping pee slit.

“Waitt!…Mia!…Please!…” Kevin pleaded trying to duck behind her, not knowing what to do with his throbbing, exposed boner.

Mia only smiled at Kevin’s distress as she gathered up her books and moved over next to Sarah. Kevin’s naked cock and balls were glistening with his and Mia’s combined juices and thrust up obscenely from his open fly as he stood there. Leanne’s hand flew to her mouth in disbelief at what she was seeing. Kevin scrambled frantically to get his genitals back into his pants but by the time he had managed that Leanne was gone. The class emptied quickly without anyone else seeming to have noticed Kevin’s lurid predicament. He and Mia were the last two to reach the door. But before they could leave Mrs. Lindsey said…”Miss Gallagher!… Mr. Davis!.. . I’d like you to stay!…. I think we had better have a little talk!.”

The two teenagers stopped in their tracks and looked at each other sheepishly.

“And Mr. Davis…Lock the door please!”

Kevin locked the door as he was instructed. Then he turned back to Mrs. Lindsey. She crooked a finger at him and Mia, summoning them over to her. The two walked over to their teacher nervously and stood in front of her desk. She came out from behind it to confront them

Mrs. Lindsey was probably in her late thirties and quite pretty in a reserved sort of way. She wore dark rimmed glasses and had dirty blonde hair that she had pulled back with a bandeau. Today she was wearing a white blouse, which was interestingly taut across her substantial bosom. She also wore a grey skirt with nylons and medium heels. She had her arms crossed under her breasts and looked angry. She was very flushed and her chest was heaving up and down like she had just finished running a race.

“Miss Gallagher were you having sex with Mr. Davis in my class?..”

“No!…Of course not Mrs. Lindsey!…” Mia answered, blushing furiously.

Mrs. Lindsey lips puckered slightly in disapproval. Then, to the total disbelief of the two young people, she stepped up to them, reached down to the hem of Mia’s skirt, pushed her hand underneath it and smoothly thrust two fingers up into Mia’s soaking pussy.

“Unnnnn!….Ohhh!….Mrs. Lindseyyyy!…” Mia gasped in shocked surprise. Her hands shot out to grip Kevin’s and Mrs. Lindsey’s shoulders for support as her teacher’s long fingers penetrated her.

Mrs. Lindsey said nothing but Kevin could see her shoulder shifting as she twisted her fingers around inside Mia, stirring up the creamy mess of sperm that filled her.

“Well then Miss Gallagher, perhaps you can tell me what this slimy goo is that’s dripping from your cunt?”

“Unnnnn!….It’sss!….It’sss!…Ohhhhhh!…Waitttt!…Pleaseeee Mrs. Lindsey!…I’m so sensitive there right now!…Ohhhhh!…” Mia gasped, licking her lips excitedly as her eyes fluttered closed. Mrs. Lindsey watched the panting teen-ager with amusement as she continued to churn her fingers around inside her. Kevin couldn’t believe what was happening as Mia’s hips began to sway and she began to swivel her seething pussy on Mrs. Lindsey’s obscenely skewering fingers.

“Yes! I’m sure you’re very sensitive there after the reaming you just got from Mr. Davis!… I’ll deal with you in a minute!…” Mrs. Lindsey said hotly, her eyes darting over to Kevin’s. As she looked at him she reached under her own skirt, shifted around from foot to foot, pulled off her panties and dropped them on the floor in front of Kevin.

“You’ve been acting like a slut in my class Miss Gallagher!…” Mrs. Lindsey said as she backed up towards her desk, pulling Mia along with her by the fingers she had thrust up her steamy snatch. As she perched on the edge of her desk, Mrs. Lindsey hiked up her skirt so that her own naked pussy was on display, framed by a pair of black satin garters. She spread her legs into a wide vee and licked her lips suggestively.

Mia stared anxiously, first into her teacher’s flashing eyes and then at her lewdly offered pussy.

“Goddd!…Mrs. Lindsey!…Unnnn!…Ohhh!…Godddd!…” Mia gasped, as Mrs. Lindsey whipped her plundering fingers out of Mia’s cunt.

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