Comfort , Care Ch. 03


As Darlene drifted into sleep with a smirk look of contentment, her small fingertips still resting just inside her pussy; a shadowy figure moved away from the dark area near the bedroom door toward her. Gerre slowly extracted himself from the shadows and quietly moved into the iridescent moonlight near her bed. Unknown to Darlene, Gerre had quietly slipped into the room while she was pleasuring herself earlier. She would have never heard him anyway; he’d been expertly trained in being covert in situations that required stealth and silence.

Darlene’s moaning and making unusual noises had awakened Gerre; he went quietly down the short hallway to see what was happening. He heard similar noises while she was very sick; high fevers had caused her to hallucinate and have nightmares. He was more than pleasantly surprised to discover she wasn’t having a relapse; better she was having a marvelous time delightfully fingering herself. So engrossed in discovering those wondrous feelings light fingernail stroking of her own pussy lips could give, Darlene wasn’t aware she had been almost humming in time with the self-stroking.

Gerre had slipped in through the shadows about the same time Darlene was using her left hand to touch to her distended, hypersensitive nipples. He had watched as her right hand begin the slow, circular slide across her belly toward the top of her female mound. He hadn’t heard these sounds before but that was fine. This sound was not a moaning, or vomiting, or incessant crying jags. It was a low pitched, sensuous, erotic sounding hum. This was a previously inhibited young woman now discovering her sexuality and loving every flick of her own clit she had recently found between her legs.

As Gerre remembered the earlier evening; he looked down at Darlene as she lay sleeping. The noise she had made was almost a cat-like lunging as she had tried to bridge her ass up and push her pussy upon his fingers when he had brought her off the previous evening. He had to be quicker than her upward moving hips or he would have split her hymen. As she had peaked with ever stronger orgasms, her legs locked around Gerre’s arm, fixing his fingers to put more pressure on her clit. Any motion on that amazingly hypersensitive nub sent her climbing higher, humping harder, and literally flinging her pussy upward. Each motion caused his finger to press even harder against the hooded pubis groove and that acted like lightening. Her legs twitched, each cycle was stronger and more erotically charging her system. She was so wet Gerre had no problem sliding his fingers any place he wanted.

Her slender, bare legs were splayed outward, her knees pointed outward so her pussy was open to his view. Although he had seen her nude nearly every day, cleaned her up when she was very ill, moved her body parts to clean her, he still thought she was quite beautiful for someone of her small stature. He’d seen all her feminine parts in either good or bad times. Seeing her laying open like she was now, that was just a simple pleasure for him to allow himself. Her fingers were still just inside the engorged outer lips; he could tell they couldn’t go very far into her. He could see the inner pinkness of her vagina and the sparse, auburn colored hair she had on her pubic mound. He looked to see if she had ventured a finger into her asshole but her other fingers were curled up against the pussy lips.

As he retrieved a warm wash cloth to clean her, he could smell the wonderful feminine aroma from the fluids her pussy had literally poured out of her body as she had orgasmed this evening. It was a young, womanly scent Gerre quickly recognized as being unique to Darlene. It would be hers for her entire life. Gerre thought, “That’s her signature mating smell”; as he looked over her body and quiet Gaziantep Saatlik Escort face. Her nipples were just beginning to spread back out into their half – dollar –sizes from the tight, darkish brown berries she’d been so deliberately pinching and twisting moments earlier.

As he used the warm cloth to wipe her breasts, they started to immediately tighten back up into those sensitive, hard buttons. He slowed his motions and stayed away from them to let her system relax. She was smiling in her sleep; Gerre registered that as a sign of improvement as compared to recent illness grimaces. He had noticed her breasts were somewhat smaller in the past month as she lost had weight while sick. Gerre swore he’d make sure she was fed and cared for until her strength and weight were no longer issues; she could once more become independent. Inwardly he smiled as he thought, “A hell of a lot more independent than a month ago!”

He had felt the first day he had undressed Darlene that the “center line” look of her pussy was about as clean and straight as he had ever seen. She had sparse pubic hair; probably because she was maturing late. Her pussy lips with the smooth edges were always obvious. It was simple to see when she was becoming excited. The inner pussy lips would swell outward so much that they pushed the outer lips back into equally puffy piles on both sides when giving her a bath. She had the lighter-darker skin pattern around her pussy humans gain once puberty kicks in, but she was so lightly patterned she was more a pale pink all over. As she became excited, Gerre noted she became more a warm pink; her pussy opened out like a rose.

Gerre watched something happen that he hadn’t observed before as he started wiping her lower abdomen. As he moved toward her pubis mound, he watched intently as her clit began swelling and pushing outward from under the protective hood. Her clit filled and became rigid like a small penis. As Gerre continued his slow circular motion, her clit became more pronounced, fuller, and stuck farther out. He carefully lowered his free hand over the top of her clit with the palm down. Without touching her, he could feel the heat coming from her. Fully distended, her clit had to be sticking almost three quarters of an inch out and slightly upward. He believed he saw her clit actually throb a little bit with her heartbeat. Her breathing motions caused it to slide back and forth under the hood; that seemed to cause it to swell and become more distended.

As Gerre continued to enjoy this wondrous revelation, Darlene’s legs moved farther apart and upward so her crotch and undersides of her legs were almost evenly spread; the inside leg tendons were very pronounced going into her pussy. He saw her inner lips became obvious in their increasing fullness and pink coloration. The outer lips were already full and puffy; the inner lips were pushing farther out to resemble a warm pink rose. Her clit was standing out and throbbing ever so slightly; her pussy showing signs of moisture and plenty of female wetness.

Of the adult women Gerre had met in his worldly travels, the last 5 minutes were more entertaining and entrancing than any of them. This was simplistic action at its best and beauty at its finest. Darlene was radiating heat from her pussy like a volcano ready to explode. He was the wonderful recipient of her transformation from a meek, inhibited girl-child his sister preferred so she could dominate her life, into a sensuous woman. As he watched her pussy lips become more swollen, more pinkened, Gerre reached into his shorts to move his dick to ease some the pressure on the hardness.

He couldn’t allow Darlene to know that he got a tremendous erection every time he was around her or touched her. She was too naïve to know what was hanging hard between his legs; he was sure his sister grilled it out of her mind. She’d probably freak out if he were to allow her to even see a male penis, or know his terrific, painful hardness was due to her innate beauty.

Gerre waited until he saw Darlene’s feminine version of a wet dream subside before he deftly used the cloth to clean her pussy, fingers and hands, and slowly push her legs together. She had crossed her legs several times in her sleep, causing her pussy lips to rub her overactive clit, in an effort to get more friction on her clit. She would pull back and forth in a slow humping motion, making her clit hood slide back and forth over her clit. He grinned to himself as he squeezed the head of his own dick and then pumped it a few times; this must be how girls have wet dreams and never know how much fun they have asleep.

He eased himself out of the dark bedroom and walked back to his bedroom. He made sure he doors were shut before stripping down to walk nude to the oversized shower/ Jacuzzi combo unit. He held his dick in one hand as he walked, slowly stroking the shaft while heading into the shower room. He preferred nudity simply because he had learned to like total body freedom. It was also cheaper on laundry as he chuckled to himself. Darlene had already seemed to like the fact that she could be naked around him and not feel like he was some pervert.

As he turned in the shower and adjusted the water to more than slightly warm, he kept slowly pumping his dick whenever he felt like it. Being there to watch Darlene literally lift herself out of the bed in her earlier actions had already put him to dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet He could milk the shaft down to the head and get several drops of seminal fluid every time. Gerre knew he was a little larger than normal in length and girth; his “just almost 8 inches” was really about 7 ¾ inches. It wasn’t some gigantic monster in base diameter like freaks in the porno movies he had seen, it was almost the same size base to tip, ball bag to pee slit on the head end.

What was different about Gerre was the size of his balls. Due to an illness his freshman year of high school, his testicles were swollen for nearly a month to double the normal size. When he became healthier, the swelling in his balls left them permanently one-third to one -half larger than normal. It didn’t take long in the showers for other guys to notice he had balls like a Black Angus bull, and that factoid to get out like wildfire to the general school population. Girls would want to date him just to se if it was true he had “bull balls”.

The byproduct of having curious females wanting to know about those enormous balls was pleasing because it seemed to have affected his prostate. Gerre could pop load after load and still have another load ready to shoot as soon as he could get it back up. And that was pretty quick even for a teenager. That amazing recuperative power qualified him as top stud if he wanted the honor. It also cursed him because the few times he had been able to have sex with someone; he literally flooded the poor girl with his jumbo loads. Everything would be soaked and covered with his huge cum shots. During the one blow job he had managed from a schoolhouse slut, he nearly drowned her with his non-stop cumming because it felt so extraordinary having a wet, mobile mouth sucking on his dick. He grabbed her hair and tried to drive his dick into her throat just as he fired an oversized load.

He was so involved with his knees crumbling as he fired more hot cum into her mouth that he could not stop himself from trying to ram his dick farther into that wonderfully warm mouth. He shot so much into her throat that his cum came back out her nose like someone who laughed and snorted milk. As she fought to get his dick out of her throat and mouth before she passed out, she bit the back ridge of his dick head. He carried that “badge of courage” scar with a laugh, and a sigh, it was his first blow job and almost his last. It took 5 stitches to close the wound she made; he was sure he was going to bleed to death.

As Gerre got into the shower and got wet, he continued to stroke his now very hard dick, remembering that blowjob event also marked him as a pervert and a freak to his family. They were absolute, dyed in the wool, evangelical, DEVOUT bible thumpers. For getting caught in “that perverted act with that whore”, as his father called it, and needing stitches in the place everyone in the emergency room would tell about in under 5 seconds, he’d been beaten severely and then grounded to his room for the duration of the school year. The same room he had spent months of the previous year ill, and in a fever much like the one his niece had suffered. Illness has no friends and no companions except pain and fever. He would make certain his niece was never treated badly for anything she chooses to do.

Gerre was now intent on stroking his hardened dick from head to balls and back again. Slowly and rapidly, he alternated the stroke, pulling out the foreskin over the head one time, back so the ultra sensitive back edge of the head was completely exposed. He used one hand to hold the skin back while he used his other hand to rapidly stroke just the mushroom head area. This intensified the powerful charge he felt building behind his balls. He slowed to an even but regular stroking; only the head and the hypersensitive frenulum under the head where it joined to the shaft. His ball sac was pulling tight up behind his hand as he pumped and pumped; pushing his hand back into his ball sac made things more intense and he started to pump faster.

He had squatted down a little to get more leverage on his dick as he pumped; this made his balls hang down between his knees. The faster Gerre pumped, the more his balls would swing in an oval, not even circular motion. They were moving almost constantly in that blurry, circle-like motion when he felt that striking-sharp familiar first twinge in the back of his prostate. That was the highly sensitive area right behind his balls where the dick shaft actually comes out of the body cavity. That motivated him to tighten his leg and crotch muscles, forcing his dick to standout t even harder from his body. He stroked the entire shaft even faster until he felt the clear “kick-punch” that signaled the release of sperm from his balls to join the copious amounts of seminal fluids from his prostate.

His knees suddenly got weak as thick jet after jet of hot cum pumped from his rigid dick and landed halfway across the large shower stall. More and more he pumped, more and more he shot until he was on his knees in the shower, holding a softening dick, exhausted from firing wad after wad of cum. How many, he lost count. Loads of cum came flying out in the air. It was obvious that watching Darlene pleasure herself had an affect on his own results. He had not dumped a load like this in many years. That was good and also quite dangerous for him, Gerre thought, as he finished his shower and dried himself.

As Gerre placed himself into a light state of meditation before he drifted into a restful sleep, he was reviewing the recent events and his thoughts. Six weeks ago, he had only known that his niece had been born while he was deployed on a long term cruise with the Navy many, many years ago. Now, she was totally in his charge and under his care financially, medically, and educationally according to her mother. He would be sure her rights and wishes were protected, but the last thought in his conscious mind before he went to sleep was the beauty of her fingers just touching inside her pussy lips as they became that lightly heated warm pink color …

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