The Stroll in the Park

The sun was shining in the bedroom window, as Sue sat up on the edge of the bed. Her thoughts were wondering to what she had to get done before the stroll in the park with her boyfriend of seven months. She slowly stood up and walked into the master bathroom. She stood in front of the long mirror admiring her long slender soft body.

“Oh you do look so sexy” she mumbled to herself before she turned to get the fresh linens out of the closet.

After laying them on the table, she stepped inside the spacious tub. As she sat down in the tub, she reached up and turned on the warm water. Letting the tub fill over half full, she poured in the fresh scented bubbles. Then turned the water off as she leaned back against the tub to relax.

Suddenly the phone rang; she reached over and picked up the cordless phone. “Hello!” she spoke softly.

“Good morning my sunshine” he spoke in the deep sexy voice that sent a shiver up her spine.

“Good morning to you too” she said in a very seductive voice.

“Good news” he said without giving her time to ask what it was, “ the boss is letting us off earlier today than he had planned. So I thought if you can be ready I will be by to pick you up in a couple of hours.”

“Well, hun I suppose I can be ready. I will just have to cut my bubble bath short so that I can get the picnic lunch packed. But I am more than willing to do that so I can spend more time with you.”

“Good” he said. “See you in a couple of hours. Bye bye sweetheart!”

“Bye babe” she said as she hung up the phone.

Quickly she washed off and stepped out on the rug. She wrapped her hair in the extra towel, and then taking the other towel she dried her silky soft skin. She walked over to her closet and pulled out her black leather mini skirt and the white silk tank top. Laying it on the bed she went to her dresser and pulled out a matching white lace bra and thong bikini’s.

She sat on the edge of the bed and quickly pulled her clothing on. Then she slipped on her sandals. As she walked over to the vanity, she pulled her hair down out of the towel. She sits on the chair running the brush thru her silky soft brown hair. She finally pulled the sides of her hair up with a thin gold hair beret and applied a light coat of makeup on her face. Took one last look in the mirror and decided she had better get a move on it.

She whistled softly as she walked into the small kitchen to prepare their picnic lunch. Luckily, she had set the basket, plastic ware, and napkins out the night before. She pulled out the lunchmeat, cheese, miracle whip İstanbul Escort and lettuce out of the refrigerated. She fixed the sandwiches and wrapped them in a sandwich bag. As she put them in the basket, she reached over to the other side of the counter to get the chips, soft drinks and snack cakes. Finally, she had the picnic basket ready and in perfect time too as there was a knock on the front door.

She looked in the mirror as she walked to the front door with the picnic basket in hand. Coolly, she took a deep breathe before opening the door. She was so nervous and for what reason was beyond her. She knew that he was so wrapped around her finger that she had nothing to worry about.

“Hello handsome!” she said as she opened the door.

He looked her over from head to toe. “Oh your so very beautiful babe!” he said as he leaned in to kiss her.

“Thanks” she said as she returned his kiss.

They walked to the Dodge Ram Pickup in silence. When they reached the passenger side he opened the door and offered her a hand to help her in as the truck was rather high off the ground. He shut the door behind her and walked around to the driver’s door. She could hear his happy whistle as he opened his door. He jumped in the truck, giving a wink to her and then starting the engine.

They drove the short distance with the radio tuned into soft music. Occasionally, he would still a look at her beautiful face. He would even catch his eyes wondering down around her breast and mid section. She was a very gorgeous young lady and he knew he was so lucky to have her at his side.

He finally pulled the truck into a parking place close to where they planned to have their picnic. He jumped out of the truck and walked around to the passenger side. He opened the door, took the picnic basket and helped her to the ground. He pulled her close as he kissed her soft lips.

“Mmmmmm, babe you sure do look very sexy,” he said as he ran his hand down her back.

“Well thank you so very much” she said “you’re a sharp looking man yourself there.”

They strolled over to the picnic table. He sat the picnic basket on the table without paying attention to it. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up against him. As he pulled her close, she could feel his hard cock presses against her legs. She teasingly grinded herself up against him.

“Oh are we a bit on the horny side?” she said with a giggle.

“Babe, someone as sexy as you are will give a man a instant hard on.” He chuckled.

As she looked into his dancing blue eyes, she could tell Anadolu Yakası Escort that he was yearning for her as much as she was yearning for him. She ran her hand thru his short blonde hair and down he shoulders to his chest. Where she began to undo the buttons on his jean shirt.

“So do you want to eat this picnic lunch or shall we have our own little lunch of a different sort,” she giggled as she said it.

“How about we have our own little lunch then eat this later?” he said as he slipped his hands under her mini skirt.

His hands were easing up her thighs, as he looked her deep in the eyes. She was getting so excited. She leaned in, kissing him as she pulled at his shirt. Once she had his shirt off she began to suck on his neck and work her way down to his nipples. She sucked on the right one and then the left one.

“I want to have our own lil lunch in over there in the thicket.” She moaned as she pulled him toward the thicket.

Once in the thicket, she began to tug at his belt. She was becoming so horny that she was unable to contain herself. She had a very big desire to have his hard cock in her. She didn’t want to waste any more precious time.

“Calm down baby,” he whispered, “no since in making yourself so damn nervous.”

He undid the belt and the snap on the jeans. As she grabbed at the zipper, she pulled his pants down around his boots. Pulling his leg out from under him, he falls to the ground. She was giggling as she pulled and tugged at his boots. He was in under amazement as he watched her. Once she had his boots and socks off, she began to kiss her way up his legs.

Once she got to his balls, she began to kiss them and take them in her mouth. She sucked on them lightly as she reached up to stroke his cock. She was in total control as she sucked and stroked him. Her eyes met his as she glanced up to see his reaction. He moaned softly and closed his eyes. She switched off and began to suck on his cock and rub his balls between her thumb and forefinger. His cock began to twitch with each thrust of her throat around it. She could feel the pressure in his rock hard cock building as she sucked on it. The veins in his cock felt as if they were going to bust any second. She took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked it hard. With a very loud moan, he released and filled her throat with sweet white cum. She swallowed and licked at his cock.

“Oh my goodness,” he yelled, “You sure as hell know how to suck my cock off.”

She smiled as she rolled over on her back. “Well thank you so much my dear sweetheart.”

Suddenly, Üsküdar Escort she felt his hand on her bare leg. Her heart began to beat faster as she watched to see what he was about to do. He leaned over and took one of her tits in his mouth. He sucked on it without removing her clothing then switching to the other one. He teased them as he ran his hand up her thigh and to the bottom of her silk tank top. He pulled it up over her head exposing her bare breast. Taking his finger and thumb, he rubbed her nipples. Teasing them very slowly, as he watched her face to see her excitement about to bust.

After what seemed like forever to her, he reached down and rubbed her legs under her mini skirt as he sucked on her nipples. She began to buck at the touch of his fingertips running over the top of her thongs. She was pleading with him to just take them and the skirt off.

“Oh baby, your just to excited,” he said. “ I want foreplay so that you will be good and wet when I stick my cock in you.”

He continued sucking on one nipple then the other as he rubbed her slit. Then when she least expected it he slipped his finger under the piece of cloth and around the edge of her pussy lips. She bucked upward with a low growl in her throat.

“That’s it baby, enjoy it baby,” he said, “Just let your body do take over baby.”

Using his free hand, he unfastened her skirt and slides it down over her hips as he continued to suck on her nipples and tease her slit with his other hand. Again, she bucked upward without thinking of it with the low growl in her throat. He continued to finger her slowly as he suckled at her breast.

“Baby,” he said, “your so very sweet and sexy.”

Then he slowly pulled her thong panties off. He was rubbing his finger over her clit and sucking on her nipples as he straddled her. Pushing her legs apart with his legs he thrust his cock in her. He began to thrust in and out slowly as he continued to suck one her nipples. He began to pick up speed with each thrust. She was loosing total control as he continues to thrust in and out of her.

Just before they both were ready to cum, he rolled her over on all fours. He smacked her ass as he spread her legs and thrust deep in her very wet pussy. He rammed his cock in very deep and began to thrust harder and harder as he smacked her lightly on the ass. She was moaning and growling. Her body was very tense and ridged as he thrust deep inside her one last time before they both came.

They both collapse on the ground with him still deep inside her pussy. He whispers, “Baby, oh that was so very awesome. Your are very good and I love you.”

Finally after a couple hours of rest, they got up and got dressed. They walked over to the picnic table and sat down to eat the delicious picnic lunch that she had put together for them.

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