Beverley’s Ride Home


This story was written for a really ‘Heavenly’ lady. She liked reading her fantasy in the form of a story and has asked for it to be placed on the net so that, hopefully, others can enjoy her fantasy and in a way enjoy her!


Standing on the concrete platform Beverley looked at her watch. Mentally she cursed as she had missed her train and the following one was running really late now. She knew that this could mean only one thing, the train when it finally arrives will be crammed full of commuters. She scanned round the station and noted that it too was now starting to crowd. Realising the inevitable scrum that would occur when the train finally makes it belated appearance she decided to approach the platform edge. As she walked forward she heard the distinctive rumble of the oncoming engine, turning her head she saw it approach in the distance.

Her relief was great as she had finished what had been a gruelling shift on the ward and to be brutally honest she could have done without this aggravation. She sensed that someone had moved close behind her. Instinctively her head turned and she saw a tall dark haired man who she took to be in his early thirties. He smiled as their eyes met and he rolled his blue eyes expressing their shared frustration at the reliability of the public transport. Returning his smile she then turned as the warm rush of air blew up signalling the arrival of the carriages. Her heart sank from the pleasant ‘encounter’ with the stranger as her fears were realised. Each of the carriages seemed to have little or no seating available. As a ‘hardened’ rail user she knew that the only way to get on this train would be to advance and get straight on the carriage in front of her. While standing on a moving train is a chore it sure would beat standing on the platform for the next one.

The door opened but no passengers alighted so she stepped up into the carriage and her eyes flicked up and down. Her assumption had been correct, as there were no seats available. Moving away from the door she stopped having found a suitable place where she could stand. Looking down at the passenger seated in front of her she saw he was a businessman in a pinstripe suit. He looked to be in his late fifties and was reading a broadsheet paper. His eyes met hers above the top of his paper. Unlike the younger man he quickly looked away from her.

As more people embarked she was aware of becoming more closed in. The train doors closed then there was the jolt as the train started to move away from the station. Like most regular train travellers Beverley naturally swayed with the movement of the train. However, as she moved her body touched the passenger standing behind her. She turned to offer an apology but was surprised to come face to face with the younger man who she had seen on the platform. Almost identically to earlier he immediately met her with a warm and wide friendly smile. When she returned to facing away from him she coloured slightly as she mentally remembered his face.

The train stopped at two more stations and picked up even more passengers. By now she was becoming acutely aware that the stranger was now standing extremely close to her. Was he that close or was it all just in her mind. While her mind wandered the train once more pulled forward and this time her body moved further backwards than before given her distracted state. The first thing she realised was that his hands had gently taken each of her hips to steady her. He slowly eased her back so she was stood upright. However, his hands did not release her as he lightly held her. To her left hand side she could feel his warm breath against her ear.

Without a word she moved a fraction backwards so that he was stood tight against her back. Moving her waist from side to side her backside rubbed into his groin area. Gripping her he pulled her back as he moved his groin forward so they were now grinding together. She Bostancı Escort looked down at the man in the suit who looked up at her with a look that she took to be disapproving. The stranger’s right hand snaked around her waist until his arm was caressing her stomach. His grip and hold was manly yet gentle. Looking around the carriage she saw that despite the look she had received from the businessman no one else appeared to have taken any notice of the pair of them. Despite the gap in their ages she was excited as she guessed her fellow commuters would think that she and the stranger were a couple. At 39 years of age she though that he was a few years younger than her. Yet despite this fact he was obviously interested in her.

His left hand was now stroking the cheeks of her rear, which the other commuters would have been unable to see, before his hand rubbed across the outline of her suspender at the top of her thigh. She was aware of his breathing closing in on her ear then for the first time she heard his voice.

“Very nice. Care to follow me off at the next stop?” He said. She turned and nodded. He kissed her cheek lightly.

As the train began to slow Beverley felt her new friends hand slip into her palm. He took her hand and they made their way, hand in hand, towards the doors of the train. She realised the stop that the train was pulling into was little more than a small station where few trains actually stopped at. A tingle of excitement went through her as they stepped off of the train. The platform was bare and it appeared that they were the only people to have alighted from the train. Walking towards the exit they walked down the platform. As they walked past a shelter which housed a seating area he pulled her aside so that they went inside. He spun her towards him and he leaned forward lifting her face in his hands as he kissed her lips. She felt his tongue pressing against her lips and she yielded allowing him to place his tongue inside her mouth for the first time.

They kissed passionately for a few moments as he leaned down to her. He was over six feet while she stood only five feet five tall. All the time they kissed his hands gripped her waist but then his attentions turned to her impressive bust. His attention was manly without being too rough. Even though Beverley would be forty at her next birthday and that she had raised three children her large breasts were firm. She could feel him tugging at her coat to pull it open. When he had done this he stopped kissing her and looked down at the blue fabric of her uniform, which strained to cover her statuesque charms, placing his fingers in between the two sides he pulled the top open. She felt the poppers fly open one by one until her tunic was open and her black bra was all that prevented her 34GG breasts from being exposed. Before she could stop him his hands invaded the cups of her bra and dragged them down so that her tits spilled out. The mixture of the excitement of his attention and the cool evening had her nipples hardening. His hands grabbed at her flesh as he kneaded roughly at the exposed boobs.

“You have fantastic boobs.” He said as he fell to his knees before her and started to suck hard on her left nipple. His hand reached up and started to squeeze her right nipple between his fingers. Beverley moaned at the pain his fingers were causing as well as the increasing arousal that she was experiencing.

He stood back up and started to kiss her again. He moved her backwards so that she was backed up against the metal of the shelter. Her hands fell to the groin of his jeans, through which she could feel his cock, which although not huge seemed to be stiffening nicely within the confines of his clothing. Her experience kicked in as she kept kissing him, her left hand snaked behind his head, while her right hand moved to the zipper of his jeans. Tugging the zip down she undid the fly of his Ümraniye Escort trousers. Her right hand snaked in between the open zip then delved into the soft material of his boxer shorts. Gripping round his shaft she pulled her fist back through the opening in his trousers and exposed his erect penis for the first time. As they continued to kiss she started to slowly pump her hand up and down on his shaft, drawing his foreskin backwards and forwards, before she looked into his blue eyes.

Breaking the embrace Beverley spoke for the first time. “Go and sit over there.” She commanded motioning him back into the comparative gloom of the shelter with her olive eyes. He sat down masturbating his cock as he eyed her up. She took off her coat and stood before him in her nurse’s uniform. Then without a word she knelt before him and clamping her firm titties together she rubbed his cock between her two large orbs. As the head of his dick emerged and the foreskin drew back she flicked her tongue forward and licked across the head of his dick. After a couple of moments she released his cock and wrapped her hands around him. He watched as her red fingernails blurred while she wanked him in front of her heaving chest. Then she dropped her head enveloping the helmet of his member in her wet and warm mouth. She sucked on him while her tongue licked under his foreskin. She pulled his foreskin back and licked on the underside of his head. Tickling the skin that connects his foreskin to the shaft of his penis she then pushed her mouth over him. Sucking on him she formed a tight seal over his erection and used her mouth to grip on his shaft. By bobbing her head up and down she used her lips alone to rub up and down his shaft while both of her hands reached up and began to gently massage his balls.

She realised that he was getting more and more worked up as he started to thrust his groin into her face. His breathing was becoming laboured and when she looked up she saw that he had rolled his head back closing his eyes to savour the blowjob that he was receiving. Sensing a puff of air escaping from the tip of his penis she then felt his testes draw up as he climaxed. His hot semen flooded her mouth, having been aware that it was about to happen she was able to suck hard on his penis drawing all of the fluid down her throat. Gradually his penis started to soften and wilt within her mouth. She licked and kissed him before releasing his dick from her mouth. She looked up at him as he recovered his composure.

“My turn now!” She said. Standing up she hiked up the skirt of her uniform so that for the first time her long stocking clad legs were fully on display. Sitting down on the seat she parted her legs and drew down the black lace g-string until she had pulled it clear of her feet. Stuffing the lace into her pocket she parted her legs further until her shaven, glistening, pussy was now totally exposed. Her younger admirer now knelt between her legs. His arms hooked under her thighs so that her legs rested on his shoulders. His fingers probed at her wet vaginal opening as his tongue made a beeline for her inner pussy lips. Delving under her clitoral hood his tongue flicked over the erect tissue of her clitoris as he traced a variety of shapes all over her. He was obviously very experienced at giving women oral pleasure. His left hand was groping at her exposed breasts and for the first time she noticed the gold wedding band on his finger. This heightened her pleasure as she imagined the times he would have eaten his wife’s pussy and yet now he was going down on her.

She moaned softly as he concentrated on licking across her clitoris. He varied the speed, pressure and movement so that it was a constantly changing sensation she was enjoying. He was crushing her right nipple with his left hand, as two of his fingers on his right hand violated her vagina, her left hand squeezed her left nipple as she Kartal Escort abandoned herself to the ecstasy of the approaching climax. She closed her eyes as she felt the warm feeling spreading through her stomach. Then to her right she heard a rustling noise. Sensing a presence she opened her eyes and was shocked to see to the older commuter who had looked at them with apparent contempt in the entrance of the shelter. The noise had been his paper which she saw moving. Slowly she realised that he had followed them and had watched their performance. Now he had his erect penis in his hand as was furiously jerking his cock in his hand. Beverley made eye contact with him and involuntarily licked her lips as the sight had pushed her over the edge and her orgasm started to course through her body.

The sight of Beverley’s heaving chest, which now flushed, together with her moaning and panting was too much for the voyeur. His cock spat a jet of white semen onto the seat next to Beverley. To avoid hitting her he directed his penis away and Beverley was the second spurt of cum hit the front of his newspaper. The next two splashes of sperm were caught as his hand pumped forward. Beverley saw the semen smear against the pinstripe trousers of his suit. His face blushed as he realised that by getting carried away he had exposed his voyeuristic actions to her and without a word he slowly crept out of the shelter.

As Beverley’s body began to recover she considered the fact that a total stranger had brought her to such a powerful orgasm while another had openly masturbated while watching her cum. Now the young stranger was removing himself from her groin and she pulled him towards her. As she kissed him passionately she could taste her juices on the young man’s face. Mindful of his married status she found herself wondering what would happen when he went home and kissed his wife.

“Are you hard again?” She asked him.

Without answering her he simply nudged the tip of his cock against her sodden pussy. He pushed forward and she was shocked as he impaled her on his member in one smooth motion. Moving backwards and forwards she could feel his foreskin moving back and forward as he gently fucked her. They kissed while he slammed into her increasing the speed of their passion. His tongue was forcing harder and harder into her mouth.

Pulling away from him she asked him, “Can I ask a favour? Please finger my arse. I will cum if you do that.” She felt him fumbling beneath her. Then without any warning he suddenly violated her anus with an extended finger. He slowed his thrusts so that he could try as best as possible to have both of her openings penetrated in the same way at the same time. She closed her eyes as she savoured the sensation of both probings. She could hear the soft squelching noises as he began to speed up. Opening her eyes she cupped his face in her hands and kissed him fully as once more she felt her muscles beginning to spasm as she climaxed again. She could feel her walls contracting and crushing his dick while he filled her. He withdrew his finger and devoted his attention to fucking her as she came. Even through the kiss she could sense his approaching release.

Pulling her face away from him she spoke closely to his ear. “Fill me I am on the pill. It’s okay.” She sucked on his earlobe as she felt him lift her from the seat as he erupted and she felt his sperm flood her pussy. Almost immediately he withdrew from her and she felt a jet of semen splash against the flesh of her thigh.

He recovered and sat next to her, she delved into her handbag for a tissue, and then she attended to cleaning herself. Her unknown lover tidied himself. He picked up her coat and handed it to her. They did not say another word to each other as they returned to the platform. She noted her lover spot the businessman and raise a quizzical eyebrow to which she just grinned. Catching the next train they were this time able to sit down. When Beverley got off of the train she turned and saw her mystery lover a final time as the train trundled past her. One final time they exchanged warm smiles and she realised that they had not even told each other their respective names.

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