Delicate Petals of Desire

This story has very little sex in it. If you’re looking for stroke bait, you won’t like it. It is based on the actual first lesbian experience of someone I know. The scene is as close to how she told it to me as possible. The rest of the story is purely fictional, but some of my inventions hit close to the mark. And, yes, it is written from the perspective of a woman, which I am not.

As always, I hope you like it.


Chapter 1

Sometimes we hear news or learn something that brings back old memories. It triggers some latent emotions, or hits us in other strange ways, like learning that a former boyfriend married and had four kids, or discovering that the drive-in theater where you lost your virginity had burned down and been paved over, or learning that your childhood best friend had taken her life.

I hadn’t heard from or even thought about Kim in years. Since this morning, all I can think about is her.

I had never been interested in other girls when I was young. I liked boys, probably a little too much. I was pretty, blonde and had big breasts, so the boys liked me too. Growing up in a small town, where everybody knew everything about everyone else, I didn’t want to get a bad reputation, and I was paranoid about getting pregnant and stuck married to some local loser with no future. So, I was careful about how far I’d go and with whom.

My best friend Kim and I had known each other since we were babies, having grown up next door to each other. We hung out every day and shared almost every new experience in life. Kim had always been a bit of a tomboy. She was a no-nonsense kind of girl, who stood up for herself and frequently protected me.

When I skinned my knees learning to rollerblade, Kim was there to blow on the methiolate until the pain subsided. In the third-grade, when Billy Olafson called me fat, Kim kicked his ass. Later, when the same Billy Olafson broke my heart, Kim was there to hold me and help me heal. I never knew a lot about Kim’s home life or family. She never told me much, other than how much she hated the string of stepfathers who came and went.

By the time I graduated from High School, I had only gone all the way once, but I’d played around with several guys. I found out early on that I loved giving blowjobs. Sucking a cock triggered something deep inside me. It got me so turned on that I would do almost anything the guy wanted. Anything but fuck him.

One day, when Billy and I were dating again, I found out how much I liked to have my pussy licked. I remember Kim rolling her eyes and telling me that if I really wanted to know what it was like to be eaten out, I should try it with a girl. “A girl knows how to please a girl,” she had said, “we know what feels best.”

At the time, I didn’t think too much about her comment. I had laughed and played it off. I think I said something like, “Well, if you know any talented lesbians, send them to me.”

Just before I went off to college, Billy and I had one final date. He was going to State and me to Carolina. We both knew that long-term relationships rarely lasted. We went to the Drive-in and were making out in the back seat. This time, when he tried to fuck me, I let him. It was painful and didn’t last long, but at least neither of us were virgins any longer. As we lay together, I giggled to myself, realizing I still preferred oral sex.

Things changed a lot when I got to college. I was no longer in a place where everyone knew me, and I had unrestricted access to birth control. I was out partying almost every night, then ended up in bed with a new guy, fucking like crazy. It was a miracle that I passed any classes during my freshman year. Thankfully, the blowjobs I gave Doctor Adams, my Biology professor, helped my grades.

The blowjobs with the Good Doctor soon turned to fucking, and the fucking became much more. He was significantly older and very dominant, in so many ways. I had never really considered myself a submissive, but when he told me what to do, I liked it. He was able to convince me to do many things that I would never have considered otherwise. I still grimace when I remember some of them.

He was also really into pornography and liked to make his own. His favorite genre was girl-on-girl. One night, he put on a video of all-girl porn while we had sex, and he kept telling me how hot it would be for me to do the things the girls in it were doing. He told me that he had shot the video last semester with two of his students. One of them, named Misty, was still a student at the college. The other girl had dropped out. I told him I wasn’t interested in girls; I only liked cocks. He hinted at trying to have a threesome with Misty, but I didn’t like the idea of sharing him with some other girl, so I played dumb.

However, there was something so erotic about the videos he had shown me. I got extremely wet and turned on watching the girls playing together, and I started fantasizing about giving it a try. Mindy was what you would probably call the “girl next door” type. bursa escort She reminded me of my best friend Kim from back home. They were both beautiful, but not in a supermodel way. They had a look that just made you want to hold them.

Growing up, there had always been rumors that Kim was bisexual and some people even said she preferred girls, but I had ignored them. She had never revealed that side of herself to me. As her best friend since kindergarten, I would have known. As I lay in bed, masturbating and thinking of Misty, my thoughts drifted to Kim. I came imagining the two girls in the video were Kim and me. I didn’t realize it then, but the seed had been sown.

Chapter 2

I returned home for the summer after my sophomore year to a bit of a culture shock. I had all but forgotten how small a small town could be. There was almost no nightlife at all. There was a bar out on the highway, called JC’s Tavern, where all the locals went after work to drink beer, shoot pool, and forget about their miserable lives for a few hours. The best restaurant in town was Millie’s Diner, which provided free salmonella with every meal. There was a derelict theater in the downtown square that had two screens and was only twelve years behind on the current movies that were out. If you wanted to do anything fun, you sure as Hell didn’t do it here.

To make things worse, very few of my friends from high school were around. I was struggling to adapt. It was hard for me to go from the partying, sex-filled life at college, to the bucolic life of rural North Carolina. One night about a week after getting back, my parents wanted to take the whole family out to Millie’s, though I decided to stay home. I’d rather be bored than sick.

About 8:30, the doorbell rang. I answered it and had never been so happy to see a friendly face in all my life.

“Well hey there, stranger,” said Kim, a big grin on her adorable face. “Miss me?”

“Oh my god! Kim!” I shouted as I threw my arms around my best friend and hugged her so hard we both nearly fell down. “I thought you had moved to Pennsylvania! What are you doing back in Clinton?”

“My mom had to have surgery, so instead of staying there for the summer, I came home to make sure she and Dad are okay.”

I ushered her inside, and we sat down on the couch next to each other. “Oh, I’m sorry!” I declared. “I hope it’s nothing serious. Is she alright?”

“She had to have her uterus removed. They think it might be cancer, but they’re not sure. They won’t know for a few days.”

“I’m sorry, Kim,” I said, then quickly added, “I’m sure she’ll be fine. Your mom’s a strong woman.”

“The strongest one I know,” she agreed. “So, what brings the prettiest girl of Clinton High School Class of 1982 back home. No stud keeping you in bed back in Chapel Hill?”

“Oh, there are plenty of them, but I managed to escape for the summer,” I said with a laugh. “Have you had dinner yet?”

“No, I’m starving too. I fixed a pot of beans for Mom and Dad, but I need something more substantial. Want to go to Millie’s?” she asked.

“Hell, no,” I fired back instantly, “For one, my family went there, and I need a little space from them right now. Plus, I’d rather not have diarrhea for a week.”

“It’s not that bad,” Kim countered. “Old Chuck got hit by a truck out on Highway 24, drunk off his ass, and they had to hire a new cook. This one doesn’t seem to spit on everything or drop cigarette butts in the soup.”

I shuddered. “Do you remember that one time, Billy found a bloody bandaid inside his hamburger?”

“Oh my god, yes,” Kim replied, laughing hard. “I thought he was going to turn purple.” We giggled for a few minutes, and then an awkward silence came over us as I looked in her eyes. It only lasted a moment, but I looked away and suggested we go to JC’s Tavern for some pulled pork and a couple of beers.

“It’ll be weird going there without needing a fake ID,” Kim snickered.

“Maybe we’ll run into some hot guys and can get laid tonight,” I said. Kim got a funny look on her face, then nodded.

“You want to drive, or you want me to?” she asked as we got up.

“You better drive,” I told her, “I plan on getting shit faced, and I might not be coming home.”

“Did you become a slut in college?” she asked, half joking.

“No!” I replied as I put my arm around her. “I’ve always been a slut. I didn’t know it until I got fucked by a guy who knew what he was doing.”

Kim laughed, and we walked over to her house and got her car.

We drank way too much, played some pool, and danced our asses off. More guys were hitting on Kim than me, but I had my share. Kim could have any man she wanted. She never seemed to be able to keep one, though. One thing or another would always ruin their relationship, and she’d be single again.

I was thinking about going home with one of the Redneck Romeos, but something happened that changed things. I was dancing with my potential lover for the night, with my back to him, rubbing escort bursa my butt on his crotch through our clothes. Kim was backed into her Country Casanova and being just as aggressive with her butt as I was. We were facing each other, and I was getting turned on, really turned on. I remembered the video Dr. Adams had shown me. I suddenly had a vision of Kim, naked, and me kneeling between her legs. I felt something for her that I’d never felt before.

I stepped forward and started dancing with her. She put her arms around me and held on. Three songs later, we stopped. The guys were gone on to more productive fishing holes.

“You ready to get out of here?” I asked. Kim nodded and led me out by the hand. We quickly drove back to her place in silence.

When we got there, Kim gave me a naughty smile and suggested I come in and help her finish off her Daddy’s bottle of Wild Turkey. I thought it was a great idea. Her parents were asleep, and the house was dark. We crept to her room, and I laid down on the bed. Kim left for a few minutes, then came back with the bottle and two glasses.

We sipped the whiskey and talked in hushed voiced until 2 AM. Finally, I told her I should go home.

“You’re too drunk to drive,” Kim said. “You should spend the night here. We can have a slumber party like we did when we were little.”

“I live next door, Kim,” I laughed, “I don’t need to drive.”

“You should spend the night anyway,” she said, “I’ve missed you, so much.”

I smiled. “Okay, but you better not snore.”

“I don’t snore! That’s you!” She fired back at me, playfully.

“You got anything I can sleep in?” I asked as Kim stood up and kicked her pink Reeboks off.

She pulled an ACDC t-shirt out of a drawer and tossed it to me. “That was my brother’s,” she said. Her brother had killed himself two years earlier. He had been in and out of a mental hospital for several years before finally hanging himself.

She unbuttoned her Levi’s and pulled them off. “I’m just gonna sleep in this t-shirt,” she explained.

I nodded and started to undress. I was very nervous. I don’t know if Kim sensed my feelings, but she excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she was gone, I took off my clothes, down to my underwear. I unhooked the bra and let the girls breathe. It was always such a relief to set them free. When you’re a 38DD, bras are not your friend. I pulled on the t-shirt. It was a few sizes too big and fit me like a short dress. I thought about the video again, then pulled my panties off and tossed them on a pile.

I had just sat back down when she came back in. She’d brushed her teeth and her hair. She turned off the light and crawled up on the bed next to me. I was so turned on. I knew I was making the bed damp under me. I wanted to reach out and pull her to me, but I was too scared to try. What if she wasn’t interested? What if she got upset? She was my best friend, and I didn’t want to ruin that, but I wanted her badly.

“Good night, Annie,” she said softly. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too,” I replied. Kim got under the sheets and held them up for me to crawl under with her. I did and lay with my back to her. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it. I felt the bed shift slightly, then Kim was pressed up against my back, spooning me. I adjusted my position, and I snuggled back against her.

She put her arm around me, laying her hand on my forearm, stroking my skin gently. It felt nice. I think I’d had too much booze though because I must have dozed off a couple of minutes later.

Something woke me. I don’t know how long I had been asleep. I felt disoriented at first. Then I felt Kim’s warm body behind me, and I remembered where I was. Then I realized her hand was on my breast. I was acutely aware of its presence. I drew in a long slow breath, which caused my boobs to stick out more. I assumed it was just an accident, that is until her fingers moved and started rubbing back and forth against my nipple, through the fabric.

It was like an electric shock pierced my chest. I don’t think men understand how it feels. It’s like a tingling, but stronger and more intense. It takes your breath away and makes you feel like your insides are vibrating. I breathed in sharply. My nipple responded immediately by getting hard.

Kim slowly scratched the aroused tip with her fingernail, causing me to inhale deeply. This was no accident. It felt good, and I let out a very faint moan. In response, Kim opened her hand, cupped my breast and squeezed, her hand sliding as the fabric slid against my skin. When her hand slid down to the hard nipple, she pinched it and tugged on it. I groaned.

I felt her lips brush my neck, and I shuddered. I pressed back against her. Her lips softly kissed my ear.

“I want you,” she whispered. I moaned and rolled onto my back, giving her better access to my body. She pulled the t-shirt up. I helped her get it over my head. I tossed it to the floor and lay back, my naked body glowing whitely in the moonlight.

Kim bursa escort bayan cuddled next to me, my arm under her body and her head resting on my shoulder. She caressed one breast then the other, kneading the full, fleshy mounds and pinching my nipples. I started moaning louder.

“Shhh,” Kim hissed softly, “You have to be quiet, Annie. My parents are in the next room.”

I bit my lip and nodded. Just then, Kim’s mouth latched onto my tit and started sucking, her tongue rapidly flicking my nipple up and down inside her mouth. I arched my back, shoving my tit into her mouth harder.

Suddenly, I was on fire. I rolled to face Kim and stared into her eyes. We were both breathing hard. I kissed her. She melted into me, and our kiss instantly turned passionate. I’d never kissed anyone that wildly before. It felt natural and perfect. My hands moved to her ass, and I squeezed her, pulling her to me.

My nervousness was gone, replaced with a strange energy that seemed to come from a combination of sexual arousal and a sense that I was being very, very naughty. It was similar to how I had felt with the Good Doctor got me to do kinky things with him. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted it badly.

I became aggressive. I pushed Kim onto her back and attacked her body. I pulled her shirt off and mauled her breasts, kissing, licking, and sucking them roughly. I pulled her panties over her hips, down her legs, and off her feet, then forced her legs open. She giggled as I slid down and looked at the first pussy I had ever seen up close.

It was beautiful. Kim’s labia hung out of her swollen mound like delicate petals of desire. I couldn’t help myself. I kissed them. I sucked on them, pulling them into my mouth and sliding my tongue against them. Kim spread her legs wider and pushed her pussy up to meet my mouth.

I rubbed my face in her wetness, then slid my tongue out to taste her for the first time. I had tasted my juices off my fingers and guy’s cocks before, but this was different. Her pussy was soft, slick, and so tasty. I dragged my tongue in her wet slit then began to beat her clit with it rapidly. Kim almost came, but I knew it and slid my tongue down and shoved it inside her. I tongue fucked her hard before moving back up to suck on her clit and lick it frenetically.

Kim grabbed a pillow and covered her face, biting into it as she came. She bucked and ground her pussy into my face, her juices squirting into my mouth as she thrashed and bucked through her orgasm.

When she finished, she sat up and said, “My turn,” before pushing me back. Instead of eating my pussy, she started fingering me. She was not gentle. She shoved two fingers into me hard and fucked me with them powerfully, rapidly. She jammed them into me hard, much harder than any guy had ever done. I groaned, and she pushed a third finger inside me.

Her hand was slamming into me rapidly. My pussy was on fire, and I was in sexual ecstasy. I wanted to cum, but her fingers just kept taking me to higher and higher levels of pleasure. She bit down on my nipple, and that was it. I couldn’t hold it. I grabbed onto her and held her tightly as I tried not to scream out. I came. Hard. My whole body tensed and I shook uncontrollably as the pleasure blasted through my body.

I collapsed on the bed next to Kim, kissing her and holding her close until we fell asleep.

Chapter 3

In the morning, I woke up with Kim laying next to me, staring at me, smiling.

“Morning, sleepy head,” she said and kissed me on the lips.

I pulled away and looked around the room. “Sorry,” I told Kim, “I have bad morning breath. I should get dressed before you folks catch us naked and in bed.”

“Let them catch us,” Kim said. “I don’t care if they do now.”

I gave her a weird look, then slid out of bed and started putting my clothes on. “I need to get home; I didn’t tell my parents I would be out all night. They’re probably worried.”

“Come back after you talk to them,” Kim instructed me. “I want more time with you, baby. After last night, I think we no longer need to hide how we feel.”

I got a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wasn’t sure what Kim was talking about, but as far as I was concerned what we had done was just sex and just because we were both drunk and horny. I was rapidly starting to worry that she had the wrong idea.

“Uhm, well,” I struggled for the right words, “I, uh, have some things to do. I’ll call you later.”

Kim hurried to get out of bed and approached me. “Okay, honey, give me a kiss before you go.”

Oh God, she really did have the wrong idea. I hugged her and turned my cheek when she tried to kiss me. “I’ll call you,” I repeated, then slipped out of the room and went home.

Suddenly I remembered all those times Kim had been by my side, holding me, caring for me. It all made sense now. She had been in love with me all that time. I felt terrible. I did not regret having sex with Kim. However, I regretted giving her the wrong idea. I cared about Kim. She was my best friend, but for me, that was it. I was not into girls that way. I enjoyed what we did, but I was not interested in a repeat performance, and I certainly did not want a long term relationship with Kim, not like that.

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