Dressing Daddy Ch. 03

After the wild weekend I had with my daughter and her friends, I really felt guilty about my wife Janet. Becky agreed with me that we had to bring her Mommy into the picture too. I warned her that her mother would be a harder sell than I was. Becky assured me that she already had a plan worked out and that I could just leave everything to her. I really had no choice in the matter anyway since I was due to leave on a 3-week business trip about the time Janet returned. However, we did enact part of the plan before I left. We installed mini-security cams in strategic spots in the kitchen, and in our bedroom. These cams fed into the TV in the family room, and into the TV in Becky’s bedroom. You’ll see why in a moment. So, now, I’ll just get out of the way here and let my wife tell what happened to her during my absence:


Brian left on his trip about the time I got back, so needless to say I spent the next several days just being horny before things started happening to make me really horny. The first Saturday he was gone I was doing the laundry and was tossing my daughter’s underwear in the washer when I noticed something strange. I had just picked up a pair of Becky’s white panties when I noticed something red on them. My first thought, being the mother that I am, was that maybe the poor kid had hurt herself. My second thought, and the one I hoped was true, was that her period had slipped up on her and caught her unprepared.

To set my mind at ease I ran my index fingers along the waist band of her panties to stretch them out. I held them up in front of my face where I could inspect them a little closer.

And I received one of the biggest shocks of my life.

There were lipstick marks all over my daughter’s panties!

In the area right about where her clit would be there was a perfect lipstick impression of a woman’s sensuous lips.

I suddenly felt weak all over. My stomach was nauseous and my whole body trembled.

What has my daughter been up to? What kind of a woman would do this to my daughter? All of those kinds of thoughts went swirling through my mind in a mad rush that made me want to swoon.

Then I felt my own pussy start to get wet.

The nausea left me, and in its place was an ache deep down in my stomach. The ache traveled down to my crotch then swept over my entire body. I tried to squelch these aches of unnatural desires by convincing myself that maybe Becky was only playing a joke on me. Maybe nobody really kissed her panties there—at least not while she was wearing them. Maybe these lipstick marks were from Becky herself?

Curious, I brought my daughter’s panties in close to my face. Part of me was wondering what it’d be like to kiss another woman—down there. Another part of me was wondering what it would be like to BE kissed down there by another woman. And, yet, another part of me was trying to fight off those kinds of thoughts. These were my daughter’s panties for crying out loud! Still trembling all over, but with my pussy getting wetter by the second, I pursed my lips into the sexy shape I saw on my daughter’s panty crotch. Then I touched my trembling lips to the image of those sensuous ones. For a brief instant I imagined Becky still in her panties and me kissing her right over her clit!

I tingled all over when I kissed my daughter’s panties like that.

Then I suddenly purged myself of those nasty thoughts and threw her panties in the washer along with the rest of the clothes. I spent the rest of the weekend keeping myself busy with chores to try to take my mind off of what I’d seen—and what I’d thought. But the image of my daughter’s panties with the sexy lipstick marks was seared into my brain. Like a branding iron that wouldn’t cool, that image haunted me continuously—but especially at night when I went to bed and tried to sleep. To my shame, I found myself masturbating over that image of my daughter’s panties. That was the only way I could get any sleep.

I had considered having a discussion with Becky about the implications of her behavior, but found I just didn’t have the heart for it. After all she was 18 now and I didn’t want her to think I was prying. Besides, I just didn’t want to have a big confrontation with my teenager right now—especially when I was so ambivalent about my own thoughts on the matter.

And the image of those lipstick-stained panties continued to sizzle my brain throughout the coming week. In an effort to get my mind off of my daughter’s panties, and on to something else at work, I took, to going bra-less and wearing shorter and shorter skirts so I could flash my male co-workers. For a broad pushing 40, I still had a great pair of tits, and a great pair of gams, thanks to all the gym work I do, and I enjoyed showing my ASSets off.

One day I came home from work feeling especially horny. I had been flashing up a storm all day and my pussy was dribbling from all the dirty-minded stares I got.

Our garage opens up into the kitchen, so after parking the car, I bursa escort grabbed my briefcase and headed for the kitchen, as usual. Upon entering, I sat my briefcase down and went to the sink to get a drink of water like I’ve done everyday since I can remember.

There were funny sounds coming from the family room. Liquid sounds like someone eating pudding. Hints of girl giggles, muffled and far away.

Curious, I had to look. Our kitchen adjoins the family room and right above the kitchen sink is one of those little sliding wooden doors so you can either seal off the kitchen, or use the shelf above the sink as a serving shelf. The little wooden door was open. So I peeked.

What I saw totally devastated me.

My daughter and another girl I’d never seen before were totally naked and making out on the couch!

I had just downed a glass of water, but my mouth was suddenly as dry as a can of baking powder. I trembled all over and got that dull ache deep in my insides. I knew I should barge in there and break up what was happening, but I couldn’t move. My knees were too weak. My shaky feet were rooted to the spot.

Was this the woman who had kissed my daughter’s panties—down there? I had to admit she was a really beautiful girl. About my daughter’s size, she was blonde and had the dirtiest face I’ve ever seen. Not dirty in the sense of unwashed, or blemished in any way. No, she was incredibly beautiful. It’s just that her face oozed sex. And, in spite of myself my own pussy throbbed in a way it has never throbbed before just from the look of her face. Watching these two incredibly beautiful girls kiss each other like that, mouth to mouth, and tonguing each other, was the most highly erotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. That one of these girls was my very own daughter no longer bothered me, in the utterly horny state I was in. In fact, that thought sent goose bumps up and down my body.

The blonde was sitting on the couch and my daughter was wedged between her legs and almost lying on top of her. As they kissed, the blonde fondled Becky’s ass. From their sweet, tonguing mouths came that liquid sound of someone eating pudding. All of that only served to make me hotter. My panties, already wet from my flashing at work, were thoroughly soaked now.

Becky shifted her position to sit next to her girlfriend, and I got a better look at the blonde. She had the biggest nipples I’d ever seen—and a clit to match. I thought my clit was big, but this girl’s was almost cock-like. No wonder her face just oozed sex. With a clit like that she was probably in a constant state of heat. She certainly must have liked what she and my daughter were doing because both her nipples and her clit were fully erect.

Becky fondled the blonde’s tits, then bent down to take one in her mouth. I thought watching them kiss was erotic, but when my daughter took this girl’s huge nipple in her mouth, and started sucking on it like a maniac I almost lost it. Becky drew the nipple out between her lips as far as she could until the damn thing was as big as my thumb, then it slipped out of her mouth with a “pop” and jiggled on top of her breast most maddeningly. Then my daughter worked on the other nipple while the sex-faced blonde toyed with Becky’s tits.

Suddenly another girl came into view from the side. I recognized her right away. This was Ginger, one of Becky’s childhood friends. Little Ginger was wearing a micro mini, a T-shirt, and sandals. Her red hair was done up in a pair of pony tails flowing off the sides of the back of her head. With her sweet freckle-covered face and her hair done up that way, she could have passed for a much younger girl than her 18 years.

She stood right in front of Becky and the blonde, watching them make out and fondle each other.

When my daughter and the blonde noticed there was someone else there they looked up, and smiled at Ginger.

“Can I play too?” Ginger asked eagerly.

“Sure, come here.” Becky scooted to the edge of the couch and opened her arms to the girl.

Ginger stood between my daughter’s spread thighs and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Becky embraced the smaller girl pulling her in as close as possible so they could make out.

The sex-faced blonde also scooted forward and with her arms around both the other girls joined their kiss.

A three-way kiss.

I’d read about such things in porn stories before, but had never actually seen it, much less experienced it. I found myself playing with my own now thoroughly erect nipples as I watched the three girls make out. Somehow my blouse had become nearly all the way unbuttoned so I had easy access to my nipples.

They started tonguing each other’s faces most lewdly making me tug on my own horny nipples all the harder.

The blonde slid her hand down Ginger’s back to fondle her butt. Becky stuck her hand up under ginger’s mini and began rubbing her twat.

That made me feel funny all over when I saw my own daughter playing with another escort bursa girl’s cunt—but for the life of me I couldn’t stop watching. In fact it just made me all the wetter.

The blonde stopped playing with Ginger’s ass long enough to pull the little girl’s shirt off over her head.

Both the blonde and my daughter planted their mouths on Ginger’s little nipples to suck and lick. Their hands roamed all over the little girl’s body, fondling her ass and her crotch.

Ginger squirmed with pleasure while the other two pawed her and mouthed her. She played with their tits while they sucked hers.

My daughter and the blonde worked Ginger’s skirt down her legs so she was stripped down to her panties.

Then Ginger slipped out of her sandals and climbed on to the couch draping herself across the other girls’ laps. She immediately started sucking on and playing with the sex-faced blonde’s obscenely huge nipples.

The blonde cradled Ginger’s shoulders in one arm. Her free hand played with Ginger’s nipples.

My daughter frenched out the blonde while her hands fondled Ginger’s panty-covered butt and crotch.

Becky shifted her position so she could kiss the insides of Ginger’s thighs. Then she buried her face in the smaller girl’s crotch and sucked her panty-covered cunt.

And that sent shock waves reeling throughout my body.

One of my hands slipped up under my mini skirt so I could play with my steaming pussy while watching my daughter suck panty-covered cunt.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. There I was, a respected woman of the community, and I was watching my daughter have sex with two other girls—and I was jerking off to it!


Another girl I’d never seen before entered from the side.

This girl, like Ginger, was a redhead. She had her hair done up the same way so they almost looked like sisters—except this girl was about twice the size of Ginger. She was a magnificent specimen of feminine flesh. As she walked towards the other three girls the muscles of her incredibly long thighs rippled, and her huge tits and butt jiggled. She was wearing a string bikini top, and a micro mini bottom. And, she wasn’t wearing any panties because her “skirt” was so skimpy it showed the lower portion of her cunt. The lower portions of her ass globes also protruded from the rear.

She stood before the other girls with her hands on her hips.

The other three girls stopped their sex play to look up.

“Mommy?” Ginger said with all innocence. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought you might be up to something,” the tall girl said. “What have I told you about being naughty?”

“I-I-I-I’m so sorry Mommy, but when I saw what Becky and Lisa were doing it looked like so much fun.”

“I guess I’m just going to have to teach you a lesson then,” the big girl said as she sat down on the couch next to Lisa.

The view up the big girl’s skirt as she sat down was absolutely pornographic.

“Come here young lady!” She motioned to Ginger.

Ginger climbed off Lisa’s lap and stood between her “Mommy’s” spread thighs. The big girl pulled Ginger’s panties down her legs while Lisa and Becky looked on, fingering each other.

I knew this big girl was too young to be Ginger’s Mommy, and that this must be some kind of role-playing game they were getting into, but I was totally entranced.

“Lie down on my lap!” The big girl patted her huge thighs.

Ginger readily obeyed. “I’m so sorry Mommy. I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Honest.” She stretched her body across the big girl’s ample lap, with her butt up in the air offered as homage to her “Mommy.” She rested her head in Lisa’s lap.

The big girl started slapping Ginger’s bare ass with the palm of her hand. She didn’t hit her very hard–just hard enough for the “clap” of flat hand against bare ass cheek to ring out across the room—and to burn my ears. With each swat of the big girl’s arm, her huge tits jiggled till I thought they were going to flop right out of that skimpy bikini top.

Each slap of the big girl’s hand also made Ginger’s face slide back and forth across Lisa’s lap. Lisa shifted positions so she could sit sideways on the couch facing the two—and this caused Ginger’s face to push right into her crotch. Each slap on Ginger’s ass mashed her face into Lisa’s cunt. Lisa moaned along with Ginger.

My daughter wrapped her legs around Lisa with her cunt snug up against Lisa’s butt so she could kiss Lisa and play with her hard-on nipples while they both watched Ginger’s “Mommy” spanking the little redhead’s naughty little butt.

Ginger wrapped her lips around Lisa’s cock-like clit to suck it. She let the rocking motions of her “Mommy’s” spankings move her head back and forth on Lisa’s clit.

Lisa grunted with pleasure.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” the big girl said when Ginger’s ass cheeks were all red.

“Y-y-y-yes, Mommy.” Ginger took her mouth off of Lisa’s clit long enough to say.

“From bursa escort bayan now on you’re not going to run off without telling me first, right?” The big girl gave her rear a couple more slaps.

“Y-y-y-yes, Mommy.”

“That’s more like it then.” The big girl stopped slapping her ass and began to massage it instead. “Mommy didn’t mean to hurt her little girl. Just to teach her a lesson for being so naughty.”


“Yes, dear?”

“My bottom stings.”

“Oh, sweetie. Here, Mommy will kiss it and make it better.” The big girl bent down and started kissing Ginger’s red, swollen ass checks. Her hands continued to massage Ginger’s hips and upper thighs. One hand went between Ginger’s thighs and down under her ass to reach her cunt. The other hand came in underneath from the side. The big girl stroked and fondled Ginger’s cunt while kissing her ass cheeks.

Ginger sucked away again at Lisa’s clit while my daughter continued fondling Lisa’s tits.

“Ohhhhh, Mommy. That feels so good what you’re doing to me.” Ginger started humping her hips on the big girl’s lap.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” The big girl said.

“Yes Mommy!”

“Then show your Mommy what a good girl you are now.”

“Yes, Ginger,” Lisa said. “Show your Mommy what a good girl you can be.”

Ginger got up from Lisa’s crotch to throw her arms around the big girl’s neck. “Oh Mommy!” She kissed the big girl frantically.

The big girl continued to play with Ginger’s ass and pussy while tonguing out her face and tasting Lisa’s pussy there. “Oh, sweetie,” she said between kisses.

“Yes, Ginger,” Becky said. “Kiss you Mommy real good.”

Lisa reached around behind the big girl’s back to undo the bikini tie.

Ginger kissed and licked her way down the big girl’s neck until her face was buried between her huge tits.

The big girl’s nipples, erect and waiting, were almost as big as Lisa’s. Ginger sucked on one, then the other while trying to fondle both with her little hands.

“Yes, Ginger,” my daughter said. “Suck your Mommy’s titties. Make her feel real good.”

Hearing my own daughter talk like that sent electric shocks all through my body. I pulled on my nipples and clit as hard as Ginger sucked on the big girl.

Ginger worked her way down the big girl’s body until she was kneeling on the floor before her, her face between her huge thighs, licking and kissing the insides of them.

“Good girl, Ginger,” Lisa said. “Lick your Mommy real good so she’ll let you play with us again.”

Ginger stuck her head up what passed for the big girl’s skirt and buried her face in the huge cunt.

“Yes, Ginger,” my daughter said. “Suck your Mommy’s cunt, suck your Mommy’s cunt.

My own daughter! I thought. Talking such filth! But I loved it. It only made me rub myself all the harder. My poor panties were so soaked they dribbled cunt juice down my thighs.

Saying “mother-daughter sex, mother-daughter sex,” in unison, Lisa and Becky shifted positions so each could straddle one of the big girl’s thighs. They humped their own cunts on her while sucking her tits and watching Ginger eat her out.

I couldn’t take any more. I was totally shattered. My mind was totally fried. Before I could make a fool of myself and try to join them, I rushed on my wobbly legs into my bedroom. I locked the door, ripped off my blouse, stripped out of my mini skirt and my sticky panties. Frantically I ran my hands through my panties drawer until I found my trusty vibrator. I absolutely had to get myself off.

I collapsed on to the bed and quickly buzzed myself off.

But that one orgasm hardly dented the ocean of lust and urgent need my daughter and her sexy friends had worked up in me.

Only after three more orgasms did I feel like my shattered nerves had settled down enough, and my horny pussy had quieted enough to where I could face the outside world.

I tentatively cracked the bedroom door open. I was afraid of what I might find still happening in the family room. I don’t know how long I was locked up in my bedroom with my vibrator. Maybe an hour, or two. Everything seemed quiet now.

I felt ashamed of myself for having watched my daughter have sex with those other girls—and for having jerked off to it. One part of me wondered if I hadn’t just hallucinated everything in my horniness. Perhaps nothing like that really happened. I felt so ashamed.

The aroma of a pot roast cooking in the kitchen wafted across my nostrils. I made my way into the dinning section of the kitchen still half afraid to meet face to face with those, those . . . . those perverted girls my daughter had been with.

I sat down at the table. Becky was at the sink chopping vegetables. Her back was to me.

“Hello, Mommy,” she said in her sweet girlie voice. “How was your day?”

“Huh? Oh, my day. I-I-I-I guess it was okay.” I looked my daughter over, still incapable of believing what I’d just witnessed. She was wearing a too-tight of a T-shirt and a pair of grey gym shorts so tight and short I could see the bottom swell of her ass cheeks peeking out. “What are you up to hon?”

“I just thought I’d fix dinner for you Mommy, since I love you so much.”

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