Treating Maddie Pt. 05

The excitement of the State Championship buoyed the team and the coaches for several weeks. We all stayed in touch via a group chat even though some of the girls, including Maddie, were busy making plans to start college in the fall. Maddie also stayed in touch with me on Facebook and Instagram. A few weeks after the tournament, she asked if I she could text me privately on WhatsApp. Somewhat against my better judgment, I agreed and shared my information. Our chats began innocuously, with Maddie sharing her angst about college, where she earned a half-scholarship for cheerleading, and me assuring her she would do well and have a wonderful time.

Naturally, Maddie was curious about my college years. I shared some stories, but decided against recounting my more adventurous, some might even say promiscuous, college experiences. Maddie was intrigued by my “secrets,” but I succeeded in keeping her mostly in the dark. Still, I was flustered and a little aroused when Maddie texted: “I think Laura was a naughty girl in college 😉”. I responded evasively and provocatively, texting back “I’m just glad that no one had camera phones back then.”

Eventually, in the guise of showing how well her hip had recovered, Maddie began sending photos of herself working out in tight, short shorts and a sports bra. It was all I could do to keep my responses focused on how well she was recovering when the truth was that the photos made my mouth water. A few times Maddie mentioned that she was trying on her own to do stretches I helped her with, and she always wrote something like: “Of course, it just isn’t the same.” Maddie surely knew her comments reminded us both of our times together at the tournament. More than once my husband benefitted from Maddie’s flirtations, because her pictures turned me on and I all but attacked him in order to get some sexual relief and gratification.

In mid-summer, about six weeks before Maddie would start college, she sent a text with a sad face emoji saying she felt a twinge in her hip when she was working out earlier that day. The text ended: “Is there any way you can examine me to see if it is serious? Please!” My heart skipped a beat when I read Maddie’s text. As a nurse, my instinct was to help my “patient” and say yes. But I knew, and I was sure Maddie knew, that her request had the potential to re-light old, and very hot, flames. Ignoring her specific request, I responded that she need to ice her hip, make sure she stretched well before her next workout, and stop if she felt any more pain. Her response was just “Pretty please,” with a heart emoji.

Against my best judgment I replied: “If it still bothers you tomorrow, I’ll see what I can do.” As soon as I sent the message, I realized that I had all but agreed to see Maddie. All she had to do was say the next day that her hip was still bothering her, and I had pretty much agreed to see her. For now, she messaged back: “THANKS” this time with a “fingers crossed” emoji. I smiled at her ambiguous response. Was she hoping her hip was fine or that it bothered her?

About 6:00 the next evening, Maddie texted that her hip felt fine for most of her workout, but added: “The pain came back at the very end. It was kind of like an electric shock, just like you described at states.” I couldn’t know if Maddie had really re-injured her hip or her pain was a psychosomatic way to have us meet. She obviously knew I would never turn her away if there was any real chance she was injured.

A little against my better judgment, but also with a touch of excitement, I gave in and messaged: “What is your schedule tomorrow or Saturday?”

Maddie responded quickly: “I am available any time tomorrow. I need to go to see my grandma on Saturday afternoon.” I was off the next day, Friday, and knew I would be home alone. My son was spending the summer with family working as a lifeguard, and my daughter was a camp counselor in North Carolina. My husband was away on a business trip and would not be home until Saturday afternoon.

Feeling a little like I was playing with fire, I responded: “How about noon at my house? We can have lunch and I will take a look.”

Maddie wrote back: “TY so much Laura. I can’t wait. I know you will make me feel better.”

I was certain Maddie knew how provocative her last message was. I smiled, but, being honest with myself, I knew it was very likely I would make Maddie feel better, one way or another. Before responding I poured a glass of wine and took a gulp. “I will do my best,” I wrote back, playing along with the flirtatious chat. We exchanged a few more messages before signing off. That night, despite having two glasses of wine, I slept fitfully, as thoughts of my time with Maddie at the state tournament ran through my head.

On Friday morning, I was like a teenager preoccupied by what I should wear on a date. I decided to dress comfortably and casually, so I put on jean shorts and a soft coral-colored top, with flat sandals. I went without a bra, telling myself I kazak escort did that often around the house in summer. I ran out to a nearby bakery to pick up a fresh French bread, and, at about 11:30, threw together one of my favorite summer salads and made a pitcher of fresh lemonade. I also chilled a bottle of rosé wine. As I was making the lemonade, Maddie texted “Be there soon” with two heart emojis. I was keenly aware that the idea of seeing Maddie again excited and aroused me. When the doorbell rang, I took two deep breaths and told myself to relax and to control my emotions.

Doing that became much more difficult when I opened the door. Maddie was simply beautiful, and I took a second to appreciate her magnificence. She was tanned, incredibly fit, and her long blonde hair cascaded just past her shoulders. She wore a white sun dress with yellow and green flowers that reached just past mid-thigh and platform wedge sandals, and her toes were perfectly pedicured and painted white. “Oh Laura, it is so good to see you,” Maddie gushed, snapping me back to reality.

“Oh sweetie, it is wonderful to see you,” I responded, opening my arms and inviting her in for a hug. She eagerly accepted and we wrapped our arms around each other in a wonderful embrace. Holding each other tightly, my hands ran over her back and hers ran over mine, and I felt that, like me, Maddie had gone without a bra. As her hands ran across my back, she hugged me tighter, pressing my breasts into hers.

“I missed you so much,” Maddie sighed. The feeling was certainly mutual, but I just sighed in response.

Stepping back a little, I looked at her again. “You look great Mads. I can tell you have been working hard.” I then added, “Come in, baby,” struck by how easily the terms of endearment rolled off my tongue.

“Your home is so beautiful,” Maddie said as we walked into the living room, holding hands. “Just like you,” she added with a smile.

“Thank you, Maddie,” I responded. “I hope it wasn’t inconvenient for you to come here,” I added, knowing how she would respond.

“Oh my god, no,” Maddie said. “It was only about twenty-five minutes, and I would drive a whole day to see you.”

“You are as sweet as ever,” I responded as we reached the kitchen. “And as beautiful” I thought to myself. I suggested we have lunch on the covered patio and together we took plates, silverware, and glasses outside, and I brought out the salad, bread, and olive oil, before going back for the lemonade and wine. From inside, I could not help admiring how lovely Maddie was. “I hope it’s okay if I have a little glass of wine,” I said quietly, as I returned to the patio.

“Of course it is,” Maddie said. “I’ve never seen pink wine before. It’s so pretty.” I smiled at her rising college freshman observation and explained to her it was rosé and how it got to be pink. Maddie hung on my every word, and the look on her face showed she was very happy to be with me. When I poured the wine, she admired how it shimmered in the glass.

“Would you like a sip?” I asked. Maddie said she did, so I handed it to her and watched her bring the glass to her lips and savor the sweet and tangy wine.

“It is delicious,” Maddie said. Despite her being eighteen, I offered to pour her a small glass, and Maddie’s eyes lit up. She made a big deal out of toasting before we each took another sip. “This is the nicest lunch date I’ve ever had,” Maddie mused. Our eyes met as we both considered our being on a “date.” We both were struggled to stay even-keeled, and it was clear we both knew what the other was thinking.

“I’m glad you like it. Let’s eat a little,” I said as matter-of-factly as I could. “Then I can take a look at that hip,” I added. Maddie visibly shuddered when I mentioned her hip, and we both were aware how up close and personal the examination would be. My hands trembled a little as I served salad on to our plates. The food refocused us, and we had a wonderful lunch, reminiscing about the state championship, catching up on our lives over the past few months, and talking about Maddie going to college.

When recapping the squad’s championship performance, neither of us spoke directly about our private times together, but it was always just beneath the surface. Those few days obviously had a major impact on both of us that we both were still processing. It also was clear, though, that neither of us were uncomfortable with what happened; and as lunch progressed, we settled into a comfort zone that brought back fond memories. When I refilled my wine half-way, I smiled and poured a little more into Maddie’s empty glass. This time, I toasted: “To the state tournament.”

Maddie shuddered again, then added: “And to the most wonderful nurse a girl could have.” I felt myself blush.

When we both finished our refills, there was an awkward silence as the next “agenda” item was my examining Maddie’s hip. I broke the silence by asking her to tell me what she was doing when istanbul bayan escort she felt pain and how bad it was. She filled me in, and fortunately it did not sound serious. But Maddie clearly was worried about an injury interfering with the start of her college cheerleading career. So, I eventually said, “Well, let’s clean up and I will take a look.” The look on Maddie’s face was like I had told her that she had just won the lottery. I gave her a knowing smile, stood up and began to gather the dirty plates to take into the house.

For the next few minutes, a palpable tension built as we cleaned up lunch, put away the leftovers, and loaded the dishwasher. This time, when we finished, Maddie broke the ice by asking, “Where do you want to examine my hip?” Surprisingly, I had not thought about that, and immediately realized that she would be most comfortable, and I would best be able to gauge her range of motion, if she was laying down.

“Well, I haven’t yet bought a training table for home,” I teased. “I guess we will have to go to the bedroom.”

Maddie’s eyes sparkled again. “Whatever you say, nurse Laura,” Maddie said, being intentionally flirtatious. I just smiled and shook my head.

“Follow me,” I said and led her into the master bedroom. Pointing to my king-sized bed, I said, “This will have to do.” The look in Maddie’s eyes said my bed would do fine. “Let we get a towel in case we need to ice you,” I said and went into the adjoining master bath. When I returned with a towel, Maddie had moved closer to the bed and somehow she looked both innocent and grown-up waiting for the next direction. I peeled the covers down and laid the towel in the center of the bed. “Up you go young lady, on your back,” I said trying to hide the quiver in my voice.

Maddie let out a sigh that was more a whimper, and she reached down to unbuckle and take off her shoes before climbing on to the bed. When she was in position, she pulled her dress down some to cover the top of her legs. “Is this okay?” she asked softly.

“It’s perfect,” I responded, and I sat on the edge of the bed near her left thigh, before running my hand slowly up her leg, massaging her quadricep to see if she was feeling pain. As my hand moved under her sundress, thoughts of our time at the state tournament flooded my mind, and I struggled to focus on the examination. As I moved up and toward her hip, the sundress restricted my movement, giving Maddie a reason to lift her hips and pull her dress up toward her waist, uncovering her legs and revealing a white gauzy thong that barely covered her private parts. I again told myself to focus on her injury.

“My hip actually feels a lot better today it did,” Maddie said. Her sheepish smile suggested Maddie might have exaggerated her injury in order to have me see her. Seeing her tan, athletic legs against the light purple sheets on my bed made it impossible for me to do anything but smile knowingly. Nonetheless, by running my hands over her and kneading her firm muscles, I was able detect some very minor pain in Maddie’s hip.

“Good news Maddie, this isn’t the same injury you had,” I explained. “It seems like a very minor strain that should heal perfectly with a little ice and a few days’ rest,” I added. I continued to massage her hip gently as I spoke.

“That is good news,” Maddie said. Then she closed her eyes and said, “That feels so good,” referring to my fingers pressing into her hip. Maddie looked like an angel laying on my bed, eyes closed and totally at ease. I continued to massage her hip, acutely aware of how silky soft and smooth her skin felt. I knew then, and could tell Maddie knew, we were going to end up being intimate. Forcing my eyes away from the thin panty covering her vagina, I glanced up to see Maddie looking at me adoringly. “Thank you so much,” she whispered.

Giving in to the urges we both were feeling, I said with a dry mouth, “I should check your range of motion just to be sure.” We both knew that meant me stretching Maddie with her legs spread open wide. The flimsy white thong would do little to protect Maddie’s modesty or tamp down the sexual energy that charged the air in the bedroom.

“Okay,” Maddie said. “Be gentle,” she added with a flirtatious smile. Knowing the routine, Maddie bent her knees and drew them toward her, with her feet flat on the bed. I re-positioned myself on my knees near the end of the bed. Before I reached for her left knee to push it down toward the bed, Maddie lifted her hips and peeled off her thong. Making eye contact with me, she asked almost teasingly, “Is that okay?” I held her gaze for moment, but, knowing what Maddie wanted, I glanced down to look at her bare and moist pussy.

“Of course,” I said softly, looking at her smooth vulva. “Whatever makes you comfortable,” I added, looking back into Maddie’s eyes. Maddie smiled and her breathing got noticeably faster as I slowly pushed her left knee out and down toward the bed on the pretense of determining azeri escort the cause and extent of Maddie’s pain. More urgently, as Maddie knew, the stretch gave me a clear view of her young, smooth pussy and her glistening pink inner folds. My mouth watered as I stretched Maddie as far as possible, and she registered no pain. With her left leg almost flat on the bed, I massaged her inner thigh and hip, just inches from her wet sex. Maddie watched me looking at her hip and between her legs, and she moaned with pleasure and not pain. “Ok. Now straight,” I said, continuing the pretext of an examination.

Ever the willing patient, Maddie straightened both her legs on other side of me as I knelt at the end of the bed. This time I pushed her straight left leg out, and still Maddie showed no discomfort. She was extraordinarily flexible and her leg could reach almost 90 degrees. Only at the very end did she wince a little, so I felt around her hip to find exactly where she felt pain. Of course, in that position, Maddie was completely exposed to me, and I was not able to hide my glances at her wide open labia. When I located the source of her mild pain, I confirmed it was a different and much less serious injury than before.

Maddie did not seem surprised but hearing me say it comforted her. I felt her hand on top of mine as I massaged her hip. I looked up and our eyes met again. She moved her eyes toward her crotch, wanting me to look that way again. When I did, she moved her hips ever so slightly and her right leg opened slightly. When I looked back up at Maddie’s face, she was gazing intently at me. Her hand now grabbed mine and she moved it between her legs, wanting me to touch her.

Heat radiated from her as Maddie slowly moved her right leg further out, this time spreading her legs open in a way only the most limber cheerleaders can dream of. As I watched, and Maddie watched me watch, she spread her legs until her feet were near opposite sides of the king-sized bed. I marveled at how easily and wide her legs spread. With all pretenses now gone, Maddie pushed my hand down on to her wide open pussy. “Whenever I do a center split I think of you Laura,” Maddie said breathlessly. “I think about you seeing me… touching me.” Maddie pressed my hand harder into her, and I ground my palm into her wet folds.

“Yes, just like that,” Maddie groaned, her hips pushing up to meet my hand. The moment overwhelmed me, and I maneuvered my hand so that my pinky could slip inside Maddie. Her eyes got wide and she moaned, “Oh Laura, oh god.” Her hand relaxed on mine, and I was able to work my ring finger inside Maddie as well. Again her eyes widened, and I was struck at how tightly her pussy gripped my two thin fingers. In that position, my thumb was able to massage Maddie’s clit, eliciting more groans of pleasure. “I’ve missed you so much Laura,” Maddie whimpered. “I’ve thought about your fingers in me whenever I touch myself,” she gushed.

I was seeing a new, more sexually aware, and sexually curious young woman. It was surprising and very arousing. “I’ve missed you too Maddie,” I admitted, causing her to gasp. I looked down to see my hand against her, and I began to slowly move my two fingers out and in, fascinated by the visual of Maddie’s tight young vagina accepting and closing around my fingers. Her coos and breathless sighs were powerful turn-ons, and I was consumed by the need to again have my mouth on her. Still fingering her tight hole, I got on my knees, my mouth went directly to Maddie’s clit, and my tongue flicked over her stiff button. Maddie shrieked, and her hand grabbed the back of my head pushing into her.

Maddie’s aggressiveness was new and exciting. Her free hand raked my back through my top as I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris and continued to slide my thin fingers in and out of her. After several glorious minutes of my mouthing and tonguing her clit and pussy, I felt Maddie’s body tense, then relax, and then tense again, until her hard legs and abdomen stiffened, and she exploded with a very powerful and noisy orgasm. As hungry as I was for her, I pulled back from Maddie’s clit, knowing it had to be sensitive, and I gently slipped my fingers out of her, wanting to give her a moment to recover. But my face was still between her legs, and I was unable to resist kissing and running my tongue the length of her smooth wet pussy. Maddie’s deep sighs told me she not completely spent, so I lapped at her more intently.

Although Maddie’s legs were not open as wide as before, they were spread enough to allow me to bury my face in her pink inner folds, and my tongue pressed inside her tight hole. I was sure at that moment that I had never tasted anything as delicious as Maddie. When I ran a finger over Maddie’s rosebud anus, her entire body tensed, and she groaned my name. On her own, Maddie reached behind her own knees and pulled them apart and back, again spreading herself open and allowing me to run my tongue from her clit to her ass and back again. I eagerly slurped at her, lapping her juices, tonguing her pussy and her ass. I reached one hand up and felt that Maddie was naked; somehow she had pulled her sundress up over her head and off in another amazing cheerleader stunt. I caressed her small, perky breasts and stiff nipples.

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