Peer Pressure

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This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.

Ariel and Byron had been sweethearts all through high school. They did most everything together like school events, dates, going to and from school, and even some sports like tennis. Everything except sex. They did some things like kissing and holding each other, but that was as far as it went. The truth was they were both afraid to go further. As unreasonable as this sounds they were both afraid of sex for different reasons. Ariel was afraid of getting rejected as well as being unsure that Byron was the man she was going to marry. Byron was afraid of pushing Ariel too far and wanted to know other girls before he settled down. It all made for a pretty strange situation since they had been exclusive to each other all through high school.

Ariel was a beautiful girl. She had dark red hair that had a slight natural curl to it and she wore it long, half way down her back. She had a small sprinkle of freckles across her nose and under her eyes, but these were the only ones on her body. She had hazel eyes that always seemed to have a twinkle in them and a small pug nose above her mouth. She had a slim and curvy body that was pale in color, nice hips, and great legs. And her breasts were somewhat large for her frame but not so large that they drooped. But her crowning glory was her smile. She seemed to smile all the time and it brightened her whole being. It was the first thing you noticed about her.

Byron was tall and handsome. He had sandy colored hair, brown eyes, and a nice smile that appeared every time he saw Ariel. He was fit but he did not play organized sports, he lifted weights and ran instead. He was really intelligent but kept that mostly to himself. He was the youngest of three kids with a much older sister and brother who had both already graduated from college. He had met Ariel in the ninth grade but he did not start dating her until their junior year in high school.

There were a few times in high school where they came close to having sex. One of these was prom night and it was probably the closest they came to being intimate with each other. Byron and Ariel had left the prom and went to one of their private sites to be with each other. During that time they both got really worked up, that is to say, really horny for each other. Ariel had unbuttoned his shirt and was feeling his chest while Byron was trying to unzip her dress.

That is when Ariel called a halt to their activities.

“That’s enough, Byron. No more.” she said.

“Are you sure?”


He zipped her dress back up and then buttoned his shirt.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t go any further.”

“I understand.” He kissed her and she fell into his arms again.

“Thank you. I want to go further with you, I just can’t.”

“It’s okay, Ariel. I still want to be with you.”

They stayed in each others arms for a little while longer then he took her home. Ariel felt really bad because she had been on the pill for over two years because of her irregular period.

Graduation night was almost a rerun of prom night. They got just so far with each other and then stopped again. It was becoming a real problem for both of them. They were like any other teenagers, highly sexed all the time. Their hormones were running rampant and it caused both of them to masturbate at night a lot, some weeks every night. The sexual reservoir behind their dam of reasons for not having sex was more than full and could burst at any time. It all came to a head when they were invited to a party on Friday the fourth of July.

They both had been invited along with a number of their friends. It was to be held at Randy Sparks house starting at four o’clock. Randy’s parents were pretty well off and had a pool in the back yard. Their house was pretty large with four bedrooms, a large living and den area, three bathrooms, and large kitchen and dinning rooms. It looked to be a pretty large party with maybe twenty or thirty people invited.

Byron picked up Ariel at her house and they drove to the party. It was a beautiful day and surprisingly not too hot. Both of them were wearing their swimwear under their clothes and carried a bag for their towels and suntan lotion. They were both ready for some fun as they had not seen their school friends in a while.

“I am so looking forward to the party tonight.” said Ariel.

“Me too. I haven’t seen most of these guys since graduation.”

“Me either. It will be good to catch up with them again.”

“Are you wearing your bathing suit?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” she teased.

He laughed at her statement.

She was wearing some shorts and a t-shirt with a cat on the front. He was wearing some long shorts and a t-shirt with a wild wolf on the front.

Ariel moved closer to him as they drove. If nothing else, she loved being close to him. He put an arm around her as he drove. It was not a long drive to Randy’s house and they were there soon enough. There were already a number of cars parked on the street in front Hd Porno of the house so they picked the next available spot and parked the car.

Before they left the car Ariel pulled him close and kissed him for a minute.

“There, that should hold you for a while.” she said.

He smiled at her and then they both got out and walked up to the house. Randy answered the front door.

“Hey Ariel, Byron. Come on in.”

They went in and there were already some people in the house as well as in the pool in back.

“Make yourself at home. The pool is through there, there is a bathroom over there to change in if you need to, and drinks are in the kitchen. Make yourself at home.”

They tossed their bags by a chair in the living room and went into the kitchen for something to drink. In there they met their friends Jeff and Penny.

“Hey guys!” Ariel said. They all gathered together, the girls hugging each other and they guys shaking hands.

“How have you two been?” asked Penny.

“Really good. Looking forward to college.” Ariel said.

“I know. Unfortunately Jeff is going to a different school than me, so we are trying to make the most of our time together this summer.” Penny said.

“That’s got to be a bummer.” Byron said.

“Yeah, it is. But I guess that’s life.” Jeff said. “But I heard you two are going to the same place.”

“We are. But we are still trying to figure out our housing options.” Ariel said.

“You’re not staying together?” Penny asked.

“We don’t know yet. We kind of want to but we haven’t decided yet.”

“Still virgins, huh?” Penny asked.

Ariel blushed. “Yes.”

“You two should just get over it and get together. It’s not like it’s a big deal. And it’s fun.” Penny said.

“Don’t listen to her.” Jeff said. “When you’re ready, you’re ready.”

Penny punched Jeff on his arm, not too hard.

“You just say that because you’re getting some.”

“No I’m not. They’ll do it when they are ready. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, anyway.”

Both Ariel and Byron were visibly embarrassed.

“So what is there to drink around here?” Byron asked.

“There are plenty of sodas in the fridge along with juices of every description. This is a no alcohol party since none of us are legal yet.” Jeff said.

“We’re headed to the pool. Do you want to join us?” asked Ariel.

“No, we’re in charge of the kitchen so you go ahead. We’ll see you later.” Penny said.

Byron and Ariel went to get their bags to change. He let her change in the bathroom first and then he followed. They stored their bags and took their towels and suntan lotion outside after getting some cokes from the fridge. Ariel was wearing a nice conservative green bikini that was absolutely beautiful on her. It was one of the few times that Byron had seen her display that much skin. He noticed right away that she was not as pale as he thought so she must have been spending some time building up a tan.

It looked as if most of the party was in or just out of the pool. They found a place to lay out their towels. They sat on them applying suntan lotion. They both rubbed the lotion on each others back, which Byron thought was highly erotic.

Misty, one of their friends came over to say hello. She had obviously just got out of the pool.

“Byron, Ariel, it’s so good to see you both!” She sat down next to Ariel and gave her a short hug.

“Oh it’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you so much.” Ariel said.

“I know. Since graduation we all seem to be drifting apart which I guess was to be expected. It’s kind of a shame.”

“So what’s up with you? I heard you got a job this summer.”

“Yeah. I work for my uncle who has a painting business. I help with the books and with customers who need to pick paint colors. It’s a great job and I meet a lot of nice people.”

“That’s great. Are you still planning on going to state this fall?”

“Yep. I can’t wait. Are you two still planning on going to UTA?”

“That’s the plan. So are you hooking up with anyone this summer?” Ariel asked.

“Richard and I have had a few hookups so far but it’s nothing long term. How about you and Byron? Have you done the dirty deed yet?”

They both turned red again. “We haven’t lost the V-card yet.” Byron said.

Misty looked stunned. “I can’t believe it. You two have been going together for such a long time, what’s the problem?”

They both looked pretty embarrassed.

“Sorry.” Misty said. “It’s none of my business. Me and my big mouth again.”

“It’s okay.” Ariel said. “I guess we are a little slow.”

“Don’t worry, it will happen when it’s time. Just remember that if you are both happier afterwards then it was the right time.”

“Thanks, Misty.”

“Well I better go and see what Richard is up to. I want to be with him tonight and I don’t want any distractions for him.”

And with that she got up and went back towards the pool. Byron watched her for a few seconds admiring her ass.

Byron and Ariel looked at each other.

“Do you think it’s time?” Byron asked.

“Maybe.” Türkçe Altyazılı Porno She looked exasperated. “It’s such a big step. I don’t want it to ruin what we have with each other. I just can’t make up my mind.”

“That’s okay. Let’s take a swim.”

They hit the pool together. There was a volley ball every one was tossing around but no net. After a while the men were lifting the girls up around their necks and some mach fights broke out with some fun casual pushing and shoving in an attempt to knock the girls off the backs of their boys. After a while one of the girls accidentally grabbed onto another girls bikini top and pulled it off. There was a little scream by the topless girl and a lot of laughter from every one else until she got it back on. Every one seemed to be having a great time.

After about thirty minutes in the pool Ariel and Byron got out of the pool and applied some more sun tan lotion on each other. They laid on their backs and held hands as they soaked up the sun.

About five thirty Jeff and Penny came out with trays loaded with sandwiches for everyone. Ariel and Byron took some for themselves and ate them while sitting on their towels. Later some sodas were brought out and disappeared quickly.

After that a few people retreated inside including Ariel and Byron. They found their bags and put their shorts and t-shirts over their swimwear. There was a big 60 inch TV in the living room where some games were being played and people sitting everywhere talking and having a good time. Some of their friends were playing cards so they joined in with them. While playing the conversation again came around to why they were not having sex.

“Look you two, all of us know you are in love with each other.” their friend Abby said. “The next step for you is right there in front of you. All you have to do is take it.”

“It’s not that easy.” claimed Ariel.

“Why not? You told me you’re on the pill a long time ago. What’s stopping you?”

“Quit prodding her, Abby.” her boyfriend Joe said. “They can do as they like at their own pace.”

It seemed that whoever they talked to at the party wanted to know why they were not having sex with each other. It was having an impact on Ariel and Byron. Ariel especially began to wonder about her misgivings. Why was she waiting? She certainly loved Byron so why was she stopping herself?

After a few hours playing cards she and Byron left the game and went back out side to watch the sun set. They found a double rocking chair to sit in. They set down in silence holding hands. Ariel leaned against him.

“Byron, do you want to have sex with me?”

“You know I do, more than anything in the world. I love you and I want to show you how much through sex with you.”

“I think I want that, too. I think I am ready to show you how much I love you.”

They kissed each other knowing that the physical act of love was in their near future. What they did not know was that it was only a few hours away.

They continued watching the sunset while leaning against each other. Their friends from the party came trickling out of the house to watch the sunset and wait for the fireworks to begin. Once the sun had set it got dark rather quickly. The fireworks would be South of them so everyone adjusted their chairs to watch them.

More cokes were brought out for everyone. They all were waiting in anticipation for the fireworks show. When it began they were rather far away so the sound of the explosions were delayed, but the show was still wonderful. The bursts of hundreds of colors was exciting and everyone had a good time watching the show.

When the show was over many of the party started to leave. The dark was drawing the couples to their private spots where the things that lovers do could be done in private. After about an hour there were only five couples left including Byron and Ariel. Their host, Randy, promised a special movie so the couples that were left stayed to find out what it might be.

After everyone went to the bathroom and got what snacks they wanted from the kitchen and then settled in the living room in front of the large screen TV. Byron and Ariel chose a comfy love seat that had enough room for both of them and with a good view of the TV. Ariel sat in Byron’s lap with her arms around his neck.

Randy went around either turning off or lowering the lights. Then he went to the blue ray player and inserted a disk. When the disk started he went to sit beside his girlfriend.

When the disk started everyone got a big surprise, it was a high value porn movie. Byron and Ariel were just as surprised as all the others. They wanted to leave but were also afraid of being shamed by their friends. So they sat transfixed as the movie started.

Byron and Ariel were somewhat surprised at the movie. It even had a plot, not much of one, but it did have one. But a porn movie has but one reason to exist, and it did not take long for the purpose to appear on the screen with a couple shedding their clothes and began to fuck each other.

Byron Brazzers was starting to get aroused and it was evident to Ariel as she sat on him. She could not believe it, but she was getting wet. This was okay as she was still wearing her bikini beneath her shorts.

The movie kept running and Ariel could not believe her eyes. What was happening on the screen were things she only thought about when she masturbated, and here were people actually performing those activities on screen. It was making her very horny.

Ariel looked around the room. Several of the couples were kissing and making out. The girls seemed to be enjoying everything the boys were doing to them and in some cases, the girls were reciprocating. She looked at Byron, he seemed to be enjoying the movie because she could feel his cock getting harder. She was getting antsy and was not able to sit still. The movie was definitely having an impact on her.

Byron was also looking around the room as he watched the movie. He saw the same thing as Ariel, so he finally looked at her. At that second, they connected. When it came, the kiss was so full of love and purpose. It lasted a long time. When it broke they went back to watching the movie.

As they both became more horny they began to shed some of their clothes. Both shed their shorts but stopped there for the moment. Slowly their hands crept into their swim wear to their crotches. They noticed that others around the room were also shedding their clothes. Some of the girls were now nude above the waist with their tits covered by their boyfriend hands. Between the movie and the couples around the room it was a very erotic sight.

Ariel was rubbing her clitoris while Byron was rubbing his cock. She leaned into his ear and whispered, “Would you like to switch hands with me?”

He smiled at her and moved his hand into her bikini bottom while she reached into his swim trunks. She found his hard cock and began to rub it up and down while he discovered her clitoris and was gently rubbing it. She was very wet and he was as hard as he could ever remember. Both were so excited about touching each other for the first time it was hard to concentrate on the movie.

They kissed again as they stimulated each other. Around the room clothes were being shed quickly. Ariel decided to join the group and shed her t-shirt and bikini bra. The cool air made her nipples harden and she shivered a little as the air on her breasts caused goose bumps. She used her free arm to pull Byron closer to her. Byron was trying to get a good look at her breasts, but she was pressing them into his chest. God he loved her. He freed himself from her embrace and took off his t-shirt and then brought her back into him again. She started the kiss again.

Both of them were getting pretty close to their climax. He was moving his finger over her clitoris faster and faster while she was jerking him with abandon. Around them the couples were in various stages of their love making, but they took no notice as their mutual stimulation was all they could think about.

They both glanced at the movie where the man was cumming on the girl’s ass and it sent both of them over the edge. At nearly the same time, their climaxes hit them like a tidal wave. Both were in each others arms but their climaxes caused them hug each other closely. They rode out the erotic wave in each others arms. When they came down they looked at each other and kissed with a passion they did not know they possessed. When they broke their kiss they smiled at each other, then they quickly removed their lower garments. When they looked around they room some couples were already making love to each other.

Byron used his trunks to wipe up his seamen and then sat her on the chair while he got on his knees between her legs. He moved her lower in the chair so that he had easy access to her sex and began kissing up her legs towards her beautiful pussy. Ariel watched him, eager for him to get on with it. When he did she nearly fainted, the stimulation was so good. His tongue was working all over her pussy lips and clitoris.

Ariel looked around and almost all the couples were fucking. The ones that were not were doing the same thing they were, stimulating each other with hands, fingers, tongue, and lips. It was an extremely erotic sight which she found she liked. She even liked the movie. But she especially liked what Byron was doing to her at the moment. She suddenly wondered why it had taken her so long to allow themselves to be intimate with each other. What was happening now was better than any imagining.

Byron loved being between her legs. It was the most intimate act he had ever done and he loved it. She smelled and tasted so good that he was not sure he would ever get enough of her. He continued to alternate between her lips, clitoris, and putting his tongue as far into her as he could get.

She felt herself getting closer to a climax again. God he was making her feel so good. She wanted to squeeze his head between her legs but resisted for the moment. She was so close, just a little more and she would be there. And then she was cumming again, this time shaking and squirming in the chair. She also inadvertently squeezed her legs together holding him against her pussy. When she finally came down she realized she was squeezing the life out of Byron and let go of him. She leaned down to him.

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