A Bedtime Story: All Tied Up


When I can’t sleep, I write bedtime stories for those of you who like a little light reading before falling asleep.

I lead you to the bed and tell you to lay down on your back. You smell so deliciously clean and your body emits heat from the bath you just got out of. As you lay there, I admire your body. In the years that have passed, your body has lost its boyhood smoothness and now shows the muscles and lines of a man. I want to just lick and nibble you from head to toe and I will.

When I tell you to extend your hands over your head, you look at me questioningly. I don’t say a thing but point to where your hands should go, clasped over your head and holding on to the headboard. I would love to have you spread eagle like Leonardo di Vinci’s Vitruvian Man but since this is the first time we have been together in over 20 years, I’ll let you be somewhat comfortable…for now.

You comply without hesitation knowing that something exciting will begin soon. I grab a long silk scarf next to the bed and wrap your wrists together snugly and attach you to the headboard. Next I gaze into your beautiful hazel eyes as my fingers feel for the eye mask I received on my last international flight. Once I slip the blindfold on and you are engulfed in total darkness, I turn some music on low. With your senses heightened because of the blindfold, the music will mask my movements so you have no idea what I plan on doing.

I take two more scarves and tie each of your ankles to the bedposts at the end of the bed. With your legs spread eagle and your hands tied above your head, I can’t wait to watch you squirm and hear you moan. I take a moment to appreciate my handiwork and your incredible body. I wanted to lick you from head to toe and so I start.

I climb onto the bed on all fours right next to you. You can feel me on your right side but I don’t move. I can almost picture your mind trying to figure out what I will do first. Slowly, quietly I approach and you can feel me near, ever so close, to your face. Your lips? Your neck? I quickly suck your ear lobe into my mouth and you suck in your breath, it was not what you were expecting. As I nibble, lick and suck on the tender lobe I can see your breathing quicken and hear your heartbeat get louder. A low moan escapes your lips and my tongue then caresses your neck, long strokes with some quick nibbles. You are so vulnerable and it takes everything in me not to ravish you.

The sight of your cock twitching and your moans excite me to the point where I am wet. Just the sound of your sighs and moans will have me sopping wet before too long. Slowly, painfully so, I nibble along your jawline until I reach your ever-so-strong chin…and rize escort I bite, enough to make you jump. I pause to let you settle back into the bed. Your lips are slightly parted, I have thought of those full lips more times than I can count over the years. I slip my tongue between your parted lips and quickly withdraw. Your head raises trying to kiss me.

I have never shown such restraint in my life and it is killing me but I want you to remember this night. I want to take care of your every need, your every fantasy and I want this evening to last until we are both sweaty, exhausted, and sexually spent. Finally, I kiss you, deep, my tongue probing, searching for yours. As they meet, they caress, they play. I suck your tongue into my mouth, then slowly pull away and end the kiss with sucking on your lower lip.

I get up off the bed and stand. My fingernails lightly scratch your exposed inner right arm down to your armpit. I see you start to squirm and the light touch causes goose bumps to rise on your arms. My fingers trail along the side of your body and I take a moment to circle your nipple. As it hardens under my touch, I lean over and kiss it. With a flick of my tongue and a deep sucking, your body responds with a hard tense and you graciously give me a loud moan and shudder. I lean over and attack your other nipple and get the same response.

You are so responsive to my touch and to my mouth, your cock is standing at attention. Oh how I want to just take you completely into my mouth right now and suck you dry. But patience is a virtue and while I may not be very virtuous I do know that good things come to those who wait. My hard nipples rub against your chest as I lean over you. I can’t help but tease you and rub against you. Your arms pull at the headboard trying to get loose. I take one hard bite at your left nipple to remind you who’s in control right now.

I stand again and my fingers trail along your side, along your hip…ever so slowly. I reach your legs and rub my nails against your inner thigh, getting ever so close to your throbbing cock. I inch closer and lightly caress your balls. If only I could lean over and put them in my mouth and taste you. My thin panties are soaked through. As I step away from the bed, I also step out of the soaked material. To show you what you’ve done to me, I step around to the other side of the bed and straddle your rigid body. My knees are on either side of your waist. I lean forward and you can feel my wetness drip onto your stomach and my hardened nipples touch yours.

With my hands on either side of your neck and our bodies touching, I go in for another kiss- long, hard and passionate. I can’t help bostnews.com myself, your stomach is wet from my juices. As the kiss continues I slowly rock up and down on your body. Your moans escape into my mouth. My heart is beating so fast and I just want to explode on you. I rub harder into your body and I can feel your cock on my ass. All I have to do is lift my ass a little and scoot down a few inches and you’d be in me. You beg me to sit on you and I can feel you try to wriggle those few inches that seem like miles. I want you, the need is so unbearable but it’s not time…yet.

Before I cum, I retreat from your body and the bed. You hear me walk out of the room, we both need a cool down. With the music still playing, you struggle to hear what I’m doing. In the distance you can hear glasses clinking, the water running and then….the electric tea kettle? Confused, you concentrate on slowly catching your breath and trying to relax. While your cock is still hard, it isn’t ready to explode at the slightest touch.

By the time I return to the bedroom, I can see you’ve relaxed a little. Your breathing is steadier, your soldier no longer stands at attention and your body is no longer taut as a tightrope. As I admire you again from the doorway, I see where your sweat and my cum glisten on your body. Your head turns to the doorway where I stand. You know better than to ask any questions because I won’t answer them.

You hear me place a couple of glasses on the nightstand beside you. I lean over and gently kiss your right cheek, your nose, your left cheek, a light brush across your lips and then my teeth barely graze your chin. Oh how responsive you are to my touch. I can hardly wait for the real fun to begin!

I walk to the foot of the bed and stop. From your body’s reaction, I can see you preparing to let me climb on the bed. Instead, I lean over your left foot and engulf your big toe with my mouth. I start sucking, hard, like it was your cock. My tongue circles it and then flick against it. With every flick, you emit a groan- it seems half pleasure, half pain. I can’t get enough I suck harder and your body tenses. As I continue to suck I run my fingers teasingly up your calf, inching my way up towards your inner thigh. You begin to struggle and I bite down on your toe, you immediately stop writhing.

I climb onto the bed between your legs. My hands slowly, gently massage your ankles and work their way up your calves. I don’t know if it’s involuntary or not but your legs kick out. I’m at your knees and start heading north up your thighs. Small circles give way to full hand pressure from your inner thigh across the top and to the outer thigh. I can feel your muscles under my fingers. I can tell you are enjoying the massage, you have relaxed and settled back into the bed. My hands caress come back around your upper legs and I’m suddenly so very near your tender spot.

Once again, I use my nails to lightly caress your inner thigh as I work my way up to the V. I’m careful not to touch your precious jewels or your beautiful cock which is quickly getting hard again. I tease with my fingers and then follow with my mouth. You taste so very good and with my face so near, I can smell your musky male scent. Again, I almost lose myself because you are so intoxicating. As I get closer and closer, your soft moans get louder and louder. You shift from side to side hoping that my mouth will touch your jewels.

I run my fingers under your balls and lightly graze that highly sensitive area between them and your tight hole. You jolt so quickly and hard, I feel like I’m about to be sent flying off the bed. That little magic spot has elicited such electricity throughout your body, a little precum shoots out of the tip of your cock. That is more than I can handle, I must taste you now. While gently holding your balls in my hand, my tongue runs from your base to the tip where I finally get a little taste of what’s to come.

My taste buds can’t get enough, I lick and twirl my tongue around you. When I finally release you, you can feel me reach over to the nightstand. I’m so thirsty I have to take a drink. You hear me moan as the liquids pours down my throat. Then it’s back to you and only you. I grab your rigid cock and put you into my mouth again. The warmth of the hot water I just drank envelopes you like a warm blanket. A sigh emerges from your mouth. I slowly suck, moving my head up and down in rhythm to my hands. Slowly up, stop at the top and a twist and turn then down. I stop with you completely in my mouth to let the warmth engulf you.

I’m so thirty I need to take another drink. You’re ready for the warmth of my mouth, the blanket for your cock. I grab you again and suck hard. Your body jolts as if you have been struck by lightning. The warm cave you were expecting became an ice cold shock. Instead of the hot water, I satisfied my thirst with cold water. Your cock convulses and I am rewarded with a load of hot, sweet cum. It is so unexpected I can’t swallow fast enough. I gag and try to keep up but you are so full, your juices escape my mouth and trickle down my chin. Finally, I am able to pull away and wipe my mouth. I’m a hot, sticky mess but you are so delicious I have to lick up every drop that spilled.

Exhausted you drop like a rag doll. Your breath is ragged, sweat gleams all over your body and at that moment you are the most amazing sight I have ever laid eyes on. I hope I have not disappointed and yet we have so much more to do. I have tasted you but now I can’t wait to feel you in me.

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