Seducing Mom


All characters in this story are at least eighteen years old.

* * * * *

Danny was sitting at his computer desk watching ‘John Carter.’ Lynn Collins, who played Dejah Thoris, was the spitting image of his mother in her younger years. His mother, Connie, was still hot, even at forty-six. He had fantasized about his mom since he accidentally saw her giving her date a blowjob. She was on her back being mouth fucked by him and when he came, she seemed to love eating the cum. He wanted his cock to be the one in her mouth and having her swallow his load. It was a rare day that he hadn’t jacked off fantasizing about that.

“Got a minute?” his sister, Janet, asked from the doorway.

He paused the movie and turned to her. “Sure, what’s up?”

“Tonight’s the night.”

“You’re so full of shit,” he replied.

She tossed him a notebook and sat on the side of the bed near him. “Look at this.”

Danny opened the notebook and looked through it. “You’ve been keeping records?”

“For three months. There’s a pattern.”

“What pattern?”

“Every four days, like clockwork. If she misses the fourth day, she’s a basket case.”

He looked further into her notes. “Okay, I see it. Today is day four. So what? She’ll go out for two hours, suck a cock, if that’s what she’s really doing, and come home.”

“Tonight, when she sucks cock, it’ll have to be yours.”


“Look out the window, Danny.”

He walked to the window and pulled back the curtain. Snow was falling in huge flakes and at least six inches had already accumulated. “How long is it supposed to keep snowing.”

“Until morning. They expect another six to eight inches. Mom called about ten minutes ago from work. She’s on her way home now. Everything is already closed through tomorrow. She’ll be stuck here, and the only cock around will be yours.”

“Janet, what makes you think she sucks cock every four days?”

“Aunt Jean told me. She and mom are both cum addicts.”

“I suspect cum addiction is nothing more than that fantasy bullshit on places like Literotica,” he chuckled.

“It’s real. I googled it.”

“Fine, so how do we get my cock in mom’s mouth?”

“By eight, she’ll be craving. By ten, she’ll be a basket case. About ten you put on just gym shorts and start doing stretches. After a few minutes limp into her bedroom with pain in your groin. She’ll have you lay on her bed to look at it. While she’s looking, you get hard. She’ll take it from there.”

“There’s a flaw in your plan. I’ll already be hard.”

“Even better. Just be sure to wear shorts that your dick will pop out of.”

“Do you really think it’s going to be that simple?”

“I’ll stake my mouth on it. If she doesn’t suck you, I will,” his sister replied. Danny’s brow raised. “I will. Really.”

“You’ve never given a blowjob.”

“No, but I’ve seen videos. It doesn’t matter anyway. Mom’s going to be the one doing the sucking tonight. Just so you know, you’re gonna owe me.”

“What am I going to owe you?”

“After mom sucks you, you’re going to owe me a pussy licking.”

“If mom sucks me tonight, I’ll lick your pussy better than it’s ever been licked.”

“It’s never been licked. My boyfriend thinks the idea is gross.”

“You need a different boyfriend. He’s a dumbass.”

“A dumbass that won’t be getting a blowjob. At least he won’t be getting one from me,” she said smiling.

“I’d eat your pussy, bet or no bet.”

“Would you really? I’m your sister.”

“You’re also about the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. Hell yeah! I’d eat you. Just say when.”


“Mom will be home tomorrow.”

“The next day then.”

“Deal,” Danny replied.

Janet left the room with a big smile on her face. She was Danny’s other fantasy woman. They were close and talked about everything but had never crossed any lines sexually with each other. She had just turned eighteen and Danny was turning nineteen the following week.

Danny put on his coat, grabbed the snow shovel in the garage and began clearing enough of the driveway for his mom to get into the garage. By the time he had cleared a path it had already collected another half inch of snow. His mother’s white Chrysler Pacifica pulled up just as he finished. Danny stepped aside so she could pass then followed her into the garage. He propped the snow shovel against the wall and opened her car door.

Connie was a real estate agent and always dressed for success. As she turned to get out of the car, he saw just enough leg to cause his cock to stir. Danny loved her long legs. He offered his hand and helped her stand. She smiled at him.

“Welcome to the Hilton, madam. May I get your bag?” he asked.

“Several of them, sir. I picked up a few things on the way home,” she replied.

She didn’t appear to be in her best mood as she pushed the button on her key fob and opened the lift gate.

“Rough drive?”

“Very. The snow wasn’t that bad but the idiots driving five miles an hour were.”

“First snow of gaziantep escort kız the winter. They always forget how to drive in it. I’ll get the stuff.”

She nodded and went inside. Danny grabbed the three bags, closed the lift gate, and carried them to the kitchen.

“Christ, Danny! Your boots are leaving a trail of water through the kitchen,” she barked.

“Sorry, mom. I’ll clean it up.”

“Yes, you will.”

“Lighten up, mom. I said I’d take care of it.”

Danny removed his boots and set them in the garage then grabbed a mop in the utility room to clean up the water. She gruffly grabbed the mop out of his hand and began mopping up the small amount he had tracked in. Danny turned and walked to his room, closing the door hard. He hung up his coat, then flopped down on his bed.

Connie put away the things she had picked up at the store then went to her room and changed into a sweat suit. Walking back toward the kitchen she yelled for Danny and Janet to join her. They came in and she gestured toward the table. All three sat.

“I don’t ask much of you. It’s just the three of us here. If we work together, keeping the house neat is fairly simple. There’s a stack of papers here on the table. There are dirty dishes in the sink. The dishwasher is almost full and needs to be run. Magazines on the couch. Danny tracked water through the kitchen. I work hard all day. I need a little help around here,” their mother complained.

“Mom, you grabbed the mop out of my hand,” Danny replied.

“You should have taken your boots off before you came in,” she snapped.

Janet and Danny both stood. Janet went into the kitchen and put the single glass and spoon that were in the sink in the dishwasher. Danny picked up the three magazines laying on the couch then took them to his mother.

“Real Estate magazines, where would you like me to put them?” he asked. Danny slid the stack of papers to her. “More real estate stuff.”

His mother blushed, realizing that she had been the one who left them there.

“There’s room for dinner dishes in the washer. We can run that after dinner,” Janet said.

“Sorry about tracking the water in. It won’t happen again,” Danny said, as he left the room.

Janet sat back at the table. “Anything else, mom?”

“What crawled up your brother’s ass?”

“Danny worked from four this morning until about two. He shoveled the driveway so you could get in the garage then got his butt chewed over a little water on the floor. I suspect he’s tired and frustrated.”

“I’m not having a very good day today.”

“Neither is he now.”

“What do you want to do for dinner?” mom asked.

“I made lasagna today. That’s where the dishes in the dishwasher came from. It’s in the fridge and ready to go in the oven. Let me know when and I’ll put it in. After dinner I’ll run the dishwasher.”

Janet stood and left the room. Connie remained at the table, now realizing that each of her complaints were unwarranted. She knew the source of her frustration and also knew she wouldn’t be able to resolve it for a couple of days.

Janet had gone to her brother’s room. “Everything is going according to plan,” she said.

“When did getting our heads bitten off become part of the plan?”

“Just part of her frustration. After she has a drink and some dinner, she’ll want to apologize to each of us. She always comes to our rooms and sits on the bed to do that. Be patient. Oh yeah, rub your sore back occasionally.”

“My back isn’t sore,” he replied.

“All that shoveling? If you had a sore back and a groin pull, I’d wager mom would recommend a soak in a hot bath then give you a massage. Horny woman giving a hot guy a massage? That sounds like a prelude to sex to me.”

Danny smiled. “When did you get so devious?”

“It’s a woman thing. You wouldn’t understand,” she replied seriously. “You need to get out of those clothes and into a muscle shirt and gym shorts. No underwear either.”

“Think so?”

“I know so. She needs a man. You’re a hot one. Market yourself. Play up the sore back a little. Trust me.”

Danny chuckled then sat up slowly. He moaned softly as he did.

“Perfect. Don’t overdo it. Mild soreness is good. Back injury isn’t.”

“Got it.”

Janet left his room. Danny undressed then put on a pair of gym shorts and a tight-fitting sleeveless tee. He looked in the mirror and smiled. His semi made just the right bulge. He walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. His mother was sitting at the table as he entered. He knew she was watching him but didn’t acknowledge her. As he leaned over to grab a soda from the fridge, he let out a soft moan and put his hand on his low back.

“What’s the matter with your back?” she asked

“It’s fine,” he replied, then left the room.

It was about a half hour later that the aroma of the lasagna filled the house. A short time after that his mother called them to dinner. Danny didn’t moan or gesture but did sit escort kız gaziantep in his chair stiffly.

“How’s your back?” his sister asked

“Better,” he replied.

“I thought you said it was fine. What did you do to it?” his mother asked.

“He pulled it shoveling the driveway. I gave him some Tylenol about an hour ago,” Janet said.

“I wish you had said something,” mom said.

“You’ve got enough to do. I’m fine.”

“Where does it hurt?” she asked.

“It’s just mild soreness in the low back. It’s fine, mom.”

“Does the pain go down your leg?”

“No. It isn’t pain. It’s just a little soreness. The Tylenol helped. It’s fine.”

“I’m going to look at it after dinner.”

“Not necessary, it’s fine.”

“I’m still looking at it,” she replied.


After dinner everyone began clearing the table.

“You go lay down. Mom and I can get the kitchen,” his sister advised.

“You sure?”

“We’re sure, go,” his mother insisted.

Danny moved slowly as he left the kitchen. During dinner, his mother had been quiet, and he thought he had seen a minor jitter in her hands. Nothing obvious but he could sense her uneasiness. When he got to his room, he positioned his pillows to sit back on the bed and got comfortable. The anticipation of his mom giving him a massage caused his cock to stiffen. He positioned it in his shorts where it was visible, but not obvious, as he lay there. There was a knock on the door.

“It’s open. Come in.”

His mother stepped in, walked to him, and sat on the bed near his legs. “Tell me about your back.”

“It’s just a little sore, mom. Nothing to be concerned about.”

“I’m your mother. It’s my job to be concerned. Roll over so I can look at it.”

Danny sat up and pulled the pillow from behind him. As he slowly laid back onto the bed his bulging erection came into his mother’s view through his shorts. She froze momentarily and stared.

“Put your hand on my hip and help me turn away from you,” he told her.

She hesitated. To put her hand on his hip her fingers would be no more than an inch from the tip of her son’s hard cock. She stared at it as she sat with her mouth agape for a few seconds before helping him turn.

“This area,” he told her, moving his hand over the left lower back and buttock.

She slid her hand over the low back. “I don’t feel any spasm.”

“I didn’t either. The left cheek is sore too,” he said, with a subtle smile on his face where she couldn’t see it.” He reached behind him and pulled the waist band down exposing part of his left cheek. Her hand slid over it. Danny could feel a slight tremor in her hand. Without warning her he rolled onto his back, pinning her hand under him. His hard cock, still covered by his shorts, was obvious again. As she stared, she made no movement to pull her hand away. “Push me a little so you can get your hand free.”

She put her hand on his bare hip and pushed. The tip of her finger brushed against the head of his cock. He heard her gasp. Danny was glad she was looking at his bulge rather than his face. He felt his pre-cum leak on the tip of her finger. She quickly pulled her hand from beneath him and let go of his hip. She saw the wetness on the tip of her finger and stared at it but forced herself to not bring it to her mouth.

“What’s your opinion, Doctor Mom?”

“Uh, uh, I’m going to run you a bath. Soaking in the warm water will probably make it feel better.”

“Maybe just a warm pack. Getting out of the tub might be tricky,” he suggested.

“Nonsense. I can help you get out.”

She stood quickly and left the room. With her first step she felt the wetness in her pussy. She really needed her every four-day fix. When she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, she looked at her still moist fingertip. Slowly, as if her finger were in control, it moved toward her mouth. She stepped to the sink and quickly washed her hands. With one hand resting on either side of the sink she leaned forward and looked in the mirror. “You can’t do this,” she told herself softly. Her hands were trembling. Connie stood there for a moment then began running the water in the tub.

She used the time, as the water rose, to compose herself. She was so wet between her legs she looked to make sure it wasn’t visible. When the water level reached where she wanted, she stood and got a large bath towel and placed it on the sink. Connie looked in the mirror, took a deep breath, and returned to her son’s room. Danny could see how flushed she was. He hadn’t bothered to straighten his shorts. She offered her trembling hand to help him stand, then putting her arm around him, assisted him toward the bathroom. The bulge in his shorts was now more like a tent. His covered cock was obvious. Rather than paying attention to their movement, her stare was locked on it. As they entered the bathroom her shoulder hit the door jam.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah. I’m, I’m good.”

Once gaziantep escort kızlar in front of the tub she faced him. Taking the bottom of his shirt, she pulled it off over his head. His tented shorts poked her in the lower abdomen. Connie gasped and stepped back. She looked down and stared. After a moment she knelt in front of him and put her hands on the waistband of his shorts.


“It’s okay, honey. You can’t take a bath with your clothes on.”

As she pulled them down the waistband caught on the head of his cock. She froze. Danny took his hand and freed it. His cock was now an inch in front of his mother’s face. She stared again, wanting to take him into her hungry mouth. She licked her lips looking at the moisture on the tip. Then quickly pulled his shorts off, stood and helped him step into, then sit in the tub. She sighed.

“I’ll be outside. Call me when you’re ready to get out,” she said hesitantly.

“It’s okay if you stay. I’m kinda over the embarrassment now.”

“I’m not. I’ll be outside. Don’t try to get up by yourself.”

“Okay. Thanks Mom.”

“You’re welcome,” his mother replied as she hurried out of the room.

Connie went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of brandy. She poured two fingers into a glass and drank it down. Connie chased it with some water then stood staring out the window at the snowfall. Drinking on her needy nights was frustrating. It made her need worse, but it did seem to help with the jitters. She felt better in just a few minutes and stood outside the bathroom to wait. In a few minutes Danny called.

When she entered the room, he was sitting on the side of the tub with both feet in the water.

“I did something stupid. I may have pulled a groin muscle when I tried to get up.”

“Honey, you should have waited on me.”

“I’m trying to not be a burden. Sorry.”

“Let’s get you out of the tub. How can I help?”

“Help me get my right leg out then I should be able to stand,” he replied.

“Let’s drain the water and dry you first. You’ll be slippery if you’re wet.”

His mother opened the drain to let the water out then began drying him. As she reached over him to dry his legs and feet, his cock was in her face again. She felt herself flushing but finished drying his legs and feet.

“I’ll dry the rest after we get you out of the tub.”


As she began lifting his right leg, he moaned. She put his leg back down. “Janet, I need your help in the bathroom,” she called out.

“Mom, I’m naked.”

Connie grabbed a washcloth and handed it to him. “Cover up with this.”

He looked at it then draped it over his cock as Janet came in.

“This is interesting,” she said, grinning.

“Help me stand him up and get him back to his room.”

“Back getting bad?”

“He pulled a groin muscle getting up. You take his left side and I’ll take the right. Let’s do it slowly. Say when Danny.”

They each took an arm and easily got him standing. When he turned his sister saw the washcloth covering the end of his cock and started laughing. “I think you need a bigger washcloth,” she giggled.

He stepped out of the tub onto the bathroom floor and the washcloth fell. His mother grabbed the towel and rather than cover him, she finished drying him. Danny looked at his sister. She grinned and winked at him. After drying him thoroughly they walked him to his room and helped him sit on the side of the bed.

“I pulled a groin muscle in gymnastics. The trainer massaged it out,” his sister said. “Lay back. Let’s see if it’s where I did it.”

They positioned him back on the pillows. As Janet moved between his legs to look, his mother was again mesmerized by his hard cock.

“Mom, take your hand and move this out of the way,” she said gesturing to his cock and balls. With one hand she encircled his cock and held it. With the other, she cupped his balls. “It hurts here, doesn’t it?” Janet asked, sliding her finger beside his scrotum and across the crease where the thigh and leg meet.

“Yeah, but a little on both sides.”

“You have to massage both sides anyway.”

Janet noticed that her mother’s left hand, which was holding his cock, was ever so slightly stroking him. She looked at her brother and smiled. He grinned at her. Connie was in her own world. She stopped suddenly when she realized what she was doing. Janet got up.

“Mom, kneel between his legs. I’ll show you what to do.” Almost as if she were hypnotized, she did as instructed. “Put your thumbs just under his sack then slide them gently up along the sides of it, then across the crease of his groin. Good. Now slide back down the crease to the scrotum again. Yes, just like that. Now keep doing it,” her daughter instructed.

Connie was entranced. Her thumbs continued their work and each time they passed the base of his cock it bobbed. Pre-cum was leaking steadily. She stared at her son’s throbbing cock with her mouth open.

“Mom, Aunt Jean told me about your problem. Take it. Danny wants to help you,” her daughter told her.

She continued staring and stroking him but otherwise she didn’t move. Danny put his hands on the sides of her head and moved her forward. As she neared his cock her mouth opened wider and took him in. Her eyes closed and she moaned as she swirled her tongue over the tip collecting the pre-cum. She stopped and looked up at him.

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