The Poker Party Ch. 01

Please enjoy this new story. It is a work of fiction, intended for adult readers. All characters are adults, eighteen or older, and unusually horny.—Taylor VanCannon.

David lay quietly in bed reading the evening newspaper. In his mid-thirties, he was a rising executive with a major automobile company. Success had come early for him and he was enjoying the lifestyle that came with it. However, he had an uneasy feeling that all was not right. His wife had been distant lately, and they hadn’t been intimate for more than a week.

He glanced up to see Lucy, in a sheer teddy, striding towards him. Perhaps his concern was unjustified.

A petite blond, she was quite a bit smaller than David. Her hair was long and flowing, her firm breasts straining at the fabric of her teddy. Her hard nipples were visible through the sheer fabric, and the bikini bottoms barely concealed her downy bush.

She slipped into bed beside him, rolled up on her side and propped her head up. “Jane told me that you had an unusually good time at your last poker game,” she said, accusation written across her face.

Unusual didn’t even come close to describing what happened, and he stalled for time, trying to figure out how much she knew. “Huh?”

“Really?” she said, sarcastically, “Jane told me that Kevin got his knob polished, I’d call that unusual!”

Kevin was Jane’s husband, and a colleague of David’s at the company. It was clear that Jane knew what her husband did at the poker game, but did she tell Lucy what part David played?

He decided to take his medicine and get it over with, “What did Jane say about me?”

Lucy looked into his eyes, “Nothing, and if I wanted to know, I had to get it from you.”

He gave her a worried look. “It’s a long story, you sure you want to hear it?”

“Yes, and you better not leave anything out.” She scooted over and cuddled up next to him.

He felt the warmth of his wife’s body next to him and wondered if this was going to be a problem or an opportunity. Hoping for the latter, he decide to give her the X-rated version of events, leaving his participation for last.

He and Kevin had gone to Jim’s for their monthly poker party. Jim and his wife Sally, were colleagues, both attorneys, representing the company during contract negotiations with the firm’s many parts suppliers. The two of them got there just as the others arrived, making a full table of seven.

Sally set out a snack buffet and a fully stocked bar before leaving. The table was set, a round of drinks mixed, and the game got underway. They played pot limit Texas Hold’em, with blinds of five and ten dollars. While most people played with chips, this group played with bills, preferring to see the stacks of greenbacks in front of them. Pots usually reached into the low hundreds, but it wasn’t uncommon to see one go over a thousand. As the game progressed, David was the early winner, up about two thousand, with Jim out even more, the big loser.

They had just broken for another round of drinks when Sally walked into the room. She looked to be in a foul mood, matched only by Jim’s; he had just dropped a bundle on the last hand. Sally’s plans had fallen through after the movie she wanted to see was sold out. She walked over to the bar and poured herself a stiff drink, then offered to get the guys a round.

Sally was tall and slender, with a shock of kinky red hair. She was dressed in skin tight jeans that revealed the crack of her well-rounded ass. It was a stark contrast to the bulky sweatshirt hiding her large breasts. As she served the drinks, some of the guys tried to cheer her up, and Ed even slipped a bill into her back pocket, telling her she deserved a tip. She flirted with him, giving him a peck on each cheek, and then a quick kiss on the lips. Jim joked that he may need those tips to recover his losses. After the round of drinks, Sally was surprised to find several bills tucked into her back pocket. As she handed Jim his drink, he whispered something to her. Sally gave him a wry smile, poured herself another drink and left the room.

Jim and Sally were fond of reading erotic stories to each other, and she often fantasized about an encounter with more than one man. Jim’s suggestion seemed innocent enough: dressing as a cocktail waitress to serve the guys drinks. However, as a second drink loosened her up, Sally began to consider other possibilities. For her developing plan to succeed, she was counting on Jim’s desire to recover his poker losses.

All heads turned to Sally when she sauntered back into the room. She wore a dark olive green cocktail dress that was very short and cut low in the bodice. Her breasts were barely contained by the tight fitting knit fabric and pushed up to display her ample cleavage. Approaching the bar, she bent down to open a drawer, giving the guys a quick look at the maroon thong tucked into the crack of her ass. Her height was accentuated by her four-inch stilettos, and on her right leg was a garter with her earlier tips slipped under the elastic. Both her shoes and ankara escort garter matched her tiny thong.

When she asked who was ready for a drink, all hands went up. They got in two more hands before she was ready to serve the drinks, including one she poured for herself. With her drink in one hand, she set Kevin’s drink down in front of him. Hiking her leg up on his chair and snapping the garter, she left no doubt that a tip was in order. Kevin pulled out a a ten, and slipped it under her garter, copping a feel of her soft thigh. She licked her lips and gave him a wet peck on the cheek before heading back for her next order. She proceeded around the table, with each player getting a little more adventurous with their hands as they slipped their bills under her bulging garter. Sally’s flirting only encouraged more generous tips.

The last drink went to Ed, whose smallest bill was a twenty. When he slipped it under the garter, she glanced over to her husband, who had by now figured out what she was up to. He smiled discretely, unsure of how far she intended to go. She told Ed that twenty was too generous, and deserved a little something extra. She had him slide his chair back from the table and straddled his lap, facing him. She placed his hands on her hips and let him guide her into his lap. Locking her hands behind her neck, she humped his lap, grinding her crotch into his. This brought the card game to a screeching halt as all eyes focused on Ed and Sally. It didn’t take long before Sally felt Ed’s cock rising, so she ground on until he was rock hard.

She hopped up off of Ed’s lap, much to his chagrin, and announced that time was up. Sally chuckled as Ed got razzed about the tent pole protruding from his pants.

Next to Ed, Joe pulled out a twenty and set it on the table, hoping for his own lap dance. Sally once again glanced over to Jim, who motioned upward with his thumb, suggesting that the price should be higher. This was the reaction Sally had hoped for, Jim wanted his money back and would not stop her now. Sally winked at Joe, and told him that what she had in mind for him would cost an additional twenty, which he quickly came up with.

She hiked up her dress as she sat back on the game table, facing Joe, who was ready and waiting in his chair. Sally slowly parted her legs, revealing the maroon thong, with her curly red bush poking out from the edges of the panties. As Joe leaned forward for a better view, she reached behind and unzipped her dress. Braless, her large breasts tumbled out, nearly hitting Joe on the head. She shimmied her shoulders, setting her tits in motion before pulling his face into her cleavage. Her nipples were taut, clearly aroused. Joe’s tongue circled her hard nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Tom was next, and held up two twenties in anticipation of the escalating action. Sally smiled and tucked the money under her garter. Without bothering to get her husband’s approval, she hopped up on the table, leaned back and spread her legs for Tom.

Tom smacks his lips, admiring the sight of her exposed red muff. He didn’t need to be asked twice when she suggested he drop his pants.

She pulled the dress up over her head and tossed it off to the side.

Sally took a moment to admire Tom’s cock, like a lazy soldier, struggling to stand at attention.

Jim saw the look of desire in her eyes. How far was she willing to go? He got his answer when she reached down and tugged at the top of her panties.

Tom watched the maroon fabric disappear between the pursed lips of her cunt. His eyes just about bugged out as he took in the view of her nearly exposed snatch.

With her foot, Sally pushed him back into the chair, hopped off the table, and straddled his now fully erect little soldier. She placed his hands on her ass as she lowered her barely covered slit over the top of his cock.

Tom felt her slick moisture as she began to grind herself along the shaft of his dick. Her coconut scented hair grazed his face when she leaned in to lick his ear. And then she stopped, cold.

He clutched the cheeks of her ass to encourage her to keep going, but alas, his time was up. She hopped up, leaving his bulging cock glistening with her musky juices.

“Jane wasn’t kidding about what went on,” said Lucy. “I’m getting hot listening your story. I can only imagine what was going on in your head.”

“Hot is the right word,” answered David. “Kevin comes next, literally”.

“When am I going to hear about the part you played?” Lucy swung her leg up over David’s and reached down to caress his soft dick.

“Soon,” he said, pushing his cock up into her hand.

Sally was well past the point of no return, and ached to have a cock plunged into her. She looked over to gage Jim’s reaction to the lap dance she had just performed for Tom. It didn’t take a mind reader to understand that he silently mouthed ‘blow job’.

Although it was not her first choice, she was a skillful cocksucker, and enjoyed the pleasure Jim received from her efforts. ankara escort bayan She decided to humor Jim, but not before she got a little something for herself.

Kevin caught the exchange between Sally and her husband, and calculated it would take a Benjamin to keep the action going.

Sally just grinned as she slipped the hundred under the garter, which was now bulging with bills. She swung her leg up over Kevin’s lap, and leaned on the table giving him an unobstructed view of her backside.

Kevin nearly had his nose in her ass crack when Sally reached back and tugged up even tighter on her thong. The view was incredible, as the thin sliver of her thong grew even narrower. Tight little curls of her red bush poked out all along the crack of her ass. He squeeze her soft cheeks, and then spread them for a better view. The crinkled edges of her tight little pucker peeked out the sides of the tightly stretched fabric.

She arched her back and pushed herself back into Kevin’s face.

He stuck his tongue out, making contact with the wet lips of her pussy. He felt her shudder as he ran his tongue up one side of her pussy lips and down the other. Only the thong kept him from slipping his tongue inside her.

Sally stood and changed places with Kevin. She sat in the chair and took her time unbuckling his pants. She slipped them down and took his cock into her mouth in one smooth motion. Surprised that he wasn’t hard, she looked up at him. He grinned, assuring her it wouldn’t be a problem.

She gripped his ass with both hands and began a slow, steady stroke. He stiffened slowly, giving her time to adjust to his growing size.

“She deep throated him?” asked Lucy.

“No, not really,” said David, “his cock wasn’t that big, and it just looked like it was going deep.”

Kevin was close to getting off when she slipped him out of her mouth and announced his time was up.

Kevin protested, and pulled out a second Benjamin and quickly jammed it under her garter. It would be enough to finish the job.

Sally looked at him skeptically, then glanced over to Jim, who used his thumb to indicate that she should get more. With a mischievous look, she told Kevin the two hundred would get him off. But, what should she do with his load of cum?

Swallow! Kevin crammed a third Benjamin under the garter, and Sally got back to work. A look of pure pleasure came over Kevin’s face as his cock disappeared back into her wet mouth. She caressed his balls as she kept up a steady stroke.

Sensing him getting close, she lightly pressed a fingertip against his asshole. Kevin groaned loudly at the touch of her finger and Sally pulled back so just the head was in her mouth, and prepared to take his load. She was determined to keep from gagging, and used the back of her tongue to block the entrance to her throat. She pushed her finger into his asshole, and fluttered the tip of her tongue on the underside of his cockhead. It was enough to coax out his creamy load.

His first shot splashed hard against the back of her mouth. The second oozed out with much less force, giving her time to quickly swallow before starting back down on his cock. She wiggled her finger deep into his asshole as she easily sucked up the rest of his load. She kept up her stroke until he was completely drained, and then glanced up to view the results of her handiwork.

Kevin was breathing deeply and had a look of total satisfaction on his face. As she felt him soften slightly, she slipped his cock out of her mouth and stroked him gently with her hand. She was able to squeeze out a small droplet of cum on the end of his cock, which she licked onto the tip of her tongue. She rose, and teased the drop of his cum into his lips. She kissed him deeply, pressing her cum covered tongue into his mouth.

“Hmmm,” sighed Lucy. “I didn’t know Sally was so talented. That was one hot blowjob.”

“Sally’s libido was raging, and she was ready to be fucked,” said David. “The guys were lining up to see who she’d choose next.”

“I still haven’t figured out where you fit into this… what should I call it?” She slipped David’s hard cock out of his shorts.

“Exciting, that’s what I would call it,” he replied. “Don’t worry, my turn is coming”

“I’m not sure I can wait.” She slipped her panties off and crawled on top of her husband.

“Ahhh,” David said, with a sigh, as Lucy expertly guided him into her wet cunt.

She winked at him. “See if you can hold out till you get to the end of the story.”

He laughed, wondering if it would be possible. “Me, what about you?”

Sally hopped up on the edge of the table and lay back, spreading her legs. She held up five fingers, leaving no doubt how much the first fuck was going to cost.

After some jostling, Joe elbowed his way to the front of the line that formed at Sally’s feet, anxious to get his bills into her garter first.

Sally smiled as she erotically drew up her knees and reached down to peel off her thong. She slid the waistband escort ankara over her ass, then snapped the narrow fabric out of her moist cunt. Joe was already out of his clothes and stroking his cock, gazing at her glistening pink gash.

She crooked a finger and motioned him in as she parted her legs. His tongue lapped the moist crevice of her pussy. Sally tugged at his hair, bringing his tongue up towards her clit. She gasped when his tongue touched her clit.

In the meantime, the others waiting in line had all dropped their clothes and were busily stroking their cocks as they watched the action unfold. Arthur, next in line behind Joe, couldn’t wait any longer, and moved to the other side of the table, just behind Sally’s head.

He was a large black man, Joe’s partner in a company that supplied parts to the automobile plant. Like everybody else, she’d heard stories about well hung black men, but this was a first for her. He knelt on the table and held out three Benjamins, leaving no doubt what he had in mind. She stared up at his monster cock, aimed at her mouth.

Joe finished up with his tongue, and then positioned his cock between the lips of her cunt. He teased the head of his dick up and down the moist gash of her pussy. With his cock literally dripping with her juices, he plunged it into her, and then fucked her with long, slow strokes.

Sally struggled to get Arthur’s thick cock into her mouth. Wide open, she managed to swallow about half his dick. She tilted her head back in an attempt to open up her throat. It as all for naught, he was too much for her.

Arthur eased his cock back, taking some of the pressure off Sally. To help things along, he stroked the shaft of his cock, and slid just the head in and out of Sally’s eager mouth.

It occurred to Sally that both these men were scheduled for next week’s contract negotiations. That fleeting thought quickly vanished as Joe’s pounding cock pushed her to the edge of climaxing. She opened her mouth wide and hoped for the best. Her body went rigid as a powerful wave of intense pleasure coursed through her body. Again and again, with each of thrust of Joe’s cock, she felt a new wave of overwhelming pleasure roll through her body.

It was only as her orgasm subsided that she realized that Arthur had blown his load into her mouth. Somehow, she had kept from gagging, but much of his cum was overflowing her mouth and dripping down her cheeks. She glanced up and watched him stroke out the remainder of his load.

She recovered her composure and struggled to gulp down a large mouthful of his copious load. About half his load still remained on her cheeks. She scooped it up with her fingers, and to the amazement of the guys looking on, she rubbed the goo into her breasts.

The erotic display with Arthurs’s cum elicited a round of applause. However, it did not distract Joe, as he continued to pound her relentlessly, singularly focused on getting off in her hot pussy.

She had just squeezed out one last drop from Arthur’s softening cock when she felt Joe’s release deep inside her. He grunted loudly as he pumped her full of his hot jism, forcing another round of applause from the guys.

With a wink, she told Arthur that he had a refund coming since she couldn’t get down his entire load of cum. After a hearty laugh, he told her that they would take it up next week, during contract negotiations.

“Oh honey! I can’t hold back any longer,” Lucy said as she got up on her hands and knees. She pumped her hips hard, bouncing her ass up and down on his rock hard cock. Her large tits bounced before his eyes, in sync with her gyrating hips.

“Go for it,” replied David. “I have been so preoccupied with this story, I haven’t been able to concentrate. Don’t worry about me.”

Lucy arched her back and stiffened as a huge orgasm bubbled up from her loins. She lost control as David took over, thrusting his cock upward, hard and deep into her cunt. When it was over, she collapsed in total exhaustion. She hugged him tight, mashing her tits against his chest and snuggling down on his hard cock, still deep inside her.

“That was fantastic,” she said. “It almost made me forget that I was pissed with you for getting it on with Sally. You are going to get to that part, aren’t you?”

“Was it too much to expect you to forget?”

“Yes, and don’t leave out any details.”

Sally lay back on the table, taking a moment to bask in the glow of her orgasm. It didn’t take long for the commotion between her legs to bring her back to reality. Looking down, through her open legs, she saw three cocks, all at attention and ready for action. She looked over to Jim for guidance and just got a shrug. It looked like her fantasy of doing more than one man was about to come true. However, never in her wildest dreams did it turn into a gang-bang.

After some good-natured negotiating, it was decided that sloppy seconds would only rate four hundred dollars, which Ed and Tom quickly produced. Sally lay back and got comfortable, her fiery red snatch ready to take on all comers. Literally fucked out, she did her best to put on a show for the guys, massaging her tits and fingering her clit. It was enough to keep the guys motivated, as first Ed, then Tom, quickly pumped their loads into her wet, sloppy pussy.

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