A Stella , Margarita – Desert Sex Pt. 03

A Stella and Margarita story – Sex in the desert sands

Chapter Three — The 3 Ms.

This is the continuing story of Stella and Margarita. You can read this as a stand-alone story, but just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, it will make more sense if you see the whole picture.

This chapter begins on the flight down to Adelaide from Alice Springs in a private RAAF jet.

As always, there is no underage sex as required by Lit policy. But as a reader, you will have to use your imagination.

This is one of three stories that will start to merge with two others, [An Evil Woman and the City of Churches – The OWLS Club] I hope it works out as well on paper as it does in my head.

The plane flew on towards the Edinburgh Air Base just north of the city of Adelaide in South Australia. Bianca returned with refreshments and handed them to both the Matron and the Major, Margarita followed soon afterwards after washing her face and adjusting her attire.

Bianca looked at the Matron and asked, “Permission to speak plainly to the Major, ma’am,”

She nodded and waited, wondering what was on her mind that she needed to get it cleared beforehand. Stella shifted in her seat looking straight into her eyes, a hardened look, no emotion. That was until Margarita returned, then her face lit up and a warm smile brighten the whole situation.

“Major, I just want you to know, in the few minutes I have spent with your Margarita, that you are the luckiest woman in the world. I only hope that I can find my misses as you have found yours. She is one hell of a woman,” Any tension that had existed between the two women at that moment, had then evaporated with those simple words.

The Major, leaned back in her seat, looked at Mags, smiled and turned back to the other two and said to them both. “You do know that she is hard enough to handle now without you two giving her more ammo,” Margarita, slapped her arm and told her, “I am a pussy cat around you,”

And the Matron chipped in “More like a lioness protecting her cubs if you asked me, you’re a strong girl Margarita,”

Margarita blushed.

The girls held hands across the seating and smiled at each other. It was obvious the love they shared.

The pilot announced they should prepare for landing. They each buckled up.

As the plane began to lose speed and height Mags looked at the Matron, “You know Matron, Stella should travel in this style all the time.” The Matron smiled back at her.

“You know Margarita this is the Prime Minister’s plane, so it isn’t always available for running Stella around,” The sarcasm wasn’t lost on them all, but Mags still had a stunned look on her face, it was priceless.

The plane slowly descended and touched down quietly and smoothly, taxied to a hanger and was guided into it. The giant doors were closed behind it before the cabin door was opened. They all walked down the steps into an almost empty hanger, a military police vehicle was available for them and the Matron asked them to wait.

“All right you two, we have marriage quarters for you, go and get some rest and I will give you a call around lunchtime for a chat,”

The girls got into the white standard Military Police vehicle and were driven off. The Matron turned to Bianca and smiled at her, “Our quarters are side by side there is a connecting door. I think you should use it tonight,” It was more a command than a request. When she was certain there was no one about, she took the younger big bosomed blonde woman in her arms, kissed her and took a large ornate leather collar from her handbag, she put a finger under her chin and lifted her head. She put the collar on her and instructed her to turn around. She did as she was told and the Matron did the collar up but not tightly, but it was a snug fit.

“Good Girl, now give me your knickers,” she told her submissive partner.

Bianca raised her skirt and without hesitation started to take her knickers off, revealing the blonde hair on her mound. The Matron was smiling as she was handed her knickers, she took them to her nose and was not at all surprised by the scent attached to them, “moist too I see,”

“Yes Mistress,” Was all she said and would be all she would say until told otherwise.

The marriage quarters were adequate for purposes. The first thing Mags did was check the kitchen for food, the fridge for butter, milk and eggs, and the breadbasket for fresh loaves, all of which were there. While Stella checked the bedroom and bathroom, both were fully catered, somehow someone knew what size they both were. The clothes for Mags consisted of several jogging outfits and many casual day wear, nothing was set aside for nightwear. All of the underwear was new even the bras for Margarita, Stella smiled, and she loves to see Mags getting into and out of a bra. An item of clothing she hardly wears.

Stella stripped off and climbed into bed, putting her bedside lamp on. She heard bursa escort a car pull up outside. She thought about getting out of bed to check who it was but knew that it was the MP’s changing shifts. Mags shouted from the kitchen, “Do you want anything before bed babe?”

“Just you,” came the reply.

“Oh, yes please,” Mags said and started turning off the lights that Stella had left on everywhere. By the time she got to the bedroom, Stella was snoring. She smiled down at her love and so wanted to wake her but knew Stell wouldn’t appreciate it. So she stripped down to her knickers and climbed into bed, throwing an arm over her more mature lover and snuggling into her. She too quickly fell asleep.

They were woken by the sound of an aircraft landing on their roof, or so they thought. “What the hell,” said Mags. Stella rolled over and cuddled into her, “It’s an air force base, what did you think they did here?” She only half asked, not really wanting it to be answered.

“I was hoping they would do the 9 to 5 thing,” She answered and squeezed a boob, pinching a nipple.

“This is the Military sweetie, we do 24/7. Leave me be until I am wide awake,” Stella asked.

“Nope,” came the reply as Margarita rolled on top of her and kissed her.

“Babe, can I at least go to the loo first?”

“Can I watch?” She asked. “After all you did get a video of me having a poo in the desert the other day,”

Stella muttered and mumbled something but Mags just smiled and got down deeper into the bed while Stella used the bathroom.

Stella wasn’t that much more awake when she returned, “What time is it?”

“No idea, who cares?” Margarita replied.

“You should, you have an appointment at lunchtime,” Stella reminded her.

“I do, with who and why wasn’t I told,”

“You were, with Tilley, lunchtime she said which can mean anywhere between 11 am and 2 pm. Stella informed her.

“She was talking to you wasn’t she?”

“When she talks to me she will call me Major, she was definitely referring to you sweetie, if she wants me there, she will tell me,” Stella told her.

“Oh, bugga! I wonder what she wants with me.”

“She thinks that she needs you to give me permission for this mission she has planned. Now shhh and cuddle me again,” and with that, she pulled the covers over their heads. Once under the covers, she spoke in a hushed tone, “Remember how she bugged the land cruiser, you have to assume she is listening to everything we say, so if we want privacy, we need some sort of visual code so we can go somewhere private, like the bathroom and speak after we turn the showers on, real movie stuff hey, but it works.”

Margarita sighed heavily then Stella told her, “All you have to do is say NO, and I won’t do it.” She kissed Margarita passionately and tenderly, told her that she loved her and that she has to believe her, that if she doesn’t want it to happen “Just say NO! Then leave the rest up to me,”

“I need some fresh air babe,”

“You what?” Stella asked her.

“I need some fresh air, I just fluffed babe, sorry,”

“OH Mags, how could you, you couldn’t wait for 2 minutes, oh babe, I think a rat crawled up your arse and died, you stink,”

“I said sorry, come on give me a squeeze,”

“Not on your life, god knows what I’d squeeze out of you, oh my god, you are foul woman,” Stella continued. As she jumped out of bed and pulled the covers right back.

Margarita couldn’t stop laughing, “I said I was sorry and I did hold it in, just not long enough,”

Stella shook her head, “Come on, shower time sweetie,” Stella held out her open arms to her fiancée. “We have a lot to talk about,”

“Do we,” She asked.

“Yeah, important business, like what type of engagement ring do you like, should I go and buy one for you or do we do it together? The smile on Margarita’s face said it all, “Then together it is,”

They stood there in the bedroom, Stella was naked and little Margarita was just in her somewhat soiled panties.

“Then we will talk about the wedding, and the most important part of that is the WHEN. If I go on this mission and it is only an IF at this stage, then it means that we can’t marry until I am finished. Put this into your little brain sweetheart, IF I go ahead, it is six weeks of training and then 6 months in the field, which is 71/2 months away from each other,”

Margarita looked at Stella and she was almost in tears before she responded, “71/2 months, oh wow, one more promise babe, when you return, it is me and marriage and no more of this bull shit,”

Stella looked at her, smiled then nodded.

But she then added “if it doesn’t go according to plan if things happen that aren’t planned for as they have every other time so far, then no one, not even the Matron can put a timeline on it so that 71/2 months is the minimum sweetie,” Stella was saying all this so that if they were listening, she knew that bursa escort bayan the Matron couldn’t tell a different story.

Stella went into the bathroom and signalled Mags to follow her. She turned on the shower and adjusted the flow and temperature, then climbed into the cubicle and waited for her Margarita to join her. They let the water flow over themselves not saying a word. Mags spoke first, “71/2 months is a long time for me babe,”

“I said that to make you realise what you are letting yourself in for. There will be no ‘booty’ calls as you call them, so I can’t just pop home for a quick kiss and a cuddle, once I go, I go for as long as it takes to finish the job, at best 71/2 months sweetie,”

“When do I have to say how I feel about it?” She asked.

“Probably when Matron asks you, most likely over lunch today,” Stella told her.

“That is so unfair, so quick, what do you think babe?”

“I think that they wouldn’t have asked me if they didn’t have to. I have lost touch with that way of life. I don’t know what is going on. In some ways, I am glad I live not knowing we could be at war if it isn’t done properly,”

“War, what are you saying, that if you don’t do this we could go to war with someone, like who?” Mags asked innocently.

“I don’t know, I was just saying that I sometimes wish that I don’t know the ramifications of what I am asked to do,”

“You scare me sometimes babe, I’m not cut out for this kind of stuff,” She told her as she turned the shower off. She stepped out of the cubicle and handed Stella a freshly folded towel and grabbed one for herself. She automatically started to dry Stella, starting at her shoulders and working down her back. Margarita kissed the two scars Stella carried from previous missions, she never asked and has never been told how they came to be there. She knelt and started to dry her legs and the cheeks of her backside, she kissed each cheek. She loved taking her time to dry her lover. She run the towel between her backside crack and then let her fingers rub her mound, Stella’s breathing changed as she felt those small, thin, tender fingers working her womanly core. “Oh sweetie, I love it, but we don’t have the time,”

Margarita put her arm around the tall woman and caressed her as she tried once more to have her way, but Stella was having none of it. “Sweetie, please, let’s wait till we know we have more time, I don’t want to rush it, I want to make it last,” Knowing that if Margarita agrees to let her go, the Matron will act fast and she will be gone that evening. Things move fast around the Matron.

Margarita smiled and kissed her, “I don’t know what to think babe, part of me wants you all the time, to be here with me, but I have this feeling you want this to happen for you,”

She looked into Stella’s eyes and asked again “Do you want to go?”

Stella looked back, not letting go of her sweet Margarita’s gaze and told her clearly, “I made you a promise and only you can release me from it,” She kissed her again before they started to dress.

Margarita was a strong young woman, but she hated her situation right now. This feeling wouldn’t go away that Stella wanted to fulfil this mission, for some unbeknown reason. The feeling sat in the pit of her stomach, as she dressed in silence. She had just thrown on any old thing, but in a sudden change of heart, she decided to go full-on ‘knock ’em dead’ type of outfit.

She found a nice bright red off-the-shoulder dress, that finished halfway between her hips and knees, discrete enough but able to flash her tiny pink underwear, bra-less of course complete with a pair of black 4″ heels, she stood all of 5’8″ in her heels. She now wished she shaved her legs and mound while in the shower. If this was going to be the last day for them together for 71/2 months then she was going to show her fiancée what she is going to be missing as well. She dressed and then stood in front of the full-length mirror. She smiled to herself and said. “Not too shabby if I say so myself,”

A voice came from the kitchen, “Are you talking to me hon?”

“No, I just said to myself that I spoil you,”

“You do? Oh yes of course you do” came the somewhat puzzled reply.

Margarita then made her grand entrance, from a small country town girl to a young worldly woman. She slowly walked into the kitchen catching Stella by surprise.

She did a twirl for her almost showing off her cute backside, Stella stood in the kitchen with a coffee in her hand. “Who are you going to seduce dressed like that?” She asked.

“Well, I had this one woman in mind, but she put me on hold,”

“All I said was let’s wait until we have enough time,” Stella reminded her of the conversation.

Mags flashed her backside to her as she waltzed away from her. “You are a tease you know?”

Margarita smiled back at her and said, “I know,” Then walked back into her görükle escort bayan waiting arms and put her arms around her neck and jumped up and wrapped her legs around her waist. She kissed her repeatedly, “Oh Stella, I love you so much,” She then eased herself down and saw the sadness in her eyes, “Oh babe, it will go fast won’t it?”

“Yes sweetie it will,” they kissed again.

While in their tender embrace, there was a knock on the front door. Margarita straightened her dress and pushed her small breasts out as far as nature would allow, took a deep breath and opened the door. Bianca stood there wearing the same outfit as she had on the flight down from Alice Springs. Her eyes lit up and a broad smile appeared on her face, “WOW, did you do all that just for me Margarita?”

“You wish babe, no this is for my wifey pooh over there, something to look forward to on my return,”

Stella hit her forehead with the palm of her hand, “Wifey Pooh, yet again, really sweetheart,” Stella looked closely at Bianca’s reaction to her fiancée and saw a very delicate thin brown leather band around her throat holding a single golden ring on either side, so it looked like a hole for her throat. Stella smiled, she knew the significance of it.

“Bring her back in one piece Bianca,”

As the front door was about to close, Margarita locked eyes with Stella and blew her a kiss, Stella went to the front door and watched them get to the car. As Mags drew her legs into the car, she made certain that a hint of her little pink panties were flashed her way. Stella took a deep breath and sent her a text straight away, ‘behave U Hussey. lol. xxx’

She smiled inwardly and spoke to Tilley McMahon who was listening on the other side of the base. “Give us one more night Tilley.” And then almost as an afterthought, she said to her, knowing it was being recorded. “I thought Bianca looked a little flushed just now, maybe she is coming down with something, she might need a day in bed,”

She turned the TV on and watched the highlights of the Matilda’s victory over Spain. Margarita wasn’t gone all that long. Her lunch with the Matron went smoothly and even though Margarita wanted some rock-solid guarantees, which she didn’t get, she told the Matron that she would ring her after she had spoken to Stella one more time. The Matron thanked her, kissed her on her cheek and said to ring after 6 pm. Bianca dropped her back at her quarters.

Stella was forewarned she was on her way back, she had got some after-noon snacks, well got them delivered from the canteen, so they could talk and not bother with an evening meal. She heard the car pull up into the driveway and went to the front door, she opened it and watched her exit the car, complete with another flash, and she slowly, seductively walked up to her lover, then using a single finger pushed her back inside, shut the door and locked it, then eased herself out of the red dress, letting it run off her body like a small waterfall, Standing there before Stella in just her pink thong and black 4″ stilettoes. Stella took a deep gulp, wet her lips and told her young lover to come to her.

They didn’t wait for another invitation, Stella picked her up in her powerful arms and took her into their bedroom and Margarita kicked off her heels and in her own sultry way, got hold of a pillow and cuddled it into her as she watched Stella remove her sweatpants and top to reveal a garter belt and stockings, a half cup bra with her breasts overflowing. A black lacy number, Mag’s eyes opened wide and threw the pillow away then begged her soon-to-be wife to come to her. They made love all afternoon, not bothering to talk or eat any of the food on the kitchen table. All they had on their minds were each other.

When they did surface and were talking about different things other than what they should have been talking about, it was Mags that brought up the point of her mother that Stella had mentioned while on the plane. “I thought it would be good for you to know, one way or the other.” She told Mags. Mags nodded then added, “I think that pig killed her, I thought about it for a long while, but as I grew older it made sense that he had killed her. I thought he would kill me too at some stage.”

Stella held her tight, “The general will find out for certain what happened to her, until then let things sort themselves out, sweetie,”

At 6.37 pm Margarita rang the Matron, “Hi Matron, it’s Margarita here, Stella and I have spoken about it and we have decided that she should do this last thing for you, then that’s it,”

The Matron listened and sounded genuinely thankful to Margarita for allowing her fiancée to do it. Even though she had been listening to all of their conversations all afternoon and evening,

“Margarita, please tell Stella she will be picked up at 6 am tomorrow to commence her training.” The Matron hung up and turned to Bianca, who was standing next to her, naked wearing only her collar, the Matron had on her black leather teddy, her 6″ heels, black fishnet stockings and a leather peaked cap. In her hand was a 5′ thin whippy cane that sang when it came down on Bianca’s firm pink backside. Which was covered with deep rutted grooves inflicted by the cane.

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