The Same Taste

My name is Jane and I’m out on the town with my husband of seven years Tom, we’ve come to this out of the way country pub so that I can flash off my naked pussy to a total stranger. At first the pub is quiet and we decide to sit in one of the corner little alcoves looking into the room with me on the outside so that one leg pokes round the edge of the table. After an hour or so and a few stiff vodka’s my crotch is beginning to dampen, as the pub becomes busier a couple of businessmen sit close by and begin talking, Tom’s hand slips down to my thigh and squeezes as he urges me to go for it.

Slowly I get up and brush past the men on the way to the ladies room, on the way back I stop and apologize that I have to get past again and hope that they don’t mind, one says ‘that its all his pleasure’. He stands up to let me through but keeps the gap deliberately small, I stay facing him and slowly begin to slide past keeping my ample bust tight to his chest. Half way through he starts to topple backwards and puts his arms around me pulling my crotch close to his, his hardening cock pushes onto my pubic bone and for a second we embrace. As I wiggle I ask if he’s enjoying himself? His friend gets up and holds me by the hips from behind, with a sexy little giggle I remind them that its a bit early in the evening for a threesome.

They finally let go and with a few more apologies I return to sit next to Tom, phase one complete. Tom’s hand slips back to the top of my thigh as he whispers an obscene comment, slowly his fingers ruck up my short skirt until it’s just below the V between my legs, finally he lets a finger slips down and over my shaved pussy mound. He scolds me playfully for removing my knickers in the toilet while his finger penetrates up to its first knuckle, then looking across at the two men I smile and open my legs wider to give them a view to remember. The first one sees Tom’s finger buried in my cunt and prods his mate to look over, both of them stare with open mouths as two more fingers join the first before starting to rotate making me sit up and squirm in my seat. Slowly Tom pumps them in and out a few more times before pulling them out and discreetly bringing them up to his face, he sniffs them and then offers them one by one to me to suck clean.

Quickly I clamp my legs back together as two girls appear next to the two voyeurs, both men quickly get up and kiss them before sitting them down at the table with their backs to Tom and I, they then go off to get some drinks. Tom says that it looks as if tonight’s game is over and its time to go home for a shag. I’m just about to agree as I realize that the girls can’t see what’s going on and that the two men have returned to sit down so that they can still see me, perhaps a little more is possible! Once again I open up and this time begin to play with myself, slowly inserting just one finger but licking my lips to show how good it feels, the men peer round their girlfriends while still keeping up the conversation as they continue watching me wank.

Suddenly one of the girls senses that something’s not right and looks round nearly catching me in the act, Tom smiles back and one of the men tries to rekindle the conversation, slowly she turns back. Tom kisses me and asks to go out to the car but I feel that there’s a bit more yet to come and open my legs further still. The conversation at the other table continues while I masturbate in front of the men, I catch a word or two and clearly hear the words pussy, wanking and outside as my fingers slip in deeper and deeper. Again only slowly this time the same girl turns round to face me, this time she smiles and looks deep into my eyes, slowly her legs begin to part and as her skirt rides up she places her hands in her lap. Once open she slips one hand underneath and smiles as the man closest reaches over and pulls back her clothing, her fingers are deep within her quim and framed by vibrant thick red pubic hair. Man number two comes over to our table and asks if we’d like to join them, it seems as if we’ve something in common!

Several more drinks and we are chatting about our lust for flashing in public, it seems that the men first met the girls three weeks ago in this same pub doing exactly what I was doing just minutes ago. The girls, Sharon and Julie, swing both ways and like their own company as well as men and so it ankara escort was Julie with her fingers inside Sharon that caught Jeff and Gill’s attention. The two men after chatting quickly took Sharon and Julie out into the back of the car park and shagged them over the fence before returning home and swapping with each other throughout the night. Tonight they were off to a secret little night club in the back streets of the village near by and asked if we would like to join them. I looked at Tom and with a little girl giggle said we’d love to! We went out to the car park and Jeff pointed out the infamous fence, Sharon giggled and lifted her short dress to reveal her pink satin knickers, she asked if he wanted to try it again but Gill said that we could try it later after the club. Luckily the two cars were parked very close together and so we began to climb in, Gill said that it would be better if Sharon went with Tom and I got in their car so that if we got split up Sharon could give Tom directions, a good idea but with ulterior motives I thought.

On the way the two boys had me sandwiched in the back between them while Julie drove, the scene was set and it wasn’t very long before hands began to slip down on to my knees and drift upwards towards my moist pussy. Gill’s hand was the first to reach its goal and carefully pulled my pussy lips to one side as Jeff’s fingers slipped inside, both men agreed that it was high time that they should sample my prick teasing cunt. When I didn’t offer any objections Jeff moved quickly down onto the floor and replaced his fingers with his mouth while Gill went to work freeing one of my breasts. During the ten minute car journey both my nipples were sucked and my clit was nibbled to the point were I nearby came but as my panting became heavier Julie told them to make me wait, it would make it even better inside the club.

As we arrived I quickly readjusted my clothing so that Tom wouldn’t know what had been going on and we all got out of the cars, Sharon asked Tom if he fancied it again and raised her dress only this time her bare beaver came into view; she’d removed her knickers while sat next to my husband. Tom looked sheepish as Sharon giggled and said that she hoped I’d enjoyed the ride as much as she had? Jeff and Gill pulled me towards the club doorway while Sharon and Julie grabbed Tom’s arms and led him in behind us. Tom said hello to the two doormen and we were allowed to enter quickly into a darkened room with a stage in the centre, we sat at one of the ring side tables as Gill went off to get in the drinks. I asked Tom if he’d touched Sharon in the car coming over and it was obvious by his expression that his fingers had been in her honey pot so I told him it was OK as I too had misbehaved, although I didn’t go into any details. Gill returned just as a compare came onto the stage, he welcomed everybody to club X, a club for flashers, voyeurs, exhibitionists and horny bastards; and then asked if they had any new members?

Jeff raised his hand and introduced himself, he pointed out Tom and I before explaining in graphic detail how we had met earlier, he told the club how I had been flashing before fingering myself in the pub and how I had continued even after their girlfriends had joined them. He went on to describe how they had run their hands up the inside of my thighs in the car and pulled my legs to one side without me protesting, and finally how they had sucked me close to an orgasm while Julie drove. Tom looked across in amazement as he listened, then Sharon told her story how she had asked him if he fancied fucking her and when he said yes she’d slipped her knickers off. She pulled up her dress and explained how she’d shaved her minge the night before and said how she took Tom’s hand and ran it over her smooth snatch before inserting two of his thick fingers inside, she said that she’d pumped them in and out coating them with her juices before removing them and offering them back to him to lick clean. It was my turn to look at him in amazement, neither of us had ever touched another since our wedding day. When they’d finished the compare asked for a round of applause and said that he hoped to see more of us later in the night!

Next on stage was a young girl dressed in nun’s habit and a very large black man as a construction worker, quickly he had her tied ankara escort bayan to a post and began taking off his clothes while she pleaded with him not to hurt her as she was a bride of Jesus and so still a virgin. He produced a knife and cut away the bottom half of her robes to reveal her M&S knickers before slowly cutting those away too, her neatly trimmed bush matched her red hair peeping out of her habit but the small tattoo on her thigh suggested she was not what she seemed. Next he made her kneel at his feet and suck his cock, a very impressive large black piece, just before she did so he asked for some help from the audience and with lightning speed Julie volunteered Tom. Shyly my husband went up onto the stage and stood behind her, with some small directions from the other man he slipped out of his trousers and took up a position behind her arse before slowly feeding his cock into her tight hole.

Tom looked back at me as if to ask permission to proceed, as I nodded back as Gill’s hand slipped to the inside of my left thigh, Tom began to fuck her with long deep strokes as Gill’s fingers eased their way past my panties and stroked my clit. Several minutes later I was losing track of the sex show on stage as Gill’s fingers, now deep inside my quim, moved me closer and closer to my next adulterous climax. I never did see Tom shoot his load into the nun as Julie and Sharon dragged me off to the side of the stage and through a side door into a room behind, here they pushed me down onto a sofa and ripped off my clothes, they asked if I liked seeing my husband fucking another woman, I’d obviously enjoyed Gill’s finger fuck! All I did was nod and open my legs to show them my engorged pussy lips as they oozed juices down the inside of my thighs, both girls laughed and said that they had better sort me out before the next part of the show. Again the next few minutes became a blur as the girls proceeded to lick and suck me to an almighty orgasm; my first lesbian encounter!

After they’d finished they took me back through to a costume department and helped me pick out a leather cat suit complete with hood, it wasn’t easy getting into it as my sweaty body clung to it and so plenty of body talc was called for, a job both girls seemed to like as they rubbed it in. Admiring myself in the mirror afterwards I could see the tight fitting suit pushing my body into all the right shapes, but more outstanding were the strategically placed zips. Both nipples had one, my mouth another and a long one ran from front to back up between my legs, all were obviously well placed for one reason. Next they gave me a whip and dressed them selves in similar leather corsets with thigh high boots and hoods like mine although their tits were left exposed. Sharon said that we were to be the next act, nobody especially Tom would be able to recognize us and that we could do whatever we wanted once out on stage, I was to let my imagination run riot and for fill all my fantasies. Inside my mask a smile formed.

First I sent out Sharon and Julie, I told them to select three men from the crowd and Tom was to be one of them, they were to put them to one side for now while the girls had a little love play ‘a la lesbos’. I came out onto the stage to see the three in the corner and the two girls in a sixty-nine on the floor lapping at each others cunts like a pair of kittens, with a crack of my whip I stung Sharon across her arse and told them to come and worship me, their queen. Quickly I was sat down on a chair and my thighs eased open, Sharon open the zip to my mouth and kissed me while Julie unzipped each breast and pulled out my tender nipples before planting a kiss on each. Next the three men were brought over and knelt at my feet, two were told to kiss and suck my toes while Tom was told to lick my pussy through the leather, not to open the zip!

Heat built up inside my suit and I could feel the juices of my aching cunt running down the inside of my thighs clamped around Tom’s head, it was time for me to have some cock. Julie pulled Tom off and pushed him away as she took his position, she pulled the zip down from my navel to reveal my dripping snatch but not my arse hole, she then slowly licked away the excess juices as the audience fell silent. One toe sucker was told to lie on his back with his pole sticking up in the air, the other escort ankara was told to stand behind me and hold open my cunt while I slowly squatted down on it, after a couple of inches I stopped and Tom was brought in front of me. Both girls began to pull and pinch my nipples as he fed his cock into my open mouth.

Slowly I eased further down onto the strangers cock as my unsuspecting husband received a blow job, I began to pump up and down holding onto his thighs as my head went backwards and forwards on his shaft while the cock inside my pussy twitched as I gripped it firmly. Just as all 8″ buried itself in my love tunnel Tom climaxed filling my mouth with warm salty sperm, he pulled out and Sharon kissed me sucking out his juices before turning to Julie and passing them on. Tom was then held back by the two girls as they kissed him passing his own juices back, yet another first! Finally I gave a couple of more pumps on the cock between my legs before leaning forwards to kiss him, but it wasn’t over yet! Julie moved round to the back of me and pushed the third man down onto his knees pointing at my arse, he soon got the idea and pulled the zip up from between my legs to expose my bum, taking a couple of fingers he spread some juice around my virginal hole.

His cock eased passed my sphincter muscles inch by inch until four inches was buried in my behind, I could feel the rubbing as the two cocks inside me were only separated by a thin wall of flesh, the urge was too great and so I began to push backwards. Up and down, backwards and forwards I went, in and out both cocks slid pressing against each other forcing all of me to stretch open, my pussy lips slid in and out with the pumping shaft as my arse gripped the other. Sharon reached down between our bodies and began to finger my clit as Julie unlaced the hood covering my face, as both men built up the speed I orgasmed and Julie ripped off my disguise exposing my face to my husband. Never before had I been unfaithful, never before had I fucked more than one man at a time, never had we had an audience and never had I been fucked up my arse: tonight we had broken new ground and I had a feeling this was only the beginning.

Tom was led back to his seat by Gill and I went off stage with the two girls too get undressed and washed. Inside the changing room however the girls had other plans and I was soon in the shower with both of them, only we weren’t washing. Sharon knelt in front of me and was lapping at my tender pussy as Julie went behind me and soaped up her fingers, she then went to work filling my now experienced arse hole. From somewhere a back scrubber was produced and the handle quickly thrust deep inside my snatch, Sharon continued licking and nibbling on my clit as Julie inserted yet another finger or two, finally Sharon lay back on the floor and pulled my head down between her open thighs. Both fingers and brush were removed as I licked her pussy tasting the sweet female juices, then suddenly a almighty pain shot through me as Julie whacked me across the bum with the brush.

The pain quickly died and a warm glow spread through my loins, I was enjoying it! Again and again she smacked me as Sharon held me firmly between her legs, my tongue kept on licking her pussy as once again that evening a climax shot through my stomach. Slowly we began to untangle ourselves and I heard a laugh coming from the far corner, it was Gill, he’d been watching all along! He said that it was obvious that I was a very sexy lady and that it was time for us all to go and finish of the night together back at his place, he then asked if I wanted Tom to come along as well or would I feel less embarrassed on my own? Without thinking I said alone.

After getting dressed we met at the exit door to the club, tom looked at me but didn’t say a word, Gill told him that they were going to take me back to his hotel and that he wasn’t invited he was to go home and wait for me, I would be home probably tomorrow some time, Tom just nodded turned round and left. We climbed into the car again only this time the girls got in the back with me, all the way back to Gills hotel my pussy was constantly fingered by them as they sucked my nipples. Inside going up in the lift Jeff put his hands under my dress and removed my soaking knickers before kneeling in front of me and putting one leg over his shoulder, he licked my pussy all around but avoided the clit so as not to make me come, finally outside the door of Gill’s room I was make to kneel down and give his cock a blow job, anybody could have come out into the corridor and caught us; perhaps that’s what made it so exciting.

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