A Warm Bath Sets the Mood


We sit in a warm bath, lavender bath salts bubbling around us. My back, my head lean against your chest while you rest your head on top of mine. I feel your fingers run up and down my arms, across my collar bone. I close my eyes and take in the sensation. I roll my head back, giving you the opportunity to lay gentle kisses along my neck. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed. There is something so very comforting about being nestled against you, your arms around me.

But the water is getting cold, and I’m feeling sleepy. So I get out, leaving you. Toweling off, I feel your eyes studying me. It makes me smile. After I’m dry, I slip into the bedroom and throw on a tank top and some pink, lacey underwear, and lay down under the covers. Sleep quickly takes over. I can’t help but to close my eyes and let my mind drift off into nothing, scattered sexual thoughts of you as I do.

I feel a hand against the back of my neck, gently rubbing. Another hand cupping my ass, a little less gentle. It feels heavenly, perhaps I am dreaming. But as you slip a finger into me, I realize I am far from dreaming. My breath hitches and you plunge your finger deep into me. I’m so wet, dripping with desire for you. I turn over, so I kuşadası escort can look at you standing over me. You tower over me, dark and sexy, lust filled eyes. You begin your assault with your hand. At the same time, you climb over me, straddling me. I can feel your length against my leg. Despite how badly I want that, you continue with your hand in me. Deep and fast, making me arch my back. I feel you putting so much pressure against me with your hand. I may as well be putty for you.

I feel my release building, quickly. You begin circling your hand, bringing me right to the edge. And just as I am right there, you crash your mouth onto mine, owning me. I let put a deep moan into your mouth as my finger tips dig into your back. Wave after wave rush over me. I can barely move, can’t catch my breath. As you break our kiss, you look down at me, smiling that devilish grin of yours. As you back away a bit, my reach my hand up, grabbing the back of your neck, pulling you down into another deep kiss. I love the softness of your mouth against mine. But I’m hungry, very hungry for you.

I sit up to face you. Quickly, I push you into a sitting position, your cock eager and ready for me. I lay down, nestled between your legs, and slowly wrap my mouth around you. My mouth is wet and warm against you. I feel your body spasm for a second at first, but then relax as I move my mouth up and down, letting my spit drip down around you, the perfect lubrication for my hand. So I wrap my hand around you and move it up and down, in sync with my mouth. My tongue quickly runs your length, my lips stretched around you. I feel you so deep in my mouth, touching my throat. I gag a little, covering you in my warm saliva as I do.

You reach your arms down to me, placing one on the best of my neck. I can still smell the lavender from the bath on you. I feel you place your feet on my butt, effectively holding me down, in place. Then you lift your hips slightly, thrusting into my mouth. Reactively, I pull back, but your hand on my neck keeps my head, my mouth in place. Your deepness is too much for me. I start to gag, repeatedly. But you don’t stop. It’s so wet, moisture running down my chin, dripping onto you. My eyes start to water, letting tears fall down my face. You continue, just pushing yourself deeper and deeper into my mouth, down my throat.

Then, suddenly, you push me off of you, off of the bed. You are quickly and behind me. A hand around my waist, a hand on my back, and you push me down onto my hands and knees. I feel you kneeling behind me, your rock hard dick pressed against my ass. It’s enough to make me forget to breathe for a second. In a sudden motion, I feel you enter me. The sensation resonates through my body. I arch my back. You use this as an opportunity to grab my hair, pulling my head up. I let out a an airy gasp, cursing under my breath.

I feel your free hand digging deep into the softness of my hip. I love how your hands feel on me. And you continue to pump in and out of me. So deep, so fast. Every time you reach the deepest part, my breath hitches. I feel your grip around my hip loosen, and then a sharp pain against my ass. And again. Your hand feels so good, spanking me. The pain adds to the intensity.

I feel myself nearing orgasm again. And then you reach your hand around, touching just the right spot as you continue to push deep inside me. I crash over the edge. I spasm around you as you near your release. You lean over me, your chest pressing against my back. You lean into my ear, tell me how incredible I feel. And as you do, I feel you explode into me, your warmth coating my inside. We both collapse to the floor, you onto top of me, your weight pinning me to the floor. I never want to move from this.

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