My Wife – A Black Gang Toy Ch. 23


Pat and Steve: More early days

Primary Players:

• Pat – Steve’s wife is a twenty-four-year-old, five-foot-eight-inch bundle of energy weighing around one hundred twenty-five pounds. She is shapely with a small waist, rounded hips, and an ass to die for. Her magnificent tits are thirty-six inches and a full “C” cup. Her thighs are full and well curved with calves that are nicely shaped. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Maybe the sexiest thing about her is her pussy which is covered with a thin blond bush. Pat is a teacher at a local junior college.

• Steve – Pat’s twenty-six-year-old husband, Steve, is a Civil Engineer employed by the local county Planning Department. Checking in at five feet eleven inches with brown hair and blue eyes, Steve is considered attractive. He weighs in at a neat one hundred ninety pounds.


Steve was watching a college football game when Pat came into the room with the mail. He could see right away that she was excited about something. “What’s up honey?”, he inquired.

“It finally came!”, she exclaimed.

Shaking his head in exasperation he smiled at his wife and innocently inquired, “Exactly what came sweetheart?”

“Oh Steve,” she fussed. “You know that I’ve been looking for an invitation to the President’s house for his party. Not everyone on the faculty gets invited. I’m just a new associate so I didn’t expect to be invited.”

“I never had any doubts, honey,” Steve said. “You are the most desirable female on the entire faculty and the President is a dirty old man. Of course, he’s going to invite you. Did I get an invitation too?”

“Of course. It’s a couple’s event. Now I’m going to have to get a new dress this week because the party is Saturday night.”

“New dress!”, Steve exclaimed. “We’re new here in the city. No one has seen any of the dresses that you have and you’ve got a closet full. I don’t see why you can’t wear one of the dresses that you have.”

“Honey I just wouldn’t feel right in one of my old dresses. Besides, it’s early yet today. You could take me to the mall after lunch couldn’t you?”, she said giving him her most winning smile.

Knowing when to agree with your wife is a sign of a good husband, so Steve nodded his assent with a smile.

At the mall, sometime later, “Come on honey. We must have been to every store in the place by now. Can’t we just go home? I’m sure that you can find something in your closet. For criminy sake. It’s just dinner at the President’s house.”

“Just? Did you say just? I’ve never met the man who is my ultimate boss and I’ve only been on the job for a few months. Don’t you want me to make a good impression?”

“Of course I want you to make a good impression. You’re beautiful and smart. How could he possibly not be impressed?”

“Oh look. Here’s a new store. We haven’t ever been in here. Come on Steve, work with me here.”

“Okay, okay. but remember, you promised to make it worth my while to come down here with you, ” Steve said while giving Pat his most leering smile.

The third dress Pat found was a black sheath. It fit her like a glove. The front of the dress dipped down to a point almost in the middle of her chest. Black lace spanned the deep vee and held the sides of the dress together. She knew that she would have to wear the dress without a bra because the “V” dipped so deep that if she wore a bra you would be able to see it.

Pat looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. This dress would do nicely and it looked as if it was made for her. She was so satisfied that she decided to show it to Steve. If he approved she might even give him his payoff here. Looking around, she decided that there was plenty of room for both of them in the dressing room.

Pulling the dressing room curtain aside, Pat motioned for Steve to join her.

Steve immediately noticed the generous amount of cleavage exposed by the deep “V” in the front of the dress. The top of the dress was supported by two spaghetti string straps and clung to her figure before it flared out at the waist and dropped to about mid-thigh showing off her well-shaped legs. Looking at his wife, Steve said, “Well that dress ought to capture everyone’s attention. I know you want to impress your new boss but are you sure you won’t be giving off the wrong vibes? It certainly doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

When he reached forward to pull the price tag out where he could see it he gasped. “Holy shit! Couldn’t you find something more expensive?”

“Sweetheart,” Pat cooed. “I look good in this dress and first impressions are so important. I said that I’d make it worth your while,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of her husband.

Steve looked down at his lovely wife as she reached for the zipper. He watched as she slowly lowered the zipper continuing to smile up at him the whole time.

With the zipper Sex Hikayeleri down, she reached into his pants searching for his rapidly hardening dick. “Ohhh.” She said. “You went commando this morning. How convenient.” She grasped his dick firmly and pulled it out into the open.

Steve sighed as he watched his wife’s soft red lips engulf the head and then slide down the length of his shaft, taking him deeply into her mouth. He let out a moan as indescribable sensations rocked his senses. The situation was so erotic that he knew it would only be a moment before he came.

He was shocked back into reality as the curtain to the changing room jerked back violently. His eyes popped open wide to see a male sales clerk staring down at Pat’s head as it bobbed back and forth on his dick.

“What are you doing?.” the startled salesman blurted out. “Oh my. I’ve got to call security.”

Before the man could pull back Steve’s hand shot out grabbing the front of his shirt and tie. Without thinking, Steve pulled the man into the changing room with them as Pat continued to work her magic on his dick. “You can’t call security,” he gasped as he shot his load into Pat’s warm moist mouth.

The startled salesman began to struggle and then he suddenly stood stock still as he felt the zipper of his pants sliding down. “Oh shit,” he said as he turned to reach back to slide the curtain of the dressing room closed.

Now it was even more cramped in the dressing room than it had been with only the two of them. Once Steve realized that the man was no longer going to bolt, he reached down to replace his now flaccid dick into his trousers and zip up. With that little detail taken care of, he looked down and watched as Pat’s talented mouth slid back and forth along the shaft of the now immobilized salesman’s dick.

Steve always enjoyed watching his wife working on another man’s dick but this time he wished Pat would hurry up before they got caught. In answer to his prayer, the man in front of him began to convulse as he shot his load into Pat’s hungry mouth.

The man looked at Steve, panic on his face. He said, “You’ve got to get out of here,” as he struggled to stuff his dick back into his pants and zip up.

Feeling some sense of urgency himself, Steve pulled the price tag off of the dress and handed it to the man. “Let’s go ring this up while my wife changes clothes.”

Later, as they drove home. Steve told Pat, “I’ve never bought clothes that way before. When he pulled that curtain aside all I could think of to do was to pull him inside with us. I’m surprised I was even able to think of that since I was just starting to cum in your mouth.”

Pat couldn’t help herself as she let out a chuckle. “Well, you delayed him long enough for me to get his fly open and once I had his cock out he wasn’t going anywhere. It was quite a turn-on sucking a strange cock with you standing right there like that.”

“When I found you had gone commando it made me think about the President’s Party.”

“The party? How in the hell did that make you think about the party?”

Steve was speechless when she said, “I think I’ll go to the party that way”

“What way?”

“Commando! Sans underwear. You never know what might happen? I can’t wear a bra because it would show through in front and back so I may as well leave my panties home too,” she said with a huge smile.

Saturday evening Steve and Pat arrived at the President’s home a little after eight P.M. Not early and only slightly fashionably late.

The door was answered by a svelte woman who looked to be in her mid-fifties who immediately invited them inside. Once inside, Pat introduced herself to the lady who turned out to be the President’s wife, Ellen.

Ellen took their coats and then led them into the graciously furnished living area of the home where a bar and buffet had been set up. After making sure that they had drinks she apologized for leaving them on their own as she hustled to answer the door again.

Steve and Pat took their drinks over to the buffet and sampled a few of the items there and then they began to circulate. Steve was introduced to the faculty members that Pat knew and in the process, they were introduced to others.

About an hour later they found themselves being led over to where the President was holding court sitting in a deep leather armchair. When Steve was introduced he was forced to lean over to shake the proferred hand.

Pat watched what was happening and quickly realized that the old goat was going to be able to get a pretty decent look down the front of her dress when she shook his hand. “What the hell?'” she thought. “Why not?” When she was offered his hand she leaned forward a bit farther than necessary. At the same time, she scrunched her shoulders together giving him a completely unobstructed look at her braless tits.

He surprised her by pulling her even closer and speaking directly into her ear so no one else could hear what he was Erotik Hikayeler saying. “It’s so good to meet you, Pat. I apologize for not making sure that we met sooner. Based on what I see it looks like you have a promising future here on our team. I’m hoping that we will have a chance for a more intimate conversation later.” With that, he released her hand and resumed his conversation with the person sitting next to him.

As they walked away Steve looked at his wife quizzically. “What was that all about?”

Pat shook her head, “I’m not sure. It sounded like he was propositioning me. He was looking down the front of my dress and I know he could see my tits. He said that he liked what he saw and hoped that we could have a more intimate conversation later.”

About half an hour later Pat was beginning to feel the effect of the alcohol on both her libido and her bladder. She and Steve found Ellen and inquired about a bathroom. Following Ellen’s instructions they found a rather large bathroom down the hall on the left exactly where Ellen said it would be.

Pat went in, closing the door behind her. She never even gave locking the door a second thought since she knew that Steve would prevent anyone from entering.

A few moments later Steve noticed the President coming his way down the hall. “Where’s your lovely wife?” he asked.

“She just went into the restroom,” Steve answered. She should be out in just a moment.”

Steve was shocked when the President reached for the doorknob saying, “I’ve got to go and besides, I wanted to talk to her privately. Please make sure that no one interrupts us.”

Steve simply stared speechless at the man’s back as he entered the bathroom and closed the door. Steve heard the snap of the lock. He knew that his wife could take care of herself and did not want to take the chance of messing things up at her new job so he decided to do as he had been instructed.

Pat had just finished peeing when she turned to see the President coming into the room behind her. She stepped to the mirror and touched up her lipstick, turning towards him with a smile. “I was just finishing up. I’ll just get out of your way sir.” She turned toward the door but he remained there blocking her way.

She stood her ground as he stepped forward and placed his hands on her hips. “I don’t think you should be doing that,” she said.

He smiled and pulled her crotch firmly against his and wrapped his arms around her in an intimate hug. She could already feel his hardening cock as it pressed against her. Before she had time to even think he pressed his lips to hers and forced his tongue between her lips. His hands ran up and down her back until he was finally cupping her ass as he began grinding his cock against her body.

He finally removed his mouth from hers and smiled. “When you let me see your tits I just knew that we were going to get along famously. As long as you’re willing to work with me you could have a very rewarding tenure here.”

Pat contemplated for a few moments and then, looking him directly in the eyes asked, “Do I have a choice?”

His response was immediate and to the point. “Of course, you have a choice. I don’t believe that it would be proper for me to force myself on you. Unfortunately, it would then be necessary for me to terminate you within the week but the choice is yours,” he said as he stepped back from her. He looked at her for a few moments longer and when she didn’t reply he reached forward and placed his hands on her breasts.

When Pat made no move to stop him he knew that he had won. At first, he just felt her tits and then he cupped them as if weighing each one. Finally, he found her nipples and began to rub and pinch them between his thumb and forefinger. “We’re going to have a really good time together. You are such a lovely woman and I can’t wait to see those tits.

Pat remained still as he reached up and removed the strap of her dress from her left shoulder. The front of the dress fell forward but not far enough to let him see anything. Then he removed the other strap. Now the front of her dress was being held in place by her pointy nipples and she knew that they would be completely exposed in just another moment.

With great anticipation, he pulled the front of her dress down and stood transfixed as Pat stood there and let him look. He thought out loud, “I’m an older man and I have seen my share of tits but these have to be the most gorgeous tits that I have ever seen.”

Her breasts were full but firm, there wasn’t any sag at all. Her skin was milky white and free of blemishes. The top of her breasts sloped down and were topped with dark brown nipples. Although he had heard the term “puffy” used to describe a woman’s nipples he had never seen any before. Pat’s nipples certainly met that criterion because they stood out like a cone, clear of her breasts as if they had been applied as an afterthought. Her nipples stood proud of her breasts and were almost two Tecavüz Hikayeleri inches long.

Pat watched as he reached for her once again. She almost moaned when his hands closed over her breasts pinching and twisting her nipples. The feeling was exquisite and only magnified knowing that she was standing in the bathroom at her employer’s home and allowing him to fondle her.

Finally, he released her now somewhat sore nipples and stepped back. “Well, now it’s good to see that we have reached an understanding Pat. As long as you continue to work with me you can expect to receive glowing employee reports and generous raises. But you need to know that it’s not going to be limited to my coping a feel once in a while.”

“Now that I know that you came to my party braless I’m wondering if you’re wearing panties and I intend to find out only this time you are going to do the work. If you agree to my terms and conditions I want you to lift your skirt and show me whether you’re wearing panties or not and be quick about it before someone other than your husband notices that we are missing.”

Pat only took a moment to consider and then she reached down and grasped her skirt. Completely enjoying herself now she raised it as slowly as she could. It didn’t take long since the skirt only reached down to mid-thigh anyway.

He watched with hungry eyes as more and more of those creamy white thighs came into view. Amazed by his good luck this evening he drank it all in as the bottom of the dress approached her crotch. Slowly her pussy lips came into view and he realized that she was unshaven yet he could see through her thin blond snatch easily.

Finally, when the bottom of the dress rose to her waist she simply stood there as his eyes ate her alive. “Beautiful,” he exclaimed. Reaching into his pocket he took out his cell phone and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind. I don’t want to have to rely on my memory later and besides, this will provide a little insurance for me should you change your mind and try to blame me.”

Pat hadn’t anticipated this development but she was too far in to back out now so she smiled and let him take his photos. Although she was a little shocked by his next demand she followed his instructions and spread her legs apart and then pulled her pussy lips wide open for his pictures.

Pat knew what was coming next when he told her to turn around and bend over the toilet with her legs spread and her skirt at her waist. She sensed him taking more photos of her completely exposed privates and then she heard the zipper being lowered.

A moment later she felt his cock being pushed between the lips of her pussy. She knew that her sex was ready and already wet and he took advantage of that rubbing the head of his cock in her juices. First, she felt the head enter her and then she couldn’t help the grunt that escaped her lips as he shoved himself the rest of the way into her with one thrust.

She knew that he wouldn’t be able to last long as he began pounding his dick into her at a furious rate. It was only a moment later when he slammed into her and held his dick buried deep inside her sex. An instant later she felt the first burst of his hot creamy cum as it was pumped into her. He pulled back and slammed into her a few more times, each time shooting another load into her, and then he almost collapsed.

As she felt his now limp cock slither from between the lips of her pussy she started to rise but quickly felt his hand on her back holding her in place. “You need to stay like that for a while longer. I have some friends of mine that I want to have a chance to welcome you also. I’m not sure how many it might be. Your husband is waiting outside so I’ll have the last man let him know that we’re done when he leaves.”

“Oh by the way. I want you to stay here because there isn’t a mirror above the toilet like there is above the vanity. This way you won’t know which of your co-workers have sampled your lovely body and you’ll always be left wondering. Have fun.”

She heard the door open and close and resisted the urge to stand up and get out of there.

In the hall, Steve was leaning against the wall as the President came out of the restroom and walked up to him saying, “Your wife and I are done for the moment but I think that it would be in her best interests if a few of my colleagues had a few moments with her to go through some details of her employment. I’m sure that you understand.”

“Don’t let anyone in unless they indicate that I have sent them.”

Steve just stood there dumbfounded as he watched the man walk down the hall. He wasn’t sure but it seemed as if there was a bounce in his gait that hadn’t been there before.

In a few minutes, Steve looked up as a thin young man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties came down the hall. His hair was disheveled and he wore frameless spectacles. He didn’t look too sure of himself as he came down the hall and walked up to Steve. He looked around furtively and then quietly said, “The President sent me.”

When Steve said nothing the man turned and opened the bathroom door. Before the door closed Steve looked inside and caught a glimpse of his wife’s bare ass as she leaned over the toilet. He was pretty sure that she was enjoying herself.

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