The Sales Lady Ch. 10

69 Position

The warm water cascading down her naked body was so soothing. Her life had completely turned upside down from that fateful day a week ago. Would she be here in his shower if she hadn’t shown her bare breasts to him? Did she wish she hadn’t shown him her breasts? She quickly dismissed that thought, as her life had changed dramatically since she had done that.

She went from being a meek, 50+ widow whose outlook on life had been pretty bleak since the unexpected death of her late husband of 30+ years. She had started working for Allure Cosmetic Company to get her out of the house doing something on her own, for herself. Never in her life would she had expected this to happen. Standing in a client’s shower naked rinsing off the sex that she had just had with him not once, not twice, but more times than she wanted to count in the last 30+ hours. Not to mention his being half her age and they’ve both have professed in so many different ways their love for each other.

That was probably the hardest part of this. She was in love with a man half her age. What am I thinking? What kind of future could they have together? She was too old to have his kids and if that was even an option she would be incapable of becoming pregnant. This was due to a cancer scare she had when she was 40. Spots on her ovaries were detected in her annual pelvic exam which lead to the decision to have her ovaries removed. Luckily the spots were benign and she was able to move on with her life cancer-free. Who knew that but for that fact she had that procedure done she probably wouldn’t have been having unprotected sex like she was. The fear or possibility of becoming pregnant would be there due to the amount of Jason’s fertile seed that had been flooding into her womb.

But, reality kept telling her that eventually, this would all come to an end. One of them would finally come to the conclusion that the age difference would just be too much to overcome. She knew she needed to be that person, being the older, mature person in this relationship. But she couldn’t. The way he makes her feel mentally and physically was just too much. Mentally she had never in her life felt more confident in herself than she did right now.

Physically? Oh my physically. Her body. Between her legs she felt like a jackhammer had been in her for days. Although she was sore, she wouldn’t change a thing or would deny him in any way. In fact, just thinking about was making her become aroused which was oddly painful erotic to her.

Erotic, a word she would have never even considered in her sexual vocabulary before now. But erotic clearly described what she had become in her mind. She’d given him oral sex in his parking garage for god’s sake. What was I thinking? She kept saying to herself even while she was doing it. But she would do it again in a heartbeat if he asked. Or, more important, if she wanted to! Hell, if he walked in right now she would probably drop to her knees sucking his cock until she had him rock hard then beg him to fuck her hard as he pressed her up against the shower wall.

She started unconsciously touching herself. First rubbing her breasts that she grudgingly had shown to him which started all of this. She was thinking how she loved how he admired them. How the feel of his touching them made her feel. Rubbing and pulling on her nipples as Jason does. Then there was an ache between her legs, causing her to move a hand down to stroke and finger her clit and then dive deep inside herself. “Fuck”, she moaned to herself. The word fuck, she rarely ever used and never during sex. But now it just felt erotic and kinky to say it. Not that Jason said it either. It just felt erotically empowering for her to say it now and especially when Jason was inside her as her dirty talk really turned him on more. If that was even possible, he was such a sexual dynamo and she loved it and him even more!

With 2 fingers buried deep inside herself and fingers on her other hand frantically rubbing her clit, Janice didn’t last long. Screaming as quietly as she could so as not to wake Jason. But scream she did. Her climax was so intense that her legs became weak. Thankfully there was the shower bench that she unceremoniously plopped herself down on. Her arms having to brace herself against the shower walls to steady herself as she started to regain control from her orgasm. She took the fingers that had been previously buried inside herself and put them in her mouth. She immediately recognized the taste of Jason’s sperm that was mixed in with her own juices. Mmmm, she moaned as she so enjoyed his taste.

Relaxing on the bench she thought how Jason was right, he does have seemingly endless hot water. If she was at home, she’d surely be running out by now.

Thinking of Jason, she was reminded that she needed to get out and start preparing dinner. As she needed about an hour to prep and have it all cooked. That should be long enough for him to have a nice nap.

Quickly washing all the needed spots, she rinsed off turning the water off. Janice escort gaziantep ilanları grabbed a towel off the shelf realizing there were only two left. After drying off, she wrapped the towel around her wet hair. She then gathered up all the used towels in the bathroom and the one or two on the bedroom floor. Jason was still snoring lightly, which made her feel good that she hadn’t disturbed him while taking her shower.

With only a towel wrapped around her head, she carried the soiled towels to the laundry room that was the kitchen. She gave her hair a quick rub with the towel before throwing it in with the others, adding the detergent and turning on the washeron. 45 minutes to wash.

She walked back into the bathroom now totally naked, feeling really sexy and chuckling about it. She brushed out her hair that was nearly dry, put on a pair of panties and ankle socks she had brought over and finally the t-shirt of Jason’s she had already worn. Taking a quick look in the mirror, she remembered her promise that she would buy all new clothes to leave here.

In the kitchen, she was going to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, sautéed Green Beans with Onions and Bacon pieces, and a small Spring Salad. She knew her cooking skills were good but not great. She was no Martha Stewart. John always thought she did Chicken Cordon Bleu really well, so she hoped Jason would think so too. She soon had the 4 pieces of chicken prepared and in the oven to cook which would require 40-45 minutes to cook. The beans and salad will take about 10 minutes to fix. In between that time she got more accustomed to where things were in his kitchen while taking note of what all she found and didn’t find that she might need in the future. She also went through his pantry which was pitifully empty. Making note of that as well for future trips to the grocery store. She was going to have fun playing house with him for as long as he would let her. She then grabbed all the dinnerware they would need and placed them on the table.

She looked in the refrigerator to see what all he had to drink. She found plenty of options: Iced Tea, Bottled Water, and Milk. Oh, wait what’s the date on that, oh my, she read it expired over 2 weeks ago. That’s no longer an option, as she took it out and poured what was left down the drain, making a note to remind him of that. Nevertheless, there were plenty of options to drink with dinner including Lambrusco if he wanted. She would pass on it as she didn’t want anything to lower her inhibitions as they were already exceedingly low when it came to Jason.

She pulled her smartphone out of her purse and started a list of items she would need to get. Tomorrow’s schedule was open. Panties, bras, socks, and clothes.

Clothes. She hated shopping by herself for herself. No way was she going to put Jason through that but she knew she could talk her daughter Amanda into going with her. Amanda loved to shop and always had a good eye for clothes for her mother. The only thing was she would not be available until the next weekend, working as a schoolteacher during the week. So clothes that she would keep here will just have to wait until then. The plan was for her to just stay here on the weekends anyway so that should be fine.

The timer went off on the oven she had set for 30 minutes, she went into the kitchen, turning the timer off as she checked the progress on the main course. It was looking good just as she had planned. Time to wake up Jason, she thought just before she went to wake him she stepped into the washroom to check on the towels, they had 5 minutes to go. So wake up Jason, get him up and going, then come move the towels over to the dryer getting them drying and then start on the rest of the meal. It was all coming back to her how she used to juggle all her house chores back in the day.

“Baby”, she said, softly in his ear. “It’s time to wake up. Dinner’s nearly ready!”

“Mmmmm, dinner,” he moaned, waking up. “I need to get up and fix you dinner. You must be starving. I shouldn’t have slept so long.”

“Jason, honey, I’m cooking dinner and it’s nearly ready. You have 10 minutes to get ready, okay?”

She noticed he was nude and his cock, his wonderful cock, was semi-erect. She reached out and touched it softly with her hand. “10 minutes so hurry up, Mister. And put some on some clothes or dinner is going to burn!”

She tried to refocus on cooking as she heard the shower. She’d much rather join him in the shower and have her way with him. After heating up the frying pan she tossed in the frozen green beans and a little onion she had chopped. Put the Spring Salad into two salad bowls, pour a little balsamic vinaigrette and a toss before depositing on the dinner table. A little more attention to the green beans. Checked the chicken, it was ready. Set it out on the counter to cool.

“Mmmmm, I don’t know what you’re cooking but it smells wonderful,” Jason stepped up behind her and kissed her on the cheek.

“It’s escort kadın gaziantep nearly ready, would you be a dear and get us something to drink? I’ll have whatever you’re having as well as long as it’s not alcohol.”

“Iced Tea good with you?”

“Perfect, I was thinking the same thing,” Janice grabbed the bacon pieces tossing them in the green beans giving the pan a good toss.

“Wow, you’re pretty good at that,” Jason told her as he was just finishing pouring their drinks.

“I’m glad you’re so easily impressed. Please hold your judgment until you’ve tried it first. Set those on the table”, meaning glasses of ice tea,” and bring in the plates”

“Yes Ma’am,” Jason quickly did as he was told.

“Do you want 1 or 2 of these, pointing to the chicken?”

“One please.”

“Green beans? Please tell me you like green beans?” She asked now concerned he might not like vegetables.

“Yes, please. They look wonderful. I can’t wait to try it all,” Jason told her with a very hungry look on his face.

Jason held out her plate as well for her to fill it with food as well, then carried it to the table placing them down. He then pulled out her chair for her to seat down.

“Oh aren’t you the gentlemen,” Janice said amused with his courtesy.

“Only the best for my Lady,” as leaned down kissing her again on the cheek.

Janice could smell the cologne that she had suggested. She told him, “You smell good. Some smart lady really knew what she was doing when she picked that out for you.”

“Yes, I know and I’m trying to show her how much I appreciate her knocking on my door every chance I get.” As he looked into her eyes.

“Quick, take a bite of your food and let me know what you think?” She asked him with a twinkle in her eye. What she really wanted to do was jump his bones.

“Oh wow, this is incredible,” after a bite of chicken. He quickly cut another and put it in his mouth. Covering his mouth with his hand he said, “Hot, but really good, I can’t wait to try the green beans. I’ve never had them cooked like this before.”

His eyes widen, “MMMM, they are far better than I’ve ever had out of the can.”

Pleased that she fixed him a meal that he really liked made Janice feel even more confident in who she was. She sat and just watched him eat his food, not even touching hers.

Jason noticed she wasn’t eating realizing she was watching him eat. “What’s the matter?” he asked her, wondering if he was being impolite.

“Nothing, I’m just enjoying watching you eat. It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked a meal for someone other than family. It’s just nice being appreciated,” she said as tears of joy were forming in the corner of her eyes.

“Oh Baby, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry,” Jason said, with true concern for her.

“I’m not sad, I’m just really happy right now, and you have made me incredibly happy this weekend in more ways than you will ever know.” She then dabbed her eyes with the napkin and began eating her meal.

“What time do you get up in the morning to get ready for work?”

“My alarm goes off at 5 am and I’m usually out of the garage by 6 am.”

“Do you fix yourself a breakfast or a lunch?”

“I usually get something on the way for breakfast. For lunch, I’ll either go get something or get something off of the lunch truck that comes around the site. I was thinking about taking one of the leftover chicken breasts and some more salad if we have any left.”

“Really? You like it that much?” Janice was excited that he liked her cooking.

“Yes, I really like it, I’ve had green beans like that in restaurants on occasion but not home-cooked. When I saw you were cooking them I must admit I was a little apprehensive, as I’m not a huge fan of vegetables. But these I could eat all the time.” As he put the last bit in his mouth.

“If you will promise me to try more vegetables I think you will be surprised that you like them maybe just not the way you were used to having them cooked.”

“I promise you, I’ll try anything you fix for me.”

“Ok, do you want both pieces of the chicken?”

“No, just the one, please. I plan on having the other tomorrow night unless you want it now?”

“No I’m stuffed,” she said, as she still had little left on her plate.

“I’ll get up in the morning when you do and I’ll fix you another omelet liked I fixed you this morning. If that’s ok?”

“That’s will be perfect, but you don’t have to do that. Why don’t you stay in bed and sleep?” Jason asked.

“I have things to do as well, so I want to take care of you in the morning, okay?” She said, with puppy dog eyes.

“Okay. That means a lot to me that you will do that for me. Are you going shopping tomorrow for things to keep here?”

“Yes, that’s why I was asking about your schedule.”

Interrupted by the faint sound of a buzzer going off, “Oh, that must be the towels in the dryer,” Janice said, getting up to go check on them.

“When escort gaziantep kızlar did you wash towels, Babe?”

“While you were taking nap I took a nice hot shower and noticed that we’ve been going through towels at a rather alarming rate. I hope you don’t mind that I did that?” checking in the dryer to see if they were dry.

Jason had followed her into the kitchen carrying his dirty dishes. “Thank you but you didn’t have to do that. Please leave them in there and I’ll get them later.”

“Do you have anything else you need washing? I know I’ve kept you pretty occupied this weekend.” She said, grinning. He cleaned his dishes in the sink and then placed them in the dishwasher.

“Not really. I take my shirts and pants to the dry cleaners. Everything else I wash myself. I did forget to pick them up yesterday though. I guess my day went far better than expected.” He said, returning her grin with a big smile. “I’ll try and pick them up sometime tomorrow if I get a chance.” He went to the table to grab her plate and salad bowl, are you finished?” He said, looking at her.

“God, yes I couldn’t eat another bite.” She was now taking care of the chicken, putting them in separate containers, then fixing another container for a salad with a separate smaller one for the dressing and placing them all in the refrigerator.

“Are you sure?” He asked her, as she had just a few bites left of the chicken & green beans.

“I’m sure,” she said as she continued cleaning up the kitchen with him.

Jason quickly ate what was left on her plate saying, “This is just too good waste!” With that, he quickly cleaned her plate and put it in the dishwasher.

Watching him clean her plate, made her feel really good about what she fixed him to eat. “While I’m doing my shopping tomorrow would you like me to stop by the dry cleaners and pick up your clothes? I won’t mind as I was planning on bringing them here and washing so that they will always be here as you asked.”

“I guess if you’re coming back here that would be helpful to me and would make a lot of sense,” Jason said to her, pleased that she was willing to do errands for him. Come let’s set down and relax on the couch. He grabbed her hand leading her to the couch where they snuggled up together.

“Is there anything special I should look at when buying clothes?” She asked with a wicked smile.

“Oh wow, I don’t know,” he said turning bright red.

“Come on there must be something you would like me to get other than just panties and bras?” She asked, wanting him to tell her something.

“I don’t know, to be honest, I haven’t even thought about it. When you wear my shirts I can’t think of anything sexier you could wear. Especially my dress shirt that was soooo hot!” Jason told her as he was starting to get aroused just thinking about it again.

“Would you like me to put it back on?” She asked, seductively.

“Would you?

“Anything for you my love,” she jumped up and started heading towards their bedroom.

“Oh and the pink shoes, too!”

“Serious”, she said, as she peaked back around the door. “Ok, give me a minute”

Janice quickly took off the t-shirt she was wearing but left the panties on and still no bra. She hung it back on the hanger and then took the dress shirt from the hanger buttoning all but the top 3 buttons. She pulled off her ankle socks and stepped into her pink converse shoes, loosely tying them. Checking herself in the full-length mirror on the closet door, she thought she did look pretty hot, pink shoes and all.

Wanting to tease him, when she came back into the living room instead of walking straight back to the couch. She walked over to where her notebook was still on the floor from the day before. With her back to him, she bent over, legs straight, making the back of the shirt expose more of the back of her legs. All the while she was telling him she needed to go through the catalog to get the things she would need here that he wanted her to get as well. She was really making a show of it too. She kept swaying her ass just slightly making sure his eyes were where she wanted them to be. After teasing for what she thought was long enough she came back to the couch but not seating down next to him but nearly on the other end of the couch. She placed one leg under her as she sat down almost facing him sure the bottom of the shirt was pulled up just enough to show the maximum amount of leg, maybe a little of her panty and just a glance of her breasts from the gap up top

“Now tell me what all you want me to get?” As she started looking at her order tablet so that she could check them off. All the while knowing she was driving him crazy. She looked up at him as he still hadn’t said anything. “What’s the matter, you seem a little distracted.” Jason still hadn’t said anything as he just stared at her with such an adorable look she thought.

“Jason honey, what do you want me to get?”

“Uhmmmm, I guess all the things you will need for the bathroom and makeup and…” No matter how hard he was trying to concentrate on what he wanted her to get the blood from his big brain was quickly draining down to his other head down below.

“Honey, I’m going to need you to focus and be a little more specific.” All the while she knew what he meant and that she was just being cruel now as she brushed off some imaginary object off her very exposed upper thigh.

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