No Place to Run

Big Dicks

I wondered what to do now. My ex had, yet again, moved into my town. And it wasn’t like she was trying to keep it a secret. She openly admitted that she would never stop trying to win me back.

Oh, sure, there was that restraining order. She couldn’t be within 500 feet of me. But that obviously didn’t apply to public places. If we encountered each other in the grocery store or the public park, no court in the world was going to punish her. She had every right to go shopping or to walk in the town park.

There was also the fact that I hadn’t replaced her. You would think that I would be able to find a woman to date. I had an excellent job as a programmer, kept myself in decent shape, and was only 35 years old. The truth is, maybe I didn’t want to replace her. After all, she had broken up with me. That was 8 years ago, when she came home wigged out on drugs after a wild bachelorette party (her bestie was getting married) and announced that she was kicking me out of her life. When she came down from the drugs, and realized what she had done, she had immediate regret.

And she was a good catch. She hadn’t touched drugs or alcohol since that day, and had a stable job as an accounting assistant for the university. She was thick and curvy without being morbidly obese, and well-muscled. Perhaps I was still carrying the torch for her. I had gotten the restraining order years ago when she had been particularly stalkerish, and had it renewed as a matter of course, but honestly, she didn’t seem like a threat. And… what do you know, there she was, sitting on a bench in the park.

I walked over and sat next to her.

“Hello, Travis.”

“Hello, Enid.”

“I’m not sure if I’m ready to take you back. You really hurt me. But I suspect it was the drugs talking.”

“It was. I wish I had never said those words to you.”

“You know, I `moved’ from Gresham to Gladstone to Tigard to Beaverton. Probably because I didn’t *really* want to shake loose from you.”

“Maybe we should talk with someone.”

The tall woman suddenly loomed over us. She held out two business cards. MISS ALEXANDRA, read the card in my hand. EXPERT PROBLEM SOLVER FOR WHEN LIFE THROWS YOU CURVE BALLS.

I looked up. “I assume you are Miss Alexandra?”

“That’s me,” the tall woman giggled. “Best problem solver in the Portland area. I don’t need money, my inheritance saw to that. I like to help people.”

“We could definitely use your help,” Enid said.

“Come to my house tomorrow morning,” Miss Alexandra replied. “10:00 sharp, the address is on the card. I assume you both work regular hours?”

“That would be why we’re in the park on a Friday evening,” I chuckled. “Enid and I both have Saturdays and Sundays off, like normal people. I’m Travis, by the way.”

“Tomorrow morning, then,” Miss Alexandra confirmed. Enid and I nodded in response.

At 9:58 a.m., I approached the address from one direction and almost collided with Enid, who was approaching from the other direction. We looked at each other and laughed, then knocked on the door.

Miss Alexandra pulled it open, gestured for us to enter, and closed the door behind us. We followed her to the living room and istanbul escort sat on a couch, while she sat in a chair facing us.

“What can I do for you two?” she asked.

We explained what had happened, and Miss Alexandra listened quietly.

“Enid’s a good catch,” I concluded. “I think I want her back, but I’m not sure if I’m over what happened.”

“I’ve been apologizing for eight years and agonizing over that mistake,” Enid added. “I would definitely take Travis back in a heartbeat if he’d have me.”

Miss Alexandra thoughtfully rubbed her finger against her chin. “I think what you two need is a trial period of living together, and someone around to monitor the two of you.”

“And how, exactly, do we manage that?” Enid asked.

“You two stay in my spare bedroom for the next month,” was the response. “I will provide food, and only take clients during normal working hours when you two are at your jobs, so that I’m free when you’re here.”

Enid and I looked at each other. That idea was crazy. Maybe crazy enough to work.

We looked back at Miss Alexandra and nodded in unison. The next day, we moved only essentials – clothing, toiletries, and our laptops – into Miss Alexandra’s spare bedroom, which had an attached bathroom.

Monday evening, after Enid and I got home from work, we volunteered to help Miss Alexandra cook dinner. I actually felt comfortable around Enid, at least in Miss Alexandra’s presence.

The conversation was light, and there was no tension in the air. It looked like things might work. Enid had her side of the bed, and I had mine, and that night we slept peacefully.

The next morning, Enid walked in on me as I was taking a shower. It was nothing she hadn’t seen lots of times while we were together. And she was naked, waiting for her turn in the shower. I had also seen everything many times before.

“Maybe you two should shower together in the morning,” Miss Alexandra suggested. “It would save time.”

“Unless we started to do more than just shower in there,” Enid pointed out. “Travis… well, let’s just say I still find him quite the hunk.”

“You’re quite sexy yourself, dear,” I told her. Enid blushed.

We made it to Friday evening easily enough. When you work all day, you generally don’t have the energy to be argumentative in the evening. I figured the first weekend was going to be the acid test.

“What did you used to do on weekends, when you were together before?” Miss Alexandra asked on Saturday morning.

“We were younger then,” Enid replied. “We partied a lot.”

“And that’s part of what caused the trouble,” I said. “You start by partying, soon you use drugs…”

“That reminds me,” Miss Alexandra grunted, rising abruptly. She disappeared into the kitchen for a moment, then returned. “Okay, continue.”

“That’s pretty much it,” I told her.

“So, Travis, you and Enid never spent a weekend just relaxing together?”

I shrugged. “Nope.”

“You should learn how. Move over.”

Miss Alexandra nudged me to the side. She was now in the middle of the couch, flanked by Enid on her left and me on her right. She turned on the TV and tuned it to escort bayan the premium movie channels. The original Die Hard was just about to start on one of the Encore networks.

“That was nice,” I acknowledged after it ended.

We all made a quick pit stop and then had salad for lunch, and returned to the couch. This time we watched Your Sister’s Sister.

“Excellent choice,” Enid approved.

The three of us then went for a walk on one of the local hiking trails. Then dinner and the complete DVD set of The Future Is Wild.

Sunday, we kinda curled up on the couch as we watched several episodes of Noah’s Arc. Both my head and Enid’s head ended up resting against Miss Alexandra’s chest.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured. “This is nice.”

Enid and I looked at each other. We hadn’t thought of Miss Alexandra in that way before, but the truth is, she was also attractive. Tall, busty, toned, and a firm ass.

“Yes,” Enid agreed.

“I concur,” I added.

“Maybe what you two need is a… permanent monitor,” Miss Alexandra grinned.

The next week went very like the first one, and soon it was Saturday again. Enid wanted to try a new recipe she had found online, so the three of us went shopping and then spent time in the kitchen prepping it. It was a unanimous success.

We caught a movie in the theater. Then we went home. We all sprawled on the couch and again, Enid and I found ourselves making Miss Alexandra the meat in the sandwich.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’d definitely be willing to make this arrangement permanent,” Miss Alexandra said.

That settled it. Enid and I spent Sunday moving our stuff from where we had been living into Miss Alexandra’s house. Luckily, both of us had been renting month to month, so we didn’t have a lease to worry about. I also went ahead and finally cancelled the restraining order.

The only problem was that between the two of us, we had so much stuff that we had to pile it on the bed in the spare room. “Where are we supposed to sleep?” Enid asked me.

“In my bed, with me, of course,” Miss Alexandra answered.

She was in the middle again, and Enid and I both had a very difficult time keeping our hands to ourselves. By Thursday night the sexual tension had risen to an almost unbearable level.

When Friday night arrived, Miss Alexandra, instead of her usual pajamas, stripped down to just her panties. “You two obviously want my body. Why fight it?”

I stripped entirely, as did Enid, and we flanked Miss Alexandra, as usual. Enid turned Miss Alexandra’s face to hers for a kiss, and then I did the same thing.

“You’re both good kissers, Enid and Travis,” Miss Alexandra grinned. We blushed.

I nibbled lightly on one side of Miss Alexandra’s neck, and Enid took the other side. Miss Alexandra’s body shivered slightly. We both kissed slowly downwards, and then first Enid, then I, trailed our tongues down Miss Alexandra’s cleavage. Soon we were both suckling softly on a nipple.

Miss Alexandra’s breathing deepened. “Oooh, that feels wonderful,” she moaned. “Please keep going.”

We did. Then we both kissed downwards a bit further. Enid and I rotated Maltepe escort our bodies simultaneously so we could kiss our way up from Miss Alexandra’s feet to her legs.

Miss Alexandra took advantage of the opportunity to wrap one hand around my pole and start slowly, sensually stroking me. Judging by the noises Enid was making, I guessed that her other hand was stimulating Enid’s box.

Miss Alexandra’s panties were still on. While I focused on her lower leg, Enid was quickly moving upwards. Suddenly I felt my cock being released, and Miss Alexandra used her hands to slip off her panties. Then her hand resumed its place, and I resumed working on her lower leg.

“Oooh, that’s a nice one,” Enid said suddenly. I lifted my head and looked. Miss Alexandra’s cock was fully hard, and a good 7 inches long.

“I think we’re ready for more than foreplay,” I acknowledged. “What would you like, Miss Alexandra?”

“You two may call me Alex,” she smiled. “Enid, how about you suck me while Travis takes you?”

“Sounds good,” Enid smirked. She spread Alex’s legs apart and began bobbing her head up and down on Alex’s pole. I slid my own into Enid’s dripping box and began pumping her steadily.

“This is what I’ve missed,” Enid panted, her voice muffled by Alex’s stiff rod. “Fuck me hard, Travis.”

I pounded Enid’s pussy as fast and deep as I could make my hips move. Enid’s quivering body was very ready. She quickly climaxed once, then again, while judging by Alex’s moaning, Enid’s mouth was working its usual magic. She always was a good cocksucker, as I remembered.

“Switch,” Alex panted. Enid stayed where she was, while I lay down on the bed and Alex got behind her. I didn’t at all mind the idea of Enid going down on me. Alex drilling her from behind while she did so seemed to make Enid’s blowjob even better. My balls filled rapidly as Enid climaxed a couple more times.

“I want to be fucked,” Alex gasped. “Travis, do you mind?”

“It would be my pleasure,” I replied. I popped my cock free of Enid’s mouth and moved over behind Alex. I worked it into her back channel as Alex continued to drill Enid.

With Alex now both fucking and being fucked, her body shivered with every thrust. I moved my hips in the same rhythm Alex was using to pound into Enid. The intensity was incredible. Enid by now was in a state of continuous orgasm, and her eyes had that glazed look.

It wasn’t long before I was close to blowing my load. “You’re so tight,” I whispered to Alex. “Feels so good.”

“I’m about ready, too,” she murmured back. “Let’s cover Enid’s chest.”

Alex pulled out of Enid, I pulled out of Alex and quickly scooted into position, and we did exactly that. By the time both of us finished squirting hot jets of semen onto her, Enid’s breasts were almost entirely coated with white, sticky goo. We all dropped onto the bed for a moment to recover our energy.

When we could move again, the three of us squeezed into the shower in the master bedroom and all got clean at once before drying off and returning to the bed, still somewhat worn out. We snuggled up against each other.

“Whew!” Enid muttered. “That was… amazing.”

“I enjoyed myself,” I grunted.

“And I enjoyed both of you,” Alex purred.

From then on, Friday and Saturday evenings were spent exploring each other’s bodies in the bed. The three of us make a great troika. And we actually go on dates occasionally as well.

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