The Love of Leander Ch. 02

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Frank hadn’t been happy when Lion had asked him to lay off his enemy Trevor. If it’d been anyone else he’d have told them to fuck off and be done with them — but Leander was powerful, Frank knew if the two came to a proper fight that there was no way in hell Frank would win. He also hated the fact that if the two fell out most of his henchmen would probably follow Lion, as he was more liked. It was well know that Lion let Frank take the lead because he couldn’t be bothered with ‘petty gangs’ especially now they were older, he just liked Frank and was happy in his company.

Frank had never really liked Spider, but when he had moved over Nile had gotten on great with him and Frank liked Nile, he was sensible and always had a cheeky playful edge. He’d noticed that when he’d started to oppress Spider that Nile’s attitude had changed and their friendship was strained. If Frank could’ve he would have chased Spider away, but Frank’s dad worked for Spider’s adopted father’s dad and he knew that they’d fire his dad just because they could. So he let Spider stay. But now Lion was forming a new friendship with someone he hated even more. He’d never cared about Trevor before — so he was sure that his new interest with the pretty boy was driven by his cock.

Lion was sitting on the wall after school waiting for Jason. He saw Trevor and Nick talking by the gates. Nick was pointing at Lion and Trevor was shaking his head wildly. Lion smiled to himself wondering if the two were a couple, they certainly fought like they were married. Nick then grabbed Trevor by his belt, his shirt rode up slightly revealing a strip of smooth skin and a hip that could cut glass, and dragged him over to Lion.

” Hey.” Lion smiled softly.

” Um hi.” Trevor mumbled.

” Ask him.” Nick hissed. Trevor bit his lip.

” Ask me what?” Lion asked, clearly bemused.

” Um…” Trevor began. ” Um.”

” He wants to know if you’ll come help us one day if you’re free — we need some muscle to build the sets up and poor Nathan has to do it all himself as we’re crap.” Nick told him.

” Sure thing.” Lion smiled. ” Tomorrow after lunch okay?” The two nodded. ” Sorted.” They walked off as Jason approached.

” What was all that about?” He asked.

” They want some help tomorrow.” Lion told him.

” And you’re going to?” Spider raised an eyebrow.

” Yeah, why not?” Lion shrugged.

” Frank wont be happy.” Spider watched him climb off the wall and walk to him.

” Fuck Frank.” Lion snorted and they set off.

Lion entered the drama hall as promised. Long blond hair tied up in a ponytail down his back. Miss Staff eyed him suspiciously; all the teachers were aware of the crew of bad boys and were always on the look out for bad behaviour. Having Lion just turn up worried her.

” Hello Leander, what can I do for you?” She smiled.

” Hey.” Lion smiled back, sensing her unsettledness. ” Nick and Trevor asked me to help out with the stage…”

” Oh?” She frowned ” Oh! Right! Yes.” She then broke into a smile. ” Super.” She took him over to what needed doing, quietly happy that he was here — Trevor and Nick were useless. Lion happily got on with what he had to do and was concentrating so much he didn’t notice Trevor and Nick come in. They glanced at Lion and Nick begrudgingly handed Trevor some cash. ” What’s that about?” Miss Staff asked.

” I bet him five bucks antalya escort he wouldn’t turn up.” Nick grumbled. Miss Staff laughed and took Nick with her to get some costumes from the car. Lion looked over and greeted Trevor who just stood there looking edgy.

” So.” Lion grinned, sawing into a tree. ” You and him a couple then?”

” What?!” Trevor’s jaw dropped. ” Me and Nick?”

” Yeah.” Lion laughed. ” Are you?”

” No!” Trevor giggled. ” We’re not.” Lion snorted his disbelief and went back to his sawing.

Frank was disgruntled to hear about Lion’s helping in the drama hall but decided it was probably best if he just glossed over it for now. Too much getting at him would only result in him doing everything he could to annoy him.

Lion spent most of his free time over the next few weeks with the Drama Crew, trying in vain to fix things Nick and Trevor had broken in their efforts to help. He found Trevor enchanting, he was very quite and reserved but when he spoke he was totally enthralling, Lion found himself looking forward to spending time with these new people more and more — even time with the always blunt Nick made him smile.

” Are you coming for food?” Nathan asked Trevor.

” Um, no. I’ll keep Leander company today.” Trevor told him. Nathan said he’d buy Trevor something before turning to Lion to ask him if he wanted anything. Lion threw a bill at him.

” Surprise me” he smiled ” but not with meat, obviously.” He watched the group leave then turned to Trevor. ” Why you not off food hunting?”

” Thought I’d help.” Trevor shrugged.

” Okay.” Lion smiled, happy that Trevor obviously wanted to spend time with him. ” You can help me make this tree.” They sat on the floor in silence; Trevor wasn’t good at this whole woodwork thing. Lion stood and took the finished tree to the set. ” Can you pass me a nail please?” He heard Trevor routing in the toolbox and was handed a screw. ” This is a screw.” Trevor looked blank. ” I need a nail.” Trevor went back to the toolbox. Lion heard a yelp this time and looked over to see Trevor frowning at his finger. ” Aww. Cut yourself?” Trevor nodded. Lion got his own nail and hammered the tree onto the wood.

” Leander.” Trevor said holding out his finger the smallest drop of blood had leaked out. Lion looked at him, puzzled for a few moments.

” Do you want a plaster?” He asked. Trevor nodded with a frown. Lion went to the first aid box and got him out a plaster, wrapping it round the tiny cut. Trevor managed to get himself cut three more times. ” How about you paint the set?” Lion suggested, thinking it might be safer in the long run. Trevor nodded enthusiastically and went to the ladder where the paint can was. He reached up for it and saw in slow motion the lid fall and the green paint cascade down onto his shirt.

” Bugger.” Trevor scowled. Lion looked round and saw the state of him; he stifled a laugh and then walked over to him. ” This is my favourite shirt as well.” Lion sighed and pulled off his hockey jersey and handed it to him.

” Go change.” Lion told him. Trevor scurried off and returned drowning in the garment. Lion thought he looked cute. ” Here.” He gently led Trevor to a space on the floor. ” Sit.” Then he went back to nailing until the others returned. Nick raised an eyebrow at Lion when he saw the state of the plaster covered Trevor antalya escort bayan on the floor with an oversized jumper with “Autori 1″ on the back. ” Next time take him with you eh?” He took his noodles off Nathan and sat by the pouting Trevor. Lion took at chip from him and nudged him – Trevor smiled. After they had eaten they chatted for a bit. Lion noticed that Trevor had his nose buried in either the collar or sleeve of the jersey at all times. He smiled to himself and stood stretching. ” I need a fag. You guys need to start so I don’t have to smoke alone. Come on Trevor. It’s the least you can do after the mental anguish you caused me today.” They left with Trevor grumbling something about mental anguish.


Lion walked home with Trevor; luckily their houses weren’t that far from each other, Trevor continuously told Lion that there was really no need to escort him home. Lion told him that if he didn’t he was certain that Frank would get him and was taking no risks. Trevor knew better than to argue so let him. They saw Trevor’s mother ahead of them and she waved.

” Hi Mom.” Trevor smiled. ” What you been buying?”

” Apples, I’m going to make a pie.” She told him. She then looked at Leander. ” Who’s this?”

” This is Leander.” Trevor watched her eye the blond.

” Are you in Trevor’s drama class?” She asked. Lion laughed and Trevor spoke before he had chance.

” No, he’s in my year.” He mumbled.

” Ah. Trevor doesn’t normally bring friends home, would you like to stay for tea?” She offered. ” And pie?”

” Sure.” Lion nodded. Trevor scowled at him.

” Do you need to phone home?” Mrs Cold asked. Lion smiled at her maternal side.

” No, folks are away.” Lion told her.

” Aww, so you’re alone then?” Mrs Cole opened the door and they went in. Lion nodded. ” You can stay here tonight, we’ll make you a camp bed in Trevor’s room.” Lion grinned at Trevor whose jaw had dropped.

” Awesome.” Lion gave Trevor a shove. Lion was amazed at home homely Trevor’s was. There were photos of him and his family all over, Lion took it he had an older brother. There were paintings and doodles on the fridge — everything that a house should be like, everything Lion’s wasn’t. He noticed that Trevor acted very much the same at home as he did at school — quiet and reserved. His mother rambled on at him, telling him about her day and how Mrs Charleston was a bitch and had tried to get the apples she had wanted.

” Mrs Charleston is Mom’s enemy.” Trevor told Lion who was clearly enjoying the banter.

” She’s so stuck up!” Mrs Cole complained. ” She thinks she is the Queen of Everything.” She was faffing about with pastry and apples. She handed a knife and apple to Lion. ” Peal this for me dear.”

” Mom he’s a guest.” Trevor hissed.

” No it’s okay. I’ll help.” Lion smiled at him. ” Is Trevor better at cooking than he is at woodwork?”

” Oh yes, he’s good at cooking.” Mrs Cole nodded. ” When he can be bothered.”

” I have you to cook for me. I don’t need too.” Trevor teased.

” Cheeky!” She laughed. ” Does your Mom cook Leander?”

” Nah, she’s never at home to cook.” Lion said, Trevor thought he hinted a tone of sadness in his voice.

” She works away a lot?” Mrs Cole asked. Lion nodded and peeled more apples. The front door opened and in came Mr Cole. He plodded escort antalya down the hall to the kitchen to greet his family. Much like Leander’s parents he was away a lot, but Mrs Cole was normally always there for Trevor.

” Hello Trevor.” Mr Cole smiled at him slinging an arm around his shoulder.

” Hey Dad.” Trevor smiled back. Mr Cole kissed his wife and they looked at Leander, this was someone new. He was used to seeing Nick about but this strong looking handsome young man was new.

” Hello.” Mr Cole extended a hand. Lion smiled and shook it.

” This is Leander.” Mrs Cold told him. ” He’s helping me make a pie.”

” I’m sure he had no choice.” Mr Cole teased. Lion was shocked at what a family unit they were; they obviously all got on well and actually enjoyed each other’s company. He wasn’t even sure if his Mom and Dad were still together, he hadn’t seen them in the same room for about six months; they were always off away on business.

Trevor scowled at Lion for most of the night, he was happy with his company at school, but having him in his house was another matter. Trevor’s parents didn’t sense their son’s apprehension and were rather taken by the self confident, friendly young man that was their son’s new friend. Mr Cole chatted with him about sports and Mrs Cole fussed over him with drinks and cake. Lion and Trevor didn’t talk much, which wasn’t surprising, until Trevor made excuses to get homework done and stomped up to his room. Lion smiled to himself, Trevor was such a girl at times. When they got into Trevor’s room they saw the camp bed that Trevor’s mother had made for Lion, he sat on it and grinned at Trevor. Trevor remained scowling which just added to Lion’s amusement. ” Nice pad.” Lion lay back.

” Yeah.” Trevor grunted routing through his school bag.

” I like your Ma.” Lion smiled.

” She thinks you’re charming.” Trevor felt a smile creep on his lips and mentally cursed himself, he was warming to Lion.

” I am.” Lion laughed. ” Don’t you think?” Trevor let the smile win and beamed over at him. ” I’m taking that as a yes.”

Trevor laughed and sat on his own bed. ” I can’t not like you.” He said softly. ” I want to be guarded but I can feel myself warming to you.”

” Good” Lion sat up ” after this whole Frank thing gets sorted out we can spend more time together without you thinking he’s got some evil plan involving me.” Trevor smiled again and nodded, shocked that the other seemed to read his mind. ” So what homework do you have?”

” Nothing.” Trevor fiddled with his hair. ” Just needed to get you away from making my parents love you more than me.” Lion laughed and sat next to him on the bed. They talked about Nile and Spider and their other friends for a bit, Lion was pleased to see Trevor talking more rather than just nodded or scowling at him. Lion tipped his bag onto the floor looking for his lighter, he found it and shoved it into his pocket not realising he’d accidentally put one of Trevor’s drama books back with his.

When they were ready to sleep Lion went to turn the light out. Trevor, cuddled under his duvet, watched him send the room into darkness and was shocked to find him sliding in bed beside him. ” Hey! What are you doing?” He gasped as Lion’s hands dragged him closer.

” Cuddling.” Lion said.” That’s what you do when you’re in bed with someone.”

” Not if they’re just a friend!” Trevor wriggled, Lion relaxed his grip and Trevor saw him smile in the faint light. ” What?”

” So we’re friends now?” Lion asked.

” Yeah, I guess so.” Trevor smiled back.

” Good.” Lion said softly, still with his arms around Trevor’s waist, he had no intention of moving and Trevor knew this so he decided to just ride it out.


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