My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 05

After my girlfriend, Jessica, and I got our truck unpacked and most of our stuff put away from camping, Jess jumped into the shower. I lay in bed wanting to tell her about doing her Aunt Janet. I knew the story would make her horny and wet. I stripped down naked and started to slowly stroke myself. Every once and awhile Jessica would ask me to play with myself while she watched. She always tried forcing herself to stay just watching, though that rarely happened.

I stroked my 7″ cock the way I like it, with my right hand, adding pressure around the head. I was able to wrap my fingers completely around my thick cock. Though I’d never thought about measuring it, my cock is above average in girth.

On my upstroke, the inside of my thumb would hit the sensitive mushroom head. I pitched my head back with my eyes closed, satisfaction running through my body. I fondled my balls, pulling on my sack, thinking about the beautiful ladies in my life.

Jessica slinked into the bedroom wearing nothing. My eyes opened upon hearing her, a smile stretching across my face. Her breath caught and then she smiled when she saw me playing with my meat. Her 34D chest heaved as she started, her large crimson areolas, bigger than half dollars, guarded ¾” nipples. I looked down between her legs to see her handy work in the shower. Jess’ beautiful pussy was completely shaved and was calling my name.

Her hands were on her slim hips, her head cocked to the side. “Are you getting Thumper ready for me?” I nodded my head. “Good. I got this ready for you.” Jess slid her hand down her flat stomach and down to her crotch. Her fingers were almost to her clit before two split off, making an upside down “V”. Each finger glided over a bare pussy lip.

“Come here,” I drooled. My girlfriend is a petite woman with 37-24-35 measurements. I watched as Jess crawled up the bed towards me, her big breasts swaying with her movement.

Her short brunette hair fell around her face, her eyes never leaving my cock as I continued to masturbate. Jessica removed my hand, wrapping hers around my thick cock, giving it a squeeze. She looked up at me as she put the head into her mouth. Then I could feel her tongue slide down my shaft as she took me deeper. Taking my whole girth, Jessica deep throated me before she came back up, kissing the head while stroking me.

“So did you have fun camping with my family?” Jessica said, sticking her tongue out and swirling it around my cock head. I shivered when she flicked over my sensitive head.

I nodded. “Of course.” Jess started sucking and stroking me faster, bobbing her pretty face to a good rhythm on my cock. Her hand began messaging my balls, pulling at them. “MMmmm, babe, yeah you know how I like it when you do that.” Jess was literally sucking the head like it was a straw.

“What was your favorite part?” she asked coming up for air. She moved up a bit and started rubbing me against her breasts, brushing my cock head against her sensitive nipples.

Jessica was good at giving head and I didn’t want her to stop, but I wanted to eat her out and I wanted to tell her about Aunt Janet. So I pulled Jess up to me, my cock pressing against her belly before falling between her legs.

“I’m not ready for Thumper yet,” Jessica proclaimed. I spun her onto her back, my cock rubbing up against her mound as I started sucking her nipples. Attaching myself to each one briefly, I began kissing her neck, sucking on her vein.

Kissing her lips hard, our tongues mingling together, I broke off saying, “Mind if I taste your other lips?” Her answer came by her pushing my head down to her crotch. I kissed my way down, teasing her with my slow movement. As I got closer, I could smell her sex. I knew sucking cock made Jessica wet, with no other stimulation needed.

I flicked her clit lightly, her body shivered. My tongue went between her bald pussy lips, finding her hole. I stuck it in and pulled up, ending at her clit once more. I sucked lightly on her clit while my fingers rubbed her lips. One finger found her entrance as Jessica’s hands found my head.

“I guess my favorite part could have been when I ate your sister out,” I said pulling away far enough to talk before I attacked her pussy. Mentioning her sister Cara made Jessica moan and smile.

“I bet you love sucking that big pussy, with those humongous tits,” Jessica replied.

I put two fingers into my girlfriend and began fucking her, my mouth still attached to her clit, making it swell a little. “Or maybe it was sucking on Nikki’s beautiful pussy.”

“How does she taste?” Jessica was getting worked up, her breathing coming in short bursts.

“Good, really good.” I removed my fingers and jammed my tongue into her heated up pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh, shit, yeah baby, fuck me with your tongue!” Jessica said. I made her raise her legs and bend her knees, each of my hands grabbing the back of a milky thigh. I fucked her fast with my tongue; sticking it in as far as I could before my nose was on her clit.

I Porno lubed up a finger in her honey pot, waiting for just the right time to unleash my bomb. “But I guess my favorite part was when I fucked your Aunt Janet.” My words had barely escaped my mouth before I had a finger playing with Jessica’s asshole and my tongue on her clit. My actions and words had Jess on the brink, her hips began lifting off the bed and bucking against my face.

“OHhhhh fuck! Don’t fucking stop,” Jessica said, cuming on my face. My mouth stayed on her opening as she gave me her cream. “How did that happen?”

I spread open her pussy lips so my tongue could flick the sensitive parts inside her, the cold air washing into her overheated pussy. “Nikki and I were fooling around on the beach, she was sucking me off when Janet came down.” I had one finger in Jess’ ass and two in her pussy, fucking her slowly after her first orgasm.

“Janet stayed down at the beach with me when Nikki left with Anderson. She asked me to put sunscreen on her and when I was doing that, my still hard cock brushed up against her ass.”

Jessica moaned, shaking her head. “I bet she loved that, that big cock against that big, wide ass of hers.”

I then told her about the next day when Janet and I had fucked. “I ate her out first.”

Jessica laughed. “Of course you did, you pussy slut! Did you make her cum with your tongue?”

I nodded my head as I began humming against Jessica’s clit. My two fingers inside her pussy rubbed against her rough spot inside, making circles. “I made her scream.” Jessica held my face hard against her pussy, I could hardly breath. My story was getting her worked up, I imagined her thinking of me sticking my big cock into her aunt.

“Did she suck Thumper?”

I shook my head. “She says she doesn’t give head. Believe me, I was disappointed too.”

“Ohhhhhh, poor Thumper,” she said purring. “But then you two fucked, so then Thumper was happy. How did you do her?”

“She straddled me, rode me.”

Jessica pushed me off of her and onto my back. In one swift movement, she was on top. She purred as I entered, I moaned as her pussy clamped down on me, my thick cock stretching her.

“God, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that,” Jess purred. “Did she take Thumper deep?”

I nodded my head as Jess began sliding down, her hot pussy welcoming me in. “I had my hands on her wide hips as she fucked me.” Jessica put my hands on her hips, her big breasts bouncing in front of me.

“Your hands stay there,” Jess demanded. “What about her breasts?”

“Didn’t get a chance to see them, but her nipples have to be as big as yours.”

Jessica began fucking me faster, her moans coming quicker and quicker. If I couldn’t touch her breasts, I was at least going to suck on them. I raised myself up, hands still on her hips, but my mouth found one nipple.

“Did you grab that wide ass while she fucked you?” Jess asked, I nodded. “Show me.” My hands slapped against her ass as I took handfuls, forcing her down on my cock. My middle finger found her asshole and started to explore it.

“Mmmmmmm, you fingered her ass while she rode Thumper? OH gooddddd baby I’m gonna cum! Keep fucking me.”

I was one knuckle deep in Jessica’s ass as she began pounding herself onto me. Once she exploded, I wasn’t far behind. I saw stars as my balls emptied into Jessica, her eyes grew wide as she felt my load begin to fill her. My thick cock acted like a plug keeping both of our juices inside her.

Working her way down from her climax, Jessica snuggled into me, her big red nipples rubbing against my body. Her head fell into the nook of my neck, her arms wrapped around me. My cock, still inside her, began to slowly soften.

“I cannot believe Aunt Janet fucked you,” Jessica said smiling. “I don’t blame her, but she is full of surprises.”

When I fell out of her, Jessica took me back into her mouth and cleaned me off. After I was clean, she came to me, sticking her tongue into my mouth. We kissed passionately, deeply, as I got to taste us together.

“I want pay back,” Jessica said a short time later. “She fucked Thumper without my permission.”

“Are you really going to make your aunt eat you out?” I asked not believing. My twisted mind started fantasizing about pounding Aunt Janet’s hairy pussy while she ate out her niece, my girlfriend. I felt my cock start to show life as I pictured Janet’s wide ass bent over taking me. Her ass would seem even wider in that position, my hands would be grabbing her hips as I shoved into her.

“I’ll think of something,” Jessica said rolling off me before going to bed. “Thumper’s starting to get hard again, I’m going to bed before you get any other ideas.”

About a month later, I rolled out of bed on a Saturday and was sitting at the kitchen island eating cereal and watching TV when Jessica strolled in. She was wearing just an old t-shirt of mine and I knew she was naked underneath from a night of sex.

“God Altyazılı Porno we gotta get my sister or Nikki back over here,” she said getting down a bowl from the cupboard. Since our camping trip four or five weeks ago, I’d only been with Cara twice because she couldn’t get away. And I hadn’t seen Nikki at all. “Hell even Aunt Janet would do to give my pussy a rest.”

She poured a bowl of Frosted Flakes and sat down next to me. “Have you talked to Nikki lately?”

I smiled and laughed, taking out my phone. “Yeah, she sent me this pic the other day.” Showing Jess, it was of a completely naked Nikki, her perfect breasts and pussy on full display.

Jessica whistled and said, “God she is beautiful isn’t she?”

“She has a lot of similar characteristics as her mom,” I said smiling.

We ate in silence for a couple of seconds. Then Jessica said, “I think I’ve figured out what I’m going to do with my Aunt Janet.” Jess smiled a devilish grin towards me, my cock stirred in anticipation.

“She’ll be at Lois’ rehearsal next weekend,” Jess said. “I think I’ll catch her in the act.”

Jessica’s sister Lois was getting married the following Saturday. Cara was the Maid of Honor and Jessica was a Bridesmaid. Lois and her fiancé had asked me to also stand up in their wedding, so next weekend was going to be busy.

“You have Janet’s number right?” she asked. “You haven’t texted her or nothing?”

When Cara couldn’t come over, we’d send dirty text messages or the occasional dirty picture. But I’d never thought about texting Janet. “I’ve got her number, what do you want me to say?”

Jessica smiled, “Something to tell her you want to get with her next weekend.” The rehearsal dinner was going to be at Lois and Sean’s. There would be plenty of room and space for me to sneak away with Janet.

I got up Janet’s number and sent her a casual message. “Hey you!” I put the phone down, not expecting a response back right away. I finished my cereal and was rinsing our bowls when my phone vibrated.

“Hey back, stud” was Aunt Janet’s response.

“Oh God, I can smell her from here,” laughed Jessica. I snuck up behind her, pushing my pelvis into her butt. My hands found her hips and I began kissing the back of her neck.

“What? I can’t help being so irresistible.”

“Or for having such a beautiful cock,” she added.

I typed back, my hard crotch still pressed against my girlfriend. “You going to be at rehearsal next weekend? I want to see you.”

I spun Jess around, kissed her lips, and then lifted her up by her pert ass. Her legs latched around my waist, her arms around my neck. “I can’t take Thumper, baby. I’m still sore from last night.”

I set her down on top of the kitchen island, her bare ass on the cold counter top making her shiver. She lifted her shirt up and spread her legs, showing me what I needed to see. My phone vibrated.

“I want to see you too. Thinking of you always.”

“You’re such a panty dropper,” Jessica said giggling. I kissed her sore pussy as I sat between her legs. “Ooooohhhhhhhh.”

“Don’t wear any underwear Saturday, they’ll just get in our way.” I texted back.

Jessica had her feet resting on my thighs. I kissed her inner thighs and started nibbling at her clit. She had her arms bracing herself behind her, watching me as I worked. While my tongue worked over her lips, my hands snaked up her shirt and found her breasts. Her nipples were erect with joy, I gently pinched and rolled them.

“Ooh God baby, yeessssssss,” Jessica purred. “Did you eat out Aunt Janet like that?”

My phone vibrated once more. “You bad boy. Guess you’ll have to wait and see.”

“Janet’s got really fat pussy lips and a bush,” I said taking a breather. “But she tasted good.”

I slid in a finger into Jessica’s pussy and began fucking her. “How does that feel baby?”

Jessica gave a sex drunken grin. “Wonderful. Don’t stop!”

I picked up my rhythm when her hips started to buck. As my middle finger moved in and out, my thumb rubbed her clit in circles. She wouldn’t last much longer, I need my mouth on her pussy to collect my reward.

“I’m really close baby, get…..mmmmmm…..get ready,” Jessica stammered. “I’m gonna cum for you, baby.” I continued to finger fuck her but my tongue attacked her clit. Her body quivered, her feet barely able to stay balanced on my thighs.

“Now. Now. NOW!!” she screamed. In an instant so many things happened. Jessica came, my mouth latched on to her pussy, my pointer finger pressed against her asshole, and her sister Lois entered our kitchen.

“OH MY GOD!!!” screamed Jessica through her orgasm.

“OH MY GOD!” yelled Lois.

I had my back to Jessica’s sister, which meant Lois seen an exposed Jessica. I jumped with a start, turning to look who was behind me. When I turned, Lois got an eye full of Jessica’s heated up and wet pussy. Brazzers Jessica panted from an exhausting orgasm before realizing her legs were still wide open.

“Hi sis,” Jess smiled. “What? Doesn’t your fiancé eat you out in the kitchen?”

I turned with embarrassment to look at my girlfriend. In my head I plotted the quickest way out of the room.

Lois gave a tiny giggle. She was the quietest of the three sisters, the most conservative. Not for a second would I believe that she’d talk about her sex life in front of me.

“I’ll leave you ladies be, I gotta do some stuff.”

Walking out of the room, I decided to text Cara. “Lois just caught me blowing Jess in our kitchen!”

“Lucky girl!” Then “Did she join in?”

“HA! You must be joking.” I replied.

“She’s never been eaten out before. So she says.”

“I’d like to be eating you out right now.”

“I WISH U WERE 2!! Maybe next weekend.”

I was tempted to masturbate, to alive my stiff cock. Only then did I wonder if Lois had noticed the front of my shorts as I walked out of the kitchen. Suddenly my phone was ringing. It was Damon, Cara’s husband.

“Dude, what you doing tonight? Guys want to play poker,” Damon said.

“Where at?” I asked hoping his answer would be at his place so I could see Cara.

“My house. Sounds like the entire wedding party will be coming. Give us a chance to meet everybody.”

I left our bedroom a short time later. I found Jessica and Lois still talking in the kitchen. “Damon called, invited us to play poker at their place.”

“That’s what Lois was just telling me. We’ll get to meet Sean’s other groomsmen and the other bridesmaids,” Jessica said.

“Don’t worry, I already told my friend Lindsay all about you,” Lois smiled. “Told her to be careful, but that you were my baby sister’s boyfriend.”

I smiled. “You mean my handsome good looks, and my awesome personality?” I gave her a playful nudge and she laughed.

When Lois left, Jessica turned to me and said, “You should have stuck around to hear Lo stammer around. She couldn’t believe you sucked pussy.”

“Did you tell her it’s my one vice?”

“If I told her that, she might have attacked you.”

I raised my eyebrows, thinking of the possibilities. “Get real! Lo would never ever EVER cheat on Sean. Not even if she knew what you were packing or that your tongue is magical.”

I grabbed my girlfriend and pulled her tight to me. “Just how magical?”

“An orgasm and THIS!” She knelt in front of me and sucked me off.

Later that night, we went to Cara and Damon’s house. Already there were the other three of Sean’s groomsmen, Nate, Jeff and Steve. All seemed like nice guys, Nate would be paired with Jessica. I caught him a couple times ogling her breasts, but I couldn’t blame him.

In the kitchen stood Cara talking with Lois and two other girls I didn’t recognize. Cara gave me a knowing wink and a smile as Lois introduced everyone.

“Lindsay, this is Tony. Tony, Lindsay.” I politely shook Lindsay’s hand. She stood around 5’9” with long dirty blonde hair, with measurements close to 36-24-36. Her breasts had some sag to them, her cup had to be an E. My mouth watered looking at them.

The other girl’s name was Jenny. I’m sure she was a nice girl, but my thoughts hung on Lindsay.

“Down boy,” Cara whispered to me as we walked out of the kitchen. “I can see you drooling over those tits.”

I laughed. “Who me?” I playfully wrapped an arm around Cara’s thick waist and pulled her closer to me. Her 40DDD breast was pressed against my side, I could only imagine having her and Lindsay naked together at the same time. It would be a breast man’s greatest dream.

“Who’s playing?” Damon asked, getting the poker chips counted out. To my surprise Lindsay said she wanted to play.

“I’d like to play with her too,” said Nate under his breath, standing at the make shift bar in the living room. I laughed and nodded my head while pouring two fingers of Johnnie Walker Black. Cara knew it was my preferred drink so she kept it in stock.

Lindsay ended up sitting next to me, which was nice as we got to know each other. “Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked politely, mucking my shitty hand.

Lindsay nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been with Matt for almost two years now.” She threw in some chips.

“What a lucky bastard!” piped in Nate. Everyone laughed and Lindsay blushed. Nate was a good looking guy, a little on the short side. Muscular from years of manual labor, his personality seemed a little forward.

“Are you a good dancer?” Lindsay asked me. “We’ll be dancing together a lot, I wanna know if my heels should have steel toes.”

“Oh he’s a fucking regular Fred Astaire!” said Damon with a laugh.

“I can do a lot with a pretty girl,” I said getting up from the table to fill my glass. Lois and Jessica stood by the bar with Jenny and Sean’s sister Melissa.

“Here’s my stud,” Jessica said throwing her arms around me. “You and Lindsay seem to be getting along well.”

“Yeah, she’s a nice girl.” Jessica gave me a knowing smile. I could read her mind, “Yeah a nice girl with big tits.”

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