I don’t know what it was that caught my attention. It could’ve just been catching her movements. Or a flash of sunlight off the mirror in front of her. It’s not like I haven’t, at some point in our relationship, watched as she smoothed her favorite lotion into her skin. For some reason, today, I was enthralled, ensnared.

Her fingertips gently smoothing her jasmine scented cream over her cheekbones, her forehead. Dabbing gently, smoothing. Her fingers slim and strong, stroking along the sexy column of her neck, rubbing lightly over her strong shoulders, down her arms.

More lotion into her palm and a quick rub of hands to spread it between her palms. She didn’t know I was watching as she did her every morning routine. She didn’t know exactly what effect she was wreaking on me. Her elbows, forearms, stroking along that silken skin I knew oh so well. I felt my breath backing up in my lungs, my cock hardening with every second. And best of all, she’s oblivious to me.

Just an everyday routine, getting ready for the day’s events. Just like every other day. Harder and harder my cock grew watching her, her hands, so softly stroking over her shower fresh skin. Over her still high, still firm c cup breasts. I thought I groaned out loud watching as she caressed the lotion into those gorgeous breasts. My hand reached and found my tortured tool, stroked, wished for her hand instead of my own.

More lotion into her palms, warming it before she spread it over her almost flat belly, rubbing deeply over her tiger stripes of childbirth. Behind me in the kitchen, I heard the coffee maker beep and click off. In front of me, I heard her humming along with Brett Eldredge’s ‘Don’t Ya’, watched as she swung her hips slowly to his sensuous beat, watched her tight little ass sway back and forth.

Slowly, like I was trying to get through quicksand, I moved toward her, my eyes taking in the long line of her naked back, the dimple above her tailbone, the tattoo of Celtic knots over her shoulder blade. altyazı porno My mouth was as dry as the Mojave as I watched her spreading more jasmine cream into her skin. I couldn’t, didn’t want to take my eyes off her hands but if I didn’t have her soon, I was going to go mad.

I stood finally in the bathroom doorway, catching her attention.

“Almost ready to go?” She asked with one of her gorgeous smiles. She’d lifted her foot onto the toilet to better rub her lotion down her shapely thighs and calves. A glimpse of her pink labial lips framed by her trimmed fur made my cock throb almost painfully.

“Almost.” I croaked out as she bent to slather the cream along her calf, down to her toes, rubbing it in between her toes. Silently, I slid down my zipper, freeing my cock from the constriction of my briefs. “Can I give you a hand?” I asked, squirting a little puddle into my palm, warming it between them before I spread it lightly over the firm curve of her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me with a surprised smile.

Gently, I rubbed her cheek, letting the scent of jasmine fill my senses, letting the silk of her skin make me throb all the harder. She rose to upright, switched feet on the toilet while squirting more lotion into her palm and bent once more, her eyes watching as I added more for her other cheek. Her fingers brushed against mine as she smoothed her thigh, linked with my fingers and pulled them to her bush.

She was warm and damp as I slid my fingers in her slit. Her clit was a hard little nubbin I rubbed gently, hearing her purring sigh. My eyes followed her hands, slowly stroking along the front of my slacks, searching for my cock. I slid two fingers into her cunt, feeling her muscles clamp and clench, felt her fresh come slipping between my fingers.

Slowly, I eased the head of my cock between those thrumming pulsating lips, lathering her come along my length. She reached forward, bracing her hands on the toilet and tilted amatör porno her hips, deepening my first thrust to bone depth. All along my cock her cunt muscles were aquiver, spasming as her first orgasm rolled through her.

I squirted some more of her lotion into my palms, rubbing it slowly into her back, stroking her, massaging her shoulders, her full sweet ass cheeks. With the gentle massaging of my fingers, she moved, slithering against me, her hips rubbing my dicktip against that pulsating button deep inside her. Her soft breathy moans were growing, becoming needy mews as I kept mimicking her motion, feeling her cunt pulsating wetly, slippery.

I slathered more lotion along her ribcage, over her hips, her belly, feeling her entire body trembling, anticipating, between her thighs, spreading her pendulous lips wider, spreading her come all over my balls, over her clit. Gently, I shifted her, from leaning on the commode, to bracing herself on the counter. She lifted her eyes to meet mine. I saw her excitement, her lust shining brightly. I leaned over her, bending her forward, to reach again between her thighs to grab my balls and rub them into her, hearing her mew turn into a hungry purr.

“Watch me.” I commanded, seeing her eyes flash to me, wide and on the edge of wild. Slowly, I pulled out, watching my cock emerge, slick and shiny. My dicktip was purple with how much I wanted her, with how much I wanted to pleasure her, even as I rubbed its slickness over her clit, around it, feeling its throb matching mine. Again, I slid slowly into her, feeling her muscles slide and grasp at my girth, filling her.

I glanced in the mirror, seeing her eyes hazed but open, still fixed on my face. Faintly, I was trailing my fingertips over her ass cheek, getting closer and closer to her tight little anus. I pumped a squirt of lotion onto my fingertips, spreading it along her crack, over her anus, stroking slowly with my thumb as I pulled my cock back. I felt her thrumming animasyon porno under me, her heart pounding in her breast as I firmly squeezed her nipple.

In time with the slow squeezing of her nipples, I thrust into her, feeling her quim begin its pre orgasm fluttering all along the length of my cock. Gently I pressed my thumb against her tight bunghole, watched as her eyes widened. Tight around my thumb, tight along my cock. Slowing my cock to match my thumb made her hum deep in her throat.

Deep inside her warm wet hole, I felt that spot of hers mouthing against my dick tip. With a gentle pop I took my thumb out, reached for the love lube we kept in almost every room, and squirted a glob onto her anus, feeling her cunt clamp down from the cold dollop. I slathered this slickness over her hanging lips, over and into her ass, this time sinking my middle finger slowly into her bunghole, hearing her gasp.

Again, I matched my cock thrusts with that of my finger. Slowly at first, letting her nearly unused ass get used to invasion. I have learned her over all these years. Her breathy pants when she’s getting close to cumming. Her humming keening when she’s soaring. Her soft gentle fingers searching out and massaging my balls, pulling me faster.

I braced myself one handed on the vanity, my hand and hips pulsing quicker into her, feeling a freshening smoothness into her, sliding quicker and quicker. Overwhelmed by this sudden wildness that coursed through me, out came my finger as I grabbed both her hips and pounded into her. Her harsh gasp followed by that low keening that vibrated through her, shivered over my thrusting cock before clamping and spasming along my length.

She bucked against every thrust, grinding her soggy cunt onto me, massaging my balls, groaning, keening as I kept plowing her. My harsh grunts sounded feral and primal to even my ears as I gave in, as I flooded her with my seed.

I felt that light sheen under my cheek. Smelled the lingering jasmine with every breath. I felt her still quivering, still spasming, milking my cock for every last drop.

“Wow. I’d love to know what brought that on. You haven’t mauled me like that in such a long time.” She purred, glancing over her shoulder.

“Maybe I’ll tell you sometime.”

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